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Friday, October 31, 2008

Vanness Wu sued for fraud

Chinese American singer Vanness Wu and his family have been sued for fraud by an investor in their beauty franchise in the United States, reports said.

According to a suit filed in June in Los Angeles, Wu's mother and step-father told investors they had lost their money but refused to show them their account books.

Charlene will NOT celebrate her birthday with Ronald!

Source: Sina entertainment

  Charlene Choi (ah Sa) yesterday attended TVB Jade Stars Celebration Praying Ceremony. Next month, November 22 is ah Sa's birthday, the day before she expressed that this year she will spend her birthday at work, and will not be able to celebrate with friends, family, or fans. There was news on the internet that their will be a big celebration with Charlene, but Charlene reluntantly had to say it wasn't true. Reporters were curious if she might then just celebrate with rumor boyfriend Ronald Cheng? Ah Sa did not even wait for reporter to explain clearly the question and she said, “ I will not, if I don't say that first, it will not die [meaning the rumor]!

The present the economy is not really good, Charlene said that she told everybody they do not have to give her gifts, she said hopefully next year when the economy is better, then they can give gifts to her on her birthday. She said her birthday wish is for the economy to change for the better, so that next year she can buy a house. Andy Lau told Charlene that at present, with property price so low it is a good opportunity. ah Sa said she smiles and replied by asking Andy if she had any intention of selling his property at a lower price. [wanting to buy his house]?” ah Sa spoke frankly that some work have slowed do to the bad economy, but luckily it did not affect her income that much. Today is Halloween, she said this is the entertainer best chance to go outside, put on the best mask to disguse and get out on the streets to play, but what a pity year after year she does not have the time.

Takeshi Kaneshiro disqualified from Taiwan film awards

TAIPEI —The organizers of Taiwan’s Golden Horse Film Awards on Friday disqualified actor Takeshi Kaneshiro from competing for a special prize recognizing local talent.

Kaneshiro, star of a string of successful Hong Kong movies including the critically acclaimed “Chungking Express” and more recently the epic “The Warlords,” had been nominated as Taiwanese filmmaker of the year.

But organizers of the awards said he was not eligible as he was a Japanese citizen.

“The jury is not sloppy in the nomination process ... although we revoke Mr Kaneshiro’s nomination, we still acknowledge his achievement in Chinese cinema,” they said in a statement defending the move.

Kaneshiro was born to a Japanese father and a Taiwanese mother and raised in Taiwan, but is a Japanese citizen.

The decision left only two nominees—director We Te-sheng of the hit romance “Cape No. 7” and veteran lighting designer Li Long-yu—vying for the Taiwanese filmmaker of the year award.

The Golden Horse Awards are styled on the U.S. Academy Awards but are decided by a jury along the lines of the Cannes film festival.

Jolin Tsai wins 5 awards in Hong Kong, she will consider signing with Jay Chou

The 8th "Global Chinese Music Chart" awards were held on the 29th in Hong Kong, Gary Cao, who's become a father and just got married in Malaysia, won 6 awards along with Tanya Chua to become the big winner. Gary Cao laughed saying: "I came to get my award right after my wedding night."
This article is translated by
Jolin Tsai was just behind Gary Cao and Tanya Chua with 5 awards, she took home "Most Popular Male and Female singer" along with Alan Luo. There have been rumours that Jay Chou wants to sign her, Jolin Tsai said: "I haven't talked to him about it, I have talked to other companies. As long as I'm given freedom in music, I will consider it."

43rd Golden Bell Award Winners

Best Male Main Actor: Lei Hong (Hometown)
Best Female Main Actor: Ariel Lin (They Kiss Again)

Best Male Supporting Actor: Chen Yu Feng (Golden Line)

Best Female Supporting Actor: Wang Yuan

Best Actor for Mini-Series: Wu Peng Feng (Mu Mian De Ying Yi)

Best Actress for Mini-Series: Li Xuan (Xie Zu)
Best Supporting Actor for Mini-Series: Tang Chuan (Mysterious Car)
Best Supporting Actress for Mini-Series: Wan Fang (Bu Ai Lian Qi Qu)
Best Drama Director: Chen Hui Ling
Best Mini-Series Director: Ma Zhi Ling

Best Drama Script Writer: Wang Xiao Di (It's Spring When I'm in Kenting)

Best Mini-Series Script Writer: Chen Hui Ling, Yin Xin (Talking With Your Boyfriend's Ex-Girlfriend)
Best Variety Show Host: Jacky Wu, Ah Ya (Guess X3)

Best Presenter: Shen Chun Hua (Shen Chun Hua Life Show)

Best Singing Show Host: Li Qing (Super Idol)

Best Camera-Man: Pollock Jocob (Bu Ai Lian Qi Qu)

Best Clip: Chen Hui Ling (Talking With Your Boyfriend's Ex-Girlfriend)

Charlene's Journey in Denmark learn the true meaning of Happiness

Translation by Alec'slover @

Following the production team, Charlene went to Denmark, the world's happiest place, to shoot <> a documentary**, while at the same time photoshooting for a cloth advertisement. The first day she phootshoot for more than 6 hours for fall and winter clothing, bringing along her own private collection of clothes, Charlene used mix and match to bring uniqueness to the photoshoot. Then she went off to meet the local people. The more exchange Charlene have with the local families, and experiencing the simple joy of their living culture, made her realize the true meaning of happiness. She found out that Danish people like to share fairy tales with people, especially inside a family. Parents will use puppets to play different roles to make the children happy, Charlene who works in the entertainment industry mixed in easily, she used the puppets to make the children laugh, and seeing them laugh she couldn't help but laugh along as well. Charlene spoke English the whole time she was in Denmark, but because the local family wasn't fluent in English she was only able to use body language to make communication better. In her six-day stay, she also baked cookies and rode bicycles around town with the families.

Because it was her first time in Denmark, before going she did research on the area, and found out the average climate was only 2 to 3 degree C. Known for not doing so well in cold whether, Charlene brought extra autumn and winter clothes, and she said she was lucky she was only photoshooting fall and winter clothes. During free time she brought with her a camera and kept snapping pictures wherever she go and told reporters she lost a lot of films to the landscape sceneries of Denmark. Also after snapping so many pictures she learned certain objects have more shadows/reflections for example oil paintings, with these tips in hand, Charlene jokingly proclaimed herself a photographic master.

The 45th Golden Horse Award nominations

The 45th Golden Horse Award nominations

Best Feature Film:

Cape No. 7 (海角七號)
Orz Boyz (囧男孩)
Assembly (集結號)
Ocean Flame (一半海水,一半火焰)
The Warlords (投名狀)

Best Director:
Wei Te-sheng (魏德聖), Cape No. 7
Ping Ho-cheung (彭浩翔), Trivial
Matters (破事兒)
Peter Chan Ho-sun, The Warlords
Sylvia Chang Ai-jia (張艾嘉), Run Papa Run (一個好爸爸)

Best Leading Actress:
Prudence Liew (劉美君), True Women for Sale (我不賣身.我賣子宮)
Monica Mok (莫小奇), Ocean Flame
Karena Lam (林嘉欣), Claustrophobia (親密)
Chang Yung-yung (張榕容), Miao Miao (渺渺)

Best Original Screenplay:
Orz Boys
Winds of September (九降風)
The Warlords

Best Leading Actor:
Zhang Han-yu (張涵予), Assembly
Liao Fan (廖凡), Ocean Flame
Jet Li (李連杰), The Warlords
Louis Koo (古天樂), Run Papa Run

Best Supporting Actor:
Ma Ju-long (馬如龍), Cape No. 7
Eason Chan (陳奕迅), Trivial Matters
Hu Jun (胡軍), Red Cliff
Dai Li-ren (戴立忍), Parking (停車)

Best Supporting Actress:
Mei Fang (梅芳), Orz Boyz
Leon Lai (黎明), Money No Enough 2 (錢不夠用2)
Niki Wu (吳立琪), Detours to Paradise (歧路天堂)
Nora Miao (苗可秀), Run Papa Run

Best New Performer:
Chie Tanaka, Cape No. 7
Lin Tsung-hui (林宗輝), Cape No. 7
Pang Chin-yu (潘親御), Orz Boyz
Jiang Sheng-min (姜聖民), Tiao Ge Zi (跳格子)

Best Adapted Screenplay:

Trivial Matters

Best Cinematography:
Cape No. 7
Ocean Flame
The Warlords
Sparrow (文雀)

Best Visual Effects:
The Warlords
Red Cliff
CJ7 (長江七號)

Best Art Direction:
Ocean Flame
The Warlords
Red Cliff

Best Make-up and Costume Design:
Trivial Matters
Candy Rain (花吃了那女孩)
The Warlords
Red Cliff

Best Action Choreography:
Connected (保持通話)
The Warlords
An Empress and the Warriors (江山美人)

Best Original Film Score:
Cape No. 7
The Warlords
12 Lotus (十二蓮花)

Best Film Editing:
Winds of September
The Warlords

Best Sound Effects:
Cape No. 7
The Warlords
Missing (謎屍)

Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year:
Cape No. 7
Winds of September

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year:

Wei Te-Sheng
Takeshi Kanashiro (金城武)
Li Long-yu (李龍禹)

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Chang Feng (常楓)

Special Contribution Award:

Huang Jen (黃仁)

Exclusive Interview - Joe Chen: Nominated is a confirmation; Promised to apologise on GBA

The Golden Bell Award is seen as Taiwan's annual grand award ceremony. Many people put great significance on being able to be nominated. This year, the Golden Bell Award's main excitement is in the "Television Queen" competition. Joe Chen, Ariel Lin, Rainie Yang, Angela Chang the 4 idol drama big sisters plus veteran actress He SuYun, the excitement can be imagined.

