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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fann Wong & Christopher Lee Nuptials Next Year

FANN Wong admits she has been 'lazy' in planning her marriage next year to her long-time boyfriend, actor Christopher Lee. But their wedding planner - hairstylist pal David Gan - couldn't wait and kept bugging them to draw up their guest list, so that he could start looking at venues for their big day.

On Monday evening, the celebrity couple got down to work. The 37-year-old actress told The New Paper that they started with colleagues, then went on to friends and family. But they got tired of trying to decide whom to invite and gave up after jotting down three pages of names. She said: 'We looked at each other and it was like, 'Since they went to Bhutan, let's go to the Himalayas.'

She was referring to Hong Kong celebrity couple Tony Leung and Carina Lau, who got hitched in Bhutan in a private ceremony for 100 guests on Monday. Was Fann joking? Or is she seriously thinking of having her wedding overseas?

'That's how we felt that night. But if the feeling persists and you don't hear anything from us by next year, it could happen,' she said.

So far, the star of the new drama serial The Defining Moment, which begins its run on 4Aug, does not have a dream wedding in mind. She just wants to make it a 'big party' that will leave behind 'pleasant memories'.


But she is certain that she wants a unique wedding gown that is different from all those she has worn in reel life. Earlier this year, she donned a gown for the movie Ah Long Pte Ltd.

Is Fann bold enough to wear a bikini for her wedding? Giggling, she replied: 'I'm worried there'll be too much nosebleed! And I'm scared of the cold.'

How about a beach wedding then? 'But I'm scared of heat too,' she exclaimed.

How picky! No wonder she's taking such a long time to plan her big day. They have not even decided on a wedding date yet, although she didn't seem to mind this suggestion: 9Sep. It would allow them to print 09/09/09 on their wedding cards and 9 is an auspicious number that signifies eternity when said in Mandarin.

'I won't put too much emphasis on dates, but my parents probably will.

'It's better if we pick a date that is difficult to remember, then I'll remember it but he won't,' she added with a mischievous smile.

Noticing her bare hands, this reporter asked Fann why she doesn't flaunt the $50,000 two-carat solitaire ring that Christopher had proposed to her with in February this year. 'I always forget it when I'm working,' she said with a hint of embarrassment. The ring is now kept in 'a very precious place' and she would wear it more often after her wedding.

On how prepared she is to become Mrs Lee, Fann declared unabashedly that she would be a '100 per cent world-best wife'. She's an expert at tidying the house and throwing away useless things, she proudly said.

But whether she will welcome Christopher home at the door depends on her mood. 'If I'm happy, I'll get the door for him. If not, I'll be lying in bed.'

Tao Zi says she is pregnant again

Taiwan entertainer Tao Ching-Ying (Tao Zi) attends a promotional event for a cord blood bank in Taipei on July 22, 2008. Tao, the mother of a two-year-old girl, confirmed at the event that she is three months pregnant with her second child.

Not batman or spiderman, Lee-Hom is music-man

Inspired by his favorite childhood heroes Batman and Spiderman, Taiwan-based singer and songwriter Lee-Hom Wang wants his upcoming concerts to give him an opportunity to become "Music-Man."

Wang announced the theme for his concerts, due to be held on September 19 and 20 at the Taipei Arena, in a press conference on Tuesday.

Strong visual effects will be a feature of the concerts, Wang told the Tungstar. Fans can expect to see the same stylistic displays found in Batman, Spiderman and even Superman, he says.

Asked who the enemy of his "Music-Man" incarnation is, Wang replied, "Piracy and people making bad music."

The singer will release a new album in September, and is expected to perform some of the new songs at the concerts.

Tickets opened Tuesday in hot demand, with the first show being sold out in just two hours, Tungstar reports.

Tony Leung and Carina Lau's marriage ceremonies and dinner party

Married in Bhutan yesterday

Tony Leung and Carina Lau have known each other for about 20 years,with more than 10 years dating each other. The couples have yesterday became husband and wife in Bhutan yesterday. The couples were being blessed by Lamas with high attainments and being greeted with wishes by more than a hundred guests. The scene is warm and touching.The newly weds have also promised to work hard for a baby,which made many of the guest present cheer and support.

12 carat diamond ring

Tony and Carina have ended more than 10 years of dating and have finally got into the next stage of life yesterday. The wedding ceremony took place in Bhutan's Uma Paro Hotel. It began at about 12 noon and ended at 5 in the afternoon,the ceremonies lasted 5 hours. Carina wore many outfits,which included a pink coloured Gucci evening gown,a traditional chinese dress,and a white tube dressed designed by Vera Wang. Her fingers wore a 12 carat diamond ring which is worth more than 10 million. Carina Lau look very elegant with outfits and jewelleries which worths a total of over 20 million Hong Kong Dollars.

Knelt on the floor to offer tea for their parents

The site of the wedding is mainly in white. The wedding ceremony is in 2 sections. The first section is a Buddhist blessing ceremony,while is being hosted by the 17th Krampa - Trinley Thaye Dorje (High attained Lama from Tibet). The Lamas chanted their prayers for about 2 hours,the process is strict and consecrated. The guests were each given a joss stick,a silk banner,a silk ribbon and a seven coloured string as offerings and tributes for the Lama. Carina wore traditional chinese dress,with jade bangles and knelt infront of the 17th Krampa together with Tony Leung. The both received the 17th Krampa's blessings while kneeling on the floor. After the ceremony,the pair of couples followed the chinese tradition, to kneel infront of their parents and offer tea.

The path of flowers

The second part of the ceremony is western styled.Under the melodious tune of the wedding music,Carina,in a wedding gown and walked down the path that is full of fresh flowers with Tony. Leading the newly weds to walk the flower paths were the daughters of Kenny Bee,Faye Wong and Sheung Shan Sze Na. While walking,they were wished and greeted by hundreds of guests,which included the prince of Bhutan and his wife. The couples and their parents were very touched and teary,but did not cry.

