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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Da S in Shenyang for Tissot Promo; "Singlehood is very nice!"

source: asosbbs
translations: xiaochien @ devoted2barbie

Famous movie star Da S came to Shenyang yesterday for Tissot promo. This is her second time in Shenyang, but Da S said "the feeling is different. its too cold!, I cpuld wear short sleeves in Hong Kong!". But Da S fans in Shenyang are still very warm. It was Monday, but numerous fans came to see her. Da S is single and not looking for love, "Singlehood is very nice, I can go anywhere, and can also be with my family!"

Da S came on time, wearing a red dress. Her smile had always been so bright, "Did not expect it to be so cold here, but the sun is warm, and looking at so many people here, they are all smiling with me, I feel very warm!. Everytime I come to Shenyang, everyone gives me a pleasant surprise!"

Da S obviously gained weight, showing a "double chin". When a reporter asked if its because she recently went on a break, Da S smiled, "I gained weight? I dont think so!"

Da S talks about her next project

On her next big project, "I'm currently hosting a program in Taiwan, and I will begin filming for my next project next month", When asked who will be her leading man, Da S mysteriously said: "You guess, it's certainly whom everyone anticipates!"

Wherever the "Beauty Queen" goes, she speaks about "Beauty". Da S has truly maintained her good skin. She's always been generous in giving beauty advices, "Woman must pay attention to herself". At home, I watch what i eat. Keeping healthy is very important, I like drinking fruit and vegetable juices, healthy nutrition also helps to lose weight!"

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