Before the GBA starts, Sohu Entertainment reporter had an exclusive interview with the candidate that is the favourite among internet users. "Sticky Note Girl" Joe Chen, the favourite among the favourite. With a good script and good acting between the male and female lead, the ratings kept getting higher and even the drama "They Kissed Again" that took the spotlight was pushed out of their top position. Joe Chen as the lead of course rose to popularity. Some even bet that she will take the queen position.

Screams at airport

In the industry for 8 years and nominated for the first time, Joe declared that she's very happy. Regarding the confirmation by the judges on her acting, she even screamed in excitement. During the interview, holding onto the pink strap chain on her handphone, she started talking excitedly. Her delight in being nominated can be easily felt.

Interviewer: First, congratulations on your nomination.
Joe: Thank you.

Interviewer: Nominated for the first time, how are you feeling? Are you nervous?
Joe: Nope. I'm just purely delighted. I even screamed in the airport! It was like a movie scene: I was at the airport to film outdoor scenes for my show and just after I handed my boarding pass to the air stewardress, my manager arrived and said "Joe, you're nominated!" I said "Huh?" and she replied "You Have Been Nominated!"
I said that I wanted to cry and started shouting in the airport.

Interviewer: Did you call anyone immediately to share your joy?
Joe: No, because I was boarding the plane already so I had to turn off my phone. But after I got off the plane, I received many smses from others. Ming Dao called to congratulate me too. I really wanted to cry! For me, being nominated is a type of confirmation.

Kneel down and apologise to Ethan at GBA scene?

Interviewer: Have you thought about it secretly, about how you will celebrate if you win?
Joe: I already thought of how to celebrate. Even the party venue is decided. But this party is purely to celebrate the joy of being nominated because this month, we've really been very busy so I had arranged with a few friends to celebrate the nomination...... I even bought a bottle of pink champagne. But it's not to celebrate winning. I told myself to not think about it. Because if I think about it, I will start to really care about winning and losing and it's better that everything is peaceful, and I'm immersed in my delight.

Interviewer: Ok, if, you were unlucky and didn't win?
Joe: Then I'll standup and walk away. Haha, I'm joking. Actually, I have never thought that I must win... And for this year, I feel that Senior has the largest chance.

Interviewer: Ming Dao, Ethan, are they in the list of invited people for celebration? Did they call to congratulate?
Joe: Yup! Ming Dao called first because we're closer. He was in San Ya filming and knew that I got nominated so he was determine to order flowers for me. I replied "Don't order flowers! You're really very old-fashion, who wants flowers......" Ethan also called me but I was really very blur. He used a strange number to send a message to me so I didn't know if was him and I even told reporters that he didn't congratulate me yet. In the end, at the celebration press conference, Ethan came to strangle me and said "What nonsense were you talking about?! I did call you!" I only realised then and I went okay. And then I actually agreed to kneel down in front of all the reporters on the GBA day itself to apologise to him.

Interviewer: Will you really do that?
Joe: I don't know. I'm just deceiving him first. Because he's really easy to deceive. And he's really happy for me.

Joe: Not familiar with the other three
Previously, the GBA was mainly dramas that had good reputation but not ratings, however, this year's drama male and female lead as well as supporting lead, "Fated to Love You","Romantic Princess","They Kissed Again" all have a place on the list, making people more excited. Many people believe that the judges' tastes are changing and the more commercial idol dramas are finally rising out. Dramas with good reputation and ratings are finally entering the judges's eyes.

Interviewer: Earlier, it was said that the idol drama combination is: Very hot male lead + Plain female girl; This time, the females are finally stepping up.
Joe: Yes, so I'm very happy. Really very happy. Actually, I feel that alot of the male leads in Taiwan idol dramas are very good! But compared to the females who have slightly more emotional scenes, like females crying, getting upset, there's alot of emotions... Hopefully, next year will be the male leads' turn. This time's nomination can be a start.

Interviewer: Among the four flowers, being nominated, did you exchange sms of congratulations with them?
Joe: No. Because I don't actually know Ariel, we never really met. I saw Rainie before on shows while Angela and I filmed together before, but we're not really close. However, no matter who wins, if it really is an idol drama that wins, I will be very happy already, because that's a confirmation.

Interviewer: Then will you compare?
Joe: No, with four idol dramas nominated, it means that the judges are willing to give us chances. And it means everyone no longer will have the "You guys can't act" feeling about idols.

Nominated is a confirmation

Although she's now an idol drama big sister, in the past, Joe had periods without a job and the empty time makes her very scared. She even started doubting whether she is really suitable for being an actress. According to what Joe said, she loves acting so being nominated this time round is really a huge confirmation.

Interviewer: Are you still scared now? Scared of those time without a drama?
Joe: Not really because I once really had nothing to film. I will start doubting why I have no dramas? Was it that I wasn't doing good enough and that my acting was bad, then I'll struggle with whether I should continue acting... Then I realised that what was frightening was not when I have no job but rather when I start doubting myself. Because when you start to doubt yourself, you will think of a lot of bad stuff and it affects your emotions.

Interviewer: So this nomination is a huge acknowledgemetn!
Joe: That's why I delighted, really very very happy. Being nominated together with a senior that acted for more than 20 years, it's a huge confirmation.

Top 5 Mandarin Albums (Oct 17-23)

1. Mayday (五月天) and Poetry of the Day After ( 後青春期的詩) with 42.37 percent of sales
2. Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Capricorn — Deluxe Package (魔杰座) with 27%
3. Shin (信) and Planet Music (集樂星球) with 5%
4. JJ Lin (林俊傑) and Sixology (JJ 陸) with 4.03%
5. Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) and Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) with 2.48%

Album chart compiled from G-Music (, based on retail sales.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jay Chou shows his comedic talent, the brilliance of "Mr Magic"

The MVs for two of Jay Chou's proud pieces of work "Mr Magic" and "Uncle Joker" from the new album have finally come out! These two MVs were filmed in a marathon style for 3 days after the album press conference, they made use to gorgeous dancers, jazz players and acrobats from Russia and other countries in a total of 15 people, in addition to 6 dancers from Taiwan, the contents of the MV are certainly rich! Besides playing a first class Magician Jay Chou also put on makeup to become the Joker, he sat on a high swing wearing a woodpecker cap to play the naughty clown. With the careful directing of Jay Chou, the MV for "Mr Magic" was like a carnival; the MV for "Uncle Joker" had a slight feeling of loneliness in the background, due to the fact the lyrics of the two songs had the feeling of the Magician against the Joker, they have a subtle link, the record company decided to plug both songs strongly together, to satisfy fans fully!

Just by listening to the melody of these two songs you get a good visual, the MVs give an even better visual! Both songs have a happy atmosphere, for the MV they hired real acrobats from Russia to guest star in it and do difficult moves, in "Uncle Joker" no matter if it's the mime of the joker, walking on stilts or playing with a silk ball..., their real skill causes people to stare in amazement! Jay Chou personally put on makeup to go on as the clown, during the filming he looked at the monitor and thought it wasn't good enough, he got on the swing again and asked the staff to pull it higher, they started filming again when it got to about 2-3 stories high, Jay Chou's last minute decision made all the staff members sweat because they didn't prepare any safety precautions, it looked dangerous as Jay Chou swung back and forth, fortunately the filming was very smooth and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief.

Makeup artist A Du guest starred in the MV for "Uncle Joker" as the magician, he was like a hero being circled by beautiful women, Jay Chou on the other hand played the clown offstage, seeing this scene after entering the backstage, boundless feelings and desolation flowed out from his acting! A Du, who was full of happiness, joked: "I accepted after reading the script, before Jay Chou only let me play handicapped people or triad bosses, it's the first time he's been so good to me!" In the MV for "Uncle Joker", Jay Chou put on a woodpecker cap to play the naughty clown, not only did he do a mime scene, he also danced, mother Chou couldn't help but dance with him when she was watching from the side. Director Chou was full of fun even though he was busy, while he had free time he picked up a DV and started filming himself while he span around, he could also dance coolly, his level of steadiness and skill were first class.

