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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Da S suffers in the movie, lost 5 pounds while filming

In the movie Connected, Da S suffers from kidnapping. During her 10 day filming in Hong Kong, Da S lost 5 pounds, and when she returned to Taiwan, her sister Xiao S was frightened and asked her "How come you look pale?"

It is known that Da S became a 'movie star' when she acted in the movie "Silk" that made her star brighter. Silk was also recognized by the foreign and local media. But Da S likes to challenge her acting and became cautious with the script, and then she recieved the offer to act in a movie by Hong Kong Director Chan's "Connected" that let her suffer from many hardships in the movie, but her performance recieved high praises, and therefore hopes to be recognized in Golden Horse Awards. 

In Connected, Da S was kidnapped and locked up in a room. Director Chan asked the actors to be real, upon Da S own strict request, to not show any pity on Da S, and let her be strangle for real, because Da S wants to feel the real pain reflects on her expression in acting.

Da S understood her director's motive, and so to be able to set up her mood on being locked up, Da S stayed in the room even during breaks unless she goes to the bathroom. She would also eat there while the others were eating outside, she also said, "When filming, i would cry so hard, and also I'm a vegetarian so my strength is not enough, so my sister is also worried about me". However look at how Connected turned out, people have nothing but praises on her performance, her sacrifices indeed paid off.

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