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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ah Sa comments on the 3 heavenly kings in Taiwan, she praises Wu Chun as the most handsome one

In the afternoon today, Ah Sa Charlene Choi attended the press conference of the theme song MV for "Butterfly Lovers" which she sung in Guangzhou. When she was being interviewed by the media she commented on the 3 heavenly kings of Taiwan which she has worked with, Jay Chou, Wu Chun, Alan Luo. In fact all 3 guys have a different charm to them for her, she smiled saying: "All three of them are very nice, if I had to choose one for a boyfriend I really wouldn't know which one to pick......lets have all three then haha."

After working with Jay Chou in the movie "Kung Fu Dunk", Ah Sa says she's was dazzled by Jay Chou's intellect. She says: "He's a very intelligent person, not only this but the most amazing thing about him is that he's good at everything, he's got talent in music, he films great movies, plus he's got a good business brain. He's got so much talent but at the same time he's very good at looking after people", when she got to this point, she grinned and said: "On this side of things he's really like a big brother, when we're filming he often invites us to lunch and he'll pay the bill as well."

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Double J breaks 100,000 copies, still holding steady at the top

In the Western music industry, the "small" guys have made it big, they sold more than the heavenly kings and queens, whereas in the Mandarin music market the waves behind drive on those before, it's still led by Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou for a length of 3 years, they can still break the 100,000 copies mark, and the others Leehom Wang, David Tao, Amei Chang, Mayday have held steady, the dominant force is still the heavenly kings and queens!

Yesterday we covered the report that the Western music industry is changing, the small guys are pushing the heavenly queens down, English artist Connie Talbot who is only 7 years old has sold 30,000 copies of her album in Taiwan, beating heavenly queen Madonna's 25,000 copies.

Jerry ended up going to the police station in Japan + Hot Shot Victory Dance

It was reported when Jerry studied in Japan last year, he rode a bike in the street at night, and he ended up going to the police station. Why? As he didn't know that a headlight is required by law when riding a bike at night in Japan. Of course, he was released without problem as he's a foreigner who didnn't know the local laws.

After filming Hot Shot, Jerry is getting ready for the upcoming concerts. For the audiences in TW who can't attend his concerts in Japan, they can view his dancing on tv by watching the next episode of Hot Shot, as he will perform the Victory Dance with his teammates. The choreographer of this Victory Dance is Vanness' Japanese dancing teacher.

Hear: Rappin' with Vanness + Evan Yo

VANNESS WU: In Between 2008 New Songs & Greatest Hits Collection (Sony BMG)

AMONGST the pretty boys of Taiwanese boyband F4, Vanness Wu is probably the most talented musically. But with his American upbringing, his music is more hip hop than Mando-pop. It can be hard at times to reconcile this hard-rapping singer with the cool, boy-next-door dude in Meteor Garden (the Taiwanese drama series that propelled F4 to stratospheric stardom).

When not occasionally getting together for their concerts as the F4 quartet — no, the guys have not really split up, contrary to most perceptions — they mostly do their own thing. For Vanness, it means sprouting much facial hair and plunging headlong into making music, his first passion.

His first two efforts, Body Will Sing and V. Dubb, achieved limited commercial success, with a third, the crossover album Scandal with Korean artiste Kangta, helping to extend his fanbase but only just.

No matter. This effort, In Between 2008 New Songs & Greatest Hits Collection, seems premature but I suppose one could just take it as a definitive example of who Vanness really is.
Three new songs are included — Lucky Me, My Own Pace and I Am Not Myself — and while they will make you want to move to the beat, it’s the slower-paced songs that make you sit up and listen.

Sure, songs like Let Go and Listen To Your Heart may sound like the F4 boys all over again but other tunes, such as I Hate Myself, Because Of Loving You Too Much and Mother, are more contemporary.

Overall, however, what stays in the mind is Vanness’ noisy rappin’ and rocking ways, especially on songs such as Zero Time Adjustment and My Kingdom. And man, I also can’t shake off the image of his washbod abs either!

Rating: HH ½


(Sony BMG)

EVAN Yo, nominated Best Newcomer at the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards last year, has a sophomore effort in Search and it is but a competent follow-up to his nice 2006 debut, 19.

Yo is young, fresh-faced and talented but the trouble is, so are numerous other similar-looking singers emerging like clockwork in the Chinese music industry these days. Does he have the edge?

Well, his new Mandopop album is nicely packaged with a good mix of fast-tempo and romantic ditties but on songs like Old Place and Love? the limited range of his voice is glaring.

I Am Back, the first track, is a better bet. Quick on tempo and catchy, the title may seem presumptuous but we quickly forgive him as the melody progresses.

The best tracks are probably The Love I Know and Stay With Me and this should give you an indication that he is stronger on ballads.

Yo, if one wants to be kind, Evan probably just needs more time to find his niche. Let’s hope he doesn’t take too long. This album certainly cannot be considered definitive.

Da S suffers in the movie, lost 5 pounds while filming

In the movie Connected, Da S suffers from kidnapping. During her 10 day filming in Hong Kong, Da S lost 5 pounds, and when she returned to Taiwan, her sister Xiao S was frightened and asked her "How come you look pale?"

It is known that Da S became a 'movie star' when she acted in the movie "Silk" that made her star brighter. Silk was also recognized by the foreign and local media. But Da S likes to challenge her acting and became cautious with the script, and then she recieved the offer to act in a movie by Hong Kong Director Chan's "Connected" that let her suffer from many hardships in the movie, but her performance recieved high praises, and therefore hopes to be recognized in Golden Horse Awards. 

In Connected, Da S was kidnapped and locked up in a room. Director Chan asked the actors to be real, upon Da S own strict request, to not show any pity on Da S, and let her be strangle for real, because Da S wants to feel the real pain reflects on her expression in acting.

Da S understood her director's motive, and so to be able to set up her mood on being locked up, Da S stayed in the room even during breaks unless she goes to the bathroom. She would also eat there while the others were eating outside, she also said, "When filming, i would cry so hard, and also I'm a vegetarian so my strength is not enough, so my sister is also worried about me". However look at how Connected turned out, people have nothing but praises on her performance, her sacrifices indeed paid off.

Ah Sa: When filming the movie, I really fell in love with Wu Zun

Ah Sa: When filming the movie, I really fell in love with Wu Zun.

Ah Sa and Taiwan idol, Wu Zun acts the leading role in the romantic movie . The movie is set to screen soon in October, yesterday Ah Sa came to Guangzhou for the first showing of the MV, the theme song is called sung by Ah Sa. Beforehand, Wu Zun have specially recorded a video supporting Ah Sa. The entire MV was broadcast, but during the interview, the movie company has reminded Ah Sa not to revealed too much about the movie to the reporters. However, when asking if Ah Sa is satified with the film, Ah Sa mention that the photography was amazing.

[Movie] Hu Ge don't give up

In the movie, 狄龙 acted as Ah Sa's father and Hu Ge acted as Ah Sa's childhood friend. There was a scene, where Hu Ge distinguish himself as someone else and hitted Ah Sa's ear. But Hu Ge is not cruel enough to harm Ah Sa. Ah Sa mention, "He is not a dishonest person but it is because he have too much unreasonable passion. In the movie, I weren't willing to marry him, I love Wu Zun, I hurted him therefore he hitted my ear and the area around it. Before filming that scene, he said that he won't really hit me, I said that he could since we don't have a relations, but he couldn't do it. Although, 狄龙 palm seems to hit very hard and ruthless, but when he hit me on the face it was not painful at all."

[Kissing Scene] Felt there weren't enough time.

Because the movie is in ancient theme, Ah Sa and Wu Zun in the movie, although is a pair of lover, but actually don't have much kissing scene, only scene where they are about to kiss. "We were very devoted when filming, but because sometime it was too hot, it effected our progress, therefore we have a lot of catching up to do. I can't not believe it that it's actually done already. It was a pity because it is very rare to get to kiss a dashing guy." Ah Sa revealed that while filming, she actually fell in love with Wu Zun. Although the kiss scene was too quick, but for some people, they don't even get a chance to kiss because the director would use a camera trick. Ah Sa mention that during one of the kissing scene, they [WUSA] both were closing their eyes, "I felt Wu Zun coming closer and closer to me, finally my nose even bump into his nose, but the director didn't yell stop/cut. When I finally open my eyes, I realizes that Wu Zun had already opened his eyes, we started laughing and the crew did too."

[Crying Scene] Didn't have to use any stunt

The clip in the MV showed that Ah Sa die and was laying down at the mouring hall, while Hu Ge and Wu Zun fight eachother on the side. Ah Sa mention when she close her eye, her tear actually fell down from her eye. "The movie has difficult scene but is really good. It is because when human cries there would alway be expression but this time I can't use expression. At first the director said that they would later use a stunt to make the scene looks more real but I wanted to try it. Before filming that scene, I have already started crying, because the thought of two humans falling in love but can't be together is really sad, as soon as the director started to film, I close my eye and the tears started to flow. The director was happy that we didn't use any stunt. Although in the movie, Ah Sa chooses death but in reality she expressed that she wouldn't die because she treasure her life very much.