In the MV for "Mr Magic", besides showing off his piano playing in front of the gorgeous dancers and jazz players, he also danced with dancers, there was no lack of his brilliant magic! Firstly he tricked two magicians, while he was doing the "sawing a person in half" trick he hid his assistant and made him appear with magic, he put a beautiful girl in a magic box and made her transform into himself, the magician was shocked! In this performance Jay Chou showed off his comedic talent, it was very interesting! And after playing tricks on the magician, Jay Chou performed the trick of "making cards appear from thin air", this made his beautiful female assistants clap with admiration. You could say Jay Chou was enjoying himself when he filmed this MV as he's been concentrating on magic recently! He's immersed in the magic world and duelled two magicians with magic, seeing him turn a small bun into a big bun or producing a bun from his mouth..., he was having a lot of fun.

After the press conference they filmed the two MVs in a marathon style, they finally finished the two MVs "Mr Magic" and "Uncle Joker", due to there being a lot of staff, everyone had to wait their turn to go on, plus it was an all nighter so Director Jay Chou was felt very guilty, he said: "Like the dancers, they already waited 12 hours, I feel very guilty! They are so poor! Because there's just too much stuff, we had to hold a press conference too before, everyone's tired." Mother Chou was also very tired as she accompanied her son, when Jay Chou opened the door into the restroom at the set on a certain day at 5 in the morning he saw his mother sleeping on the sofa, he felt so guilty and his heart ached. Even though everyone was tired from the all night filming, but the one who had it the hardest was Jay Chou who was both the director and an actor, when everyone could take turns to rest, being the director he didn't have time, he still directed steadily even when facing such a large group of acrobats and dancers, everyone saw him like an "iron man" with all his energy, the staff revealed that because he's the director, he pulled through with his willpower in order to make a good piece of work.

"Uncle Joker" was a new inspiration that Jay Chou got when he saw "Batman: The Dark Knight", he talked about the clown's lonely world with a joyful rhythm, he used humours lyrics to describe the discontent the clown had for the magician, the whole song has an eccentric and kind of banter atmosphere to it because the clown on the cards is called "Joker", so he named this song "Uncle Joker", lyricist Huang Jun Lang didn't forget to take a stab at Vincent Fang: "I hate you Magician, you stole my business, don't forget, Batman only got first at the box office relying on me", the unique thing is that Jay Chou used a man's voice imitating a woman as the backing vocals, the expression of the sexy voice is surprising! "Uncle Joker" is full of varied music, Jay Chou said: "Even my grandmother wanted to move with the song when she heard it!"

"Mr Magic" appeared gracefully with a gorgeous Western New Orleans style, the arrangement of the whole song was full of jazz band playing, it was dazzling like magic, in the lyrics "That's why he's a clown and I'm a magician" It sounds like it's hitting back at Huang Jun Lang's lyrics. At the end of "Mr Magic" there is cowboy mixed in, they sing "Don't bother about it, don't bother about it!" In the lyrics of "Uncle Joker" they read: "It's raining, I hide behind the mask and cry secretly, because I saw Secret" Both lyricists coincidentally put in Jay Chou's previous work into it.

Both MVs cost a combined 2.5 million yuan, he wants gives his fans a feast for their eyes! And "Capricorn" is this year's best selling album currently, for the music videos he's generously given a budget of 20 million to film the 11 MVs in the album, Jay Chou's already finished filming 9 of them while he was busy, you can say he's reached an extreme level of using time.

Nicholas and Nick were shooting in the street market

Nicholas Tse and Nick Cheung were filming "The Beast Stalker" in Electric Road and the street market in North Point the other day. They have over 300,000 dollars worth of air rifles as props. During filming, some stalls in the market were racked and over 100 onlookers were really frightened, thinking there was a gun fight between gangs. Some people even phoned for the police.

Although the film company EMP has applied to the Transport Department for blocking out part of the traffic on the road, they were still restricted in the area where they could film. There was a scene that Nicholas and Nick had to run about 300 meters in and out of the market and the tram track. During the process, they also had to avoid the on lookers. As a result, Nicholas had knocked down 3 stalls and that particular scene had 15 takes. Nicholas had injury to his knees before and he was worried his knees might start giving him problem again. Therefore, he had to rest for a while before they continue to film.

On the other hand, Nick was filming a scene where he was using his air rifle to shoot. The force of the rifle was so great that he nearly fell backward. The air rifle also gave out a large amount of smoke. At that point the on lookers actually thought there was a gun fight between gangs. As a result, someone called the police.

Ah Sa had a crush on Aaron for 9 years

Ah Sa and Denise Ho was in Cheung Kwun O studio yesyterady rehearsing for saturday's TVB 41th Anniversay Award Ceremony. They will be singing the classic songs by the "Four Kings" with Kay Tse and Wong Cho Lam. Ah Sa is going to sing Leon's "Sugar in the Marmalade". Denise will sing Aaron's "Memorandum Of Understanding" (失憶諒解備忘錄); the same song that she sang when she entered for the new comer singing competition preliminary. Ah Sa disclosed that she is not very familiar with the lyrics with Leon's song. That was because she was very young at that time when the song came out. She was a Leon fan when she was in grade 2 primary school. Since than, she had been fans of different singers such as Andy Lau, Hacken Lee and Aaron Kwok. In particular Aaron, Ah Sa disclosed "I have fancied Aaron for 9 years." Denise also added "among the four kings, Aaron is the most attractive one."

Source: MingPao

Mayday & Jay Chou, fighting for No. 1 in sales

JVR says that Jay's Capricorn has sold 139,475 copies in Taiwan, more than Mayday's 137,050

Yesterday, Mayday held a press conference in Taiwan for their new album, Poetry for the Day After. Their company revealed that their album sales have reached 137,050, and they are aiming to be the top in album sales this year. (E: Wow, thats ambitious.)

Jay Chou's company JVR Records replied, pointing out that Jay's Capricorn album had reached 139,475 in Taiwan, and has already sold millions across Asia. 'We want the record business to be flourishing, we insist on being truthful - we don't buy charts, don't falsify sales records, and we truthfully state the correct number of albums sold. All the record companies know our real amount, if you ask, you will know that we are not lying.'

Mayday's A-Shin, when asked about the comparison of the record sales, said: 'Whats important is not who's at which position, as long as everyone's sales are good.' He jokingly said, 'He(Jay) uses the rubiks cube, we use our concert(Mayday is giving out free concert tickets with every album sold), we're even more tired!'

Vanness as Guest for Kanye West's Shanghai Concert

By: Arika Sato, Oct 28, 2008

We knew Kanye West had a fetish for things Asian, including anime (he collaborated with Takashi Murakami for his Graduation album cover design and his music videos). Now Kanye’s taking an Asian singer on the road with him: Van Ness Wu, one of Taiwan’s hip new singers originally from the band F4, is opening for Kanye’s Glow in the Dark Tour concert on November 3! The Beijing Olympics probably gave Kanye some creative ideas for his concert.

Date/Time: Nov. 3rd, 2008 20:00 (n.)
Venue: Shanghai Grand Stage (Shanghai Gymnasium)
Ticket Price (RMB): 1680, 1280, 1080, 880, 680, 480, 380, 280 Yuan
Booking Office:No. 272 Fengxian Road
Booking Hotline: 62172426, 62173055

8th Annual Mandarin Music Awards 2008; Jolin Tsai bags 5 awards, holds hands with Show Luo

source: chinatimes

The 8th annual Mandarin Music Awards was held yesterday in Hong Kong. Gary Cao who just got married in Malaysia earlier, and Tanya Chua bagged 6 awards each, and were the biggest winners, beating popular artists Jolin Tsai and Show Luo. Gary laughed and said, “As soon as I finished the bridal chamber, I came here.” However the previous night, he got a stiff neck from sleeping and had to go to acupuncture before coming to the awards.

Jolin won a total of 5 awards, and together with Show, they won “Favourite Male/Female singer”. However, the Hong Kong media focused on their rumours, and again brought up the subject of the love bracelets. The 2 openly replied that they have always been good friends, and they did not even mind holding hands, and taking photos together. Show also happily expressed, “When I first entered the industry, I could not sing well, and noone wanted to listen to me sing. After practicing hard for 2 years, I was then brave enough to come out and sing, this time winning these awards have give me a confidence boost!”

Eason Chen and Joey Yung won “Best male/female artist” but Eason seemed to not care too much about winning, only saying, “Meeting lots of old friends here, very happy.”