Establish a Fund to help the needy people

Tony and Carina told the guests during the wedding yesterday that they will work hard to get a baby. The guests cheered and supported. The couples have also announced that they hope to set up a Charity Fund,to help the people in needy. After the wedding ceremony ended in the afternoon,there was still a wedding dinner party in the night. It was rumoured that Kenny Bee played the guitar and Faye Wong sang during the happy occasion yesterday.

Kissing each other while cutting the cake

Although the sky rained twice while the wedding ceremony is taking place,the Bhutan people believed that raining during a wedding ceremony is a sign of blessing from the heavens. The rain stopped coincidentally while the newly weds are cutting the wedding cake at the outdoor area. The wedding cake is 5 tiers tall,while cutting the cake,Tony grabbed Carina's waist,looked at her with a sweet smile,and kissed her. The scene is very romantic.

Kenny Bee the last guest to arrive

Kenny Bee from Wynners have flown to Bhutan from Singapore,right after Wynners' concert ended. He was the last guest of the wedding party to arrive to Bhutan. Kenny Bee said "Carina have invited me from a phone call,i have brought a guitar to sing for the newly weds. I have waited long for this day. Seeing Tony saying goodbye to singlehood,i feel very happy for him. I have not married,maybe i will in the next 10 years."

Eric Tsang : Carina Lau is prepared to be a good wife and mother

Eric Tsang whom have introduced Bhutan's prince, Daso Tobgya Dorji to the couples,told the reporters in a phone interview yesterday. "Carina expressed her wishes to have her wedding photos taken in the palace while meeting the prince when he is in Hong Kong. The prince have agreed to the request instantly." Eric also said "Carina have invited a Lama with very high attainments to host the blessing ceremony.Carina is already mentally prepared to be a wife and a mother when she agreed to marry Tony Leung."

Reporters were given wedding cakes and breverages

Many reporters were in Bhutan to record one of the greatest wedding in the entertainment industry yesterday. To get the latest and best photographs of the wedding process,alot of reporters and paparazzis tried every possible ways to get the best camera angle. Bhutan was raining quite often yesterday,the rain was uncertain. The helpless reporters outdoors became cheerful when someone specially went to send them wedding

Carina's gifts of return

Carina have also prepared gifts of return to their guests. The gifts which is in the goodie bag included,a pair of chopsticks a photograph of the 17th Krampa autographed personally by himself,and a pouch made of pure silk with precious stones and silver inside. The gifts,prepared by Carina personally shows that she is very thoughtful to in planning.

Nine Dishes being served at the wedding dinner party

For the wedding dinner,Tony specially ordered and freighted the wedding cake from Thailand's Mandrin Oriental Hotel. He have also invited a chef from Thailand to prepare the wedding feast. It was said that both Tony and Carina chose the Italian Cuisine for the wedding dinner party. 9 dishes of food were served,which symbols a ever longlasting marriage. [長長久久]

Italian Cuisine

Although it is an Italian Cuisine dinner,no Italian Spaghettis were served in the dinner party,the dishes were rather plain but elegant. It includes olysters,lobster soup,loubster salad,beef cutlets,tuna fish,mushroom and cheese. The were 2 versions of desserts,one in chocolate flavour,the other,egg flavoured.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nan Quan Mama releasing new album, they put on old age makeup, Jay Chou says they're cool

Even though they've failed to win the Golden Melody Award's Best Group after being nominated three times in a row, their plans to release a new album have not been affected, in their upcoming new songs plus best selections album, the four of them are putting on old age makeup, they've become "Nan Quan Grandma", the excellent effect made Jay Chou, who trained them up, say "Cool"!

The first plugged song "Goodbye Childhood" for "Nan Quan Mama" echoes the main plugged song from their first album "Childhood", despite their record contract coming to an end, they still haven't revealed their future direction, but with this new songs plus best selections album they are announcing a stage of their musical path.

Jay Chou has written for "Nan Quan Mama", but unlike other artists who put Jay Chou's song as the main plugged song, "Nan Quan Mama" are still persisting with choosing their own written song to be the main plugged song.

For this album "Nan Quan Mama" put on old age makeup, their makeup was so detailed that they even had the effect of wrinkles, the funny thing was that Lara and Yuhao's eyes were too big, they had to put on some tape to make their eyes smaller, Dantou put on reading glasses and called himself "Grandpa Xing", Zhang Jie's old age makeup was the best looking one, everyone said "when he gets old he can join the setup at Taiwanese eight o'clock".

To the old age makeup of "Nan Quan Mama", after seeing them Jay Chou said "Cool! When Dantou gets old this look will suit him, the look of Lara's eyes when she's gotten old is very cool!"

"Nan Quan Mama" imagined after getting old, besides continuing playing music, what other dreams do they have? Among them Dantou's answer was the most silly, because he said: "After I get old, I'll take good care of Jay Chou".

Da S Afraid of gaining weight; Ariel Lin took over the role of a poor girl in the village

Noble posture and a high price tag, Da S has finally “Ti Dao Tei Ban” ! ( meet obstacle)
The GTV idol drama Love or Bread starring Da S and Joe Cheng replaced the female leading role that cast Da S by Ariel Lin. Da S cited the reason of schedule’s conflict with her movie’s project. Another speculation is that the character of the role she would play in the Love or Bread were way to “Villagers” that needed to only wear blue and white shoes and gain weight. Da S is not allowed herself to downgrade from the proclaimed princess to the character in the drama.

GTV drama will begin shooting in August. It has costumes set up and made the posters. Da S sudden dropout gave GTV headache. It was learned that the reasons for the dropout are the character of “Zhen Shan Mei”, a poor girl who only wears a pair of 20 bucks blue-white shoes and would knee down to count money on the ground. Upon hearing director Lin ask her to gain weight, Da S painfully consider to give up the role.

Ariel Chen is not afraid of being compared
Da S’s concern on the other hand is a challenge for Ariel Lin. GTV said that Ariel Lin was the first choice to be considered for the drama and later was replaced by Da S.

