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Saturday, May 31, 2008

G-Music Taiwan Music Charts 2008/05/23 - 2008/05/29

2008/05/23 - 2008/05/29

/ Ranking this week / Ranking last week / Highest ranking / Artist / Album / Record Company / Sales % / Number of weeks on charts /

/ 1 / NEW / 1 / Lu Guang Jong / 100 Lifestyles / Avex / 8.42% / 1 /
/ 2 / 2 / 1 / Kenji Wu Ke Chun / Write Poem for You / Seed Music / 7.43% / 11 /
/ 3 / 1 / 1 / Milk Ye Nai Wen / Dance is Knife / Seed Music / 7.02% / 2 /
/ 4 / 4 / 1 / Soda Green / Sing with Me / Willin Music / 6.02% / 4 /
/ 5 / 9 / 5 / OST / Honey & Clover / Avex / 4.39% / 2 /
/ 6 / 5 / 1 / Claire Guo Jing / The Next Sun Rise / Linfair Records / 4.14% / 3 /
/ 7 / 3 / 1 / Victor Huang Ping Guan / The Things Those Girls Taught Me / Shiang Shin Music / 3.55% / 6 /
/ 8 / Under Top 20 / 3 / Nicky Lee Jiu Je / Thinking Too Much / Warners Music / 3.3% / 11 /
/ 9 / 6 / 2 / Eason Chan Yi Shun / And Then 1997-2007 Crossing Centuries Mandarin Selections / Universal Records / 2.31% / 10 /
/ 10 / 7 / 1 / Aska Yang / Dove / Warners Music / 2.02% / 20 /
/ 11 / NEW / 11 / Hsiao Hung Jen / First Creation Album / Sony BMG Music Entertainment / 1.89% / 1 /
/ 12 / 7 / 7 / Coco Lee Wen / 1994-2008 Luxurious Selections / Sony BMG Music Entertainment / 1.55% / 2 /
/ 13 / 12 / 2 / Joanna Wang Ruo Lin / Start From Here / Sony BMG Music Entertainment / 1.46% / 20 /
/ 14 / 11 / 3 / Ailing Dai Ai Ling / Wings of an Angel / Sony BMG Music Entertainment / 1.29% / 7 /
/ 15 / 10 / 8 / Khalil Fang Da Tong / Future / Warners Music / 1.15% / 13 /
/ 16 / 13 / 2 / Nicholas Chang Dong Liang / From Now On New Songs Selections / EMI Music / 1.08%/ 6 /
/ 17 / 15 / 2 / Super Junior-M / Me / Avex / 1.05% / 4 /
/ 18 / 19 / 8 / OST / Fated To Love You / Rock Music / 0.85% / 5 /
/ 19 / NEW / 19 / Fan Ren / Fan Ren and His Best Friends / Click Music / 0.83% / 1 /
/ 20 / Under Top 20 / 20 / Luo Shi Feng / Men's Sweat / Shang Haou Music / 0.67% / 2 /

Big Bang's Taeyang today first solo performance "I will shine like a solo rising sun."

Taeyang says that he will do his best today and heat up the moment.

The sun warms the world even by itself. On the 31st Big Bang's Taeyang (Birth name, Dong Young Bae - 19) will warm Korean music with a passion. Taeyang is prepared to heat the stage with his performance. Big Bang has been illuminated as a revolution of idol and in it's center was Big Bang's main vocal Taeyang. Now he will temporarily commit as "Taeyang" instead of "Big Bang".

"I received an opportunity to make a little more serious and deeper music. It means that I am able to express the music inside me. I am overwhelmed and nervous."

Taeyang's strong heat can be felt. He had confidently approached in 2008's Korean music with "Look Only At Me". Like his change in music, his "hot" physical transformation was noticeable.

Taeyang has a "thick R&B muscular body" and "mature man's scent". With his solo he's able to show that he's an adult, completely erasing his boy image. Even his hairstyle is striking--not anyone can pull off his "Beckham hair", but Taeyang did.

"Innocent" Taeyang gradually gains a stronger image and removed his "nice" nametag.

In the title song "Look only at me" Taeyang sings through a viewpoint of a guy selfishly wanting his girl to only look at him. "Even if I cheat, don't cheat on me, even if i forget you, don't forget me." (from 'Look Only At Me')

The truthful lyrics go well with the R&B flow and melody and sticks to your ears.

YG's Kush helped him by producing a song that matches Taeyang's specialities. "Custom made" Kush gave him 'custom-made' presents (songs)
Taeyang shows a unique image and even his dancing is of best quality.

Unstoppable Marriage Ends w/ 4.7% Rating

KBS 2TV’s daily drama ‘Unstoppable Marriage’ quietly ends with less than 5% program rating.

Unfortunately, ‘Unstoppable Marriage’ haven’t reached 5% program rating from the beginning even to the last episode.

‘Unstoppable Marriage’ was a drama that featured Kim Soo-Me, Kim Moo-Saeng, Suh Do-Young, idol group SNSD’s Yuri and Sooyoung, and FT Island’s Lee Jae-Jin, and etc. It was a drama that was promoting the movie called ‘Unstoppable Marriage’ as the same people were casted for both the drama and the movie. (Kim Soo-me, and Kim Moo-Saeng)

However, the program rating did not increase because of the newbie’s awkward acting skills. Despite the effort from the producers, (tried to changing the time, had many parodies from different entertainment shows, and even featured the popular group SNSD’s Sooyoung and Yuri, FT Island’s Jae-Jin), the program rating didn’t increase bringing everyone disappointment.

Jay Chou's 3D animation exposed for the first time, supporting the Fine Day School charity funds

The average number of 12 to 20 year old youths going online in Taiwan is nearly 96% at the moment, in a year one out of every two youths is a blogger, this shows the closeness of the Internet and youths.

The chairman of the John Tung Foundation Lai Dong Ming expressed according to screening of depression last year (September - November), analysis on the data from John Tung Foundation, there were 4,519 youths who went online to do the check on if they have depression, in there 38.7% clearly had depression and needed professional help. There were 3,689 people aged between 19-24 who used the website to do the depression check, there were as high as 37% who clearly had depression and need professional help. And at the same time, the number people surfing the John Tung Foundation website to find out about depression was at 38,919. Lai Dong Ming stressed that these users may have wanted to find out about their condition so they visited the website to find an answer, resulting in a distinctly higher count from the depression screening compared to last year's investigation. But this also indicates the number of depressed youths is increasing, they want to find information and resources on help from the web.

Thus, the John Tung Foundation and the Taiwan postal department are working together on "The Fine School Day - Protection Against Depression Support Website", they hope through funds donated they can build a website to offer a more suitable platform for youths to find help.

They have invited Asia young heavenly king Jay Chou to be the spokesperson for this charity event, at the same time well known manga artist Mai Ren Jie will be designing Jay Chou's first 3D animation model, they are appealing to citizens to support "Fine Day School" charity event. Mai Ren Jie expressed that when he was producing the animation he met with Jay Chou face to face to discuss the idea, he could feel the his caring intention for depressed youths. That's why this animation is made for Jay Chou's image, from his angle he sees depressed youths appear and how to help them move away from depression, a fine school day emerging.