Talking about the MV

Many scene of the movie has already made public, but majority of the scene is actually fighting scene. However this time the theme song was put in the MV and the company has specially selected some romantic, happy, and even heartbreaking scene for the MV. In the beginning it show a scene where Wu Zun saw Ah Sa wearing a long white gown with her hair floating back, Wu Zun said that he has seen the scene in his dream before. Afterward, the two of them met and share a good time together, but because of family pressure, the pair of lover couldn't do anything, so at the end they die with sorrow. Although, the public mention that the MV has already reveal the plot and the ending, Ah Sa expressed that no one beside the cast know what really happens at the end, the ending would surprise everyone.

Talking about Ah Gill

At the event, many of FH fans were there to support it but majority was Twins inland fans. They were wearing an orange T-shirt with Twins slogan. When the director expresses that beside Xian Se Li, there was also another honor guest that will support Ah Sa, and asked the fan who do they most hope it to be, the fans immediately shout loudly, "Ah Gill, Ah Gill!" When accepting interviews, Ah Sa explained that, "Maybe it's because I haven't been with Ah Gill for a long time and also haven't come to Guangzhou is the reason. I hope that it'll be quick before we get to sing together again." When asking about Ah Gill's recent mood, Ah Sa expressed that Ah Gill is very substantial, she is practicing dancing and singing, and also practicing kung fu. However, both of them feel that it's not the best time to appear together, but they are planning, Ah Sa asks the fans not to worry, because Twins just need some time.

Talking about wanting to change

After , Ah Sa had a period of time away from filming, she expressed that she likes literature performance, she has attempts to do new things, including writing songs, writing a book, and even directing a MV, also travel to many places. "I started to realize that I want to change, I want to take on many different role."

Karen Mok "I was not the third person in the bathroom"

Athena Chu recently stated in TVB's "Be My Guest" interview that 10 years ago when she was working in Mainland with her boyfriend who was also from the entertainment industry, she caught her boyfriend in the bedroom with another woman. She suspected that there was woman hiding in the bathroom. Athena expressed that she would often go and visit her boyfriend to say Hi and he would always welcome her. However on that day, he did not open the door when she knocked. When she was allowed in she felt that the bed was very warm and she could not open the bathroom door. She realised what was going on and immediately left the premises in tears. But what was most shocking was that her boyfriend stated she didn't know the person hiding in the bathroom. Since Athena did the "Be My Guest" interview the paparazzi's had been very curious of who the person "Hiding in the bathroom" was. They speculated that Karen Mok was involved in the incident because they believe the boyfriend Athena was talking about was Stephen Chow even though she didn't mention names. During the time they were filming the movie "A Chinese Odyssey" Karen was rumored with Stephen. Yesterday evening Karen Mok appeared at Marc Jacobs Autumn and Winter Fashion Show and it was the first time she responded to the report.

When Karen heard about the rumors about her being the third person in the relationship and suspected being caught by Athena. Karen angrily said " I am being framed, it's really a load of nonsense. I do not know who Athena is referring to but that person is definitley not me. I have always been someone who will do things in the Open and upright and will never be sneaky. I will also not be a third person. Also in that movie there were many female artists and female workers, it could have been any of them. Why do you speculate it's me? It's certainly not me and I don't deserve this. It will affect my reputation and you cannot go around talking about this nonsense.

Jessica Hsuan's photoshoot for a Skincare brand

Jessica Hsuan recently has become the spokesperson for a skincare product in Mainland. Because she was busy in Hong Kong filming for new series "Just Love II", its quite difficult that she was able to take 2 days off to go to Mainland in order to do the costume fitting and shoot the ads. In order to accomodate the advertisers, the photo shoot was held in Guangzhou and the ads were printed at that date and location. The ads were filmed by Guangzhou Television.

Actually the spokesperson for this brand will have 4 different types of skincare products to advertise, so this time Jessica being able to collaborate with this skincare brand is fate. Also the person who invited Jessica to be the spokersperson is very satisfied and happy because Jessica accepted the invitation in the end. The day when they signed the contract, they discussed about the earnings for the 2 years, this made Jessica quite happy.

As for the photo shoot, it went smoothly. There were different backgrounds to show the brand's personality, including white, high class black and cute princess. The theme of the ad was a white colored background conveying natural and relaxation. Customers really like this set of ads, besides giving Jessica a decent amount of salary, also invest $10,000 to make other brands.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Calvin & Aaron EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW at the Vancouver airport!

After long anticipation, the special performers of Sunshine Nation 2008, Calvin and Aaron from the Asian sensation Fahrenheit have landed in Vancouver! Die hard fans waited for hours at the Vancouver International Airport. When Calvin and Aaron stepped out of the gate, the mob of fans welcomed them with screaming, screaming, and more screaming. Fairchild Radio welcomed the arrival of the two superstars, and arranged a special interview with Calvin and Aaron on the spot.

Calvin admits that he misses Vancouver very much since this is his home away from home. Ever since getting a chance to chase his dream after winning the title of Sunshine Boyz in 2004, he said he has been longing come back and looking forward to do a good show with Aaron at the Sunshine Nation 2008 finale.

Visiting Vancouver for the first time, Aaron mentioned that he knows the Sunshine Boyz / Sunshine Nation franchise has been a fantastic competition. Therefore he is very excited about their upcoming performance at this year’s finale, and also looking forward to “have fun”!

I- Weekly: ‘Fight for Number 1’ (Hot Shot Leads) + Top 10 TW Idols

Fight for Number 1
In face of the onslaught of newbies, the Big Brothers of 2 generations of Idols have ‘joined forces’. Said to be the biggest cast in Idol Drama history - {Hotshot} has Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Wu Zhun. Yet as the Chinese saying goes - 3 tigers can’t dominate a mountain so who is good enough to be the King of Idols?

First Half : Competing for character portrayal, air time and show remuneration.
Competing for Character Portrayal

Jerry Yan ~ Acting as Dong Fang Xiang, nickname ‘Mars – God of War’, a genius caliber basketball player. As the only son to the CEO of Dong Fang Conglomerate, he is both dashing and wealthy. Usually not a word but once he speaks, he doesn’t mince words. This is coincidentally similar to the character of Dao Ming Si.

Show Luo – Acting as Yuan Da Ying, nickname *General aka Handsome Yuan. He is a wacky character with constant ‘abnormal’ behavior. With amazing stamina, speed and jumping dexterity, he is involved in a love triangle with Jerry Yan and Zhou Cai Si.

Wu Zhun > Acting as Invincible Zun. He set numerous records as an outstanding player with extraordinary stamina. Though acting in fewer scenes and no emotional troubles, he did steal some thunder with many handsome shots and being the ‘bad-guy’. {Gain Point}


Jerry Yan ~ From the order of Reporters’ Invitation, Jerry Yan was followed by Show Luo and then Wu Zun. He is recognized as the show’s 1st lead. {Gain Point﹗}

Show Luo – He is a lead actor and is the same as Bao Long.

Wu Zun > Supporting role.

Serial Remuneration

Jerry Yan ~ At about S$20,000 per episode. A huge sum of insurance was bought as he had to film dangerous wire stunts. {Gain Point﹗}

Show Luo – About S$9,000 per episode.

Wu Zun > About S$4,500 per episode.

Attack : 3 guys at It!
Skills at ‘Attention Grabbing’

Jerry Yan ~ Bao Long was to be absent for the screening due to his hectic schedule. Yet he stole some thunder from the other two by making a sudden appearance which caused mass hysteria. {Gain Point}

Show Luo – At the screening, Xiao Zhu almost tripped at the stairs when he was going on stage. This was an accident that created a topic for conversation. He also promoted the serial during {Yu Le Bai Fen Bai} and added bloopers and blunders scenes on his blog. He even declared that if the serial viewership broke the 10 mark, he and Wu Zun will both strip naked in private.

Wu Zun > This goody boy has no fancy styles. He appears at all the promotional activities and collaborated wonderfully.

Expertise at Basketball

Jerry Yan ~ Plays basketball to keep fit mostly.

Show Luo – Jay Zhou divulged that when he, Wilbur Pan and Xiao Zhu played before, Xiao Zhu lost. His forfeit was to climb the telephone pole.

Wu Zun > Was Burnei’s National Team player previously, plays the basketball at his leisure to keep fit. {Gain Point!}

Giving His All in Acting

Jerry Yan ~ He did the wire stunts personally. Once he twisted his wrist during filming and later was hospitalized for a neck injury. {Gain Point!}

Show Luo – He did the wire stunt himself. His armpits were swollen due to excessive abrasions during the shoot. The periosteum of his right hand was wounded. With an injured left leg, he still carried on filming and even piggy backed Jerry for a running scene.

Wu Zun > Whilst harnessed in mid-air, he was hit on the forehead when flipping over. He was teary-eyed due to the great pain.

Foul for Hitting Others : Who is the trouble-maker driving people made?
Big Shot Requests

Jerry Yan ~ As one of the bosses, Jerry was the first casted as the lead. All the crew and actors had his approval. He even ‘ordered’ that no extras should be taller than him. When he suddenly opted out, Xiao Zhu was called in. But Jerry changed his mind and took away Wu Zun’s role. At the Premiere, he was suppose to be absent but made a 1 hour appearance. But he stated 3 requirements ‘Not watching to trailer, not signing and playing games with the fans’.

Show Luo – Xiao Zhu is very busy with a jammed-packed schedule of concert, album promotion and shoots for commercials. He could only film 5 days out of the month. In fact, the crew had to shoot for 1 day and rest for 3 days because of him. So he was critiqued to be more of a Big Shot than Jerry Yan.

