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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jerry Yan joins Jay Chou, planning to invite Andy Lau to film movie about magic

Jay Chou, who once said he wants to retreat to the background at 35, is only 29 this year, yet he's already started moving one step at a time to background work. According to reports he's planning to film a movie with a budget of over 400 million yuan, it's a movie about magic, he wants to invite Andy Lau who like him also likes magic. JVR which Jay Chou has invested in, yesterday announced that they are taken over Jerry Yan's agency matters, Jerry Yan has become an artist under Jay Chou!

Jay Chou's first directed movie "Secret" received good reviews and had good box office sales but he doesn't plan to film a sequel, instead he wants to film a movie about magic, he's inviting Andy Lau to act in it. Yesterday JVR's PR Zhang Lan Yun responded conservatively: "Jay did say before that he sees Andy as his idol, he hopes to find a chance to work with him, but I haven't heard anything about an actual plan." On Andy Lau's side he didn't respond to this news, he was recording a song "Friend! Forgot about that day you appeared" for the victims at Sichuan along with former lovers Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui in Hong Kong.

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