Jay Chou spokesperson for a certain sports brand in Beijing, Qiaosheng Han presents

Screams, applause and the action theme song "Hero Chou" for the movie "Kung Fu Dunk" are all mixed together, Jay Chou's appearance causes enormous passion from the crowd. Being the spokesperson for the brand of 6 years, you can say Jay Chou's done fulfilled his responsibility, he's usually cool but not only did he interact with the fans close up but he also gave away two signed basketballs. Having Chou heavenly king as a support, the presenter of the event was also big, CCTV's sports commentator Qiaosheng Han presented the event, his had clever words to say, a cold and hot line-up successfully heated up the atmosphere.


Look-alike Jay Chou man becomes spokesperson for fake brand and pretends to be heavenly king in commercial

When you're popular you get a lot of rumours. Even though Jay Chou has been busy recently with fundraising and work but there are still people using him. Yesterday reporters discovered a on the website of a company that produces MP3, MP4 players a model that looks like Jay Chou being their spokesperson, they even hit a touch ball and used the phrase "An illustrious performance, incomparable" as the commercial slogan. Yesterday reporters called Jay Chou's company, one of the assistants expressed after they investigate the matter if they find the rights of their artists has been violated then the company will entrust legal staff to take action.
This article is translated by
On the company's website, reporters found a young man dressed in a white shirt with a black suit, he had a black player in his hand, this young man had a bit of curly hair on his forehead, just from a glance he has some of Jay Chou's expression.

Besides a good imitation, there was also a commercial slogan that might as well have used Jay Chou's name "An illustrious performance, incomparable" (in Chinese two parts of Jay Chou's name are used, the two words bolded). This kind of touch ball method made many fans sigh "Nearly fell for it, I even thought it was a product Jay was being spokesperson for, I nearly bought it". But there were also consumers reminding others, "Look at it clearly, that's not Jay Chou."

Based on the telephone number of the company on the website, reporters contacted the client manager Mr Wang of the company. When reporters asked him if the person in the commercial was Jay Chou, he expressed, this person is a look-alike of Jay Chou. "He looks a lot like Jay Chou, he came out after entering a imitation show." Even though Mr Wang explained it like this, but the commercial slogan "An illustrious performance, incomparable" is still misleading consumers. To this, Mr Wang expressed that their commercial slogan is only promoting their products, they are definitely not using Jay Chou's sign.


Eason's Moving On Stage 9-11 Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Singapore

Eason's Moving On Stage 9 - Kuala Lumpur

To purchase tickets: galaxy

Eason's Moving On Stage 10 - Macau

To purchase tickets: venetian macao tickets

Eason Chan will be making his 10th stop on his Moving On Stage World Tour at the Cotai Strip Cotai Arena on Friday July 18 & Saturday July 19, 2008.

Praised by critics and fellow musicians alike as one of the most accomplished singers on the Canto Pop Music scene, Eason’s popularity continues to reach new heights. Not only an accomplished singer, Eason frequently showcases his musical talent by incorporating a wide variety of musical instruments into his live performances, including the piano, drums, guitar, violin, harmonica, saxophone, electronic organ and trumpet.

This talent has seen Eason win a magnitude of awards, most recently in 2007 he was awarded the prestigious Hong Kong Most Popular Male Singer Award as well becoming Hong Kong's highest selling male artist, a feat he achieved in both 2002 and 2003.

Eason's Moving On Stage 11 - Singapore

To purchase tickets: sistic
Presented by: hype records

Following the astounding success of the 16 nights of sold-out concerts in Hong Kong last year, the quirky and ever-talented singer returns to Singapore once again with his much-anticipated electrifying concert featuring a splendid array of signature hits and new tunes!

A skilled and charismatic singer, Eason is one of Hong Kong’s most prominent musicians. Ever since hitting home with his success formula of “rough sound” in his 1996 music debut, Eason’s easy listening and chill-out pop swept Asia’s music scene by storm.

Through more than 30 critically acclaimed Mandarin and Cantopop music albums as well as uncountable music and popularity awards garnered in the past twelve years of his music career, the singer-song writer has established himself as one of the most popular artiste in the region.

Expect an exuberant night of pure indulgence as Eason brings on a quality music gig featuring his extensive repertoire of mega hit songs and chart toppers such as 愛情轉移, K歌之王, 好久不見, 謝謝儂, 不如這樣, 十年, 淘汰, 兄妹, 預感, as well as refreshing performance offerings specially for the Singapore. Whether you are true blue fan or a chill-out music lover, Eason's Moving On Stage 11 will definitely be a show of powerful music and showmanship not to be missed!

Lee Hyori models for Ocean World

Miss Lee Hyori (29) prances around in her white bikini top and short shorts for the latest Ocean World ads.

Ocean World is a waterpark very much like Malaysia's Sunway Lagoon.

It is reported that the sexy singer gamely surfed the 2.4-metre wave at the Vivaldi Park Ocean World for the photoshoot,

TVXQ / DBSK's 2nd Asia Tour ~O~ Concert in BEIJING

After the success of their first major Asian concert in China (“O” Concert), TVXQ is again scheduled to perform a second time in the Mainland. Soon they will be heading to Beijing for their slated June 12 schedule, which is reportedly the last leg of their 2nd Asian Tour ~O~ Concert (the Hong Kong leg seemed canceled ~ but needs verification).

On the Internet, online ticket traders label the concert as “TVXQ Beijing Concert 2008,” while some call it “Beijing Oriental Concert.” Supposedly it was said that Shanghai was their grand finale for the Asian Tour, but after some recent schedule adjustments, it was revealed that they are indeed performing in Beijing after all.

The concert will start at 8pm (others say it’s 7:30pm) which will be held at the newly completed Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field. It has a seating capacity of 13,000, and a floor-space of 15,570 square meters. The same stadium / field will also be used for Olympic Softball competitions in the future.

The concert is said to be a two-and-a-half hour show, where TVXQ will perform 25 of their hit songs. They will also do solo performances, just like in their “Seoul Encore Concert” last October 2007, in Korea.

Organizers of the event guarantee that everything will come as planned. For assurance, they will be preparing one (1) week before the concert. Reportedly they have and will spend a lot of money for this grand concert, which will give TVXQ fans a fantasy-like ambiance during the event.

According to DreamMaker (a South Korean production company) they will be using the same materials and equipments used at the “Encore Concert” in Seoul, with everything including lightning, audio, multimedia, costumes, and stage design. Seemingly, they’ll be transporting everything from South Korea directly to Beijing. Roughly, the concert will cost around 10 Million Yuan, equivalent to around 1.5 Million US Dollars.

And to the delight of the fans, according to a person in charge of the event, fans will be able to see TVXQ up close, because the seats will just be around 10 meters away from the stage. Though we have heard of fans complaining about the seating plan, that it was actually farther away from the stage than mentioned.

For reference, please see seating map and concert details below.

