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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nicholas and Nick were shooting in the street market

Nicholas Tse and Nick Cheung were filming "The Beast Stalker" in Electric Road and the street market in North Point the other day. They have over 300,000 dollars worth of air rifles as props. During filming, some stalls in the market were racked and over 100 onlookers were really frightened, thinking there was a gun fight between gangs. Some people even phoned for the police.

Although the film company EMP has applied to the Transport Department for blocking out part of the traffic on the road, they were still restricted in the area where they could film. There was a scene that Nicholas and Nick had to run about 300 meters in and out of the market and the tram track. During the process, they also had to avoid the on lookers. As a result, Nicholas had knocked down 3 stalls and that particular scene had 15 takes. Nicholas had injury to his knees before and he was worried his knees might start giving him problem again. Therefore, he had to rest for a while before they continue to film.

On the other hand, Nick was filming a scene where he was using his air rifle to shoot. The force of the rifle was so great that he nearly fell backward. The air rifle also gave out a large amount of smoke. At that point the on lookers actually thought there was a gun fight between gangs. As a result, someone called the police.

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