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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Joe Cheng, Chiaki Ito, Eddie Peng and Xiao Yu has especially make a lunch set for their Original Sound Track

Honey Cookies, Iced blended Queen Bee, Honey Cocktail, Xiao Zhong was once a bartender so he is not afraid.

To promote the series and their OST, they have been promoting it diligently, Eddie Peng said: It’s a must watch series, because it will get better and better.

CLOVER band members will be separated but not going to disband yet, Xiao Yu will continue the PUB tour and promotion.

Even dares to say: Will receive nomination as best band/group in next year’s Golden Melody Award and this year maybe we could help to present an award or have a performance as well.

Today, Zheng Yuan Chang, Chiaki Ito, Eddie Peng and Xiao Yu are promoting the series [Honey and Clover] and the series Original Sound Track, and they have especially made a [Honey Lunch Set]. Eddie Peng and Chiaki Ito baked honey cookies while Xiao Yu and Xiao Zhong, Zheng Yuan Chang will prepare Iced Blended Queen Bee and Honey Cocktail. There’s a professional cocktail maker on the set to explain to them and Xiao Zhong said he was once a bartender so he is not afraid of preparing the drink, he even wants to compete as in who will make the best drink.

In the end it was really the experience Xiao Zhong who was able to come up with the drink first while Xiao Yu has accidentally mixing too many alcohols into the drink and the taste was a bit too strong. So Xiao Zhong wins the competition because of the taste while Xiao Yu’s drink wins the best overall presentation of his drink!

While Eddie Peng and Chiaki Ito baked Honey Cookies, during the whole process Chiaki Ito is using Japanese to teach Eddie Peng the steps to make the cookies. After the cookies were bakes, everyone happily said: [So nice!] But they halted when they saw the cream and honey were being added on the cookies. Eddie Peng has generously putting half a can of cream on to the cookies and the cookies looked too rich; Eddie Peng said: [I like to eat cream!]

Because they are promoting the series and the original sound track, they have form the band called CLOVER, everyone was very happy and united and every time during the start of the interview, they would do this exaggerating action plus: [Hello everyone, we are KUROBA and we have come to say hi to everyone.] Xiao Zhong, Zheng Yuan Chang said that he has attended a lot of OST promotion for other series but this time it was the best because they get to form the CLOVER band together for real.

Eddie Peng also said that during their last week singing session at Taichung and Tainan, the band and Xiao Yu have made their appearances by performing on the stage and were well received by the crowd. They are in the mid of considering whether they want to register for next year’s Golden Melody Award for the best band/group. For this year, he hope the event organizer will consider and invite them to help present an award or as a guest performance because the band CLOVER is really interested about it.

Xiao Zhong even said: [CLOVER band is a good manner, fashionable, funny, energetic band!

The CLOVER band members consists of Zheng Yuan Chang, Janine Chang, Eddie Peng, Chiaki Ito and Lego Li, right after the signing session on 1st of June, the band members will be busy with filming other series so they have especially left the remaining promotions to the guy who is very popular in singing love songs – Xiao Yu. This is because Xiao Yu is going to start off his tour around the pubs in the city, so the members of the CLOVER band said they will go there and watch it when they are free; and of course they hope they will have another chance to work with Xiao Yu again. [Honey and Clover]’s ending song – [The Habit of Thinking About You] was created by Xiao Yu after he watched the last scene of the series.

About the recent ratings, Eddie Peng said: [“Honey and Clover” is more manga-like but after the second episode the casts’ complicated relationship and youthful romantic story plot will be even more appealing to the viewers! Zheng Yuan Chang said he believes the rating will get better and better and asked the fans to anticipate for the series.

Honey and Clover Original Sound Track Signing Session:
@31st May (Saturday)
1400 Shinkong Mitsukoshi Singing Session
1700 Taoyuan’s Tolin Mall Signing Session

@1st June (Sunday)
1400 Taipei City Hospital Mall Signing Session
1700 Chungli, SOGO New Center Mall Sigining Session

Xiao Yu’s PUB tour:
@30th May (Friday) 24:30 Tainan / Eastern Pub
@18th June (Wednesday) 21:30 Taipei / Message from the river bank
@20th June (Friday) 24:30 Kaohsiung / DREAM
@21st June (Saturday) 24:30 Tainan / La Sight
@26th June (Thursday) 20:30 Taipei / The Wall

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