Date / Time:
June 12, 2008 ~ 7:30 PM / 8:00 PM

Venue / Address:
Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field, No.67, Fengtai Road, Fengtai District

Ticket Prices:
280 / 480 / 880 / 1080 / 2008 (in Chinese Yuan)

Book Tickets:

Tel Nos:
86-10-64177845 / 400-810-1887 / 010-8408551

Jasmine Leong Holds Concert Rumoured BF Also Couldn't Get Tickets

Jasmine next week will be holding a concert in the Taipei Little Big Egg, the concert tickets opened with a red plate, all sold out, adding also nominated in the Golden Melodies award, could be said double happiness, but scalpers have made it hot, $6600 NT lovers seats is auctioned online price has doubled, even rumoured prospect bf Tony wanting to go listen, actually couldn't even get a ticket, record company has promised to make arrangements to let Tony successfully sit in one of the love seats.

Jasmine went over to Malaysia for a practice group, earlier had returned to Taiwan to focus whole heartly on the rehersals, and even used romanized phonetics to remember Judy Chiang (江蕙)'s Taiwanese song lyrics, preparing a dance for her is also another one of the pressures she rarely gets, before going to bed she will also try to remember the dance steps. Profession in the wine industry Tony, gets Gary Cao to hold a mini performance at artist Stanley Huang's club "Primo" to fundraise disaster funds for Sichuan, the amount raised was nearly $300,000 Yuan.

Jasmine nominated in Golden Melodies, rumoured bf Tony says it is for true winner.

Tony compliments Jasmine's voice is good, to get nominatedin the Golden Melodies Awards is natural, but wanting to buy tickets, it's all sold out already, with a tone of disappointment, and the concert also has other beverage company sponsors, Tony also couldn't present Jasmine with her beloved pink champagne. Even though its because of work, often going in and out of club locations, adding all over is surrounded of models, to a man this is the most distracting, but Tony says it hard not to socialize, "But each person is different!" To pick an ideal person is not to look on the outside, but to look in the inside.

Its the 4th time Jasmine has been nominated in the Golden Melodies Award female singer, in "" votes are high, but to her mother and younger brother they're looking at it in a calm way, but to her she's really excited, and have also said to overseas media, on the day of the awards, have to be in the most beautiful image to attend, and says to take the award with Gary Cao.

Eddie Peng kicking crazily at the KungFu Master; being called as [Courageous Peng]

The previous day Eddie Peng has made an appearance at CTS’s [Arts United Nation] to promo the new series [Honey and Clover] and shot to fame with just one kick! The show has invited a master who has won 8 titles in the Guinness World Records with his [Super Durable Private Part] to show off his talent. Eddie Peng who was privately being called as an overly active child has volunteered to prove the master’s ability and kicked very hard at the master’s private part. After he has finished kicking the master, he was showing a very satisfying expression and said: [It is real!] His excited expression and together with the painful expression from all the men in the set, it was truly a very interesting image.

In order to promo the idol series [Honey and Clover], Zheng Yuan Chang, Eddie Peng, Janine Chang, Lego Li and the other casts have make an appearance at CTS’ [Arts United Nation]. Eddie Peng who was personally being called as an overly active child was tremendously excited and jumping around when he heard that he could irresponsibility [kicking crazily at people’s private part]. Once the master is ready, Eddie Peng immediately kicked the master two or three times. All the men on the set were already showing painful expression or shouting for pain. Everyone immediately asked Eddie Peng why he dares to kick the master, he said: [Because he is a Guinness World Reocrds holder… so that is why I kicked him that hard.]

Compare to Eddie Peng’s kicking madness; both David Chen and Lin Dao Yuan were so horrified that they have wobbly knees because of it. David Chen only dares to give a light kick and ran off immediately; Xiao Zhong who was watching it at the side couldn’t bare it anymore and said: [Every man will understand, the pain when their private part was being kicked, will feel like dying!] Lego Li was showing a painful expression too, it was like he was being kicked instead; while Janine Chang just turned her head and refuses to see it. The whole set, only Eddie Peng is the most amazing person.

Tarcy Su bares her back; dares to seduce Joe Cheng!

CTS’s [Honey and Clover] is an adaptation from the best selling manga that shares the same title. After its first premiere from last week, the pace of the story and humor styles were able to receive good reviews. This week, the series will air the romantic, passionate scene between Zheng Yuan Chang and Tarcy Su; the passionate scene lasted from night until morning, for about 8 hours!

Tarcy Su, who used to being described as the “Lady” in the entertainment industry, is going to play the role of a widow in [Honey and Clover]. Her husband died in a car crash while she was severely burn in the accident. After that, she has been running her late husband’s architecture company alone. One night, while she was taking her bath in her house, she has suddenly fainted in the bathroom due to exhaustion; it just so happens that the part-time intern Zheng Yuan Chang was happen to be there and carries her back to her bedroom. During the muzzy from the fall, Tarcy Su thought Zheng Yuan Chang was her late husband that she is missing so much; and this is how the one night stand had started. In the series both, of them will be together until morning, [battling] for 8 hours, Zheng Yuan Chang was very content with the arrangement for the scene, he laughed and said: [This will prove that I am quite “lasting”!]

When they need to film this scene, Tarcy Su was very professional and has arrived on the set 2 hours early. She was so generous and asked the director Li Yun Chan [No need to clear the set], right until it was time to do the actual scene did her aware of how they are going to film the bed scene and she was very surprised by it. Tarcy Su laughed and said: [When I read the script and the manga, this scene actually leaves a lot space for imaginations; I thought the director is just going to carryout (the bed scene) by moving the focus of the camera to the rose on the table; and never know that I will have to spark out some sparks with Xiao Zhong.]

After finished apply the special makeup, during the first time Xiao Zhong was holding the towel, his long arms and legs has used the “Princess style” way to carry Tarcy Su but the towel was not cooperating and causing Xiao Zhong to make a mess of it and almost stumbled because of the towel, so that’s not a good take. They tried again on the second time, Xiao Zhong who was holding tight to the towel with one hand, as to make sure Tarcy Su doesn’t reveal too much of her body, while his other hand was trying to make sure the burned scar didn’t fall off either. In the end, he doesn’t has free hands to clear the quilt and Xiao Zhong was devastated since the director hasn’t shout out cut yet, so with his fast response he just pulled the other side of the quilt to cover Tarcy Su. Making her looking like a [Big Spring Roll], the scene was very hilarious.

And thanks to the “Quilt Spring Roll”, that was their first romantic intimated scene. About the special makeup, Tarcy Su said: [While filming movies last time, I have experiences this type of makeup already, like having bruises or cigarettes burned marks, but this time the duration to put up these burned scars are quite long too. The funny things is when I try to peel it off, it was like I’ve just finished doing a removing dead skins SPA treatment!]

Xiao S (Dee) 3rd Child ~ Xu Ma Ma Calls Cut

Little S (Dee Xu) is calling cuts for 3rd pregnancy! Earlier she and her husband Xu Ya Jun accepted a magazine interview, mentioning since marrying the past 2 year's most satisfying was the birth of her 2 daughters, in the future hoping the family of 4 or 5 will all sit together to read books, watch tv, talk, really wanting to get a boy for the Xu family is what Xiao S has always hoped for, but Xu ma ma actually said: "first stop a moment, she's giving birth too closely, the two daughters ages are too close, afraid of conflict."

Xiao S admits she and Xu Ya Jun have life style habbits, won't allow any mess, the two also love children, "in the past after work you would go out to play with friends, now not having to work, you just want to be with the family and husband." Xiao S also said: "To love someone you have to love them forever til old, until death with no change."

