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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Meeting Yue Ti Li, Chen Qiao En keep NGing

Yue Ti Li (right) is Chen Qiao En(left) idol. Baron Chen is in the middle.

China’s veteran artiste Yue Ti Li guest starred as a master in TTV/SET’s “Fated To Love You”. When Chen Qiao En met him, she forgot that she is “Chen Xin Yi” and is so nervous that she keep NGing. The reason is: “He is my idol since young.”

SET went to Shanghai for filming and needed a local actor to act as the character “Zhong Shan Long”. The drama team said that they didn’t ask for Zhang Tie Lin, Wang Gang or Zhang Guo Li but Yue Ti Li because they are impressed with his polished acting skills and professional attitude. A staff member revealed that Yue Ti Li starts off in movie making and so is understanding towards the drama team. He is neither late or leaves early and drives himself to the filming location. Unlike many China actors, he doesn’t have a special assistant with him.

Yue Ti Li used to be the production head of Hunan television station. His entry into acting comes by chance. There was a scene in a drama where an actor who was supposed to act as an official couldn’t make it at the last minute, so he acted in his stead. In the end, his dignified appearance and strong presentation skills was quickly put into use and he became an actor. He frequently appeared in Qiong Yao’s drama series.

Yue Ti Li often acted as a father but in fact he is not very old. In the drama he combs a neat hairstyle and looks dignified and even Chen Qiao En is in awe. But once he got off work and removed his makeup, all the actors had a fright. Because he had a stylish hairstyle and wears jeans, looking very hippie.

“Fated” drama went to Shanghai for filming. UDN’s “Happy weekly” will publish an exclusive special on the Shanghai trip, including Chen Qiao En’s cozy home in Shanghai, the location where Baron Chen expressed his love towards her, and the place where Ethan Ruan and Chen Qiao En rekindle their love flame.


Not very familiar with all those China's actors names so not sure whether I got the pinyin correct. This Yue Ti Li is a very respected actor who always act in Qiong Yao's dramas as the father of so and so. Glad that QE got a chance to work with him. According to the novel, he will become XY's teacher and teach her ceramics art.

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