01.不能說的秘密 - Jay Chou
02.眼色 - Yoga Lin
03.收藏 - Jam Hsiao
04.不會分離 - Guang Liang
05.北京歡迎你 - Stars
06.男人KTV - Anson Hu
07.達爾文 - Tanya Chua
08.無與倫比的美麗 - Sodagreen
09.為你寫詩 - Kenji Wu
10.窮開心 - The Flowers
11.LOVE SONG - Khalil Fong
12.崇拜 - Fish Leong
13.迷失表參道 - Hins Cheung
14.洋蔥 - Aska Yang
15.迷宮 - Joanna Wang
16.無辜 - Gary Cao
17.日不落 - Jolin Tsai
18.敗給你 - Show Luo+ Elva Hsiao
19.零時零分 - Joey Yung
20.演唱會 - Eason Chen

Outstanding Regional Artists:

Shanghai: Anson Hu
Guangdong: Ham Yu
Hong Kong: Kay Tse On Kei
Taiwan: Jolin Tsai
Singapore: Tanya Chua
Malaysia: Gary Cao

Favourite Newcomer: Joanna Wang, Yoga Lin, Li Zhi Qing, Wang Zhi Jian

Favourite Band: Mayday Sodagreen The Flowers

Favourite Group: S.H.E, Yu Quan, BOBO

Favourite singer-composer: Anson Hu

Best Composer: Guo Biao《淡淡的歌》- Xu Fei

Best Lyricist: Xiao Han《達爾文》- Tanya Chua

Best Arranger: Stanley Leung《迷失表參道》- Zhang Jing Xuan

Best Producer: Tanya Chua

Best Album:

《Listen To Eason Chan》- Eason Chen
《Goodbye & Hello》- Tanya Chua
《Super Sunshine》- Gary Cao

Favourite Duet:

你是我心內的一首歌 - Leehom Wang + Selina
外灘十八號 - Yuan Cheng Jie+ Qi Wei
復刻回憶 - Khalil Fong + Fiona Sit

Outstanding Stage Performance: Jolin Tsai, Show Luo

All-round Artist of the Year: Joey Yung

Media Recommended Award: Tanya Chua, Gary Cao

Favourite Female Artist: Jolin Tsai

Favourite Male Artist: Show Luo

Best Female Artist: Joey Yung

Best Male Artist: Eason Chen

Da S in Shenyang for Tissot Promo; "Singlehood is very nice!"

source: asosbbs
translations: xiaochien @ devoted2barbie

Famous movie star Da S came to Shenyang yesterday for Tissot promo. This is her second time in Shenyang, but Da S said "the feeling is different. its too cold!, I cpuld wear short sleeves in Hong Kong!". But Da S fans in Shenyang are still very warm. It was Monday, but numerous fans came to see her. Da S is single and not looking for love, "Singlehood is very nice, I can go anywhere, and can also be with my family!"

Da S came on time, wearing a red dress. Her smile had always been so bright, "Did not expect it to be so cold here, but the sun is warm, and looking at so many people here, they are all smiling with me, I feel very warm!. Everytime I come to Shenyang, everyone gives me a pleasant surprise!"

Da S obviously gained weight, showing a "double chin". When a reporter asked if its because she recently went on a break, Da S smiled, "I gained weight? I dont think so!"

Da S talks about her next project

On her next big project, "I'm currently hosting a program in Taiwan, and I will begin filming for my next project next month", When asked who will be her leading man, Da S mysteriously said: "You guess, it's certainly whom everyone anticipates!"

Wherever the "Beauty Queen" goes, she speaks about "Beauty". Da S has truly maintained her good skin. She's always been generous in giving beauty advices, "Woman must pay attention to herself". At home, I watch what i eat. Keeping healthy is very important, I like drinking fruit and vegetable juices, healthy nutrition also helps to lose weight!"

Joe Chen shows up in almost 0 degree celcius Beijing in short skirt; Rushing to Taiwan to attend Golden Bell Award

On the night of the 29th, Ent.163 reporter met Taiwan beauty Joe Chen who became popular in Taiwan after starring in "Fated to Love You". Wearing a checkered short skirt, she revealed her beautiful long legs and ignored the near ice temperature of Beijing. When the ent.163 reporter congratulated her on being nominated for the Golden Bell Award and wished her luck in getting the award, she happily responded and thanked her for the support.

Before 7, there were already more than ten fans waiting at the airport exit in a formation to await their idol. It was until 10 that Joe Chen, in a pair of huge sunglasses, and her assistant slowly walked out. Joe who filmed a very exciting bed scene with Ethan Ruan in "Fated to Love You" wore a short checkered skirt to match with her boots, continuing with the pure yet sexy look.

On that night, Beijing's temperature was already near 0 degree celcius and there were already cold wind blowing even inside the airport terminal. Beautiful and "Freezing" Joe was immediately recognised. When the ent.163 reporter went up to question Joe, she was immediately crowded around by many fans too and the outgoing personality of the China fans shocked Joe. She immediately used the card on hre hand to cover her face and slowly moved forward amist the crowd. In the process, fans kept chatting with her and she will happily reply. Even when faced with fans declaring their love, she also answered loudly "Love la!". She seemed to be in a good mood.

In the industry for 8 years already and based on "Fated", Joe was nominated for the first time for the Golden Bell Award best Female and the ent.163 reporter congratulated her on that. She responded "Very thankful for your support!"

Once outside the airport, Joe started to shiver and immediately ducked inside the car without a car number that was waiting for her and left hurriedly.

It is rumored that Joe's trip to Beijing this time is to attend the 6th China's International Television Festival on the 30th with Ming Dao to promote their new drama "Stay by the Sunlight Stay by You". On the 30th night, she will take CX6891 plane from Beijing to Hong Kong and at 11pm, she will change plane to fly back to Taipei and attend that night's Golden Bell Award ceremony.

Ariel Lin celebrates birthday; husband Joe Cheng gives very generous present

source: chinatimes

Ariel Lin yesterday celebrated her birthday on CTV’s “Variety Big Brother”. Joe Cheng who plays her husband on upcoming drama “Love or Bread” presented to her a $20,900 white iphone cellphone, and also a birthday card, calling her “wife”. However, Joe who often makes mistakes while writing, felt a lot of pressure before giving her the card, saying: “I forgot to check if there were any mistakes.”

Everyone immediately opened his card, and checked the content, but not a single word was wrong. He said that he had found out a while ago that Ariel wanted to buy this phone, and he even requested to her assistant, telling her not to take her shopping these days. He then secretly went to order it. On the show, a birthday cake was brought out and Joe and Zhang Fei both kissed her on the cheek. Ariel was very happy, and wished that she will find her Mr Right soon.

Afterwards, the 2 then went on TTV’s “Diamond Club” and the show organised a red carpet for Ariel and Li Jing to pre-walk the walk of fame. When asked what they will wear on the day of the Golden Bell Awards, Li Jing said that she will wear a Julia custom-made outfit, and Ariel revealed she will wear a Huang Shu Chi designed dress; the 2 have both chosen domestic brands.

Edison Chen sends letter to Hong Kong media; China rumours his comeback

source: UDN

Edison Chen, who publicly announced that he would step away from the Hong Kong entertainment circle indefinitely, has sent a letter to Hong Kong’s “East TOUCH” magazine, saying: “time can answer all the questions” and his comeback is rumoured on various online Chinese websites.

China’s 2 big online websites “Sina” and “Sohu” yesterday reported that Edison had sent a letter to Hong Kong’s “East TOUCH” magazine, and confessed, “I know everyone has a lot of questions they want to ask, and there are a lot of questions waiting for me to go answer, where should I begin? My answer is ‘time’, time can answer everything.”

Edison expressed, “Time will make a boy grow, become mature; time can make a lot of unclear things become clear, time is very important to everyone. During this time, I have had enough time to search for myself, pondering what is most important to me. I have had time to appreciate myself, and do the things I love to do, and I can finally relax being me.” Edison also hinted some criticism at gossip reports, saying: “Rather than discussing other people’s lives, why not spend some time to understand yourself.”

On the 31st of January this year, many Hong Kong female artist’s indecent photos were revealed and on the 21st of February, Edison publicly announced that he would “forever exit the Hong Kong entertainment circle.” Reports said that he had moved to Los Angeles, but after appearing for less than 10 seconds in American film “The Dark Knight”, he has been seeking other development opportunities.
Hong Kong director Lau Wai-keung who has previously worked with Edison in film “Internal Affairs” expressed that if there is the chance, he wishes to help Edison brew comeback into Hong Kong industry, but this requires time.

China’s “Sina” website reported that next month, he will attend Kanye West’s concert in Beijing and Shanghai, and he has agreed to the organisers that he will accept a telephone interview from media, only to discuss Kanye’s thoughts about music. However, Edison’s management company replied, “Edison has not yet informed us about going to this concert.”

