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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jay Chou invites her to dinner; Judy Chiang touched: "very compassionate"

source: Apple
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After news broke of Taiwanese heavenly queen Judy Chiang having to pay the debts of her older sister, reducing her years of hard earned money back to zero, yesterday night she wrote a blog titled "I'm the richest person in the world", she thanked her friends and fans who tried to make her laugh, she expressed her gratitude and contentment. Yesterday night Jay Chou held his 30th birthday party, he especially phoned her to invite her to dinner, even though she didn't go because she wasn't feeling well but she constantly said: "Jay really is very compassionate".

Because Judy Chiang appreciated the first song Jay Chou and Vincent Fang did together, they always have her in their hearts, last year Judy Chiang held a concert, Jay Chou went to support her onstage, after hearing Judy has to start from zero again, yesterday he said at his birthday party: "Going to have to give her some caring." On the night he asked a colleague to invite her for him to dinner.

Jay Chou will be going to mainland China tomorrow, besides holding the press conference for "Ci Ling", according to reports he will have a chance to perform at the Beijing Spring Festival Gala for a third time, yesterday Sina reported that the director of the Gala Kun Lang has already revealed that Jay Chou and Song Zhu Ying will be doing a duet on "A Herbalist's Manual", towards this news his company JVR Music was as usual low key, they stressed all that is accurate will be announced officially.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jay Chou celebrates his 30th birthday; takes a fancy to $88million sports car

source: UDN
translated by: Sarah @

Jay Chou yesterday celebrated his 30th birthday. Although he is still single, and ex-girlfriend Patty Hou and rumoured girlfriend Jessie Chiang has not yet sent text messages to wish him happy birthday, he did not feel lonely at all, as he was accompanied by over 800 fans. Right now, all he can think about is that he wants a new car, especially because recently, he’s taken a fancy to the 20 limited edition - Lamborghini Reventon. Importing plus tariff, the total cost is estimated to be 2,000,000euros (88,590,000NT). He says that this car has moved his heart, however his mother Ye Hui Mei was the first to shake her head, using her index finger to make a ‘No!’ gesture, crushing Jay’s birthday wish on the spot.

Ever since Jay entered the industry, his rumours have never seemed to stop. He revealed: “Now that I’m 30, I can properly choose, find someone to be my wife. That way I can get married at 35!” Being an Asian superstar, he says that it’s very hard to get to know girls in private. Only through his directed films, MV auditions does he get the chance to make new friends, but he stressed: “This is not Princess election!” He rushed to clarify: “Casting is very important, even the guest roles, I willl hand-pick them myself, you guys have to write that I am very precise as a director!” Jay revealed that he actually has quite a few movie and dinner dates but he does not dare to one-on-one, even when he goes out with his assistant, he has to be very careful.

Yesterday, staff members prepared a tower of 30 red eggs, and a ‘2009 Flush’ poker birthday cake. As Jay blew out the candles, he made his birthday wish: “I hope my supporters will be in good health, like my grandma is almost 90 years old, but she won’t be out of breath when she climbs stairs, very healthy.” Afterwards, his grandma went onstage to kiss him, and he was very shy.

Mentally, Jay is like a big naughty boy and he wishes to ‘continue to be childish/na├»ve,’ and can play around with creative ideas. Jay has a strong sense of competitiveness, and he wants to lead in both music and films. In the entertainment industry, there is fierce competition and he says: “Don’t know how long I can still sing for, but when it becomes unsuitable, I’ll retire to backstage.”

This year, besides his new film ‘Ci Ling’, he will also enter the idol drama field and will direct ‘Panda Hero.’ Jay smiled saying that this idea is very humourous, he really hopes to create a Chinese-style hero. If he wants to play, then he’s gotta play big; each episode is estimated to cost millions of NT, and the special effects will be like in ‘Hot Shot’ and ‘Symphonic Valentine's Dream.’

Yesterday, his $5.5million MV of ‘Dragon Knight’ also premiered and Jay did not forget to add: “Other people have the money to buy charts, we have the money to film MV.” Lately, Jiang Hui has hit a financial crisis, and Jay caringly said that he will take his ‘2nd sister’ out to relieve her stress.

Yesterday, Patty Hou and Tian Xin attended a fashion event, and when asked whether she has bought a birthday gift for her friend, she replied: “Birthday? Oh is Mr Jay right? He has everything he wants, I wish him happy brithday and good health. A friend’s birthday, I will text him to wish him happy birthday la.”

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jay Chou puts effort into filming MV; bruises ass

source: UDN
translated by:

Jay Chou spent 5.5 million and 4 months of filming to finish the MV for his new song "Dragon Knight", the mysterious veil will be revealed at his birthday party this week, during the filming Jay Chou put a lot of effort into it, the explosion scenes were very powerful, he only found out his ass was "bruised" after going home!

Jay Chou is being very generous on his birthday as he books the movie theatre in Xi Men Ding, he's also letting his fans be the first ones to see his fantasy MV "Dragon Knight". The MV is anime movie production styled full of a fantasy world in the future, just a short 5 minutes of scenes took 4 days of filming, the post production was as along as 4 months, it has also broken the record for the most times Jay Chou has done martial arts, special effects and wiring in an MV.

Under the perfection seeking of "Director Chou", during filming he had it rough going, besides martial arts scenes and flips, there were many scenes where he had to match explosions, Jay Chou was hurt when he did the scene where he saved the female lead, he joked saying: "The sacrifice for this time's explosion is quite big, I want to tell everyone, if you don't have such a tough ass please don't film explosion scenes, I only found out my ass was bruised when I went home, it felt like I had that cupping treatment, I wanted to say when I looked in the mirror, I have such a dark birthmark?"

