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Monday, October 27, 2008

Joe Cheng has promotional tour while Aaron Yan sits on the bench

Joe Cheng has promotional tour while Aaron Yan sits on the bench
[Xiao Zhong] Zheng Yuan Chang and Aaron Yan come into an unavoidable confrontation; GTV is suffering from the clash between their 2 male leads of its own idol series. Clashing on the premiere location and the date, Zheng Yuan Chang gets the privileges and [Love or Bread]’s events will kick off as planned. Aaron Yan automatically takes a step back, nobody will promote [PiLi Mit], can only rely on its own!

Xiao Zhong and Lin Yi Chen promoting around Taiwan
Last time, both Zheng Yuan Chang and Aaron Yan have take part in the filming of [They Kiss Again] and next month they will be promoting against each other, Xiao Zhong’s series [Love or Bread] is going against Aaron Yan’s [PiLi MIT] because both series are from GTV and are about to air, so just by arranging for the promotional events and artists’ schedules are enough to make GTV to have a big headache about it.

Xiao Zhong who has just finished filming [Love or Bread], has attended his own sister’s engagement party yesterday and then later he will be going to have rehearsal for his stage play. As for Lin Yi Chen, she is going to film another new series [Skip Beat] starting in November, so she won’t have much time to do promotions either. Since GTV is highly concern about this series so they still arrange the both of them to have 8 signing sessions all around Taiwan and attending 7 to 8 entertainment shows.

The cast of PiLi MIT don’t have many promotional events
While [PiLi MIT] as Aaron Yan’s first series as the leading male, it’s going to be aired on every Friday on FTV. Other than the premiere, the cast will be in GTV’s [100% Entertainment Show], STARTV [Wo Ai He Se Hui] and FTV [United Nation]. Their promotional events are not many and even though Aaron Yan is busy doing preparation for [Fahrenheit]’s concert but he still tries to arrange his time to cooperate with the promotions, trying to support the promotions on his own.

GTV: Aaron Yan has in store something good at the end
About the privileges between these 2 series, GTV said they are not favoring Xiao Zhong. Originally they were planning to move forward the premiere date for [Love or Bread] but because the location is not available during that time so they will have to move [PiLi MIT] instead. Later [PiLi MIT] will still have Christine Fan as the house tutor and Aaron Yan’s bicycle ride event; the fans still have the chance to have close interaction with their idol.

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