Wu Zun > None. {Gain Point!}

Second Half : During the telecast, who does the audience and overseas sponsors support?


Jerry Yan ~ He is generally very particular about his image. The audience was pleasantly shocked when Jerry Yan was slapped till his mouth went crooked and his features twisted in a bundle during the show. On an internet poll, he received 46.27% of votes for the most anticipated actor in ‘Hot Shot’. In the Most Well-Liked Handsome Guy, he gained 54.55%. {Gain Point!}

Show Luo – His fans feel that their ‘Emperor’ Xiao Zhu is so adorable and outstanding in his acting. But some feel that he is still acting as though he is hosting ‘Yu Le Bai Fen Bai’.

Wu Zun > He has the least scenes so his cut of the pie is small on the net.

Overseas Market

Jerry Yan ~ Japan, Korea has him as the main lead whereas for the Mainland and South-east Asia, it is the 3 of them. According the Deputy CEO of GTV, Mr. Lai Chong Bi, Jerry Yan is the most well-known overseas. In fact, all the buyers were targeting him. {Gain Point!}

Show Luo – The 3 of them were promoted in the Mainland and South-East Asia.

Wu Zun > Share the credit with Jerry Yan for Korea. Since ‘Romantic Princess’ has aired in China’s Hu Bei cable station, his popularity is sky-rocketing. The local fans there are requesting for more Wu Zun’s serials.

Overtime Play : After ‘Hot Shot’, who has the most value?

Work Load

Jerry Yan ~ He was filming the Idol Drama, ‘Star Dust’.

Show Luo – Will be filming with Ah Sa in a movie called ‘Sui Yue Qing’ and he is still hosting ‘Yu Le Bai Fen Bai’. {Gain Point!}

Wu Zun > He is scheduled to shot GTV’s ‘Ah Bi Jian’.

The Tally: An overwhelming win for Bao Long (Jerry) who succeeds as the MVP!



Top 10 TW Male Idol Actors:

Ranking of idol as of todate, Jerry Yan Cheng Xu sits in the No. 1 seat. He's the gold medallist.

Silver medallist - Joe Cheng. Bronze medallist - Wu Zun & Show Luo.

Jimm Lin autographed concert tickets in Shanghai

Jimmy Lin's Can't Stop Me 2008 Shanghai concert will be held on Oct 17 at the Hunghao Soccer Stadium. The producer held a ticket autograph signing today (8/28) in shanghai to thank the fans who bought tickets and let them get close to jimmy.

The event was scheduled for 18:30 but there were already a large crowd at 17:00. We can see how popular jimmy is. He couldn't withhold the high spirit of the fans. The organizer requested that fans not take closeup pics of jimmy but fans took out their cameras and took pics of him anyway. They took out other souvenirs for him to sign. Reporter asked him how much his net worth is since he is an artist, racer, and businessman. Jimmy said it is only extragerated reports by the media. His net worth is not as outrageously high.

The event lasted for an hr and a half. Jimmy left after saying goodbye to the fans.

Xiao S guested in 'Wu Lin Da Dao', teased Da S and Hei Ren as "Ex-Lovers"

Xiao S guested in Wu Lin Da Dao, teased Da S and Hei Ren as "Ex-Lovers"

Xiao S guested in "Wu Lin Da Dao" on the 28th, teased her sister and Hei Ren as "ex-lovers" and said "Kiss, Kiss". Hei Ren felt awkward upon hearing this, Da S said "Who does not have a past? Don't tell me you also want me to exposed your past?" therefore guaranteed Hei ren and girlfriend Fan Fan's relationship won't be in trouble.

Xiao S said "I have seen a lot of competition programs, but I think Wu Lin Da Dao has the best quality". Whether can soon go against Wu Zong Xian Sunday program, Heiren said "In my heart Xian Ge is still the funniest no matter if the ratings has already surpassed"

Hei Ren documentary film did well in the box office, he said "We are entering this film to the Golden Horse Award!'“

Coco Jiang releases new book; Dylan Kuo attends her press conference

On the 28th, Coco Jiang held a press conference for the release of her new book “Coco Jiang’s Wildlife Park – Palawan”. She invited her previous co-worker Dylan Kuo to attend. Dylan is currently facing huge criticism from the media for the rumours about Rosamund Kwan. Hence, he only appeared for 10 minutes. His manager expressed, “Purely just to help a friend, he does not want the focus to be on him.”

Coco also invited her co-worker Show Luo from current idol drama “Hot Shot” to write a blurb. When asked what about Jerry Yan , Coco replied, “Having Show is enough.” For her book, she wore her swimsuit in the Philippines to show off her amazing body, and as a result, she had many guys running after her. She says that she is reasonably happy with her body, and is considering a nude photo shoot in Africa for her pictorial. Even though her boyfriend does not want her to, she says that she does not care.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Top 5 Mandarin Albums (Aug 8-14)

1. Aska Yang (楊宗緯) and Star! Start! Live Concert (星空傳奇) with 20.88 percent of sales
2. Y2J and Live for You (為你而活) with 8.8%
3. Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) and Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) with 7.97%
4. Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) and Mystery Guest (神秘嘉賓) with 3.52%
5. Wilber Pan (潘瑋柏) and Future Tense (未來式) with 3.39%

Album chart compiled from G-Music (, based on retail sales

A World Record for Aaron Kwok

Hong Kong pop star Aaron Kwok says he has become a Guinness world record holder for performing on the largest indoor revolving stage.

Kwok celebrated his new title with a press conference on Wednesday in Hong Kong where, in February, he wowed fans by dancing on a 10 by 9.44-meter, 450-degree revolving stage during his De Show Reel tour.

During the show, the stage took Kwok back and forth as it switched vertically and horizontally for as high as 10 meters.

Holding the Guinness certificate, Kwok told reporters that it was a significant moment in his career.

The 42-year-old singer staged 16 shows during the De Show Reel tour between late 2007 and early this year, with attendees totaling 170,000.

He is set to kick off another world tour this Saturday, bringing with him the crew who built the world record stage.

5 Big Pepsi Superstars Gather For First Advertisement

The 5 Pepsi superstars Louis Koo, Jolin Tsai, Lee Jun Ki, Show Lo, and Huang Xiao Ming gathered for a Pepsi Ad photo shoot. This rare chance of not having to climb mountains, swim in the seas, go back to past, or challenge the future, everyone comfortably had a party. Jolin joked and said, "This is the most relaxing Pepsi ad. Huang Xiao Ming is really lucky not having to climb mountains and swim the seas."

After Mr. Koo and Huang Xiao Ming's Love China Thumb ads, in September the whole Pepsi family will be emerging with 2 outfits.

Lee Jun Ki
: "I've seen Pepsi's earlier costumes, there were ancient robes, blue birds, and circus get ups. This is my first Pepsi outfit, even I'm really excited. This time it will fulfill both our wishes. What you see now is just a warm up. Our family of 5 is going to have a party, the second part of our outfit is super awesome. We have a prepare ourselves from the inside to out in order to film, so we have to have a party first to give us a warm-up."

Louis Koo : "Every year, our photo shoots are done separately, But this year, Pepsi wanted the new members to immediately warm up to each other, so we're filming together. Lee Jun Ki, Show Lo, and I are a set, and Jolin, Huang Xiao Ming another. I've always admired Show Lo, so we clicked immediately. With Lee Jun Ki, even though we have a language barrier, he's very smart though. Show and I like to horse around with him. He's got so many poses, so he's the one leading Show and me. Yanking and pulling, laughing and being annoying, we just get horsing around. You guys will know when you see the behind-the-scenes."

Show Lo : "The interaction with Mr. Koo and Jun Ki was great. I talk about everything with Mr. Koo. We talked about collecting toys, talked about clothes, and we talked about how we could prank Jun Ki. Once we're sitting next to each other, it's just nonstop from there. But we were actually pranked by Jun Ki, Haha. Though there's a language barrier with Jun Ki, but we could communicate with our eyes, and also talked to him about Japanese. And the funniest thing is, squashed between them, between a dark and a light, I became the intermediate skin color. And like that, one day, we just became...the 3 Kabob Brothers."

On the other side, Jolin was the senior status, becoming the leader, and introduced the past Pepsi Commercials to Huang Xiao Ming.

Being the first time working with the sexy goddess, Huang Xiao Ming kept sweating due to his nervousness, and was teased by everyone.

Jolin : "When I filmed Pepsi before, I was usually the only girl, and so I there are lots of hot guys that take care of me. This time it's just Xiao Ming and I, we've brushed shoulders at the back stages of various awards ceremonies. But today I discovered that he's actually quite shy."

The teased Xiao Ming : "Today is our first time collaborating, and there's only the two of us, and everyone wants us to get closer, so I'm a bit shy about it. Guys are all like that."

In September, Pepsi Superstars will be coming out with their second outfit, and all left teasers for everyone to anticipate about. Xiao Ming : "The second outfit, we'll be making a huge change. May it be the audience or ourselves, we're all excited. It's a super cool look that we all haven't tried before. Just wait for it! !"