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jay Chou's father envies mother Chou

Source: Eastday

In the entertainment circle Jay Chou is famous for being filial, that song "Listen To Mother's Words" was recorded into textbooks in primary schools in Taiwan. And songs like "Maternal Grandmother" and "Dad, I Have Come Back" are widely sung by fans. That album that sold many copies "Ye Hui Mei" is named after Jay Chou's mother. Jay Chou said that this year's Valentine, he set off fireworks alone at the park, he called his mother to tell her to watch the fireworks, then he told her he was the one setting them off, giving her a surprise.
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Jay Chou's maternal grandmother is a nearly 90 elderly person, she's a very Westernized person, sometimes she helps her grandson out with preparing concerts, she'll go onstage to do the Waltz with one of the actors. Jay Chou, who doesn't talk about his father much, said that his father envies how popular his mother and grandmother are, he wants to guest star in his own MV. Sometimes when father Chou accompanies Jay Chou at an event, he'll go up to fans to introduce himself.

Jay Chou wants to sign Jolin Tsai, only recognises relationship with Patty Hou

Source: iFensi

Jay Chou recently accepted an interview with the media and admitted that Jolin Tsai is a very serious artist, "Any boss will want to sign her", but he was also worried if he did really sign her, what kind of reports will be written about it.

Concerning past relationships Jay Chou only recognises the one with Patty Hou, he even described the 1 and a half year relationship as "healthy love", "Like riding a motorcycle with a mask on at the same time, having nights out, going to the movies, and enjoying the happiness of ordinary people."

Before Jolin Tsai accepted an interview and implied "being cheated on", "the last one to know about the Chou and Hou relationship", Jay Chou couldn't understand this and said: "What that! You don't have to be like that!" He also said: "She's has her story, I have mine, we are talking about different stories." The acknowledgement from both sides are very different.
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Jay Chou really supports his friends, including Vincent Fang, who he knew before he came out, Will Liu, Devon and others, he's opened restaurants, shoes stores, but he's not in it for the money, "I'm helping my friends realise their dreams! None of the stores I've invested in make money, only the Mr J restaurant breaks even". How do these companies survive then? He replied: "Me! It's enough with what I make."

Ethan Ruan JingTian Comes Out With New Book; Meets Mongolians In Hawaii

Pre-orders for Ethan Ruan JingTian's new book, Aloha!正在夏威夷/Aloha! Ethan Ruan in Hawaii opened up today. Many entertainers-- including Joe Chen QiaoEn, Niu ChengZe, Eddie Peng YuYan, Janine Chang JunNing, and Joe Cheng YuanChang-- picked up their pens and wrote forewords to support and recommend Ethan's book. Even Sonia Sui Tang, whose boyfriend Yao YuanHao was originally supposed to be featured in this travel book (Ethan replaced him), was included in the list of supporters.

Ethan loves surfing passionately; he specially traveled to the beaches of Waikiki and even admired the statue of one of the legendary greats of surfing, Duke Kahanamoku. He mischievously struck the same pose as Duke, saying, "I really look up to him. I hope that I can be as great as he is!"

Ethan is so popular that, while in The Netherlands on layover, he was actually secretly photographed with his girlfriend, Tiffany Hsu WeiNing. While in Hawaii, he was continuously recognized by Chinese vacationers and asked for his autograph and a picture; there was even a waiter, originally from Mongolia, who told him, "Mongolians also watch Fated To Love You!"

Eason and Hins Scored a Double each

The 8th Chinese Music award has just announced the result of this years winner. Eason won last years "Best Cantonese singer award" and "Best Annual Artist Award". This year he had 5 nominations and he won the " Best Annual Artist Award" again as well as the "Best Mandarin song of the year" with his "Transfer of Love".

Hins has done well since he has changed to sing Cantonese songs. He snatched from Eason to win the "Best Cantonese singer award". He also won the "Best Cantonese song of the year" with his "Ardently Love". Hins was so excited after he found out he got the awards. He couldn't help his excitement "I have been waiting for this award for 5 years!" Hins reckoned winning the award with "Ardently Love" hasn't been easy specially among the other singers. He was really grateful. "I am learning since 07 and I will be learning till 09. Therefore these 3 years I will spend my time to learn not just to be a singer, but work in back stage too. I will help Hacken, Kenny Kwan and Kelvin Kwan to produce records. Through working with different people, I could see how inadequate I am. There are so much new things I can learn."


Gary Cao Ge Marries the Mother of His Child; Married at Top Speed

Golden Melody Award winner Gary Cao Ge flew to Malaysia on Saturday to practice for his upcoming concerts; yesterday morning, at about 9 AM, he went to Putrajaya and paid a visit to the federal registry (Jabatan Pendaftaran Malaysia). He and his girlfriend, the mother of his "Little Cao Ge," were then married; he has officially ended his life a single man! Gary said happily, "In the future, I can honorably and freely hold hands with my wife... in the Eastern District or anywhere else we choose to stroll or shop!"

The bride, 吳速玲 Wu SuLing, was without a "prince charming on a white horse;" she was also without a gorgeous or magnificent wedding veil. Instead, she wore a well-tailored short dress of champagne gold. Although Gary was garbed in a formal white dress shirt and a black suit, he paired them with a pair of jeans. They were like any ordinary couple, arriving before the appointed time. They were the third new couple to complete their wedding papers and their son, "Little Cao Ge," who has just passed his "two-month" mark, was present as well, watching the ceremony from the sidelines; he was not to be absent from the "most important day" of his parents' lives.

After completing the wedding registration papers, the new "Gary Cao" family-- all three of them-- as well as Gary's father, mother, older sister, brother-in-law, and other close relatives and friends-- went off to enjoy a lunch together. Afterwards, they went straight to the airport, and Gary boarded a plane for Hong Kong to attend the ceremony for the 8th Annual 全球華語歌曲排行榜 Global Chinese Music Awards. Perhaps his new marriage will bring him good luck and help him take home the big prize.

'CJ7' Child Star Signed on for New Film

The witty schoolboy in Stephen Chow's comedy "CJ7" will play the daughter of Andy Lau in a Hong Kong sci-fi film on the lines of "X-Men."

Eleven-year-old actress Xu Jiao, who played a boy in her silver-screen debut "CJ7," will join Andy Lau and Barbie Hsu in Wong Jing's "Future Cop," the director told Beijing News on Tuesday.

The new film tells the story of a police officer in the year 2085, who travels back in time to 2008 to save his kidnapped daughter.

"At the end of next year, movie-goers will see a film with a style very similar to 'X-Men'," Wong, who also wrote the screenplay for the film, said.

The film will employ the same team that did special effects for the latest Batman movie, "The Dark Knight," Wong added.

Joe Cheng reveals pursuing Ariel Lin; Hit a dead end

Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zhong) and Lin Yi Chen are the best couple onscreen; Xiao Zhong’s family especially looking forward to the two going from reel to real. Unfortunately the two don’t telephone each other, from beginning to end not getting involved in rumours, however, when Zheng Yuan Chang recorded [Shen Chun Hua Life Show] last night, he revealed that he had previously been rejected by Lin Yi Chen, causing Lin Yi Chen to shriek loudly: “Really? You have pursued me before?"

Starting from the [It Started With a Kiss] series, Xiao Zhong and Lin Yi Chen play couples for the 3rd time in the new drama [Love or Bread]. Last night the two brought older Zheng sister Zheng Qi Xuan and younger Lin brother Lin Wei Sheng together to the show. Xiao Zhong said with a laugh, his entire family is very satisfied with Lin Yi Chen as "daughter-in-law", and even when his father bought his first digital camera, he immediately took pictures of Lin Yi Chen’s magazine photographs to carry around with him.

Because Xiao Zhong and Lin Yi Chen were both raised in single-parent families, they are very compatible in many ways; the two are not big spenders, and have very close relationships with family members. At yesterday night’s recording, the younger Lin brother took the initiative to help his elder sister carry luggage and close the car door; Xiao Zhong’s older sister was just going to the washroom, but Xiao Zhong was frightened and went looking for her everywhere, deeply afraid of his older sister going missing. The older Zheng sister has just gotten engaged, and she said with a laugh, the day of the engagement party Xiao Zhong was like a human cardboard cut-out, relatives and friends rushing to take pictures with him, completely stealing the spotlight of the bride, but she does not care, and instead feels very proud.

Accompanied by family members, the recording that night was full of non-stop laughter, but at the end the host Shen Chun Hua was moved to tears by Lin Yi Chen’s story. It was because Lin Yi Chen mentioned that when her maternal grandfather died of lung cancer, he gave her mother a gold necklace, but because her mother had to raise the children alone, the financial burden was heavy, in the end pawning off the necklace, only keeping the box and receipt. After earning money, she {Ariel} brought that receipt to a jeweller, and had a necklace exactly alike made to give to her mother as a 50th birthday present.