The couple's relationship is really well, Xiao S really loves children, Xu Yan Jun said: "She never gets mad at children, uses Chinese, English etc. to comunicate with children, EQ is so high, really admire her." Xiao S says: "He knows how to do interior designing, the home my children and I live in was taken care all by himself, every inch every effort is his love."

But because the two daughters age is too close just about 1 year, because the elder Xu Qiao Niu didn't understand why her parent's have "changed hearts" loving the younger sister, then she and younger sis Lily will have conflict.

Sensitive Xu Ma Ma seen in the eye, have discussed with her daughter and son in law, the two have decided that there's no rush to have the 3rd one, Xu ma ma said: "Xi Di had birth straight after one, didn't really rest, is not good for the body, it's also not good for the child, for the next pregnancy I suggest she stretch out the time, she's still young, no rush."

Gillian Chung sells her House because of Juno Mak?

Gillian Chung sells her House because of Juno Mak?

Juno Mak was told off by his father for going out with Gillian Chung. He made it clear to his dad that he would earn his own living. Rumors say that Gillian had to sell her flat because of that. When Juno attended the fashion show organized by Diesel, He denied the rumor, saying " It's a rumor, I don't know why people wrote that, I earn my living, I live on my own, I don't get pocket money from my dad.I didn't know Gillian sold her flat , I only just came back from Paris yesterday, we spoke on on phone last week,she didn't mention it. Juno said he organized his clothes for charity auction, he raised HK $ 80-100,000 . Gillian also donated HK $10,000. On top of that He donated HK $ 10, 000 the next after the earthquake

Ethan Ruan "Wrapped" Value Jumps 3 Levels

TV, SETTV idol drama "Fated to Love You" ratings broke records, male lead Ethan Ruan became famous, his value also follows to increase by 3 levels, the next drama is confirmed to adjust the pricing from 30-50%. Worried that the time they spent to train their artist takes dibs by other stations, SETTV and Ethan's contract included: "within the 2 years not allowed to perform on the other station."

Ethan many years ago collaborated in idol drama "Green Forrest" with SETTV, at that time he didn't turn famous, but with this continuing "Fated" tastes the explosion of fame, with understandings, many TV station creative teams all looked at Ethan's well individual charm, and had already added in the the contract with Ethan a clause, future of within 2 years, Ethan's drama contract will belong to SETTV, not allowed to go over to other stations, including overseas must go through SETTV for approval.

SETTV society channel drama director Chenyushan said yesterday: "The target is to hope Xiao Tian takes care of the feathers, we have already started to plan the next drama, including "蘭陵王 Lan Ling Wang" and society channels elder sister younger brother relationship big drama have already been decided that he will be starring in them." Ethan's management co. CATWALK expressed, agreement to sign with SETTV for 2 years drama contract has gone through discussions, and it's understood that SETTV believes in Ethan's package.

Rumoured, SETTV is limiting Ethan's overseas drama contract, the main reason is they're worried that he films mainland invested dramas, and in the future they might be sold to other stations, resulting in a fight within the same family situation, Chenyushan suggested another explanation: "Can't be said this way, this is to hope his roles with SETTV and plans don't have conflict, that's why were helping him filter to not accept dramas carelessly."

Also, SETTV has already confirmed Ethan's adjustment in salary, currently Ethan's salary for filming idol dramas is 1 episode $60,000 NT, comparing to other 1st level models, it's not really that high, but since he's a potential share, Ethan's next drama, salary will increase 30-50%, 1 episodes earning as high as $100,000.

Taiwanese, Japanese heartthrobs on ABS-CBN

Television heats up as two of todays most sought after Asian heartthrobs grace your weekday and weekend viewing with two new series you don’t want to miss— "Romantic Princess" and "Strawberry on the Shortcake."

Asian sensation Wu Chun captivates your hearts once more as he plays Jin Nan Feng in the popular hit and follow up to phenomenal romantic comedy "Hana Kimi," "Romantic Princess."

Get to meet Janna Mai (Angela Zhang) a typical girl-turned-royalty as she turned out to be the granddaughter and heiress of the "richest man in Asia."

As she moves in to her new mansion, she will meet four candidates to become the heir of the family business— one of which is Jin (Wu). Initial dislike and distrust soon turns to love as Janna and Jin begin to discover that they may have a lot more in common that they initially thought.

Janna’s grandfather then forces her to marry Jin which compromises Jin’s dreams since marriage would mean that he gets tied down to the Huang Fu family business for good.

Will Jin choose his own ambitions or keep his love for Janna?

Meanwhile, Wu’s equally gorgeous and equally hot Japanese counterpart Takizawa Hideaki intensifies your Saturday mornings with the premiere of the hit "Strawberry on the Shortcake."

Watch how an unconventional friendship between Manato Irie (Takizawa Hideaki) and Yui Misawa (Fukada Kyoko) turn into an unlikely love story.

Despite constant teasing from Yui, Manato still learned to fall for her but the only problem is that she seems oblivious to his feelings.

The story gets even more complicated as Yui’s mother and Manato’s father unexpectedly got married, making them stepsiblings.

Where will these twisted love stories go? Can love still manage to prevail despite the odds?

Find out on the Philippine premiere of "Strawberry on the Shortcake," every Saturdays beginning May 31, before "Pilipinas Game KNB?," and "Romantic Princess," weekdays beginning June 2, after "El Cuerpo" on ABS-CBN.

Meeting Yue Ti Li, Chen Qiao En keep NGing

Yue Ti Li (right) is Chen Qiao En(left) idol. Baron Chen is in the middle.

China’s veteran artiste Yue Ti Li guest starred as a master in TTV/SET’s “Fated To Love You”. When Chen Qiao En met him, she forgot that she is “Chen Xin Yi” and is so nervous that she keep NGing. The reason is: “He is my idol since young.”

SET went to Shanghai for filming and needed a local actor to act as the character “Zhong Shan Long”. The drama team said that they didn’t ask for Zhang Tie Lin, Wang Gang or Zhang Guo Li but Yue Ti Li because they are impressed with his polished acting skills and professional attitude. A staff member revealed that Yue Ti Li starts off in movie making and so is understanding towards the drama team. He is neither late or leaves early and drives himself to the filming location. Unlike many China actors, he doesn’t have a special assistant with him.

Yue Ti Li used to be the production head of Hunan television station. His entry into acting comes by chance. There was a scene in a drama where an actor who was supposed to act as an official couldn’t make it at the last minute, so he acted in his stead. In the end, his dignified appearance and strong presentation skills was quickly put into use and he became an actor. He frequently appeared in Qiong Yao’s drama series.

Yue Ti Li often acted as a father but in fact he is not very old. In the drama he combs a neat hairstyle and looks dignified and even Chen Qiao En is in awe. But once he got off work and removed his makeup, all the actors had a fright. Because he had a stylish hairstyle and wears jeans, looking very hippie.

“Fated” drama went to Shanghai for filming. UDN’s “Happy weekly” will publish an exclusive special on the Shanghai trip, including Chen Qiao En’s cozy home in Shanghai, the location where Baron Chen expressed his love towards her, and the place where Ethan Ruan and Chen Qiao En rekindle their love flame.