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jay Chou to hold concert in Xiamen on the 18th of October

Jay Chou will be holding his 2008 World Tour Concert in Xiamen on the 18th of October, this is Jay Chou's first concert since the Olympics ended. This time's World Tour Concert has already been successfully held in Taiwan, Shanghai and many other places, plus the stage for this time's concert is one of the most expensive ever in China. Also, Jay Chou played the leadership role in arranging the entire concert, according to people in charge of the Xiamen concert, when fans found out Jay Chou was arranging his concert, on the day there were already numerous fans queuing up outside the Days Hotel & Suites Fortune in the morning. The president of the fans club told reporters, they believe Jay Chou will give fans in Xiamen a surprise. Of course they aren't ruling out that he will sing Min Nan songs.

Tanya Chua Professes Her Love For Eason

Tanya Chua Professes Her Love For Eason

Golden Melody "Song Queen" Tanya Chua does not have a love partner, on August 16, 2008, she appeared at the recording of Shen Chun Hua Life Show (沈春華Life Show) with Golden Melody "Song King" Eason Chan where they jammed to each other's love songs. Eason admits that he frequently forgets his lyrics and Tanya says she most admires men like Eason. Happily listening to the praise from Tanya, he gets called back to reality by host Shen Chun Hua who says, "You already have a wife."

Tanya goes on to say, "I like both him as a person and his songs." She says that in her 20's, she will easily fall in love with the opposite sex if he is talented, but it is not reality, further saying, "Now, when I look for a partner, I hope that he is talented, has stability and has personality with a sense of humor, like Eason." Eason laughs and says, "I totally agree."

Eason is extremely supportive of Tanya as he pulls out a book written by Tanya and asks for her autograph and says, "I am a low-key fan. I quietly purchase your books." Tanya, who is ecstatic, tells him to ask her for the books next time [instead of purchasing them himself], Eason then turns into a fan and says, "I'm afraid that if I ask you for your books, I'll have to wait a long time."

S.H.E To Greet Fans via Webcast in September

S.H.E to Greet Fans via Webcast in September

Popular group SHE has always been known to have endless conversation topics as they are very close to each other. Now, the trio decided to hold their conversations via webcast. They will launch a web station called “FM SHE” in September and plan to invite guest stars to their programmes. Their wish list of guests includes “Heavenly Queen Faye Wong”, Korean superstar Won Bin and Patrick Dempsey of the Grey’s Anatomy’s fame.

Over the past half year, SHE kept a low profile away from the public’s eyes. Not only are they busy preparing for the new album, they are also sourcing ideas for their web station / programmes. As the trio is often so immersed in their chats that they forgot themselves totally, they decided it is best to share this “specialty” with everyone. Ella joked, “We have so much conversation topics to share, it would really be a waste of our talents if we do not have our very own broadcast programme.”

This being the first time SHE have their own web station, all three of them started to think of titles for themselves. The usually composed Hebe is named the “CEO”; while demure Selina is most suited to take the “Call-ins”; and the most passionate Ella is undoubtedly the best person as the “GM” who will be in-charge of all the big and small matters of the web station.

In SHE’s views, “FM SHE” is no laughing matter. They met up with the personnel within their record company to discuss the nature and contents of the programmes many times. Preliminary plan suggests that programmes will be customised according to the different personalities of the trio and there would be segments on lifestyle, current affairs, matters of the heart and music etc. Ella will also take-charge to compose the jingle for SHE’s very own web station.

“FM SHE” is slated to launch just before SHE’s new album release, and will showcase their latest songs. Other than being the GM, Ella will also play to her full potential in public relations and marketing flair to extend the outreach of the station. Ella said jokingly, “I hope my good friends won’t bar my calls on their mobiles. And I will sure offer discounts to my good friends for buying advertisement airtime on our station!”

Tanned skin plus going to the gym; Joe Cheng has become manlier

Zheng Yuan Chang has become the main artist in GTV for many years now, his handsome image is very much unique too; but when the new series of GTV’s [Love or Bread] started to film, rumor has it that he was being accused of not manly enough and GTV has especially releases a diet and tanned skin request on him?

Yesterday the GTV crew member and Zheng Yuan Chang’s manager He An Li have confirmed that Zheng Yuan Chang has become slimmer and having a tanned skin. He An Li said: [Didn’t really measure the weight but roughly should be at least 3kg slimmer.] While GTV explained that the rumor for having [diet and tanned skin request] is too exaggerating. Earlier on the director did suggest to Xiao Zhong that he would look manlier if he has tanned skin and it turns out that the outcome is true; now Zheng Yuan Chang is more handsome than before.

He An Li also said: [Mainly it was because Xiao Zhong went to Bali for holiday in May, and he noticed that tanned skin gives him a healthier look so he would like to maintain his tanned skin.] The funny thing is, there are a lot of people who are striving to have fair and light skin and that Zhen Yuan Chang happens to be the [light skin type]; so it will be hard for him to have tanned skin. And that is why, for the past 2 months he has been relying on bathing under those tanning lights as to maintain his beautiful golden brown skin.

But, it was really amusing when Zheng Yuan Chang talks about his experience of bathing under the tanning lights, [By comparison the skin of my face is much lighter, every time people will say the shade of my face is different with the rest of my body. But it is hard to have my face tanned because I am too tall. I will have to squat down to do that.] He is also afraid that once he squat down, some parts of his body won’t be able to get the equal tan as well and he would then become a [zebra] instead; so for every 10minutes while he’s in the tanning room, he will [wiggle] non-stop, stretching and shrinking, like a caterpillar.

About being slimmer, Zheng Yuan Chang joke about it and said that because he is getting older so he has to focus on his health. He has started to aware of the calories of the food that he is having and if necessary he will avoid having alcohol. When he is free, he will go to the gym or have a swim. And that is why now he is very content with his body, [Very sturdy and no extra fat.] Other than that, lately he has secretly gone and adjusts his own bulky tooth, attempt to shy away the adorable feeling. With tanned skin, slimmer body plus the adjusted bulky tooth, he is hoping to broaden the range of his acting career.

All of Asia’s stars in one stadium

The fifth annual Asia Song Festival is going to take place on October 4 in Seoul’s Sangam World Cup Stadium. This year’s performers come from 8 countries in Asia:

Korea: TVXQ, Shinee, Girls’ Generation
Japan: w-inds, Berryz Kobo
China: Anson Hu
Taiwan: Fahrenheit
Hong Kong: Karen Mok
Thailand: Ice
Vietnam: Ho Quynh Huong
Philippines: Rivermaya
Indonesia: Agnes Monica

Hopefully, this event celebrating so many of Asia’s biggest pop stars won’t just turn into a regular ol’ DBSK concert since Cassiopeia occupied much of the seating at last year’s Asia Song Festival. But ah, imagine the crazy fandom-crossing possibilities — DBSK interacting with w-inds! w-inds interacting with Fahrenheit! Karen Mok complimenting a boy band! Don’t faint, people.

Some past Asia Song Festival stars include Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda Kumi from Japan, F4 and A-Mei from Taiwan, Leon Lai and Kelly Chen from Hong Kong, Golf & Mike from Thailand, Peter Pan from Indonesia, BoA and Super Junior from Korea. This will be DBSK’s fifth consecutive year performing; they are the only artists who have performed at every single Asia Song Festival since the event’s inception in 2004.

Guang Liang latest love song MV, Chen Qiao En helps out

Guang Liang is holding his “Guang Liang’s First Taipei Concert” at the Taipei Arena on the 15th of November. This concert that is Guang Liang’s dream causes him to train hard every day, hoping that he can appear before everybody in the best of condition on the 15th of November. Because Guang Liang’s last album “Never Apart” was released a year ago, Guang Liang decides to release an “At My Right Side” (translator’s note: Literal translation, official English title for this song not known yet) EP on the 19th of September in order to sedate the hunger of fans who misses him. The title track “At My Right Side” is a love song that Guang Liang is best at. Guang Liang said: “The song At My Right Side is a warm up for the concert. Because most of my songs are love songs, that’s why I wrote this song At My Right Side. I hope that people who come to my concert will bring their other half along and the two of them come together to my concert.”

“At My Right Side” is a love song that has a sadder tone. The MV depicts “two people who were once in love but the female lead decided to leave. It is only after the female lead left that the male lead realizes that she has become a part of his life. Because when they are dating, in everything they do, whether they are drinking coffee or crossing the road etc, the girl was always at the man’s right side. After the girl left, the man often subconsciously leaves a space at his right side for her. Because his right side is reserved for the girl! Now that the girl has left, the man’s life seems to be stuck in memories of the wonderful times they had together.

When they are selecting the female lead for the “At My Right Side” MV, everybody in the company immediately nominates the heavenly queen of idol drama Chen Qiao En. Because Chen Qiao En’s role of Chen Xin Yi in Fated To Love You left a deep impression in people’s hearts; when everybody read the storyline for the MV, the image of Sticky Note Girl Chen Xin Yi immediately came to their mind. Because of his company’s strong recommendations, Guang Liang who is always flying around also starts to anticipate every Sunday. Guang Liang said: “All along my MVs leaves an impression on people because of their stories, like First Time, Fairy Tale, Commitment, Never Apart etc. So the role of the female lead is very heavy. After my colleagues’ recommendations, I watch Chen Qiao En’s appearances on TV and admire her acting skills and talents. I am honoured that the company has invited Chen Qiao En to be the female lead in my MV.” Chen Qiao En also said that “she really likes Guang Liang’s songs. So when my company tells me that Guang Liang has asked me to appear in his MV, I agreed immediately. I am very happy to be able to film an MV with Guang Liang. This is also the first time that I am appearing in the MV of an artiste outside of my agency. I am also looking forward to Guang Liang’s first concert in Taipei, I will definitely go and watch!” Guang Liang has formally invited Chen Qiao En to watch his concert on the 15th of November.

