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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jessica Hsuan's photoshoot for a Skincare brand

Jessica Hsuan recently has become the spokesperson for a skincare product in Mainland. Because she was busy in Hong Kong filming for new series "Just Love II", its quite difficult that she was able to take 2 days off to go to Mainland in order to do the costume fitting and shoot the ads. In order to accomodate the advertisers, the photo shoot was held in Guangzhou and the ads were printed at that date and location. The ads were filmed by Guangzhou Television.

Actually the spokesperson for this brand will have 4 different types of skincare products to advertise, so this time Jessica being able to collaborate with this skincare brand is fate. Also the person who invited Jessica to be the spokersperson is very satisfied and happy because Jessica accepted the invitation in the end. The day when they signed the contract, they discussed about the earnings for the 2 years, this made Jessica quite happy.

As for the photo shoot, it went smoothly. There were different backgrounds to show the brand's personality, including white, high class black and cute princess. The theme of the ad was a white colored background conveying natural and relaxation. Customers really like this set of ads, besides giving Jessica a decent amount of salary, also invest $10,000 to make other brands.

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