It seems that everything has retuned to how it was started. Afraid of being compared with Da S? Ariel Lin said “Every person will portray the character it his/her own way.” Da S’s agent replied “ Only because of conflict with her schedule. Shan Cai is also a character of “weed“. Da S will not pick on the role la”

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot Shot Breaks Record of Taiwanese Idol Dramas

At the moment it seems hard to get all three of the stars of Taiwan idol drama “Hot Shot,” Show Lo, Jerry Yan, and Chun Wu together, so the television station put an emphasis in merchandise, using $3 million NTD to design 40+ merchandise products, becoming the Taiwanese drama with the most merchandising in the history of idol dramas. Besides photos and video games(?), there are also all types of stationary, key chains, digital photo frames, and what they believe will be the best-selling, the bolster. The television station says that the price of the bolster has yet to be set, but they will probably auction if off in limited editions.

The television station had originally wanted to release bed sheets with the 3 main characters imprinted on them. But afterwards, the management of the three guys heard screaming from the fans, so they decided to release bolsters instead. A staff members said, “Being able to hug their idol to sleep, fans would probably be satisfied enough.”

“Hot Shot” is soon to air, and ever since the drama started filming, there has been tons of news from the media about the three’s fighting over being the main character, and now Jerry Yan is unable to attend the “Hot Shot” premiere, with clamor from netizens. “Yan-huggers” are complaining about how the television station is maltreating Jerry, “When the drama was first filmed, they should have known that he was going to go on promotions that fit into his schedule, so they shouldn’t say that he’s being uncompromising.” “Pig-huggers” are all extremely excited for Show’s magnificent performance, complimenting him about how he’s handsome and eye-catching.

Was Carina Lau's kidnapping by HK triads all a hoax?

Was Carina Lau's kidnapping by HK triads all a hoax?

IS HONG Kong actress Carina Lau's story about getting kidnapped by triad members a hoax?

That is the buzz in the Chinese entertainment media scene at the moment.

Even though the incident took place 18 years ago, the story is still generating a cauldron of emotions, ranging from sympathy to scepticism.

Lau had told novelist Eunice Lam about her run-in with triad members and that story was published last Friday in Chinese paper Nanfang Daily.

The actress spoke about her traumatic experience in April 1990, when she was kidnapped by triad members and photographed naked after she refused to act in amovie the triad was involved in.

In the interview, Lau, 42, said she was abducted as she was driving to actor Michael Miu Kiu Wai's house. She was forced to strip and was photographed nude before being released several hours later unhurt.

In 2002, pictures taken during the incident were leaked and one was published on the cover of a magazine, causing a sensation in Hong Kong's showbiz scene.

Lau later ended up shooting a film for free for her abductors.

But for detractors, the story seems a little dubious.

First, it came just before her wedding to long-time boyfriend Tony Leung, 46, in October - at a time when one would think Lau would not want any negative press to surround her.

Lau was also reportedly supposed to issue an official statement confirming all the facts in Ms Lam's story. That statement never arrived.

When contacted by the media, Lau's personal assistant confirmed that Lau had indeed been interviewed by Ms Lam, but could not comment as she had not been paying attention to the discussion.

Lau's management company, Project House Artist Management, said that they had not heard from Lau about releasing a statement.

Still, there are many showbiz veterans backing Lau up, applauding her decision to tell her side of the story.

Actress Sandra Ng, who was invited to Miu's house the night of Lau's kidnapping, says that every word is true.

"She is the daring woman of the century," said Ng, applauding Lau's decision to spill the beans.

"The fact that Lau is speaking up about the kidnapping proves she can now let go."

Actor Eric Tsang said: "She chose to reveal all before her wedding. That proves the hurt she suffered from the ordeal has finally been released."

As for news on her wedding, director Wong Kar-Wai is said to be acting as "chief curator" for the event, the Oriental Morning Post reported yesterday.

Leung also reportedly wanted to invite actress Maggie Cheung, but Lau, said to be in charge of most of the wedding details, is rumoured to have struck her off the list.

Leung and Cheung reportedly got very close in 1999 when they were shooting In The Mood For Love and again in 2001 when shooting Hero.

Da S watching K1 show with Vanness; Reconciliation with Zai Zai question

Da S yesterday sat next to Vanness watching K1 world show together Both with white T-shirt and jean, the two seems like a couple. As the show ended, Da S asked Vanness to hold the camera and take photo of her with the wrestler.

Asked if the two could be a couple, Da S denied and said : "Not possible...we have known each other since MG and are good friends."

Vanness also said “Impossible ! There are lots of good friends watching the show.”

However, the reporter asked Da S about the recent rumor of “Da Zai” reconciliation, Da S only said : " Will talk about it later,,,not now” .
Asked if her answer implied that the reconciliation with her former boyfriend Zai Zai is in process. Da S openly said “ You can”

The possibility of reconciliation has greatly increased.

Yesterday Zai Zai was filming B&W. His representative Zi said : "From the very beginning, never say never. But Zai Zai is filming B&W intensely and probably has no time thinking about love matters”

Monday, July 14, 2008

Handsome Chun Was Also Unlucky Chun Once

[2008.07.13]Handsome Chun Was Also Unlucky Chun Once

Looking at that practically flawless face of Wu Chun, terms that most people used in books to describe looks that were beautiful but soulless, such as “ruby-red lips, bright dark eyes and jade-like face” automatically came to mind. When seeing him for the first time, he looked like a typical new matinee idol. Slowly, his family background came to light. There were more opportunities for him to appear in front of the audience. Is this “beauty” truly “all looks but no inner substance”? From being cheated by friends in business to running two large fitness centers all by himself, despite coming from a rich family background and yet preferred to leave that all behind to be an actor and suffer endless rebukes from directors, how to break through the language barrier and from an idol lead man evolved into a martial actor…This person who was crowned by his fans as the Prince Charming of their dreams, his personal life was not perfect like a fairy tale. Through understanding his real life, perhaps we can tell whether the tranquility and subtlety he demonstrated was natural or intentionally suppressed.