There was a cute incident on the set. Because one is the king of love songs and the other the queen of idol dramas, when the two of them are filming it attracted many passerbies’ attentions and they start taking pictures with their cameras. It is not known whose flash was turned on and affected the filming progress. A crew member shouted: “Who did not turn off their flash?” The story at that time happened to have Chen Qiao En using her camera shaped necklace to play taking photos of herself with Guang Liang. When she heard the crew member’s shout, she looked at her necklace and sad playfully “It is not me!”

At the set today, when Guang Liang was asked whether he has experience the same situation that has happened in the MV, Guang Liang said: “Once when my other half left, I felt sad when I went to the places we went to before. I do not want to touch my wounds again.”

Guang Liang is working hard to work out and practise dancing for the concert. After the filming of today’s MV, Guang Liang will immerse himself in the preparations for the concert and appear before everybody in the best of conditions on the 15th of November.

Chen Qiao En stars in Guang Liang MV, the sticky note girl appears again.
Chen Qiao En who becomes immensely popular through idol dramas has slimmed down a lot by dieting hard, even though she had become a meat bun face previously. Look at the rinse cooking pot dieting method she invented and how she removed that dreadful double chin!

Because she likes Guang Liang’s songs too much, Chen Qiao En is appearing in his MV. She holds a camera and pretends to take photos of him secretly. But sharp-eyed fans notices that actually she has slimmed down. In order to diet, she only eats a meal per day.

The rinse cooking pot method she invents herself is abstain from drinking soup and sauces must not include sate. She also abstains from eating deserts and red wine. Her four steps dieting method really causes her to slim down very fast.

After her idol drama finishes filming, she indulged in food and put on three kilograms. But after saying goodbye to double chin, she surprises everyone. Chen Qiao En has regain her lovely oval face.

F.I.R. set to fly

Fans at F.I.R.’s upcoming concert at Bukit Jalil can expect some pleasant surprises.

TAIWANESE alternative pop rock band F.I.R. promised to rock the stage and surprise fans with an entertaining show at their concert in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, next month.

Following their sell-out concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, a 10,000-strong crowd is expected at their upcoming Malaysian show.

Made up of vocalist Faye Zhan Wen Ting, guitarist Real Huang Han Qing and producer/keyboardist Ian Chen Jian Ning, F.I.R (known as Fei Er Yue Tuan in Mandarin) are currently among the hottest bands in South-East Asia.

At a recent press conference in Kuala Lumpur to promote the Malaysian leg of their concert tour, the pop trio , which had written some new songs especially for its Singaporean fans is set to do the same for its Malaysian fans.

“We will be writing a new Malay song especially for our fans in Malaysia,” said Huang. “And we’ll invite Michael Wong and Victor Wong to pen the lyrics,” added Chen.

When asked to speak a few words of Malay, Zhan surprised the media with, “Aku cinta padamu (I love you)!”

Huang said the concert was more than just performing their songs. “To us, a concert is an opportunity for us to interact with our fans.”

The group made the first stop of their world tour in Taipei last year with a concert theme of Tenth Planet, derived from a track from their latest album Love Diva, delighting concert-goers with a dreamscape which involved countless costume changes made possible with the help of over 100 crew members.

Pretty vocalist Zhan professed a liking for the costumes which went with the concert theme, a mix of genres including rock and folk. She even has one costume change which takes place on the stage itself. “Mine takes only three seconds to change into,” said Zhan with a laugh.

Producer Chen revealed there were about 50 costume changes and they barely had time for a breather in between. “Many times, we would be changing while walking backstage with the help of the crew.”

F.I.R. was formed in 2002 when Chen, 36, recruited Huang, 28, and Zhan, 26. The two respectfully refer to him as lao shi (teacher).

Bursting onto the Mandopop music scene with their hit song Lydia which was the clo­sing theme for season one of the popular Taiwanese TV series The Outsiders, the trio only made their debut in 2004.

They have since released four studio albums (F.I.R Fairyland in Reality, Unlimited, Flight Tribe and Love Diva), two mini-albums (I Wanna Fly and Glory Days) and a single (Spread Love)

The name of the band F.I.R. is made up of the initials of their names Faye, Ian and Real and is also the acronym for Fairyland in Reality, the name of their eponymous debut album.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jay Chou busy recording new album, estimated release between late September and early October

According to reports, Jay Chou, who is in Taiwan right now, is busy recording his new album, it is estimated to be released between late September and early October, he even snuck in a bit of time to learn some new magic tricks, apart from playing cards, he showed off a trick of breaking a coin, after taking a breath he returned back to the normal new tricks, the people who saw it were all amazed.

Hollywood thriller 'Cellular' gets Chinese remake, stars Louis Koo and Taiwan's Barbie Hsu

HONG KONG: Hollywood has been mining Asian movies for ideas for years — but now an American studio is remaking one of its home productions as a Chinese-language movie with local partners.

Warner China Film HG — a joint venture between Warner Bros. and China's state-run China Film Group and Hengdian Group — is releasing "Connected" on Sept. 25, remaking the 2004 New Line Cinema thriller "Cellular," starring Kim Basinger.

New Line Cinema was an independent studio that's now part of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

"Cellular" is about a kidnapped woman who makes a call to a random mobile phone seeking help.

"Connected" changes the setting to Hong Kong and switches the cast to Chinese-speaking actors — Hong Kong's Louis Koo, China's Liu Ye and Taiwan's Barbie Hsu.

While Hollywood has remade Asian movies for years — Martin Scorsese's "The Departed," the horror films "The Ring" and "The Grudge" are based on Asian movies — "Connected" is billed as the first Chinese remake of a Hollywood movie.

Hong Kong director Benny Chan, who directed "New Police Story" and "Rob-B-Hood," says "Connected" improves on "Cellular" by injecting Hong Kong-style action sequences.

"In my movie, I added many elements that Hong Kong action movies do best — human combat, action, flying cars," Chan told The Associated Press in an interview Tuesday.

The director said he doesn't mind making a remake.

"What the world lacks most is good stories. If there's a story that investors think will work in the market and that I like, I don't think there's anything wrong with remaking it," Chan said.

"Cellular" made US$32 million in the U.S. and US$24.4 million abroad on a production budget of US$25 million, according to the box office tracking Web site Box Office Mojo.

"Connected" was budgeted at only US$5.8 million — even a conservative figure among growing Chinese movie budgets. John Woo's recent Chinese-language historical epic cost at least US$70 million.

Hollywood producer Roy Lee, who worked on many of the recent American remakes of Asian movies, says the effort makes financial sense "because it is taking ideas that worked well in one market and adapting them for others."

Leo ku Receive sms from liu xiang

As Liu Xiang’s best friend, in which Liu Xiang pulled out from the match, Leo Ku expresses that he has console him through mobile phone earlier and he received a reply 2 days ago: “I am now recovering, I know that everyone is worried and supporting me, I am really thankful for them.” As for the rest of the contents, Leo Ku is not comfortable of revealing it. As for the rumor of him and Hacken Lee, he does not know anything about it, he mentioned that it is just a fake story which is not true. He is friendly with Hacken Lee and he feels that Hacken Lee is a suitable host for the opening ceremony as he is a senior, who has more experiences. When Leo Ku explained about the rude commenting matter, Hacken Lee helped out and replied: “He is skilled in singing in artificial voice.” Leo Ku mentioned that he lost control of his voice as he was emotional at that moment and thus he will be careful during the closing ceremony. While Anna Yau was being asked about the matter of Tracy Yip Chui Chui who was being questioned by the upper levels, she replied that it is not for her to comment on other’s matters. As for the end of the Olympic Games, she misses it and thus does not care about people’s rumors.

"Street Dancer" first brodcast beats Beijing Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

"Street Dancer" first brodcast beats Beijing Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

CTV's newest dance competition program "Wu Lin Da Dao (Street Dancer)" first broadcast last week got an average tv rating of 2.45 beating Beijing Olympic Games Closing Ceremony. Host Hei Ren is very happy with the result. Da S was not able to tape for the first episode due to her toe injury, but sister Xiao S and Xu Mama were anxious to know the result, called him that evening to congratulate him, saying that their program is very good.

CTV's "Wu Lin Da Dao" reached as high as 3.65 rating, surpassing "Diamond Nightclub" with 2.79 rating. He Ren said the credit goes to the staffs and participants hardwork.

"Invincible Shan Bao Mei" has high ratings; criticism from viewers and online netizens

SETTV idol drama "Fated to Love You" aired its last episode on Sunday, and new drama "Invincible Shan Bao Mei" followed after it. Average ratings of "Fated to Love You" was 9.8 and "Invincible Shan Bao Mei" had average rating of 7.25, which means SETTV maintains its top position. Although ratings are high, there is also a lot of criticism from viewers and online netizens. The ending of "Fated to Love You" was also said to be a huge disappointment.

The main reason is because SETTV took advantage of FTLY's high ratings and before ISBM aired, it kept announcing that Ethan and Qiao En would appear in the new drama. Hence, many loyal fans of FTLY continued watching after FTLY ended, up till past midnight, but the result was that they didn't see anything, but rather they had to wait for the second episode of ISBM.