Because of Hectic Schedule S.H.E Eats Fast Food for Meals

The Off-screen S.H.E Was as Adorable and Lively as the Girl Next Door

Although they are honored as the number one female group in the Mandarin Chinese music world, but for the last seven years, S.H.E had miraculously maintained an ordinary person attitude without any display of megastar-like haughty manners. Yesterday, they were busy promoting their new album {FM S.H.E} in Shanghai. They were so busy that even meals were dealt with casually during spare moments and the menu that the staff had prepared for them only consisted of McDonald’s chicken wings for lunch and hamburgers from a café for dinner.

Only Jolin Tsai Would be Picky about Food

The travelling schedule in China for promoting this new album {FM S.H.E} was not a long one. The record company had prepared different promotional costumes each day for S.H.E. As a result, the three young ladies were busy changing in and out of clothes each time as they rushed from one job to the next. In comparison to the “big budget” in clothing, the items on the menu of the trio could be described as “meagerly” – If not fast food then it was food from cafés. They had absolutely no time to even try the steamed crabs that were pre-ordered for them in Shanghai and had no choice but to bring them back to Taipei to enjoy later. Selina said , "It is particularly easy to be hungry while working. When we are hungry, we just want to eat. What type of food is not as important." Would they not worried about getting fat eating like this? Ella with an unperturbed expression , "I am pretty fat to begin with anyways."

Other than the proper meals, each time S.H.E had to travel for promotion duties would also prepare a box of snack food. Inside the box, other than little snacking items such as dried mango, it was filled mostly with instant noodles, which was another supposedly food taboo for artists. However, Hebe said with a mischievous expression , "Only Jolin Tsai would be that picky."The food items they presented from the snacking box were all necessities to all three of them. Although that did not really looked like a “megastar”, but all three indicated simultaneously , "in the last seven years, we had always taken the road of an ordinary person."

Answer Each Question As If for the First Time

The secret of the ordinary person attitude of S.H.E was always giving their utmost efforts as if they were newcomers. Almost every promotion staff that had worked with them would agree that they were the easiest artists to work with because they did not require anyone to serve them. Basically they were available whenever needed and always gave 100% in their efforts. Ella said , "In the last seven years, the achievements of S.H.E were never faked. We fought hard for all of it one step at a time. We do our best in each interview and take great pains to answer questions that had been asked hundreds of time as if we were answering for the first time, because that is our work. Only through this hardworking process that S.H.E would feel that we did not cheat our fans."

There was one detail that was particularly memorable. The new song concert in Taipei, as soon as the performance ended, Ella left the stage and cried with her brother who was part of the production crew for the concert. It turned out that she had some problem with her voice that day. Ella was upset with herself over her poor performance. Unexpectedly, the normally rational Hebe similarly cried over her imperfect performance when she returned home afterwards. "In these seven years, we had set high standards for ourselves. Therefore even if it was only a small mistake, it would still feel like a disappointment to us."

Plans to Consider Marriage Two Years Later

S.H.E’s ordinary person attitude was also in the fact that no matter how brightly they shine on stage, off stage, they were simply three normal young women. They said that the reason behind presenting the new album in the format of a radio station was hoping to borrow the omnipresent electronic waves to sooth people that had experience pain and suffering this year. Because the stock disaster had caused them to encounter economic losses, so they themselves became “listeners” as well. The three of them were of one mind in indicating that they hoped to be married two years later. Although they did not want to get married too early but they also worried that having children too late would not be good either. With regards to whether S.H.E would still exist after they all married, even they were at a loss themselves.

To the people around them, the three young ladies from S.H.E could unpretentiously express their concern and love. Ella said this reporter , "I once said to our make-up artist that in the future, if you did not get marry and have no children, we would take care of you like family. This is for real. In the future, when we are no longer artists, we would build a big house. Everyone would live together with love and harmony. This is what we truly thought. This is our attitude towards friends."

Perhaps it was precisely this feeling of being an ordinary person that accumulated such great popularity for S.H.E. As soon as the new album was released, people from neighborhoods in Taipei actually purchased the album on their own and asked the administrator of the region to personally bring the money to them. In times like this, the sight of this truly moved the three of them for a long time.

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Hebe’s $30,000,000 New Home Revealed

Hebe’s $30,000,000 New Home Revealed

Since 2005, Ella and Selina became property-owners successively. Until last year, Hebe also purchased a new house. With her low profile, if she was not captured on camera by reporters, she would probably still keep mum about her house-owner status.

Having purchased a new house for her family and keeping hush for a year, she was proud when probed, “I am super low profile! But since you all discovered it, there is no need to keep it a secret anymore.”

She is currently staying alone as her parents are in Xing Zhu. However they would visit her occasionally. “I always wanted a place in Taipei so that my family can live more comfortably when they visit me.” The locality of her new place is accessible and quite safe, but it was not her ideal. “Actually this district is not my prime choice. I actually wanted to purchase a place near Shi Da road, and be Ella’s neighbor. However the property prices soared too quickly. The price of the initial house that I wanted rose by $10,000,000 within a year, and I could only give it up as I could not bear to buy it.”

The trio shared the same ambition. They had stayed together in a girls’ dormitory when they first entered the entertainment industry. However the trio is concerned about their family and would always put their family’s welfare before themselves. Now, being proud property-owners, their main reason is really still for the sake of taking better care of their family. Among the trio, Ella is the first to own a house. She felt that it would offer a sense of security and save her the hassle of moving every other year. She explained, “One reason is that I really have too many things at home. It is very troublesome to move them around; hence getting a house would be more stable.” She added, property investment is considered one of the more stable ventures. “Despite property prices falling, compared to stocks and shares, the risks are still relatively lower!” Given Ella’s shrewd acumen, she definitely does not appear like just another pop idol-singer. She analyzed further from a professional viewpoint, “I thought, rather than paying rent to another person monthly, it would be better for me to be paying off the installment for the house instead. At the end of the installment payments, the house would be mine. Won’t that be more worth the while?” Her thinking also influenced S and H subsequently. 2 years ago, S spent $20,000,000 in Tian Mu to buy a place for her family and subsequently, a smaller apartment in Jian Guo Bei Road. However she only got the house this year and was even spotted by the media when she meet her new boyfriend there. In the twinkle of the eye, S has already become the proud owner of 2 houses. She shared that her father advised the trio to invest in property; as regardless of property prices, they could still use the property to earn rental.

The trio shares a closely knitted relationship and hopes to become neighbors. But Ella said, “It’s a pity that we each have our own considerations - preferences and needs when it comes to choosing a house. It is difficult to find the ideal house that meets all our requirements.” Ella requires a large house in view of her big family. On the contrary, Selina prefers a smaller place as she is timid and afraid of ghosts, especially if the place is too big. Meanwhile, Hebe has simpler requirements in choosing a house.

Even before their thirties, the trio already owned houses. Each of them has different likings, such as Ella prefers a large hall so that everyone could gather around to catch up or watch television programmes together. As her family runs a restaurant, H prefers to a beautiful and functional kitchen. As for Selina, she prefers a house fully equipped with convenient functions.

When on the topic of houses, the trio could not hide their excitement just like if they were addicted to purchasing houses and were planning to invest further on property. S said, “There is a sense of achievement when you see your family living comfortably.” She even fantasized, “I think there is a place that fits all our bill. It is Di Bao*! Each of us will have one mansion and we can live together!”

New Look in Selina’s Fringe Brings Unexpected Good Luck in Gambling

Known for her favorite pastime to play mahjong, S has been on a winning streak since she had her new haircut. Even she was stunned at her good luck!

Since entering the industry, she always maintained her long hair without fringe. But during her recent trip to Hang Zhou, while in transit at Hong Kong, she purchased a Japanese fashion magazine and was tempted to follow a Japanese model’s hairstyle. Despite her rush and packed schedule in Hang Zhou, she insisted for her hairstylist to trim her fringe accordingly before performing.

Different from Hebe’s girlish fringe look, Selina’s new fringe look has a more layered feel with a touch of sexiness and maturity. She said proudly, “Now I am a sexy lady!” She had not counted on her new fringe to bring forth good luck until she played mahjong when back in Taipei. Her streak of 10 straight wins got everyone so stunned that even she felt queasy. Subsequently she continued to win the other 3 parties all the way!

In fact Selina has good luck in gambling all along, even Ella and Hebe said she would win 9 out of 10 times. Therefore the 2 of them do not like to play with her. However Selina’s recent winning streak got herself pleasantly surprised too and she was puzzled. Upon reflecting, she realized, “It must be due to my fringe! I did not change anything else except that, and it’s the first time I encountered such successive wins!” Thus, she was full of praise for her new fringe.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jay Chou doesn't admit to 'Double J'

During his interview with Apple Daily, Jay Chou used the term 'healthy relationship' to describe his former relationship with Patty Hou, but did not admit to his alleged relationship with Jolin Tsai.

