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Monday, August 25, 2008

Will Pan wants to SUE the typhoon!

The day before yesterday, Will Pan was in Hong Kong for his concert. His long time friend Eric was there to support him. Will Pan was very welcoming with the fans and took a lot of pictures. The crowd was very responsive and energetic. Sadly, the typhoon was a huge influence. He said if he could sue the typhoon he would!

When he got on the plane it stalled for thirty minutes, luckily he fell asleep during that time but when he woke up he asked the flight attendant "Are we there yet" but the the flight attendant said "We are still in Beijing." He had planed to visit other places before Hong Kong but due to the typhoon that was not an option. Some dancers were not even able to make it to Hong Kong so Will Pan couldn't even complete / perform his entire concert the way it was planned. He left off with how his nick name is "the sun king" so wherever he goes there will be sunshine!

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