FTLY's last episode reached 12.14 as the highest segment rating, and many viewers were sad to finally see an end to their favourite drama. However, this did not stop the criticism of the ending, and they said that the 3 sisters giving birth together was very unrealistic and unsuitable.

In response to all this, SETTV manager Chen Yu Shan said that Ethan and Qiao En's scenes in ISBM was originally meant for only episode 1, but it is because they couldn't fit all of it in, so had to continue to episode 2. She expressed, "It's really not on purpose. Plus, viewers can see Ethan and Qiao En in episode 2, shouldn't that be very happy?"

Monday, August 25, 2008

Will Pan wants to SUE the typhoon!

The day before yesterday, Will Pan was in Hong Kong for his concert. His long time friend Eric was there to support him. Will Pan was very welcoming with the fans and took a lot of pictures. The crowd was very responsive and energetic. Sadly, the typhoon was a huge influence. He said if he could sue the typhoon he would!

When he got on the plane it stalled for thirty minutes, luckily he fell asleep during that time but when he woke up he asked the flight attendant "Are we there yet" but the the flight attendant said "We are still in Beijing." He had planed to visit other places before Hong Kong but due to the typhoon that was not an option. Some dancers were not even able to make it to Hong Kong so Will Pan couldn't even complete / perform his entire concert the way it was planned. He left off with how his nick name is "the sun king" so wherever he goes there will be sunshine!

Gong Li now a Singapore citizen?

Gong Li now a Singapore citizen?

The white chair had a small label with the words 'Gong Li'. But no one arrived to sit on it.

At the Supreme Court Auditorium last night, 150 new Singapore citizens gathered to receive their citizenship certificates from Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Tarmugi at the National Citizenship Ceremony.

Indian-born scientist Colin Gerard D'Silva, 42, was in the chair next to the one for 'Gong Li'.

He wondered: Could it really be the acclaimed Chinese actress, star of movies like Red Sorghum, Curse Of The Golden Flower and Memoirs Of A Geisha?

'I thought it might be her, or someone with the same name,' said Mr D'Silva, who works in Proctor & Gamble as its associate director of external relations.

Well, the answer is most probably 'yes'.

Sources had tipped off The Sunday Times that Gong Li, 42, one of China's most famous actresses, had applied for Singapore citizenship and was supposed to collect her pink IC at the event last night.

She married Singaporean tobacco businessman Ooi Hoe Seong in 1996. He is said to be based in Hong Kong.

When contacted, the authories were tight-lipped about the identity of 'Gong Li' although an official expressed surprise that we had heard about it.

An Immigration and Checkpoints Authority spokesman said she was unable to comment on individual cases due to confidentiality issues.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), which organised the event, would only say that 'a person by the name of Gong Li was supposed to be at the event'.

Still, some officials at the event were clearly expecting the superstar to show up. Two were overheard discussing the actress. They even pointed out the actress' seat - No. 133 - to The Sunday Times.

But she didn't turn up in the end.

When The Sunday Times contacted Gong Li's friends in Singapore, some were shocked to hear that the actress has become a Singaporean.

Photographer Wee Khim, 44, who last worked with Gong Li in June for a L'Oreal commercial in Thailand, said it was 'quite a big move' to switch citizenships.

But celebrity hairstylist David Gan was not surprised at all. He said it was 'old news'.

'I knew about it a few months ago. She told me she applied for a Singapore passport. I told her it's good and I even congratulated her,' he said in Mandarin yesterday.

Gan, who is in his 40s, revealed that Gong Li had stayed in Singapore for a week in May to apply for the citizenship. He did not ask her why she decided to become a Singaporean.

Noting that he also became a Singapore citizen, the Malaysian-born hairstylist said: 'Singapore is a good place. She travels a lot and it's convenient to hold a Singapore passport. A lot of stars like to stay here too. There's no paparazzi. When I walk down Orchard Road with Gong Li, nothing happens.'

Both Singapore and China do not recognise dual nationality.

To become a Singaporean, an applicant is required to renounce his foreign citizenship at his embassy in Singapore.

The final step would be to attend a citizenship ceremony to collect his Singapore identity card. All new citizens are required to do so and if they can't attend one ceremony, they will be rescheduled for another.

The ceremony is held at the constituency level or at the national level. In the latter, selected groups are chosen to get their papers in a more formal setting.

Gong Li, who was born in east China's Shandong province, is most famous for her acclaimed Zhang Yimou movies like Red Sorghum and Judou. She broke into the Hollywood scene in 2005, playing a Japanese geisha in Memoirs Of A Geisha. It was the first of three big English-language productions she has shot since.

Her wedding to Mr Ooi was held at the top-floor restaurant of the Bank of China building in Hong Kong and guests included Lin Ching-hsia, Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui.

Mr Ooi has a daughter, now 30, from a previous marriage, but he keeps a low profile.

In earlier reports, the actress had told the media that she did not intend to make Singapore her home. 'No, I doubt it. Hong Kong and Beijing will still be my bases because of my work,' she said in 1996.

She is said to fly to Singapore two to three times a year and enjoys the shopping and food - like bak kut teh (pork ribs soup) and prawn noodles - here.

It is not known how her new identity will affect her work.

Besides her filming commitments, she is also reported to be an elected member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China's lower house.

Last year, she attended a session of the CPPCC in which she made a proposal on environmental issues.

Some were more than happy to have the Chinese actress become a Singaporean.

Said China-born Jasmine Li, 33, an assistant secretary who became a Singapore citizen last year: 'Now Singapore will have an extra star.'

Andy Lau saves Karen Mok at the Bird's Nest

Andy Lau had the chance to perform with Jackie Chan, Karen Mok, Emil Chow in the Olympics Closing ceremony singing "遠方的客人請你留下來" (Oversea's guests please stay) and celebrated with World's athletes below the stage.

During the afternoon before the show, the group of artistes were arranged to have a security check. At the same time David Beckham was also having his security check and the artistes were very happy to see him. When the artistes entered the bird's nest to rehearse, director Zhang Yimou approached them and Thanked their support. Zhang Yimou immediatley hugged Andy Lau when he saw him. Andy congratulated him for his success in the Opening ceremony.

When Andy knew that he would be singing in the part where the world athletes will be partying below the stage he instantly thought he may have been able to see Yau Ming since he is so tall but he couldn't. The closing ceremony was just like a Big party and all the artistes were going wild on stage. Karen Mok wasn't careful and fell off the stage but fortunately Andy Lau immediatley grabbed her hand and pulled her back up. When Karen went back stage she was still in shock. Karen said to Andy "I was really scared, Andy thankyou for saving me". Karen pulled down her long socks and realised her leg was bleeding. Andy helped Karen disinfect the wound and asked the workers to help her apply it with ice.

The actors all wanted autographs

When the Closing ceremony was coming to an close, the China actors who performed in the show went on stage and approached Andy. They all grabbed him no matter male or female and kissed him, some of them hugged him and didn't want to let go. Andy was extremely surprised and each one of them had an camera and a pen ready. They wanted his autograph and to take pictures with him. One of the actors who was wearing a Chinese cultural costume took a picture with Andy, but his head gear suddenly hit Andy's brow bone and it looked a little bruised.

Show & Ah Sa meet for Passionate Years' press conference/ Show investigate about Chun.

Taiwan's spirit idol, Show Luo (Luo Zhixiang) officially march into the Hong Kong movie circle by cooperating with ah Sa (Charlene Cai Zhuoyan) in a new movie "Passionate Years." Before the movie began shooting at the ceremony, as Show enter the stage his heart accelerate very fast upon seeing the opposite party. Then as requested ah Sa and Show linked arms, and walked to the front stage to meet the reporters. It was set up so that the atmosphere have a wedding feel to it, a theme partnering the movie's love story. To know eachother better and create multi-understandings, Show even jokingly asked about ah Sa's relationship with good friend Wu Zun.

For the press conference, Show wore a complete set of French tradition chef outfit, and started out by showing off skills he learned in preparation for the film, and ah Sa assisting him. In the film, Show plays a French master chef who makes delicious food to make girlfriend Ah Sa happy. He expressed that although his kitchen skill is ok, but before beginning shooting, he will ask the real French vegetable chef “to make up for a missed lesson," due to his busy schedule. He also expressed that preparing food for people and himself to eat is a very happy job. Show also disclosed that the script made him cried: “although turned only the script several pages, already in love with it, the description of the scenes, and the food moved me alot, sometimes I have tears in my eyes that feel like garlic acid.” (using a way to discribed his feeling of the movie with food).

Show's first time as the male lead in a movie will already be working as lover with movie queen ah Sa. Show express that he is very nervous, he have worked in a few films as smaller roles, but the jumb to male lead is alot of pressure. However, ah Sa and himself both have a good friend, Wu Zun to help them. When asked about Charlene, Show said, “Wu Zun called me, and told me not to worry, he said that ah Sa manner is very amiable, and very easy to work together, and she will look after everyone!”

Although, Show is good friend with ah Sa already a good “reassuring medicine”, Show spoke frankly just for the backstage preparation and entering the stage to meet ah Sa for the first time in a long time, his heart to thumb thumb non-stop, and when Ah Sa linked arms with him he felt really shy, didn't dare to lift up to look her direction: “why didn't I look, I don't know, although I have cooperated with many female entertainers, the intimate play also pats excessively many, but each time I see attractive girls, I feel anxious and shy, after all these years I have not changed.” When asked whether the two leads will have many intimate scenes, Show said, I will do what the script said, as for whether there will be “bed scene”, Show intentionally left everybody guessing by saying, “I don't know, the director said the plot must be kept a secret, sorry I cannot disclose.”