'Like everyone else, donning face masks and riding a bike to go to the night market or see movies and enjoying an ordinary man's happiness,' he said of his and Patty Hou's relationship.

Earlier in the year, Jolin admitted to the 'Double J' relationship in an interview and hinted that Jay cheated on her; she also said that she was the last to know about the 'Chou-Hou' relationship. Jay said that when he saw the report he was very confused: 'What was that for? Why did she say that?!' and also said, 'She has her story, I have mine. They are both different.'

Since the other party has confessed, why doesnt he? Jay got agitated and said, 'What do you want me to confess? I confess that i'm already very tired just being myself, a lot of people know about it, there is no need to force me to confess to anything. Besides, its been very difficult to get away from our names always being fused together.'

He added that if the media gets wind of a romance, it would no longer belong to him and his girlfriend. 'It gets even more tiring when you consider our respective fans.'

There are rumours that Jolin would follow in his footsteps and set up her own company. He said, 'She hasn't asked for my opinion, but thats a good idea. As long as she doesn't go to find Chen Zhe Shan (former EMI chairman and present Hua Na chairman).'

Last year he accused then EMI chairman Chen Zhe Shan of falsifying sales records, and Jolin was one of EMI's artistes. He got even more agitated as he said, 'After that incident, we didn't contact each other again, but I was really trying to protect her.'

There are rumours that Jolin would join Chen Zhe Shan again in Hua Na, to that Jay said coldly, 'Then she had better be careful (of him).'

Golden Bell Awards: Introduction to the Nominees For Best Actor. Two Veterans and Three Youngsters

Every time 張晨光 Chang ChenGuang transforms or changes his style, he takes home a Golden Bell Award-- just to prove that "he can." After he won his first Golden Bell Award for his role in 京城四少 [Jing Cheng Si Shao] [The Four Brothers of Peking], he went for a big change, clenching his teeth and learning to speak Taiwanese (Hokkien / Minnan). The result of his effort? He earned another Golden Bell Award, this time for his performance in FTV's Taiwanese language drama, 日正當中 [Ri Zheng Dang Zhong] [The Sun is In the Center]. He was able to stand on stage ("tai") for his very first Taiwanese ("Tai") performance! After filming his share of Taiwanese language dramas, Chang ChenGuang signed on to film CTS' 歡喜來逗陣 [Huan Xi Lai Dou Zhen] [Your Home Is My Home] and appeared on the list of nominees for the Golden Bell Award yet again; his name is not missing on this year's list. Your Home Is My Home is actually a comedy; Chang ChenGuang plays 黃飛鴻 Huang FeiHong's descendent, a fortune teller named 黃輝鴻 Huang HuiHong. For many actors, acting well in a comedy is much harder than acting well in a tragedy; Chang ChenGuang proves once again, however, that it is still the "old" ginger that is the "spiciest."

Meanwhile, 雷洪 Lei Hong is "caught between" his big wife and his little wife, 劉秀雯 Liu Xiu Wen and 朱慧珍 Chu HuiZhen, in the Taiwanese language drama 娘家 [Niang Jia] [Family Home]; he also has to deal with the troubles of his sons and daughters. In real life, Lei Hong is also a "big man"-- with four wives and seven sons. In order to prevent his house from becoming a hothouse for trouble, Lei Hong even set a rule: "I won't spend the entire night in any one wife's bedroom." Perhaps because he identifies so strongly and personally with his character, Lei Hong was able to deliver a high-quality performance which captured the hearts of the audience. Lei Hong began filming at age 20; now, he is already 60. Five years ago, Lei Hong received a Golden Bell Award for Best Male Supporting Actor (for his role in 李岳峰 Li YueFeng's 家 [Jia] [Home]); if, this year, he takes home the big prize-- for Best Male Actor-- one can say confidently that, the older he gets, the more smoothly things go for him.

Since Eddie Peng YuYan's debut, he has already been nominated for both the Golden Bell Awards (for 2005's 我只在乎你 [Wo Zhi Zai Hu Ni] [Only You] and the Golden Horse Awards (for his 2007 movie, 基因決定我愛你 [My DNA Says I Love You]). Although he has yet to take home an award, he has at least proven that he doesn't rely solely on his handsome face. In this year's 我在墾丁*天氣晴 [Wo Zai Ken Ding*Tian Qi Qing] [Wayward Kenting], Eddie brought to life a sunny boy-- the "fine weather" in Kenting-- who uses all of his passion and enthusiasm to move the dismal and gloomy "rain never stops" girl played by Janine Chang JunNing. He successfully shed his "Western" style and flavor, a result of his growing up overseas and was able to grasp and portray the subtle nuances of a man who grows up because of love.

張 善為 Chang ShanWei is famous for hosting children's entertaiment shows and variety shows; when filming the Hakka educational drama 菸田少年 [Yan Tian Shao Nian] [Tobacco Field Youth], there certainly were a few "exaggerated" instances and situations. However, he was quickly able to change his 苗栗 MiaoLi county accented Hakka into the 美濃 MeiNong township accented Hakka required by the drama and script, and he successfully took on the role of the handsome young 阿發 AhFa. In one scene, he dreams of the girl he loves, resulting in a "wet dream." The next morning, when he wakes up, he is so disoriented and alarmed that he hurriedly thrusts his soiled underpants into his bookbag. Chang ShanWei was able to bring out that type of awkward, embarrassed, and disheartened perfectly. Although filming for the drama has already wrapped, Chang ShanWei has not yet been able to "walk out" of his role. He keeps asking the staff, "Should we film a sequel?"

In the Hakka drama 大將徐傍興 [Da Jiang Hsu PangXing] [General Hsu PangXing], 溫昇豪 Wen ShengHao plays a real person from Taiwan's past and history. Actually, in the beginning, Wen ShengHao was only interested in playing the early, younger days of Hsu BangXing; he didn't want to be "made up" as the older Hsu. In the end, however, he challenged himself with a plot that took him through youth, middle age, and old age. In a scene so simple as getting up and out of bed, the combination of Wen ShengHao's facial and body expressions was amazing and exceeded all expectations.

Rainie Yang Costume Testing For Golden Bell Awards, Says Album Sales More Important Than Winning GBA

Translation: ginying@RYIFC-NA
Source: NOW news@Yahoo

Rainie Yang tested her look for the GBA Red Carpet, wearing a Versace 2008 Spring Collection, revealing her shoulders, fully exudes a ‘semi mature’ feminine feel. Her drama, ‘Miss No Good’ also obtained No. 1 in ratings, producer Angie Chai secretly appear to celebrate.

Recently, Rainie Yang is busy with both dramas and her singing. Beside her singing appearance at GBA this Friday, the next day she will start her promotional activities for her new album’s presale. On the 28th, Rainie Yang took advantage of her free time and tested her costume for the GBA. Wearing a purple Versace creation, Rainie Yang is a picture of elegances and poise. The prints on the dress allow Rainie Yang to be fashionable yet no old, full of ‘semi mature’ feminine feel. She is really pleased with her looks and said that wearing the full ensemble made her feel as if she will be going on the red carpet now.
When asked will she do something different and wear a low cut dress to get the reporter’s reaction, she laughingly said: “Can I just reveal my eyebrows? I personally don’t like to do something glaring. I prefer something that suits my style and is comfortable with.

Rainie Yang who is nominated as best female actress in GBA has many good news lately. Her drama ‘Miss No Good’ have been competing furiously with two other drama series and finally got first in the ratings this week. After finding out, Rainie Yang was really happy. She said that everyone worked really hard for this drama, starting from zero until now, and now they received the recognition of the viewers proving that all their attentiveness and hard work is worth it.

Angie Chai bought cake to the venue to celebrate with Rainie Yang, making her very happy. Rainie Yang said that Angie Chai is one of her biggest benefactor, casting her as Xiao Yu in Meteor Garden, paving her road into drama series. From getting lead roles in Devil Beside You and Why Why Love, getting first in ratings and nomination in GBA , Angie Chai played a big part in her success.

Rainie said that, during the press conference of Meteor Garden, Angie Chai asked her to be host, at that time Rainie just an album to her name and no hosting experience to speak of, shocking her to be given such an opportunity. After that she promptly got the stint as host of Guess. Angie Chai said to Rainie: “See, I know you can!” Angie Chai’s talent scouting ability built the Rainie Yang now, making her very thankful to this benefactor of hers.

