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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sam Lee ShengJie Promises To Be Chie Tanaka's Producer

News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan,
Sam Lee ShengJie and Chie Tanaka (田中千繪) have been rehearsing for Sam's upcoming concert. Chie Tanaka gave Sam a glazed glass bead necklace (like the ones her character gave out in the popular Taiwanese movie Cape No. 7); she even mischievously used the same line as she put the necklace around her neck: "This is 蝶蛹之珠 the bead of chrysalis. I hope that your hard work will bring you many, many riches!" Upon receiving Chie Tanaka's present, Sam immediately gave her a verbal "raincheck": he said that, regardless of whether or not the two of them would be in the same company in the future, he would produce one song for her... absolutely free of charge. He also her well, that her music path and career would be smooth and bright. He also joked, "Any record companies that are interested in Chie Tanaka-- you guys can come to my concert and listen to her singing first!" Chie Tanaka expressed that, when she first received Sam's invitation, she was extremely happy: "It's my first time on such a large stage. On that day, in addition to being a special guest, I'll stay and listen to the remainder of the concert! My mother has already said that she will come and listen to Sam and me sing. Unfortunately, my father doesn't have the time to fly to Taiwan."

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