Not very familiar with all those China's actors names so not sure whether I got the pinyin correct. This Yue Ti Li is a very respected actor who always act in Qiong Yao's dramas as the father of so and so. Glad that QE got a chance to work with him. According to the novel, he will become XY's teacher and teach her ceramics art.

Bae Yong-joon in Osaka, Japan

After a refreshing break in New York, Bae Yong-joon - the seller of overpriced lunchboxes is currently in Japan.

The 36-year-old superstar arrived in Osaka at about 4.40pm on May 30 and received a warm welcome. He was seen wielding a camera and happily snapping pictures of his fans.

About 6,000 fans turned up at the airport to greet him! We are betting a BYJ lunchbox that they are mostly made up of ajummas.

The Top Hallyu star is in Japan for the Taewangsasingi Premium Event, a promotional event to plug his highly-popular drama series Taewangsasingi (The Legend).

The Premium Event, which will be held at the Kyosera Dome, Osaka on June 1 will also be telecast live to 13 movie theatres via satellite. That's because many fans were not able to purchase tickets to the event.

Tickets went on sale May 25, but they were all snapped up within 18 minutes!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Stars in quake zone, encouraging survivors

Andy Lau, Joey Yung and a dozen more entertainers visited survivors and relief workers in quake-hit Sichuan Province on Wednesday, trying to boost their morale.

At Xiang'e Village in Dujiangyan City, rehabilitating villagers and soldiers working there flanked their idols as they raised their arms and shouted "Go! Go!"

Hong Kong stars in the group also included Alan Tam and Sammi Cheng. They landed at Chengdu airport on Wednesday noon, and were joined by mainland counterparts Chen Daoming, Feng Xiaogang, Jiang Wenli and Zhang Guoli.

Barbie Xu & Joe Cheng signed up for new series "Love or Bread"

Zai Zai and Joe Cheng's fate keep crossing because Honey & Clover and Wish To See You Again are rivals on TV. And now Barbie will be acting with Joe in the new drama. On the first screening of H&C, Joe said at least H&C's ratings will be higher then WTSYA which caused an uproar. But it turned out to be true. However, compared to Fated to Love You, the difference between them was quite big.

Joe's role in this new drama will be someone who on the outside he looks rich but actually he's poor and has a huge amount of credit card debts. This is rather similar to ZZ's previous drama Poor Prince Taro. It is said things might be a bit awkward between Barbie and Joe because Barbie used to date ZZ and Joe was a good friend of Xu Wei Lun who had previously dated ZZ. But Joe says he has always been a fan of Barbie even before he debuted. He would buy their CDs and stuff.

Regarding the bed scenes, he had one in TKA and one in H&C so they say he's the "Qing Se Pai Ou Xiang' which is like an idol who has lots of bed scenes.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Joe Cheng and Eddie Peng comparing sizes; the show [Kai Yun] extra hilarious

Zheng Yuan Chang and Eddie Peng are busy doing the promotions for their new series [Honey and Clover] and the series’ Original Sound Track. On 28th May they have make an appearance at ETTV’s [Jiu Shi Yao Kai Yun]. During the show they were joking about comparing their sizes, the fortune teller Huang You Bu said Zheng Yuan Chang’s hand is very big, so his private parts should be quite big too. The fortune teller also praised Eddie Peng to have big nose tip, so his private parts won’t be small too. Still believes that he will not loose to Eddie Peng, Zheng Yuan Chang said bluntly: [Please! That will be my strong point.]

After finished comparing their sizes, the host Huang Jia Qian brought out the topic about the girls with what type of cup size (bra cup) would they like, Zheng Yuan Chang purposely answers the question for Eddie Peng and said: [He likes girls who have G-cup (size).] Right after this word, Eddie Peng immediately clarifies it and said: [No, I prefer the girls (who has the size) that I could hold it with one hand.]

Because of their new series, Zheng Yuan Chang and Eddie Peng have especially form a band called CLOVER. Yesterday the band and together with Xiao Yu who is singing the ending song for the series, have started their tour around the PUB. The both of them are very confident about their band and jokingly giving the title [Talented Band] for themselves; Eddie Peng directly said: [We are really considering about whether we should register our band for the best band/group category in next year’s Golden Melody Award].

When talking about the ratings for the new series, the both of them strong believes that it will eventually goes up, Eddie Peng ensured it strongly: [After the second episode, the casts’ complicated love life story plot will be more and more exciting and appealing to the viewers.]

Joe Cheng, Chiaki Ito, Eddie Peng and Xiao Yu has especially make a lunch set for their Original Sound Track

Honey Cookies, Iced blended Queen Bee, Honey Cocktail, Xiao Zhong was once a bartender so he is not afraid.

To promote the series and their OST, they have been promoting it diligently, Eddie Peng said: It’s a must watch series, because it will get better and better.

CLOVER band members will be separated but not going to disband yet, Xiao Yu will continue the PUB tour and promotion.

Even dares to say: Will receive nomination as best band/group in next year’s Golden Melody Award and this year maybe we could help to present an award or have a performance as well.

Today, Zheng Yuan Chang, Chiaki Ito, Eddie Peng and Xiao Yu are promoting the series [Honey and Clover] and the series Original Sound Track, and they have especially made a [Honey Lunch Set]. Eddie Peng and Chiaki Ito baked honey cookies while Xiao Yu and Xiao Zhong, Zheng Yuan Chang will prepare Iced Blended Queen Bee and Honey Cocktail. There’s a professional cocktail maker on the set to explain to them and Xiao Zhong said he was once a bartender so he is not afraid of preparing the drink, he even wants to compete as in who will make the best drink.

In the end it was really the experience Xiao Zhong who was able to come up with the drink first while Xiao Yu has accidentally mixing too many alcohols into the drink and the taste was a bit too strong. So Xiao Zhong wins the competition because of the taste while Xiao Yu’s drink wins the best overall presentation of his drink!

While Eddie Peng and Chiaki Ito baked Honey Cookies, during the whole process Chiaki Ito is using Japanese to teach Eddie Peng the steps to make the cookies. After the cookies were bakes, everyone happily said: [So nice!] But they halted when they saw the cream and honey were being added on the cookies. Eddie Peng has generously putting half a can of cream on to the cookies and the cookies looked too rich; Eddie Peng said: [I like to eat cream!]

Because they are promoting the series and the original sound track, they have form the band called CLOVER, everyone was very happy and united and every time during the start of the interview, they would do this exaggerating action plus: [Hello everyone, we are KUROBA and we have come to say hi to everyone.] Xiao Zhong, Zheng Yuan Chang said that he has attended a lot of OST promotion for other series but this time it was the best because they get to form the CLOVER band together for real.

Eddie Peng also said that during their last week singing session at Taichung and Tainan, the band and Xiao Yu have made their appearances by performing on the stage and were well received by the crowd. They are in the mid of considering whether they want to register for next year’s Golden Melody Award for the best band/group. For this year, he hope the event organizer will consider and invite them to help present an award or as a guest performance because the band CLOVER is really interested about it.

Xiao Zhong even said: [CLOVER band is a good manner, fashionable, funny, energetic band!