During filming, Jay Chou's back problem flared up, father Chou personally came to the set to give him antibiotics, Jay Chou said: "My dad's funny, when he saw me the first thing he did wasn't to give me the medicine, but was to ask "Are there any roles I can play", you can tell he really wants to make it big." When mother Chou came to visit, Jay Chou was afraid she would worry so he ordered the staff not to mention his back problem.

Genie Zhuo feels like a "soft porn actress"!

Genie Zhuo feels like a "soft porn actress"!
Yahoo News

Taiwanese singer Genie Zhuo breaks away from her usual sweet-girl image to take on a sexy vibe for her new album. Zhuo says she is still getting used to her new image with lesser to wear now; striking alluring poses has got her feeling like an AV Girl!

In order to strike out convincing poses, a self-proclaimed conservative-minded Zhuo had to overcome her psychological barrier and study sexy pictures of women as homework. To get the hearts of her male fans throbbing, Zhuo even bares her shoulders and parades her slender legs; a bold move considering her usual wardrobe which is lacking in mini shorts and sleeveless T-shirts.

However, hard work is required to present the matching body that drapes the sexy clothing. Zhuo revealed, "I have to control my diet and refrain from starchy food. I will start abstaining from food four hours before going to bed."

For the sexy look, Zhuo paid special attention to her legs. In fact, she has always been unsatisfied with her own figure and is resolved to be a "paper-man" (as thin as paper). "I'm now at my slimmest state in recent years but I hope to reduce my weight to 30kg."

Zhuo admitted though that there was a time when her slimming diet caused gastric problems. Claiming to be an easy weight-gainer, she even tried "starvation" to lose weight, but ended up eating more and growing fatter due to the hunger.

She admitted to her mistake courageously and hopes to remind her fans she was a negative role model; people seeking to lose weight should not push their limits or do the extremes as they may end up hurting themselves.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jay Chou king of industry with "Capricorn" sales, Mayday resides next with Jolin Tsai falling out of the charts

Source: Apple

Recently the various record publishers have been tallying up the sales of the Mandarin albums in Taiwan, even though the different companies have varying numbers, but all the companies have shown that Jay Chou's "Capricorn" sold about 150,000 copies, Mayday assaulted the campus market with "Poetry of the Day After", their sales were also good, but the prices were fluctuating, estimates have ranged from 150,000 to 200,000. This article is translated by

S.H.E.'s "My Radio" and the OST to "Cape No. 7" battled for 3rd and 4th, first time album releases from Jam Xiao and Aska Yang were about equal so were 5th place. According to statisticians you can get into the top 10 if you sold 47,000 copies, Jolin Tsai dropped out of the charts as she only released an English book album, she didn't match it up with promotion, her agent Jiang Cheng Jin said they sold 30,000 copies.

Jay Chou's parent company JVR Music's promotion supervisor Zhang Lan Yun said: "In each of the sales chart from the different companies, Capricorn has sold 150,000 copies, there isn't any exaggeration, it shows the sales number we announce are honest."

SONY BMG Starts This "No-Buying-Charts" Wave Just So Lee Hom Wang's "Sales Record" Would Beat Show Luo's?

SONY BMG Starts This "No-Buying-Charts" Wave Just So Lee Hom Wang's "Sales Record" Would Beat Show Luo's?


Lee Hom Wang claims himself a music man, but when his album was released, his sales record seemed to be trudging a bit. Reportedly, SONY BMG's "No Buying Charts Press Conference" was only to help Lee Hom Wang defeat his "rival" Show "Xiao Zhu [Little Pig]" Luo !? Perhaps because this album "Heart Beat" is Lee Hom's deciding key of his contract renewal with SONY BMG ; And since SONY BMG has no other pop king on hand, they can only think of any way possible to keep their last ace.

To secure this pop king, even before the album was released, SONY BMG had already called Show Luo and Fahrenheit's promoters/companies, who were planning to release albums at the same time, hoping that they would release their albums one week later, so Lee Hom Wang would have a chance to sit upon the #1 ranking, but they were rejected. Thus SONY BMG could only turn around to accuse Show Luo of buying out the charts, and then started the "No Buying Charts Press Conference." But the companies efforts was not appreciated by Lee Hom. With the thoughts of only presenting good music, he doesn't even care about album sales championing, so he had already clearly stated the day before that he would not be attending the press conference.

Lee Hom isn't attending! What could they do for the event then? Good thing they had Jay Chou coming to help, reportedly, Jay Chou was only coming to "support," but right before he arrived at the venue, he was suddenly told that Lee Hom wasn't attending due to illness. Jay Chou, who was originally the supporting role, became the main attraction at the event. Besides this, "Yi Zhou Kan" [weekly paper] also went and checked the charts that stood part of the sales charts, 5-Music and G-music, and Show's album sales record was clearly greater than that of Lee Hom Wang's, almost twice as much! Thus SONY BMG's incentive of Show Luo buying out the charts has people doubting them.

Source: NOW News
Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ Show Lo's International English Forum

A-mei hoping to take relationship with Sam Ho to another level

A-mei hoping to take relationship with Sam Ho to another level
Yahoo News

Taiwanese diva A-mei made an exception and spoke of her relationship with basketball player Sam Ho on an interview with Phoenix TV, expressing wishes for a good outcome in this relationship. She also assured the audience that she will not withdraw from showbiz even after marriage.

Relationships and scandals used to be taboo for the diva, until Ho came along. She revealed in a China TV interview that she is currently basking in love and that she feels much more at ease with herself now than before. Despite having doubts in everlasting love, she hopes for this relationship to bear its fruits.

"However, this is not the right time to talk about marriage. I've not thought about it," she said.

A-mei also admits that her singing career is an interest which she will not give up even if she were to get married.