As for Charlene, who have recently worked with another taiwanese idol, Wu Zun, Charlene said she is looking forward to filming with Show. Although they are friends, she said she must do a very fast understanding of him again to better understand him for the movie. Asked about Wu Zun compared to Show, Charlene said both are very handsome guys, (and jokingly said) it is hard not to find good looking guys in the industry.

As for director Pang, who is known for making psychological thriller, etc. many reviewers are looking forward to his new work in romance. Director Pang also disclosed one thing interesting about the film is it will be all filmed in places known for it's scenery. Their first stop is in Shanghai next month. If all goes as planned the movie is out on Valentine's day of 2009.

Barbie Hsu's flight got delayed for 2 hours because of typhoon; caught up in an awkward situation

Louis Koo, Barbie Hsu, Nick Cheung and Chen Jia Yue went to promote their movie "Connected" in Hong Kong yesterday. Barbie and Louis who had separate fiming, and only met each other on their last day of filming felt 'stranged' when they saw each other for the 2nd time yesterday during the promo. Da S flew yesterday from Taiwan to Hong Kong and uxpectedly her flight was delayed for two hours, therefore she awkwardly did her hair and make up at the airport.

Because of the typhoon, Da S flight was delayed for 2 hours. Da S put her make-up on while heading to the aiport, and after she got off the plane, she took advantage of doing her hair, and when she was about to put on her other fake eye-lashes on her eye, fans came up to her and requested for a group photo with having to wear only one fake eye-lashes on her eye, and after she got her luggage, she hurriedly took her clothes to the restroom and changed, only then she was able to attend their promo event looking beautiful. In her another movie "My So Called Love" Da S was very disappointed because she went to film a passionate scene with Joseph Chang for 8 minutes, and that was the most daring scene she ever did but the director decided to delete the scene.

Lin Chiling promotes film awards in Hepburn style

A press conference for the 45th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards was held on Sunday.

Local supermodel and actress Lin Chiling, the image ambassador of the awards, attended the press conference.

Lin is the former host of the Golden Horse Awards. This time, she was chosen as the ambassador for her successful screen debut in John Woo's blockbuster "Red Cliff." In the film, Lin plays a beautiful woman in ancient China, Xiao Qiao, the wife of military strategist Zhou Yu.

Lin did not charge an endorsement fee for her involvement in the Golden Horse Awards. She says being the ambassador is a great honor, and she would like to use her star power to help boost the development of local film industry. She was presented with an award to honor her contribution.

The star will start shooting advertisements for the film awards soon.

The Golden Horse Film Awards give out some of the most prestigious honors for Chinese films.
This year's event will be held in Taichung on December 6

Didn't see Jay Chou at the closing ceremony, "it didn't suit me"

Jay Chou, who was rumoured to be a hot favourite to perform at the closing ceremony, didn't attend the ceremony yesterday.
Jay Chou's company JVR Music expressed: "Beforehand we received an invitation from the Olympics committee, both Jay Chou and the company felt honoured and happy, but due to the fact the contents of the performance weren't really suited to him, plus we were afraid he wouldn't perform well so we politely declined the offer from the Olympics committee, we believe the closing ceremony will definitely be very exciting and good to watch." Beforehand it was rumoured Jay Chou would lead a group of 4 to sing a Chinese style song, but it was denied by JVR Music.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jade and Jiro are in love? Gives 10,000 as birthday gift

China's superwoman Jade Liu is recently promoting her new album “I Am Just What I Am” in the Asian region. Although she may look man, she still has a lot of guys around her. Especially colleague Jiro Wang (Da dong), that performed free in Jade’s MV. Two of them have been spotted by the media yesterday when they were shopping, drinking the afternoon tea, with an ambiguous interaction.

Neutral looking Jade Liu came to Taiwan to promote herself. Not only has the company taken care of her, her colleagues are also very nice to her. Jade held a small concert on the 23st, with Tank and Aaron Yan as special guest. The three of them were playing “the safe kiss” and “holding the princess” game. Let Jade Liu being shy; in addiction, three of them sang together Jade’s song “Tears of Laughter”. MV’s Jiro Wang went lately with Jade Liu really close to each other. According to the news that Apple Daily reported; is the relationship between Jiro Wang and Jade Liu not only colleagues or friends. She has sent more than a 10,000 Yuan worth of sunglasses as the birthday gift for Jiro Wang.

The report pointed out, that it was Jiro’s birthday on the 24st. Two of them were spotted on the 21st together at the “Crystal China hotel street”. Two of them seem to be particularly interested in sunglasses; they stayed for a while at the counter in the sunglasses store. Because of their intimate interaction, the shop staff asked them if they had a love relationship. Jade Liu responded hurriedly that they only had a brother and sister relationship. Finally, she bought a more than 10,000 Yuan worth sunglasses. But then she got a problem, because she didn’t have enough money in her pocket or any credit card, she borrowed the money from het assistant.

After buying the sunglasses, Jade and Da Dong went to drink their afternoon tea. And Jiro received his sunglasses from Jade as a birthday gift from her to him. The day's afternoon tea was also paid by Jade. According to media observation, Jade’s and Jiro’s interaction was very intimate. They kept making photos with their mobile phone, and the atmosphere was very ambiguous. It seems that she’s not only man, but also have a small woman’s side.

Olympics closing ceremony, Jay Chou confirmed not to appear

On the 24th of August 2008, the curtains are slowly drawing on the Olympics, the Olympics closing ceremony is once again becoming the focus of the world's attention. The closing ceremony will be a big party for the entire world, including Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Leehom Wang, Jolin Tsai, Rain, Emil Chau, Na Ying, Sun Nan, Eason Chan and others that make up 68 luxurious star team who will be doing a big group song. And concerning the earlier rumour about whether Jay Chou will be performing or not, there has already been confirmation, Jay Chou has been confirmed not to appear.

Zai Zai's Film "Tea Fight" Poor Box Office Due To Lack Of Publicity

Not Enough Publicity, Tea Fight Poor Box Office Of NT640,000

(Actors must promote, otherwise 1) poor box office 2) due to 1, will become known as box ofice poison, thereby in the end hurting oneself).

Tea Fight. which is produced at a cost of NT$40,000,000.00, with Zai Zai (Zhou Yu Ming) acting in it, was released in Taiwan 2 weeks ago. Box office for the whole of Taiwan is only NT$640,000.00. Reasons for the poor box office is many but the main criticism is pointed at Zai Zai's lack of support. Zhang Mei Feng whose the publicist said " He attended the movie premiere, all we can say is that we are very grateful to Zhang Jun Ning, the female lead actress".

Zai Zai's manager said that Zai Zai is not the lead in this movie, its Kagawa and Toda . As such, queries should be directed towards them. It is understood that Zai Zai's movie fees is HK$500,000.00 (about NT2,000,000.00). As such, the Taiwan box office is not even sufficient to pay his movie fees.

Tea Fight has earlier applied to the Information Ministry for money grants but because of box office concerns as its a stipulation by the Ministry that a film must have minimum box office of NT$600,000.00 to qualify for the grants. Tea Fight box office in Taipei is only NT$160,000.00 and it was worrying whether it can reach the NT$600,000.00 mark. According to the film studio, when Tea Fight ended its run on August 17, the box office for whole of Taiwan was NT$640,000.00. Its learnt that the Information Ministry grant of NT$2,000,000.00 plus, even though still a very wide gap from the production costs of NT$4,000,000.00, will still be able to help somewhat.

In January of this year, Zai Zai's and Li Bing Bing movie (Butterfly Fly) was shown in Taiwan, its box office is poorer than Tea Fight. The box office for whole of Taiwan is only NT$300,000.00. Zhang Mei Feng, whose the publicist for Tea Fight and also also a movie veteran said "Actors must promote, otherwise if 1) poor box office 2) due to 1, will become known as box ofice poison, thereby in the end hurting oneself".

Zai Zai's manager said that earlier there was no fixed dates of Tea Fight being shown in Taiwan . By the time the date was fixed, Zai Zai was already busy in the filming of his drama serial and could not take leave but he did attend the movie premiere. As for the poor box office, he believe that the movie subject matter is very new and is not a typical commercial movie, the actors already did their best.

'Hot Shot' promotion in Malaysia

On 23 Aug, Show Luo and Coco Jiang went to Malaysia for Hot Shot promotion. Although it was raining, thousands of fans still came. The local media asked Show about his thoughts on plastic surgery. Show said that he does not mind if his future girlfriend will have rhinoplasty or eyelid surgery, but he cannot accept breast augmentation. The media asked why is that, Show just shrugs and says he just can't accept it.

Since it's premiere in Malaysia last Saturday, 'Hot Shot' had an average rating of 8%. Still lost on Wu Zun's Hana Kimi which was shown 2 years ago. But the local television company is confident that the two shows will have similar average ratings.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Will they sing at the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony? Leehom Wang and Jay Chou are low key about it

The Beijing Olympics closing ceremony will be held tomorrow night, there have been rumours that Leehom Wang, Jay Chou and other popular Taiwanese artists will be performing. Leehom Wang, who was flying to Beijing today was low key about this, he didn't comment; Jay Chou's company also expressed that they won't be making any statement about this, anything to do with the Olympics will be announced by the main organisers.