The CLOVER band members consists of Zheng Yuan Chang, Janine Chang, Eddie Peng, Chiaki Ito and Lego Li, right after the signing session on 1st of June, the band members will be busy with filming other series so they have especially left the remaining promotions to the guy who is very popular in singing love songs – Xiao Yu. This is because Xiao Yu is going to start off his tour around the pubs in the city, so the members of the CLOVER band said they will go there and watch it when they are free; and of course they hope they will have another chance to work with Xiao Yu again. [Honey and Clover]’s ending song – [The Habit of Thinking About You] was created by Xiao Yu after he watched the last scene of the series.

About the recent ratings, Eddie Peng said: [“Honey and Clover” is more manga-like but after the second episode the casts’ complicated relationship and youthful romantic story plot will be even more appealing to the viewers! Zheng Yuan Chang said he believes the rating will get better and better and asked the fans to anticipate for the series.

Honey and Clover Original Sound Track Signing Session:
@31st May (Saturday)
1400 Shinkong Mitsukoshi Singing Session
1700 Taoyuan’s Tolin Mall Signing Session

@1st June (Sunday)
1400 Taipei City Hospital Mall Signing Session
1700 Chungli, SOGO New Center Mall Sigining Session

Xiao Yu’s PUB tour:
@30th May (Friday) 24:30 Tainan / Eastern Pub
@18th June (Wednesday) 21:30 Taipei / Message from the river bank
@20th June (Friday) 24:30 Kaohsiung / DREAM
@21st June (Saturday) 24:30 Tainan / La Sight
@26th June (Thursday) 20:30 Taipei / The Wall

Jay Chou bought a ‘bat car’. Jimmy Lin challenged him to a race

Jay Chou’s ex-girlfriend Patty Hou just found a new lover and Jay’s new girlfriend has surfaced. It’s the TWD40M ‘bat car’, Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR722 Edition that he asked his friend to import from abroad. With the antique cars that he has accumulated he’s now the ‘new car king’ in showbiz. It’s enough to threaten Jimmy Lin’s ‘car god’ status. Yesterday, jimmy challenged Jay to a charity race that Jimmy is sponsoring at year’s end.

Jay, the antique car fanatic asked his mom to let him buy a new car. With a net worth estimated to be over TWD500M jay owns almost 20 antique cars. His mother joked that he bought home a pile of junk. In order to convince his mom he told her, “Aaron Kwok bought several and 陳小春 made so much from real estate investments”. His mom finally gave in and he got his dream “bat car” SLR722.

Jay was going to show off his ‘bat car’ in the new MV, but he couldn’t resist and drove it out. The upswing car doors attracted attention and his car was exposed.

After the pro racer Jimmy Lin, who owns a racing team and is the ‘car god’ of showbiz with a net worth over TWD$1B, found out in Shanghai yesterday that Jay bought a ‘bat car’ the racer blood in jimmy started to boil. Jimmy sent a challenge to Jay thru his manager to invite jay to the charity star race that he is sponsoring at year’s end. Jimmy said, “I welcome Jay to race on the speedway.”

When asked about his new car, Jay’s agency refused to answer and said they couldn’t get hold of him. His friend 劉畊宏 said, “Don’t ask me. Ask him.” But he didn’t deny that Jay bought a new car.

Vic Chou also bought a new TWD15M Lamborghini and owns 5 cars now, more than the 3 that Jimmy Lin owns. Vic will cruise around in his new car after work and lose the tailing paparazzi.

Jay Chou - The Renaissance Man of Chinese Entertainment

Among the Chinese pop artists that emerged during the early 2000s R&B renaissance, no one has found success in as many forms of mass media as Jay Chou. In his ten years in the entertainment industry, he has become one of the biggest pop acts in Asian music and one of the most successful young actors in Asian Cinema as well. He's even become one of the most successful young directors in contemporary Chinese Cinema with a hit debut film. And to think - he started his entertainment career as a failing contestant on a talent show.

Musical Pioneer - Jay Chou the Musician

Jay Chou began to play the piano from the age of 4 and even majored in piano in high school, where he began writing songs. While he was working as a waiter, his friend entered a music talent show and enrolled Jay to accompany her on piano. Even though they lost, popular Taiwanese entertainment figure Jacky Wu, who was the host of the talent show, decided to take him on as a songwriter. Wu also paired Jay up with lyricist Vincent Fang, who would become his closest collaborator. Since 1998, Jay Chou has written at least 114 songs for other artists, including Jacky Wu, Landy Wen, Leehom Wang, Leo Ku, Edmond Leung, Jolin Tsai, Eason Chan, S.H.E., and three of Hong Kong's Four Heavenly Kings (sans Leon Lai), just to name a few.

In late 2000, just before his 22nd birthday, Jay released his self-titled debut album Jay. Featuring a unique mix of R&B, hip-hop, ballads, and even traditional Chinese melody all written by Jay himself, the album caught Chinese pop music fans around the world by surprise and turned the young singer-songwriter into an overnight star. For ballad fans, there are the acoustic guitar-driven "Starry Mood" and the karaoke-friendly hit "Black Humor". For R&B fans, there are "Adorable Woman" and "Bullfighting". There are even tracks such as "Wife" and "Old Indian Turtledove" for fans of alternative hip-hop. With his unique genre blending and now-signature slurred vocals, Jay almost became an instant music sensation throughout Asia. In 2001, the young star won 15 major music awards from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This was only the beginning of Jay Chou's reign over Chinese pop music.

On the heels of Jay's success, the singer quickly churned out a second album within ten months, thus beginning the tradition of the yearly Jay Chou album. Fantasy is both a continuation and a deviation from the style established in Jay. The album opens with the mid-beat R&B ballad "Love Before A.D.", which features Jay's usual slurred vocals and a smooth bass-driven arrangement. The album then takes a surprisingly dark turn with "Pa, I'm Home", a powerful hip-hop track about domestic violence that shows a serious side Jay had not revealed before. Fantasy also features "Ninja" and "Nunchucks", which began a series of hip-hop tracks featuring traditional Chinese musical elements that would ultimately become another one of Jay's signature musical styles. The album would go on to win six major awards throughout Asia, as well as 20 additional awards for Jay himself. With the awards and sales rolling in, Jay was now a bona-fide star.

The 2002 album The Eight Dimensions is a bit of a transitional album for Jay. By now, there's a sense of expectation for a Jay Chou album, and the lead-up to its release became somewhat of an event. The first release was the music video for the first plug song "The Last Battle", which was essentially a six-minute-long short film. The level of expectation Jay's record company had for The Eight Dimensions was expressed by all the money spent on multiple explosions and gunfights in the video. Furthermore, lyricist Vincent Fang also wrote a photo essay book featuring Jay Chou named "Peninsula Iron Box", the name of a track on the album. Despite its heavy commercialism, The Eight Dimensions retained Jay's signature blend of multiple genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and karaoke-friendly ballad. As expected, The Eight Dimensions again earned Jay multiple awards across the Greater China region and was the best-selling Chinese-language album in several regions, including Hong Kong.

Even though Jay insisted that he had no intentions of changing his musical style, his fourth album Yeh Hwey Mei (named after his mother) offered a more sophisticated Jay. Like Fantasy, it's both a continuation and a slight deviation from his usual style. The first sign of that came with pre-release radio plug, the elegant European-flavored R&B track "In the Name of the Father". The album also features "Coward", one of Jay's first attempts into a more heavy metal-style rock, even though it still featured the signature Chou-style rapping throughout. With another prime summer release date and hungry fans, Yeh Hwei Mei was another multi-million seller and multiple-award winner.