When asked between winning GBA and getting good album sales which is more important to her, Rainie said that album sales is more important because it is more practical. As to whether will she be able to win she doesn’t expect much. Instead she felt that she still need much improvements and she is happy to get a nomination. As for the media predictions that she have a high chance of winning, she said: “ Everyone have such high hopes for me, the pressure is really big. Don’t give me too much pressure. I really don’t have any expectations”

Use MSN To Inquire After Each Other's Well-Being; Arron Yan YaLun Acts 'Manly' and Protects GuiGui

News Source: Liberty Times,
GuiGui and Arron Yan YaLun-- this pair of young "lovers"-- were rumored to have had a big, serious fight with each other while filming 桃花愛無敵 [Tao Hua Ai Wu Di] [TaoHua's Love Conquers All]. As a result, the relationship between the two quickly turned cold; as we understand it, the two later used MSN and mutual inquiries into each other's well-being to "break the ice." Supposedly, they had even set up a date for a "reconciliation dinner"; unfortunately, however, they have yet to have this dinner together. Arron's own and Fahrenheit's activities are never-ending and their schedules, jam-packed; it looks like GuiGui's meal will have to wait!

Reconciliation Dinner Will Have To Wait

It has been reported that, after GuiGui and Arron formally and officially reconciled on 我愛黑澀會 [Wo Ai Hei Se Hui] [I Love Blackie's Society], the two actually stayed behind after filming had wrapped up, talking and conversing; they still hadn't finished by the time the staff had stopped working and had cleaned up for the day! They then made a date for dinner to continue catching up with each other; however, shortly thereafter, Arron had to go overseas for his 會飛輪海/Will Fahrenheit concert tour; he'll have to wait until his return to Taiwan-- at the beginning of November-- to meet with GuiGui.

No Grudges or Ill Feelings Between the Two Any More

However, in remembering a particularly "explosion" scene they filmed together for 霹靂MIT [Pi Li MIT] [The Clue Collector] (a FTV / GTV collaboration), in which Arron embraces her and even falls on top of her, GuiGui laughed and said, "I don't have a boyfriend, anyway, so I'll just treat it like a 'health' food or medicine!" From this, it's clear that there are no longer any grudges between them.

As we understand it, before they filmed that particular "explosion" scene, GuiGui was in a panic. She had been told that they would use and film "the real thing," and it had made her so nervous that she paced back and forth around the set. Arron was forced to hurriedly placate her, saying, "Don't be afraid, okay? If you keep on doing this, I'll become nervous, too!" However, when filming for the scene officially began, the noise of the explosion made GuiGui's ears ring and scared her, making her burst into tears; Arron had no choice but to hurriedly assume a position of "manliness" and comfort her.

Will Blackie (HeiRen) Propose To FanFan Fan WeiQi At Her Concert? Barbie Hsu Says: I Don't Want To Listen To Blackie's Incessant Talking

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan,
The third special "group" of guests at FanFan Fan WeiQi's upcoming concert in Taipei has been revealed to be her "good sisters" ASOS (Barbie Hsu (Da S) and Dee Hsu (Xiao S)). They will sing 不能和情人說的話 [Bu Neng He Qing Ren Shuo De Hua] [The Words You Can't Say To Your Sweetheart] together. Barbie, who has long "had her microphone turned off" (hasn't sung), said, "I had originally told FanFan that I only know Chang YuSheng's 天天想你 [Tian Tian Xiang Ni] [Think of You Every Day] and (ASOS') 十分鐘的戀愛 [Shi Fen Zhong De Lian Ai] [Ten-Minute Romance]. And then, a couple of days later, she silently gave me a CD and asked me to practice this song. I couldn't even choose!"

Dee, who calls herself "Little A-mei," revealed, "Originally, I told FanFan that, if we were going to sing a song at the concert, we should choose 那些花兒 [Na Xie Hua Er] [Those Flowers]... it's more suitable." FanFan, however, half-forced and half-persuaded them, saying, "I won't force a song on you, but, if we sang 不能和情人說的話 [Bu Neng He Qing Ren Shuo De Hua] [The Words You Can't Say To Your Sweetheart], it would be even better." FanFan's "unforced" song has brought much pressure to Dee; she had no choice but to clench her teeth and practice the song at home, over and over. One day, she was so moved by her own practicing that her eyes filled with tears; her beloved daughter happened to catch her and asked innocently, "MaMa, what are you doing?" Dee could only answer in embarrassment, "I am singing 不能和情人說的話 [Bu Neng He Qing Ren Shuo De Hua] [The Words You Can't Say To Your Sweetheart]." The result of her hard work and practice? Dee's little daughter can now sing the song as well, duetting with her own mother; this touched FanFan immensely.

After rehearsing together, it was clear that there was great chemistry between the three women; although Dee kept repeating nervously, "There are some spots at which I go out of tune easily!", FanFan's admiration for the sisters was quite high: "XiYuan (Barbie)'s voice is too great! It's very 'clean;' in the past, whenever we go out to sing karaoke, she always sings Faye Wong's songs. Her style is really suitable for Barbie's voice! It's just that Barbie's own demands on herself are sometimes too high. XiDi (Dee)'s voice is very emotional; it's also very distinctive. Additionally, 不能和情人說的話 [Bu Neng He Qing Ren Shuo De Hua] [The Words You Can't Say To Your Sweetheart] is really almost telling our own story. To be able to sing this song with them is like completing all the pieces of the puzzle." Barbie, however, mocked herself, saying, "My voice is the type that 'heals wounds.' Every time I finish singing, I go home and 'lick my own wounds and try to heal them!'" This made FanFan double over with laughter.

As for the question on everybody's minds-- whether or not FanFan's boyfriend, HeiRen (Blackie) will propose to her during the concert, Barbie said roughly, "I don't want to see that at all. Chen JianZhou (Blackie) talks a lot; whenever he opens his mouth, there's a possibility that he'll talk for half an hour straight. I definitely do not want to see Blackie appear on stage at the concert."

FanFan Fan WeiQi Will Hold Her First Concert in Taipei on November 1; Will Bring a New Version of "If Only" With Claire Kuo Jing

FanFan Fan WeiQi, whose 我們是朋友/We Are Friends (FanFan's Friends) ticketed concerts will begin on November 1, has already announced that her special guests at the Taipei concert will be A-mei Chang HuiMei, ASOS (Barbie Hsu (Da S) and Dee Hsu (Xiao S)), and Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop)-- certainly evidence of her good relations with other people! However, Angela Chang ShaoHan, with whom FanFan originally sang the popular duet 如果的事 [Ru Guo De Shi] [If Only], will be busy with activities in the Mainland; she will not be able to make it to the concert. Thus, FanFan's record company, LinFair Records, has suggested labelmate Claire Kuo Jing instead; she and FanFan will perform a new "Fan-Kuo Version" of 如果的事 [Ru Guo De Shi] [If Only]. Fans and audience members can look forward to the new, different feeling this new match-up will present.

As for her inability to participate in FanFan's concert, Angela specially called FanFan a few days ago to express how much she really wanted to participate; however, because her work schedule is too full and packed, she cannot apply for the necessary leave and "time off" to attend. She stressed, however, that she would definitely try to make it to one of FanFan's two concerts (one in Taipei; the other in TaiChung); she would definitely try to support her "shi jie" (labelmate) Fan WeiQi.

There are just five days to FanFan's concert on November 1; FanFan has been intensely practicing her singing; she has also been working out and trying on different outfits in preparation for the concert-- she doesn't dare to be slack or "sluggish" in the slightest! However, in her anxiety and effort to perform well, FanFan has gotten to the point where, upon waking up, she actually thought that she had just been exercising. The sight of her wearing 15-cm (5.9-inch) heels and practicing her walking makes the workers pity her-- and yet, it also makes them want to laugh! As for FanFan's goal to add 2 kg (4.4 lbs.) to her slender frame, she has succeeded in getting definition in both her abs and her arms! Thus, her entire look and posture have become even more perfect!

Meanwhile, Claire Kuo had this to say about her upcoming performance (with FanFan, of 如果的事 [Ru Guo De Shi] [If Only]) at FanFan's November 1 concert: "This song is very hard to sing. I definitely a feel a little pressure, having to sing it with my own "flavor." I am very afraid that I'll sing badly out of nervousness. But I'll definitely "jia you" (keep it up/work hard), and I hope that everybody can bring their good friends with them to see FanFan's concert (我們是朋友/We Are Friends (FanFan's Friends))!"

Mayday´s ´Poetry´ in Hot Demand

Taiwan pop-rock band Mayday promoted their latest album "Poetry of the Day After" in Taipei on Monday.

The album, Mayday's seventh offering, was released on October 23. It had already topped weekly sales charts in Taiwan and attracted more than 130,000 advance orders, reports.

Front-man Ashin thanked fans by saying their support was particularly encouraging because of the economic slowdown.

The album boosted ticket-sales for Mayday's December 13 concert at the Taipei Chungshan Soccer Stadium. All 50,000 tickets were sold, prompting organizers to add a second show scheduled on the following day.