Wu Chun came from an extremely rich family in Brunei. His father is the local land baron and his older uncle is one of the ten richest men in Brunei. Wu Chun went overseas for his formal education at 16 and at 24, became the owner of a large scale fitness center. At the same time, he was also a player for the Brunei national basketball team. He was, in a literal sense, a prince who lived in a castle. This type of lifestyle seemed to be without any worries or obstacles. He also admitted that during childhood, many things in his life was smooth sailing, even in taking exams, he had never failed. “When growing up, I had pretty good grades. When I was in my early teens, I started to like sports and dropped out of the top 3 spots in my class but my grades were still Ok up to university. I had never failed. As soon as you work hard, you will pass…oh but that does not mean with high marks.” This flower-like man that everything seemed to go smoothly his way was truly still at the growing-up stage of “Being young and not acquainted with worries”. He still was like a “well-behaved cub”. He added: “But in Brunei, there really was not much for entertainment. That’s probably why students are more focused on schoolwork. Normally I also love to play but I would insist on finishing my homework before going out. When attending university in Australia, I would often stay in the school by myself. I did not go to pub for drinks or anything like that. I don’t really like that kind place. Probably it is because my attitude is not that open.”

Unlucky Event #1
Cheated by Friend in Business Venture

Between the time of being an excellent student and basking in the glory after becoming famous, Wu Chun actually experienced several obstacles and blows. Speaking of the first labor pain in his life, it would be his first experience with going into business after his return to Brunei: “Before I opened the fitness center, I had opened an auto body shop with a very good friend. Because at that time, I was also working as a model, I was not involved in the shop. My friend had the full running of it. Through it all, I trusted him very much and so never asked him how many money was made. I felt embarrassed to ask and I was also afraid that he would thought I don’t trust him. One day, I did ask and only then I realized he had not been honest and had squandered all the money had the business had made. He said he would return the money to me at a later date. I was very angry, utterly disappointed in him. I withdrew all my investment, reclaimed everything that belonged to me and decided to go our separate ways. It is later that I decided to open a business on my own.” Pausing for a moment, Wu Chun said meaningfully: “So I tell you, if you go into a business with someone, don’t trust them too much. In a business, there are lots of questions that everyone must be cleared on. It is not to say that you should not trust your friends, it is just a better way of running a business together. This is one point that I only realized later.”

Unlucky Event #2
Mother Passing Away Too Soon

If betrayed by a friend was only the first obstacle in Wu Chun’s career, the passing of his mother from illness when he was in school was a much bigger blow. “Since the start, there were even more times when I was away from home. I did not have to time to be with my mother when I was in school. By the time I wanted to be with her, it was too late. This type of regret is not something money or anything else can buy back. It was smooth sailing for many little things but it is things that I placed the most importance on, the biggest things that have not been smooth.” The regret of “the child wanting to care but the parent is no longer around” led to Wu Chun spending more time with his family whenever he can. However faced with the opportunity of entering the business and becoming an artist, Wu Chun had struggled in his heart: “No matter how others discuss my family background, I know that I gave up and sacrificed a lot to enter into the business. Actually even now, I still have inner struggles. Is that worth it for me to leave home, enter the business and sacrifice the time that I can spend with my father? But it is also because the passing of my mother that made me wanting to challenge myself. I had always been afraid of performing. When I was young, going on stage to accept a trophy for winning basketball games, I was afraid. The more I was like that, the more I wanted to challenge the feeling of fear. It is this type of thinking that upheld my decision to enter the business and become an artist.”

Unlucky Event #3
Encountering Language Barrier

When first arrived in Taipei, Wu Chun who was not very familiar with the language must face yet another difficult barrier in his career. Although he was fluent in Malay and English but when it came to Minan and Mandarin, he must start afresh. “Before coming to Taiwan, I already have not spoken Chinese in 15 years. I also cannot understand when someone speaks too fast. I only know simple phrases like eating or drinking. In my first drama [Tokyo Juliet], I am already playing the male lead. There was great pressure. You know, there is a big difference between the leading role and a supporting role. In a supporter role, once you finish uttering your own lines, you are done. As the male lead, you are in almost every scene. There were many lines of dialogue. It was very difficult to act. At that time, I would even cry in secret. The first year was so tough that I did not want continue.” Because of the cultural and language differences, Wu Chun must work several times harder than others in acting performances.

Earlier when he was filming [Hana-Kimi], he saw Ella bind the loose pages of the script together into one book and he copied her method. To make reading it easier, he even printed out a script outline in English using his computer and taped it on the cover of the script. Everyone teased him about the thick book, saying that it looked more like a textbook than a drama script. When filming [Tokyo Juliet], in addition to attending pronunciation class, he even went into the office to practice reading newspaper and scripts aloud. All these efforts paid off as his Chinese, both spoken and reading, had improve tremendously.

Unlucky Event #4
Gruelling Training in Martial Arts Movie

After appearing in three dramas, [Toyko Juliet], [Hana-Kimi] and [Romantic Princess], Wu Chun invaded the big silver screen and gave his first Martial Arts performance in [Butterfly Lovers]. This is very different from idol drama which consisted of going to the beach to shoot the breeze and engage in love talks. For this movie, Wu Chun underwent intense training two months before the movie start shooting. Everyday, from basic stretching, boxing, swordplay to holding a stance, Wu Chun practiced non-stop and would cause Wu Chun to scream in pain and start tearing up. He also needed to practice the motion of swinging the sword 100 times daily, to the point that his hands would shake holding chopsticks at mealtimes. “This is my first Martial Arts movie and I really care about my performance in it. Each day I had to practice swordplay and martial moves. Each fighting scene took a week to film. It was me against a lot of people so I had to keep up my condition and also had to remember moves. It was very difficult. But the hardest thing was that this movie is a tragedy. Filming like this on a daily basis really affects the mood. In Shanghai, it was very hot in the daytime and very cold at night. That also made it difficult to adjust.