Jay's subsequent albums would continue the established formula - a bit of rock and a bit of R&B fused with Jay's usual slurred rapping, in addition to a few heartwarming ballads. Nevertheless, Jay always added in something new in his arrangements for each album: Common Jasmine Orange featured liberal use of electronic synthesizer; November's Chopin saw Jay's first duet "Coral Sea" (this excludes his cover of "Rooftop", which was first written for Jacky Wu and Landy Wen), as well as his first bubble gum rock song; Still Fantasy featured not only his first Spanish trumpet-driven song, but also his first Bossa Nova ballad. In 2007, Jay took his biggest risk with album On the Run featuring his first American Western country song, "Cowboy on the Run", which ended being a hit with fans as well.

Like his mentor Jacky Wu, Jay has also used his clout in the industry to promote up-and-coming artists. In 2004, he put together the rock-pop group Nan Quan Mama and even contributed a song to their debut album. The group would win numerous awards in the Greater China region, including Best New Rock Group, Outstanding Mandarin Group, and even Most Promising Group. Meanwhile, Jay remained involved in the group's development over the years, attending award ceremonies with the group and putting members in his own music videos. Most recently, he even brought them around the world, putting them on stage as part of his latest worldwide concert tour.

From Music Videos to Feature Films - Jay Chou the Actor

2003 marked Jay's acting debut. However, it was only a cameo in the Hong Kong film Hidden Track, in which he played the object of obsession for the film's main character (the Chinese title of the film literally translates to "Searching for Jay Chou"). Despite his brief appearance in the film, he contributed two songs to it, reinforcing his true role as a musician. In actuality, Jay was actually getting acting practice over the years by playing a variety of roles in his music videos, including a traumatized soldier, a globetrotting spy, and even an Italian gangster.

Finally in 2005, Jay Chou took on his first feature film role in Andrew Lau and Alan Mak's Initial D, the big-budget, Hong Kong-Japan co-produced adaptation of the hit Japanese comic. Jay's introverted personality and cool looks made him a perfect fit for the main character, quiet aspiring racer Takumi. The star-studded film pitted the first-time actor against a cast featuring Shawn Yue, Edison Chen, Jordan Chan, Chapman To, and Hong Kong Film Award winner Anthony Wong. Fans of both Jay and the comic alike flocked to the theaters, making it the highest-grossing Chinese language film in Hong Kong that year. Jay's performance also won him the Best New Actor Award at both the Golden Horse Awards and the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Jay took a slight step back for his second feature film role, playing a pivotal supporting character in Zhang Yimou's period epic Curse of the Golden Flower alongside international superstars Gong Li and Chow Yun Fat. Touted as the most expensive Chinese film at the time, Curse of the Golden Flower remains Jay's biggest project to date. In the film, he plays a warrior prince who conspires with his mother in a coup against his father, the king. Jay's appearance in the film helped attract the younger audiences to the theaters, making it a major hit in the Greater China region. Jay's performance also earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards. While he didn't win the acting award, he managed to pick up the Best Original Song award for the film's theme song "Chrysanthemum Terrace", originally featured in his 2006 album Still Fantasy.

Taking the Reins - Jay Chou the Director

Jay began his directorial career with a music video for Nan Quan Mama's debut album in 2004. He then directed four more music videos in 2005, this time for his album November's Chopin. In the following year, he began to take on the role of director for all of his music videos, starting with the songs from Still Fantasy. Jay is now responsible for all the major creative stages of his music videos, from conceptualizing to editing. Director Zhang Yimou, after watching a few of Jay's videos, even publicly said that Jay's directorial skills may surpass his own in the future. With two high-profile roles and many music videos in his filmography, Jay took the next natural step: directing a feature film.

Jay's directorial debut Secret is very much like his music - a unique blend of multiple genres that makes the finished product stand as its own. Co-written by Jay and young Hong Kong screenwriter Christine To (who made a high-profile debut herself with the screenplay for Jiang Hu while she was still in university), Secret stars Jay and young actress Guey Lun Mei as music school students who fall in love at first sight, despite a secret carried by one of them that threatens to tear them apart. Co-starring Anthony Wong and featuring impressive visuals by famed cinematographer Lee Bing Pin, Secret had the right formula and the right hype for a hit film. Thanks to strong word-of-mouth, the film became one of the highest-grossing Chinese-language films in both Hong Kong and Taiwan that year. It was also nominated for four awards at the Golden Horse Awards and managed to pick up three of them - Best Original Song, Best Visual Effects, and Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year.

What's Next for "President Chou"?

Despite Secret's success, Jay has said that directing film is considerably more difficult because of the time constraint and storyline. In the meantime, he continues to direct all of his music videos, including the ones from his latest album On the Run. He also starred in the hit 2008 Lunar New Year sports film Kung Fu Dunk. Thanks to its success in the Chinese box office, a sequel for the film is now in the works, with Chou already signed up to reprise his role as a basketball player with powerful martial arts skills.

Even with all the acting and directing credentials, Jay is still first and foremost a musician. In addition to starring in and directing Secret, he co-composed the film's score with Terdsak Janpan. In April 2007, he established JVR Records, a record company Jay developed with Vincent Fang and his agent. Later in the year, coinciding with the release of On the Run, he embarked on a successful worldwide concert tour, making 2007 his most productive year yet.

Like every year, Jay will be working on a new album in 2008, with its release planned for the second half of the year. With his proven talent in multiple forms of the arts, what else will Jay Chou pull out of his sleeves next? In ten years, the introverted young man from Taiwan has established himself as not only a musical pioneer, but a true pop star in every way.

Da S exhausted. Filming delayed

Da S shoot the new film "Love Audible Practice,". It was reported that because of too much pressure and workload, she is feeling unwell. The filming had to stop and gave her a break. The project was originally expected to film the intimate scene with Eddie Peng, who was her first love in the movie, but the shooting will be delayed. However, Da S's agent, Chen Yi Ling said that Da S has been shooting this film for the past twenty three days without rest. She is exhausted and would like to take a short break. No health problems.

Da S played a leading role in "Love Audible Practice" surrounded by three men in this film. The screen time is much more than the actors. She is very dedicated to her work and has put in average of 12 hours a day. Besides, she has to go abroad to participate in the charity activities. The heavy workload lead her to look pale the night before yesterday and almost lost her strength during the filming. The staffs immediately called for change of schedules and gave Da S a day off.

The executive producer Xu Li Gong admits that because Da S is the only leading female actor in the film, her workload, pressure and shooting schedules are very intensive. These may result her nervousness and exhaustion. She indeed needs time to breathe. Xu praised Da S's performance and revelaed that the filming of her intimate scene with Chang were completed. Asked how intimate it was, Xu said " How the intimate scene should be"

Jackie Chan, Cho Ji-woo to Promote Hallyuwood

Hong Kong star Jackie Chan and Korean actress Choi Ji-woo will be the honorary ambassadors of Hallyuwood, an`` Asian entertainment mecca'' in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province.

