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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ah Sa had a crush on Aaron for 9 years

Ah Sa and Denise Ho was in Cheung Kwun O studio yesyterady rehearsing for saturday's TVB 41th Anniversay Award Ceremony. They will be singing the classic songs by the "Four Kings" with Kay Tse and Wong Cho Lam. Ah Sa is going to sing Leon's "Sugar in the Marmalade". Denise will sing Aaron's "Memorandum Of Understanding" (失憶諒解備忘錄); the same song that she sang when she entered for the new comer singing competition preliminary. Ah Sa disclosed that she is not very familiar with the lyrics with Leon's song. That was because she was very young at that time when the song came out. She was a Leon fan when she was in grade 2 primary school. Since than, she had been fans of different singers such as Andy Lau, Hacken Lee and Aaron Kwok. In particular Aaron, Ah Sa disclosed "I have fancied Aaron for 9 years." Denise also added "among the four kings, Aaron is the most attractive one."

Source: MingPao

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