As filming officially started, he insisted against using a stunt double. The experience of one scene in which he was to jumped down from a three storey height still gave him the shivers in recollection. “Originally the director arranged a stunt double for me but I did not want that. So I asked the stuntman to demonstrate it once. Later when I climbed up and got into position, I then realized that it really was very high. I had never been afraid of games such as bugee jumping or roller coaster riding. In Las Vegas, there was a ride in which one spins around at the height of 70 storey and that did not scare me. But the feeling of falling face down during a fight scene was very different. You don’t know what would happen when you jump. I was a little scared at the time. In the end, I forced myself to jump.” Although doing a martial arts movie made Wu Chun exclaimed “I don’t want to do a costumed Martial Arts movie next time”, but “upon seeing the result after editing, it felt pretty awesome. Maybe I should make an attempt towards this direction.”

So Many Unlucky Events
Regarding Going Sole and Relying Only on Looks

Within FRH, the track record of Wu Chun is obviously not on the same level as the other three members. The rumor of “going solo” had never stopped. Wu Chun no longer insisted on “will not go solo”, instead he left a lot of leeway: “Actually right from the beginning, we all do acting job individually and come together to release albums. So there is never any talk of going solo. Each person has his own opportunities and direction focus.” Wu Chun had confirmed that he will not be doing any dramas this year in order to concentrate on preparing for concerts and doing movies. He denied that he will not be doing dramas because his asking price had increased dramatically. His words did not hide his plan of putting the focus of his work on making movies. “It really is because there is no time available in the second part of the year that I won’t be doing any dramas although I am very interested in doing action martial arts movies. As for TV dramas, if there is a good script, I still would do it.” When he first started, some audience described Wu Chun as “relying only on looks” because of his immature acting skills and overly handsome looks, how does he view himself today? Wu Chun went silent for a moment and then said: “Actually all along, I feel that I am not as what others think. I worked very hard to improve, to upgrade my acting skills, I have tried my best.”

Unlucky Event Turned Into A Good Thing
Described by Ah Sa as Having the Appetite of An Ox

In [Butterfly Lovers], Wu Chun collaborated with Ah Sa. The mandarin speaking ability of both of them is only so-so. This time, there is even classical Chinese and idioms. Wu Chun described that the most often used terms nowadays is “It is nothing” and “Well met, well met”. Wu Chun’s ferocious appetite is well known. Even Ah Sa, this female connoisseur of food, said that he has four stomachs like an ox. As soon as he stepped into a restaurant, his usual elegant manner disappeared. He would jumped up and chased after the waiters asking “where is the food, where is the food”. When the food arrived, he would then rush and make the waiter to bring rice, sometimes even went as far as going into the kitchen to help bring out the food. About this, Wu Chun said a bit shyly: “Actually it is not as exaggerated as that. I don’t have a big appetite but I can eat continuously. It is a hardship to go to different locations to film, so every city I go, I would find local dishes that are tasty and must try it all. This way I won’t have any regrets and won’t feel that I came to this city for nothing.” Wu Chun even revealed that he already planned to have a cooking competition with Ah Sa who loved to eat just as much. “Because the director also loved to eat, Ah Sa and I will compete cooking mash potato and the director will be the judge.” He even indicated confidently, “I think what I cook will taste better than hers.” How fancy can mash potato be? This Wu Chun would not elaborate. “That will depend on how you make it. I cannot tell you the recipe. What if she found out? Regardless, we will have a competition…this I insist.”

When Will the Blessed Event Happen
In Comparison Likes Ella More

In almost every drama, Wu Chun would have rumors with the female lead. From Ella, Angela Zhang to now Ah Sa who is “already spoken for”, each rumor was strong and intense, seemingly both real and illusory but Wu Chun had never let up and admit to any one of them, only insisted that they are all friends. “Ah Sa is a noisy and gregarious person. We both like to eat and thus became friends. Ella is also very outgoing and very approachable. Her type of no-big-deal personality makes it very easy for others to get along with her.” When asked further regarding Ella and Angela Zhang, these two different type of girls, which type he likes better, Wu Chun admitted indirectly with a bit of awkwardness that it would be Ella: “Her ability of becoming familiar within a few sentences, there is only one in a hundred.” Next, Wu Chun sighed in thought: “Having a relationship is not as easy as saying I want it, therefore I have it. If it comes out, perhaps we cannot even be friends. In that case, it is better to leave it at a safe distance.” What he said left a lot of room for the imagination.

Speaking of his opinion on love, Wu Chun said that he is like Liang Shan-Bo without any awkwardness, “I feel that love should be like that of Liang Shan-Bo and Zhu Ying-Tai. I can give up everything for her, even my life, because to find that someone you love is not easy.” As for the criteria for his future girlfriend, Wu Chu twice mentioned “sincere, unpretentious”, “I don’t have any requirement regarding appearance such as innocent looking type or hot chick type or whatever type. The most important is be unpretentious, has a kind heart, be sincere, make me willing to share everything with her. In the end, it is the feeling that is most important.”

Notes of the Interview: Approachable Attitude

The first time seeing Wu Chun was last April when he came to Guangzhou to promote [Hana-Kimi]. Ticket price was almost at $200 and yet people vied for it. Later at the press conference in preparation for interviews, that was when reporters from all media were sharpening their knives and that was also when one can best observe stars through little details. Wu Chun seemed very relaxed, peering left and right looking around with curiosity, even occasionally used Cantonese to greet everyone (although later in his blog, he said that he was very nervous because it was the first time he had to face so many reporters). Suddenly, he said to one photographer: “I have a top just like yours, from this brand too.” I guess this photographer had never met a star that have such an approachable attitude and was stunned momentarily without knowing how to respond.

This time interviewing him again and trying to “pretend familiarity”, used a friendly greeting, “Wu Chun, how are you? We met last year around this time. Don’t know if you remember.” I never expected him to respond. Never thought he would said cheerfully, “Right, last year’s [Hana-Kimi] promotion in Guangzhou.” I was surprised, “You remember?” He responded very quickly, “Yes, too bad I can’t go this year.” At the second interview, he even started with a “Hey, how is it going?”

