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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shocking news at video conference, Jay Chou's new album master copy stolen

Yesterday Jay Chou, who is about to release his new album "Capricorn" especially held a video press conference for Taiwan and Beijing, he accepted the interviews of media from Beijing while he was in Taiwan. At the press conference, not only did he announce the excellent results of the pre-order sales of the new album reaching 90106 copies, he also announced a shocking news: after the new album master copy was finished it was already stolen and placed online. It shocked the everyone at the company, at present the company have already reported it to the authorities in order to catch the criminal. According to analysis this matter could affect the sales of the new album.

At the opening of the meeting, a magician performed a magic trick to make Jay Chou appear. Matilda Tao, who is pregnant, was the presenter for Jay Chou's conference.

At the meeting, Jay Chou said that 8 years ago he did a really crap magic trick, it was revealed on the spot as he dropped the coin on the floor. But, he's now fallen in love with magic, "It's very easy to get addicted to magic once you start doing it, I seem to have already gone crazy."

A few days ago Jay Chou held an autograph and singing session in Taipei, he signed autographs for the 3000 fans who pre-ordered his new album. The result was that he attracted fans from Korea and Poland, as well as the media, they filled the 3 big streets of Xi Men Ding, it even made the policemen come to interfere. The one at the front of the queue was a fan sitting in a wheel chair who came 3 days early. The thing that made Jay Chou the happiest was a female fan who suffered a coma after a car accident came, it was pointed out that her miraculous recovery was due to listening to Jay Chou's songs. This article is translated by

Due to the fact there were fans from Poland who held up a banner of support, the presenter asked Jay Chou when he would hold a concert in Europe, Jay Chou expressed that he will be holding a concert in America at the end of the year. He also said, actually it's very hard making music and releasing an album every year, he's finally able to share the album with everyone, he feels very happy.

When it was time for the official autograph signing, the organisers arranged for the female fan Liu Yan Lin to get her autograph first with her mother, in fact miss Liu was in a coma due to a car accident, but every time she heard Jay Chou's songs her eyelids would flicker, Jay Chou visited her twice with a low profile, he promised her that he'll invite her to his concert no matter where he was holding it, now she's able to walk and talk, Jay Chou was very happy.

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