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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Use MSN To Inquire After Each Other's Well-Being; Arron Yan YaLun Acts 'Manly' and Protects GuiGui

News Source: Liberty Times,
GuiGui and Arron Yan YaLun-- this pair of young "lovers"-- were rumored to have had a big, serious fight with each other while filming 桃花愛無敵 [Tao Hua Ai Wu Di] [TaoHua's Love Conquers All]. As a result, the relationship between the two quickly turned cold; as we understand it, the two later used MSN and mutual inquiries into each other's well-being to "break the ice." Supposedly, they had even set up a date for a "reconciliation dinner"; unfortunately, however, they have yet to have this dinner together. Arron's own and Fahrenheit's activities are never-ending and their schedules, jam-packed; it looks like GuiGui's meal will have to wait!

Reconciliation Dinner Will Have To Wait

It has been reported that, after GuiGui and Arron formally and officially reconciled on 我愛黑澀會 [Wo Ai Hei Se Hui] [I Love Blackie's Society], the two actually stayed behind after filming had wrapped up, talking and conversing; they still hadn't finished by the time the staff had stopped working and had cleaned up for the day! They then made a date for dinner to continue catching up with each other; however, shortly thereafter, Arron had to go overseas for his 會飛輪海/Will Fahrenheit concert tour; he'll have to wait until his return to Taiwan-- at the beginning of November-- to meet with GuiGui.

No Grudges or Ill Feelings Between the Two Any More

However, in remembering a particularly "explosion" scene they filmed together for 霹靂MIT [Pi Li MIT] [The Clue Collector] (a FTV / GTV collaboration), in which Arron embraces her and even falls on top of her, GuiGui laughed and said, "I don't have a boyfriend, anyway, so I'll just treat it like a 'health' food or medicine!" From this, it's clear that there are no longer any grudges between them.

As we understand it, before they filmed that particular "explosion" scene, GuiGui was in a panic. She had been told that they would use and film "the real thing," and it had made her so nervous that she paced back and forth around the set. Arron was forced to hurriedly placate her, saying, "Don't be afraid, okay? If you keep on doing this, I'll become nervous, too!" However, when filming for the scene officially began, the noise of the explosion made GuiGui's ears ring and scared her, making her burst into tears; Arron had no choice but to hurriedly assume a position of "manliness" and comfort her.

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