I have seen many artists who are really cordially or just faking politeness. The greatest appeal of Wu Chun is that he is the naturally friendly and approachable person as described by his fans. If you can get one step closer to him, you would discover that he can make whoever he is talking feel relax and comfortable. While chatting, he suddenly asked me in curiosity whether I am taking notes as I am listening to him. Upon receiving his answer, he would exclaim in surprise: “That is awesome.” This type of attitude bears no relations to doing a promotion. It is really him being curious. Perhaps it is this curiosity that led him out of Brunei. Some Taiwanese artists would always posses a piece of the local market. He only entered the business for three years, but he has already step by step expanded the boundary of his career. Recently he even attempted to enter the realm of movies. Just on this point, he has the strategy and the foresight of a businessman. Call him a flaming star? Well, this flaming star may keep on burning for a long time to come yet.

David Tao: Jay Chou and I are different

Yesterday, David Tao the well known musician and the "godfather of R&B"appeared at Shenyang. For this journey he's not only being a judge to discover new singing talent but he also revealed his latest news.
David Tao expressed that he's still putting music at the centre of his work, apart from holding a concert in Mainland China, he'll be releasing a new album at the end of the year.

But, like Jay Chou, David Tao has a movie dream. He came into contact with movies when he was at university, he studied Psychology and treatment with films, so filming a movie has always been his dream. David Tao expressed, starting next year, he'll be moving the focus of his work, he'll be concentrating on cultivating his own movie domain. Due to the fact they are both good at R&B and Chinese style music, and now they both like movies, David Tao and Jay Chou are always compared. But, David Tao expressed, he and Jay Chou are different. "Me and Jay Chou, including Leehom Wang are musicians with different styles, even though we have competitions in the same market, but this kind of competition is good and it's normal."

Shin speaks highly of Jay Chou, rare genius every 50 years

Shin lost out on the Best Mandarin Male Singer at the Golden Melody Awards, but he wasn't discouraged by it, instead he thought that this year's big winner Jay Chou didn't win enough, he praised Jay Chou's "Secret" for being full of his personal style, at the end it only got two awards and he thought it was a bit of a pity.

He also praised Jay Chou and older generation Luo Da You as being musical genius' that only appear once every 50 years, they are both their era's respective representative. Shin always likes to hit high notes in his songs, it's hard to come by to have both the gentleness and strength to sing "Secret", he expressed that this song has both rock and Jay style, he highly recommends it, and it's a must sing at the KTV.

Jay Chou gives Jolin Tsai a private call to comfort her and encourage her to start her own company

Recently it's been rough for Jolin Tsai in both love and work, not only has her new album's release been suspended, but her relationship with Eddie Peng has ended due to his mother not approving. But, there has been news saying that her old love Jay Chou, who she had a public spat with over record sales, has privately called her to comfort her. Seeing as Jay Chou has grown even better since becoming a boss, plus Jay Chou has encouraged her to start her own company, at long last Jolin Tsai has decided before the end of December she'll invest 50 million yuan to start a company, she'll no longer let contracts become stumbling blocks in her career.

Tony Leung: Why I'm marrying Carina

HONG KONG - Actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai has revealed why he is finally marrying his girlfriend Carina Lau, saying they made the decision because of her father's death.

Hong Kong's most closely watched showbiz couple have been together for 19 years before he surprised everyone in February by saying that they would marry this year.
WAKE-UP CALL: On-off lovers Tony Leung and Carina Lau will finally get married this year after the death of Lau's father last year prompted the couple to want to speed things up.

He finally said why in a recent TV interview in Shanghai, in which he also gave a rare peek at his relationship with Lau.

'Why are we getting married this year? Possibly it's because Carina's father died last year,' Apple Daily quoted him as telling Chinese TV host Cao Kefan. 'She felt that while our families are around, we should let them witness what they ought to witness.'

Leung also revealed what made them tick as a couple. 'I'm more of a loner and quieter, with few friends.

'We're well-balanced as she's cheerful and has many friends. If you're alone for too long, you'd hope for some excitement but not too much.

'But after a while, when there's a meeting with many friends, I will feel happy. And it's fun.'

Asked if Lau regards him as her source of strength, he said: 'She looks strong but is inwardly weak.

'I am both strong outside and inside. We match. So when she feels confused about things and is perplexed, I will tell her not to worry.'

Asked how they sort out any squabbles, he revealed what may be the secret to their long-lasting relationship.

'I will avoid confrontation... calm down a bit and view the issue objectively. Life's too short to fret over things.'

Monday, July 7, 2008

Big winner at Golden Melody Awards, Jay Chou donates 400,000

After being separated for 6 years, Jay Chou has once again enjoyed the honour of winning 5 Golden Melody Awards (plus Vincent Fang's), yesterday he happily decided to donate his 400,000 he got as prize money for winning his 4 awards, he's using it as a prize draw for the workers, this made the 20 odd workers at JVR Music proud to have a boss like him.

Yesterday after Jay Chou returned to Taiwan in the evening, he went directly home to share his joy with his mother and family, after he came back to Taiwan, he will be throwing himself into the work for his new album this year, he's preparing to release it next month. On the night of the Golden Melody Awards, Jay Chou was faraway in Wenzhou, after the concert finished yesterday night, he found out he won 5 awards, he was super high and expressed: "Thank you to the fans, thank you to the judges, this time the judges have good vision!" In the middle of the concert Jay Chou sent over 20 text messages to Vincent Fang and Dantou, he was completely controlling to progress of the Golden Melody Awards in real time.

"HOT SHOT" Breaks Ten, Show Lo Will Swim In The Nude For Female Reporter To See

Yesterday, for his concert's Cruel Stage documentary LIVE DVD, Show Lo held his sole pre-order performance autograph session. With voting from his fans, Show won the poll, and at the autograph session, he was announced to have championed that poll. Seeing that accomplishment, the usually mischievous Show, had put that side away, and very earnestly thanked his fans and for their support, it's because of everyone's support that allows him to have his accomplishments of today. Since entering showbiz at 17, Show's entertainment career has suffered many undulations. Show, who had endured a trough of his career, was insecure of his future, not believing in his popular will be forever, thus, when it comes to his accomplishments and fans' support he will be extra cherishing of them.