After the duet of Mainland China artist Liu Huan and Sarah Brightman at the Olympics opening, the Olympics closing ceremony will have Chinese singer Song Zu Ying and the world renowned Domingo, English football star Beckham and Leona will also be making an appearance do warm up for the 2012 London Olympics.

Besides this, the Mainland China media have been reporting that Leehom Wang, Hong Kong artist Kelly Chen, Mainland China artist Han Xue, Korean artist Rain will be doing a group song at the closing ceremony; the young heavenly king Jay Chou, who has a big following in Mainland China will be leading the four in a Chinese style song.

Leehom Wang left for Beijing in the morning, as to whether he would be performing at the closing ceremony, he was low key about it, he wasn't willing to comment on the matter; Jay Chou's company was also very low key, they expressed they couldn't make a statement about a matter related to the Olympics.

According to our understanding, the artists participating in the Olympics closing ceremony must obey an non-disclosure agreement, they can't announce any news on their own, that's why the artists and companies don't have much to say to the media's questions.

The Beijing Olympics is a favourite right now, the Olympics compilation album "One World, One Dream" contains songs from artists from all places, including the group song "Beijing Welcomes You", Jay Chou's "A Long Journey", Leehom Wang's "One World, One Dream", Amei Chang and Sun Nan's duet "Forever Friends" and more, after it was released in Taiwan the sales have been pretty good.

"Invincible Shan Bao Mei" - Amber reveals bare back; has substitute to stand-in for her

“Invincible Shan Bao Mei” is newcomer Amber Guo’s first drama, and she has Ethan Ruan and Qiao En to help her make a breakthrough. In the first episode, she must reveal her entire back, but she has a substitute to stand in for her during that scene. Yesterday, she denied any rumors of being “privileged” and said, “The cast is very thoughtful in protecting artists.”

To maintain the high ratings of “Fated to Love You”, SETTV invited Ethan and Qiao En to participate in the new drama. The 2 will still play their roles in “Fated to Love You”. Ethan will first go to the Shan Bao Mei’s roast meat shop to buy lunch, then Qiao En bumps into Shan Bao Mei at the lingerie shop, and they try on lingerie together. The 2’s baby “Ji Nian Ri” will also appear in the drama.

Amber plays a girl who has biceps and is flat-chested in the drama. To make her breasts bigger, she goes and buys a machine, but then bumps into Nicholas Teo, who witnesses her bare back. However, Amber has a substitute to stand-in for her during that scene. The first time filming, she already has a substitue; Amber yesterday denied rumors of being “privileged” and said, “This was already decided before filming, the cast is very thoughtful in protecting artists, I don’t need to worry at all.”

In the drama, Nicholas Teo plays narcissistic Sun Wu Di, who owns a restaurant. Nicholas laughed and said, “The character I play is very different from myself. One time, I had to say Wang Ba Dan (bad word in Chinese) but I just couldn’t say it at all and NG many times. Even the director got very annoyed.”

Roy Chiu plays a single father in the drama, and this is his first time playing the role of a father. For the drama, he even specially went to learn cooking. He said, “At first, I burnt all the bean sprouts, and at the end of my practices, my fingers were covered with blisters!”

Da S wears this season's most beautiful dress

Da S wears this season's most beautiful dress

Da S attended the Blumarine Event wearing 20,800 Yuan worth of dress. This season's most beautiful dress that she wore in the event is designed with diamonds. Although her toe wound has not fully healed, she was not afraid that it'll will sore and still wore high-heeled shoes, she said: "the doctor advised me not to wear high-heeled shoes, but this matches my outfit"

Da S dressed up carefully from head to foot, she also ordered a crystal bra to match her dress. She also revealed that Blumarine fits a woman's sense of style. When asked if she envies her sister having a rich and powerful family, she said "I like making money for myself to satisfy my needs"

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jay Chou shows off his "Bat" bike, accelerating so no one can catch him

According to reports Jay Chou who recently added a TW$38 million "Batmobile" to his collection, yesterday night was seen in a newly bought V-REX red bike, all you could see was Jay Chou riding it to his restaurant Mr J, the cooks and waiters in the store all surrounded him to take pictures with the bike, they also chatted: "Did this bike cost TW$10 million?" After some investigation, the price of the bike overseas is about TW$1,250,000, if he really did pay 10 million for it then Jay Chou's really been ripped off.

It was about 10 that night, Jay Chou was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans, when he was leaving he saw the media and immediately he put on his safety helmet to cover his face, he jumped on his bike and accelerated. When he saw that no one was following him he sped away. His company JVR Music expressed: "We don't comment on private matters."

The eye catching look of the V-REX can be compared to the one used by Batman in "The Dark Knight", this bike was originally the "fictitious bike" in the movie, due to its cool look, it was immediately picked up by distributors to produce, due to the fact it has the jet engine of a helicopter, it can do 0 to 100km in 3 seconds.

Online netizens wish to pair up Show Luo and Coco Jiang in "Hot Shot"

Show Luo and Zhou Cai Shi in “Hot Shot” recently sparked rumours. However, online netizens were not too interested about this, instead, they thought that Show should be with Coco Jiang.

Coco plays the passionate but serious basketball coach in the drama, and has many scenes with Show, Jerry Yan and Wu Zun. Online netizens think that Show should be with Coco, as in the drama, Zhou Cai Shi is too uncertain about her feelings. They said, “Yuan Da Ying would only experience pain and hurt if he was with her.”

Perhaps it is because fans really wanted Show and Coco to be together, because when “Hot Shot” went to Malaysia to promote, Show and Coco were paired up. However, while filming, it was really Jerry, that Coco had the most interactions with. The 2 had also sparked a “towel relationship”.

Because Coco mostly wears mini-skirts in the drama, whenever she sits down, often she will expose herself. Many times, Jerry would initiate and give her his own towel, saying to her, “Careful, you don’t want to reveal anything.” Coco expressed, “He is very cute, maybe he does not want me to misunderstand because he also said that he the reason he gave me his towel is not because he saw anything, but because he does not want me to reveal anything.”

As for Show, he and Zhou Cai Shi also have many interactions outside the drama. He is known to be her saviour, because while filming, the director Lin He Long (who is famous for yelling) would often yell at her. As Zhou Cai Shi is a relative newcomer, she does know director Lin’s personality, and would think that he was picking on her. However, Show often came to her rescue, and would say to the director, “Don’t be so loud, you’ll scare her!” The director laughed and said, “I am other peoples’ worst nightmare, but Show is my worst nightmare!”

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cape No 7 premiere, Jay Chou adds his support

"Cape No 7" which won the million head award at the Taiwan film festival is having its premiere on the night of the 20th, with good recommendations from director Hou Hsiao-Hsien and other famous people, the pre-order for tickets has already broken 6000. Yesterday night even Jay Chou sent in a video to recommend it, this was a nice surprise for the director Wei De-Shen.

Due to the fact that both "Cape No 7" and Jay Chou's "Secret" are distributed by the same company Buena Vista and the producer is also the same person for both, on top of that the female lead of "Cape No 7" Tanaka Chie also worked with Jay Chou in "Initial D" and was the female lead in Jay Chou's MV for "Common Jasmin Orange", therefore Jay Chou has a very deep connection with "Cape No 7". Tanaka Chie said, it was because Jay Chou was just too nice of a person, that made her want to come to Taiwan to learn Chinese and develop her career.

Hou Hsiao-Hsien expressed, "Cape No 7" was one of the best national movies he's seen in recent years, he thought Wei De-Shen was very persuasive in how he handled the emotional details, he hopes this movie will be a success, because if this movie really became a success with its quality and recommendations, it will become a significant target for national movies.

Wu Chun Wants To Be a Hero , Must First Show off Body

Wu Chun, the handsome leading man from Brunei, who looked like he stepped right out of a graphic novel and possessed a physique that came straight out of working out at the gym, won the title of the newest hot male in Taiwan. He caught the attention of the Taiwanese female population as soon as he entered the business. His suave image and gentle look became a focal point and numerous female fans fell for his charms. In his first appearance on the silver screen, the movie [Butterfly Lovers], he portrayed a passionate hero who gave up everything for love. To portray this heroic character, the first thing Wu Chun did was showing off his body and displaying his strong physique on the big silver screen.

Wu Chun indicated that in taking on [Butterfly Lovers], the movie meant a great deal to him. This was the first time he appeared in a movie and the fact that it was an action movie was particularly exciting and nerve-whacking to him. Wu Chun had a number of sword-fighting scenes. He personally performed 99% of the scenes that have either action or stunts. The degree of his willingness to take risk led to high praises from the martial director Ching Siu-tung: [I have never a newcomer so willing to take on risks.]

The director Jingle Ma adapted [Butterfly Lovers] from the well-known tale of [The Lovers] and injected martial arts elements into the classical tragic love story. The audience not only will see the courage of Wu Chun but also his profound love. The love scenes between him and Ah Sa became the focus of the movie.

Wu Chun frankly admitted that in real life, his view on love was quite similar to that of Liang Shan-bo. Although he looked ultra manly on the outside, he was a tender person. He said: [I feel that love is something that lasts a lifetime. I would rather sacrifice my life and die with my beloved, than to be alone without her for the rest of my life. ]