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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Taiwanese, Japanese heartthrobs on ABS-CBN

Television heats up as two of todays most sought after Asian heartthrobs grace your weekday and weekend viewing with two new series you don’t want to miss— "Romantic Princess" and "Strawberry on the Shortcake."

Asian sensation Wu Chun captivates your hearts once more as he plays Jin Nan Feng in the popular hit and follow up to phenomenal romantic comedy "Hana Kimi," "Romantic Princess."

Get to meet Janna Mai (Angela Zhang) a typical girl-turned-royalty as she turned out to be the granddaughter and heiress of the "richest man in Asia."

As she moves in to her new mansion, she will meet four candidates to become the heir of the family business— one of which is Jin (Wu). Initial dislike and distrust soon turns to love as Janna and Jin begin to discover that they may have a lot more in common that they initially thought.

Janna’s grandfather then forces her to marry Jin which compromises Jin’s dreams since marriage would mean that he gets tied down to the Huang Fu family business for good.

Will Jin choose his own ambitions or keep his love for Janna?

Meanwhile, Wu’s equally gorgeous and equally hot Japanese counterpart Takizawa Hideaki intensifies your Saturday mornings with the premiere of the hit "Strawberry on the Shortcake."

Watch how an unconventional friendship between Manato Irie (Takizawa Hideaki) and Yui Misawa (Fukada Kyoko) turn into an unlikely love story.

Despite constant teasing from Yui, Manato still learned to fall for her but the only problem is that she seems oblivious to his feelings.

The story gets even more complicated as Yui’s mother and Manato’s father unexpectedly got married, making them stepsiblings.

Where will these twisted love stories go? Can love still manage to prevail despite the odds?

Find out on the Philippine premiere of "Strawberry on the Shortcake," every Saturdays beginning May 31, before "Pilipinas Game KNB?," and "Romantic Princess," weekdays beginning June 2, after "El Cuerpo" on ABS-CBN.

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