The autograph session was held over the weekend at Shimen Ting. Under the scorching sun with temperatures in the 30s(ºC), Show was sweating profusely, but the very thoughtful Show always thinks about his fans, while he was singing and performing, he was wondering if his fans below were able to withstand such hot weather. Seeing how so many of his fans came to support him, even in the blistering sun, Show expressed that it was heart-wrenching.

At the autograph session, fellow artist Elva Hsiao, who had just released an album, was invited. Elva Hsiao also brought a little blessing gift, peach blossom tree, besides wishing for Show's concert DVD to have a great sell, but also hoping for Showto find some love in his busy schedule. The Dance King and Dance Queen meet, but they didn't dance together today, but they chose to give everyone some summer sweetness and sang "Bai Gei Ni [Defeated By You] - Defeat in Love." Having not sung it in a while, Elva couldn't help be peek at the lyric prompter on stage. After hearing that Elva peeked, Show very proudly said, "I didn't look at all!" When the mischievous Show saw Elva, he thought of all different ways to tease her, first holding her hand on stage and saying how comfortable it was, and then when taking pictures, he'd pose to kiss her, making her hide until there was no where to go.

The idol drama "Hot Shot" that Show Lo, Jerry Yan, Chun Wu are starring hadn't aired yet, but the news and commotion hadn't ever stopped. Firstly, rumoring that due to the uneven role emphasis of each so they weren't seeing eye to eye, then another saying how Jerry Yan was being arrogant and not compromising with drama promotions. Due to the constant news about Hot Shot, one of the leads, Show Lo thanked everyone for having focused so much on this drama. As for the promotions, he will be doing all he can with full force to compromise with the promoting. After saying this, it also implied that he doesn't agree with Jerry Yan's position of not compromising with promotions due to scheduling and what not.

In the entertainment industry, everyone wishes for their newly broadcast dramas get high TV ratings. One of the female reporters kept pressing questions asking if Show would be like Ethan, swimming in the nude [skinny dipping] for everyone to see, if his TV ratings broke 10? Show was pressured, so for the question he answered, "Okay, If the TV ratings break 10, I will swim in the nude just for you to see!" check-mating the female reporter, making everyone laugh.

TV screen’s [smooching] talking about marriage; Ariel Lin will marry when she is 30 years old

Do you need a reason to [kiss]? As long as it happens to a couple, one light kiss will always comes from intuition. It never needs to have a reason. Lin Yi Chen and Zheng Yuan Chang have been kissing more than hundredth times, but still not the same as having cupid shooting love arrows at their hearts, the warm lips no longer refreshing because both of their significant other still hasn’t appeared yet!

To Lin Yi Chen, [Kiss] is something that is very familiar to her, just as the same as the romantic adjective word of [Kiss] pinning to her plum lips, it is just a beautiful reflection. Yi Chen and her old partner Zheng Yuan Chang didn’t share enough kisses in [It Started With A Kiss], so they are coming back again with [They Kiss Again], kissed until their lips were numb, until their lips were cramp! But this romantic situation only happens because they were needed in the series, making [kiss] to become something that needs a lot of reasons.

Cupid hasn’t paid a visit to Yi Chen for quite a while already; all this while she feels that [Kiss doesn’t need a reason], at the moment her lips only remain the warmth coming from Zheng Yuan Chang and other actors. This has make her letting out a sorrow sighed. When talking about the action of [kissing], Yi Chen said: [Kissing is very important; it is a way to express trust, so to me it is very important!]

Falling in love with the feeling of her first kiss
Everyone still remember their first kiss? Did he or she bite your lips due to lack of experience? When talking about first kiss, Yi Chen also has her own story: [That time I was only 18 years old, has been dating my boyfriend for quite a while already, both of us have been treating each other with respect, don’t have much physical interaction, very Puppy Love. One day when I know that I am going to film a kissing scene, I feel that my first kiss shouldn’t be taken by someone that I don’t love so I just give out some unintentional signs to let him know about it, and then…… the feeling of the first kiss was very stun , same like being electrified!]

So [Kissing] to Yi Chen doesn’t need to have a reason, doesn’t have a specific time or location limits because the opposition (Ariel) is already well-prepared, could enjoy this sweet moment anytime, anywhere. Even though now Yi Chen is still single, but she still likes to hold on to those feelings. As people getting older, they tend to hope their love would reach another level. Although she still hasn’t found her (guy) yet, but she would really likes to get married and have children. About marriage, Yi Chen feels that: [Marriage requires a lot of steady criteria to compromise together. Also needs to allow that person to fully enter into your life, he would sure to accompany me and walked with me until the end; that will be very romantic!]

Perfection comes from a hands-on father
Yi Chen also said: [Dating is only a trail stage, marriage is confirmation, and it requires the life of 2 people to overlap together. Actually I really like to get married when I’m 30 years old, but I think this wish will be a bit hard to come true, because I still want to go study abroad.] Both ways are equally important, very hard to chose; but Yi Chen is actually a greedy girl, because she wants to have both: [If he could accompany me to study abroad then that will be the best, even if a child is born, I still could go to school, Lao Gong (Husband) could also take care of the baby; that will be perfect.] But, Yi Chen also said that she doesn’t know how to take care of children and also don’t know who to discipline them. Still having children is a stage when everyone should go through, so she feels that she will become a good mother in the future.

In [They Kiss Again], Yi Chen is still very silly, willing to give out all because of love. Because of [Lao Gong] Zheng Yuan Chang, she has enrol into nursing school. When asked about in her real life, whether she would change herself because of love? She said: [Honestly I am the girl version of Zhi Shu, I won’t changed myself just because my Lao Gong (husband) wants me to do something that I don’t like, and I am a very hard-headed person.]