``Jackie Chan was chosen because of his continuous interest toward Korea and also his friendship with top Korean hallyu (or the Korean wave) stars. We thought he would be perfect to introduce the Korean culture to the world,'' an organizer of Hallyuwood was quoted as saying by Yonhap News.

Along with Chan, Korean actress Choi Ji-woo will also represent the Asian entertainment mecca. The 32-year-old actress has gained popularity not only in Korea, but also in Japan and China through dramas like ``Winter Sonata (2002)'' and ``Air City (2007).''

``Choi was born in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, so she was more than eager to join Chan,'' another organizer said.

The two stars will attend a ceremony proclaiming them as ambassadors and also the ``Hallyuwood Start Festival,'' which will be held near the construction of the venue today.

Hallyuwood is a project developed by the Gyeonggi Province that will offer an experience where visitors can learn about hallyu and Korean culture all in one place. It will offer a theme park, shopping malls, hotels and other cultural facilities related to hallyu. It is expected to open in 2012.

Chan recently announced his project of the Asian version of ``We are the World'' for the relief of victims suffering form the Shichuan earthquake with Korean singer and producer Park Jin-young and director Kang Je-kyu.

Wuzun Does Not Admit Ella's Relationship ~ Named Heart Breaker

Ella earlier disclosed personally that she and a collaborated male actor in the filming of an idol drama ad a deep aching heart relationship, people of the outside world pointed towards Wuzun, not knowing Wuzun chose to laugh to clear the relationship, caused Ella's fans to heavily criticize, yelling at him as "heart breaker", causing Wuzun to be hurt. Coincidently the two this year together were spokespersons for a certain sports drink, lately only Ella has been broadcasted, not seeing the Wuzun version, some netizens have wrote, this could be Ella's "sweet revenge", make Wuzun cut off!

Wuzun and Ella were rumoured because of the collaboration in the idol drama "Hana Kimi", and were also voted by netizens as the best couple onscreen, but at the time most of the media agreed that this rumour is a way to make news, until Ella spoke to the media about the past's "real rumour", and from "Hana" drama staff also loosened mouth, stating have often saw Wuzun getting in Ella's car, activity were intimate.

But with understanding, Wuzun's thought of Ella admitting the situation, has caused him "to be great suspect" to this matter, is extremely shocking, and now with the reaction of the netizens, has totally surpassed his expectation, Ella's fans pointed him as "heart breaker", breaks bridge over the river, his fans have broke the phones lines of his management company, requesting his management company to have Wuzun come and speak out, the staff at the company said, this whole matter Wuzun feels very wronged, since it's not him.

Sichuan occured a huge earthquake, many have died or injured, Wuzun was in Shanghai filming "Kungfu Butterfly", even though he wasn't in the disaster area, he had deep feelings, everyday he saw the news broadcast of the disaster area with people loosing family members, makes him think even more of his family, so with the few days Fahrenheit films an ad in Malaysia, Wuzun no matter what must go to Brunei.

The sports drink ad lately has not broadcasted his version, the management company says, Wuzun and Ella each filmed an ad, originally they were going to alternate broadcasting, even with this time of matter it ties to some relationship, that is really too boring.

Jerry Yan joins Jay Chou, planning to invite Andy Lau to film movie about magic

Jay Chou, who once said he wants to retreat to the background at 35, is only 29 this year, yet he's already started moving one step at a time to background work. According to reports he's planning to film a movie with a budget of over 400 million yuan, it's a movie about magic, he wants to invite Andy Lau who like him also likes magic. JVR which Jay Chou has invested in, yesterday announced that they are taken over Jerry Yan's agency matters, Jerry Yan has become an artist under Jay Chou!

Jay Chou's first directed movie "Secret" received good reviews and had good box office sales but he doesn't plan to film a sequel, instead he wants to film a movie about magic, he's inviting Andy Lau to act in it. Yesterday JVR's PR Zhang Lan Yun responded conservatively: "Jay did say before that he sees Andy as his idol, he hopes to find a chance to work with him, but I haven't heard anything about an actual plan." On Andy Lau's side he didn't respond to this news, he was recording a song "Friend! Forgot about that day you appeared" for the victims at Sichuan along with former lovers Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui in Hong Kong.

Zhou Xun Takes "Time Out"

Do actresses share an affinity for magazines? First there was Xu Jinglei who launched a webzine. She was followed by Zhao Wei with a similar publication. And now, Zhou Xun has become the editor of a magazine.

Thirty-one-year-old Zhou is the cover girl and guest editor for the latest issue of all three China-published editions of Time Out, a London-based urban entertainment magazine, Web news portal reports.

Each magazine, Time Out Beijing, Time Out Shanghai and the expat-favorite Time Out English, features stories and city guides on green living, which are highlighted by a proposal written by Zhou Xun calling for environmental protection.

"How to let more people know there is no such thing as 'none of my business'?" Zhou Xun wrote in the proposal for Time Out Beijing. "Your awareness adds to the whole anti-global warming endeavor."

Zhou Xun has taken on many roles at the magazine: "Topical discussions, interviews, proofing, editing. I was involved in each part of the process," the actress says.

Time Out invited Zhou Xun on board because the green-living theme of its latest issue coincided with the actress' newly-appointed UNDP role, according to the magazine's Chinese editor-in-chief Li Duoyu.

Last month, Zhou Xun became a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme, for her ability to raise environmental awareness around China.

SETTV's idol drama I Love Shan Bao Mei

Cyndi Wang has been confirmed to head for a study tour at New York at the end of June. For this cause, she rejected the offer to star in SETTV idol drama, 《我愛珊寶妹》"I Love Shan Bao Mei" and no longer continuing drama fate with Nicholas Teo.

Cyndi Wang was formerly SETTV drama 《我愛珊寶妹》female lead. This series can be considered as a Smiling Pasta Sequel and so it will gather her once more with Nicholas Teo. The only matter was that Nicholas Teo has been confirmed but Cyndi Wang was uncertain. Following the whole drama's changes,the female lead was rumoured to be Ariel Lin, Joe Chen Qiao En and others. However, Ariel was involved in GTV's 《紙玫瑰》"Purple Rose". It is impossible for Chen Qiao En to star in consecutive dramas. Cyndi Wang wanted openly to study in New York. Lately, Director Liu Jun Jie's brain muscles touched on Tammy Chen Yi Rong.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lee Dong-gun Meets Japanese Fans

Hallyu star Lee Dong-gun is slowly getting over the tragic death of his younger brother by keeping his schedule busy. On May 25, Lee visited Japan to hold a series of fan meetings. He is also busy with shooting a drama and releasing his latest album.

Soon after he arrived in Tokyo, Lee made a guest appearance on a live radio show and talked about what he has been up to as well as his new album. The one-hour open radio show was held at Cafe in Shinjuku, Tokyo to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the founding of Japan, a satellite channel that specializes in Korean cultural contents.

Lee, who is currently shooting a new drama on MBC 'Every Single Night,' also made a guest appearance on a TV show in Osaka and met the members of the press and fans in Tokyo while promoting his latest film 'Cross-Scandal' which was released in Korea last year.

Fans stayed up all night to meet their favorite Korean star and when he finally made his appearance, they all cheered.

Lee says he plans to perform all the songs in his latest album live during his upcoming concert in August. He also said he is content as a singer and musician and was excited to meet his Japanese fans.