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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Da S exhausted. Filming delayed

Da S shoot the new film "Love Audible Practice,". It was reported that because of too much pressure and workload, she is feeling unwell. The filming had to stop and gave her a break. The project was originally expected to film the intimate scene with Eddie Peng, who was her first love in the movie, but the shooting will be delayed. However, Da S's agent, Chen Yi Ling said that Da S has been shooting this film for the past twenty three days without rest. She is exhausted and would like to take a short break. No health problems.

Da S played a leading role in "Love Audible Practice" surrounded by three men in this film. The screen time is much more than the actors. She is very dedicated to her work and has put in average of 12 hours a day. Besides, she has to go abroad to participate in the charity activities. The heavy workload lead her to look pale the night before yesterday and almost lost her strength during the filming. The staffs immediately called for change of schedules and gave Da S a day off.

The executive producer Xu Li Gong admits that because Da S is the only leading female actor in the film, her workload, pressure and shooting schedules are very intensive. These may result her nervousness and exhaustion. She indeed needs time to breathe. Xu praised Da S's performance and revelaed that the filming of her intimate scene with Chang were completed. Asked how intimate it was, Xu said " How the intimate scene should be"

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