He is a good kisser
[Xiao Zhong is a good kisser, his hands are very big, have a lot of security, Xiao Zhong is someone who is very good at making girls happy, very considerate. Xiao Zhong is also very fashionable, he has his own unique definition towards fashion plus he is very handsome, that’s why a lot of girls like him!]

Best Partners
Wu Chun is an aristocratic cook

[Wu Chun is someone who is very graceful, really giving out that aristocratic vibe. You might think he is very fit and so on but he actually really loves to eat, his cooking skills are very good, finds it really hard to believe!]

Hu Ge is very pure and generous
[Hu Ge is very good to his friends, he would often treat us meals, his personality is very pure. Won’t have doubts about his passion towards acting; he tends to strive for perfection.]

Jerry Yan is someone who would chose his time to be persistent
[I will be working with him very soon, to me he is a person who has high expectation towards himself, would choose when to be persistent, very looking forward to collaborate with him.]

Joe Cheng saving money to get married

Rose to fame because of [It Started With A Kiss], growing up because of [They Kiss Again], Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zhong) said as he continues to play this role, he himself has been growing up together with the character, gaining more and more life experience, he said: [From high school to university, becoming a doctor and getting married in the end, it was as if I have really married!] About his role as a doctor, Xiao Zhong said that even though it is just acting but because of this role, it has allowed him to understand more about the meaning of life. About [wife] Yi Chen, he smiles and said: [During the filming I do love Xiang Qin, is Xiang Qin not Yi Chen ah!]

The [They Kiss Again] started off with the romantic, passionate and long time span bed scene, Xiao Zhong said that during the filming of this scene, it was actually not as romantic as everyone has imagine: [During the filming the director was directly pointing: [Go closer, go close! Brush her hair a bit!] And so on, so it only needs to take 1 take to finished it! And that time was in the early morning, hasn't fully awake yet! So it was not romantic at all!]

Likes sweet kisses
Kissing Lin Yi Chen in the series for hundredth times already, Xiao Zhong’s evaluation marks for her [Kissing Skills] was [Not bad], then what about himself? Xiao Zhong laughing out loud and said: [Quite OK, I think!] About the title for [Best Kisser], he laughed and said he didn’t dare to accept it, he just like the feeling coming from the kissing, because he thinks that this is a very sweet way to express feelings. To the lovers this will be something that cannot be left out!

To our surprise, Xiao Zhong who is being admired by numerous fans was actually very good at having one sided love: [The people that I secretly like or having one sided love are very outstanding, so they already have boyfriends already, I don’t like to become the third party so until now I still don’t have a girlfriend.] Xiao Zhong said this characteristic is very similar to Zhi Shu, both of them don’t know how to express their feelings. So to him, his ideal significant other must be good in both inside and out. When asked which one is more important, physical appearance or the inside? He joked and said: [Both equally important! I am very greedy!] About the person who will hold hands with him for the rest of his life, he believes the main criteria will be [Sharing trust], [Having the feeling of love] and [Will lead him to have possessiveness], he points out that [possessiveness] is very important, because this is his way of showing his concern and love.

Happiness comes from Garden of Eden
Xiao Zhong is still waiting for chances and fate, when he meets the right person and at the right time, he will [make his move in full force]! He said that he won’t reveal his relationship to the public even if he has one, because it will create a lot of pressure. But if it was being found out, he will for sure to admit it willingly; while he will not get married secretly and while chose to announce it to the world.

Xiao Zhong who once described himself as [already has his first marriage], is full of fantasy about marriage. Marriage to him is very important, very sacred and also an action that show great amount of burden. Xiao Zhong said: [Because I am coming from a single parent family, so I have a high expectation toward marriage and it goes the same with family too, [home] must be the safest place, most comfortable and warm place.] He feels that currently he may not be a good husband and father: [Because I don’t have enough time, now I am concentrate fully on my work; but after I get married, I will try to arrange my time, so now I have to work very hard to get ready for the future!] Home to Xiao Zhong will be like the Garden of Eden: [Home is very important to me, my source of happiness comes from my family.]

Zhi Shu’s kissing partner will be Xiang Qin, but Xiao Zhong’s kissing partner is still vacant, are you the one who he has been waiting to bring back [home]?

She is very friendly and simple
[She is an actress who is very serious, professional and has high expectation, when I first approached her, due to her quietness, she will make you feel very distance but as you get to know her, you will realize that she is actually very friendly and simple. She is someone who is very easy to interact.] (Note: Joe must be talking about Ariel)

Best partner
Ever since Xiao Zhong has started off on acting, he has worked with quite a lot of actresses; he feels that every actress who he works with is a very good teacher, all of them able to give him different experience and feelings, allows him to gain all lot too!

Ella is straightforward and natural
[She is the actress of my first series, that time I have just started off, she has become my role model very easily and someone that I should learn from. She is equally straightforward in front and behind the camera, not fake at all. She also very good at caring and giving guidance her fans, I was very touched by this!]

Janine Chang is like a big silly girl
[She has this feeling of being a big silly girl, her physical appearance is like a classic beauty but doesn’t give out the feeling of hard to approach. When we meet each other she and I will have non-stop conversation, having a lot of topics; actually the real her will tend to make people to believe that she’s actually a big silly girl.]

Joe Cheng is not Jiang Zhi Shu

In 2005 [It Started With A Kiss] has allows Zheng Yuan Chang to has a secure seat among the Taiwan’s Idol Series leading male roles. Because the series has received high praises from places all around, Zheng Yuan Chang’s name has being known by the fans from places like China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and so on.

The success of [It Started With A Kiss] has to thank to the characters as well, Zheng Yuan Chang’s as the perfect “Jiang Zhi Shu”, has successfully redeem the real-live sorrow for all the females. But Zheng Yuan Chang is still Zheng Yuan Chang, he may not be as perfect as Jiang Zhi Shu but he is more real comparing to Jiang Zhi Shu and easier to talk with.

Followed the girl home
Since [It Started With A Kiss] was aired, “Jiang Zhi Shu” has become the ambassador of ideal lover in every female’s dreams; starting from 30 years and above to 13 years old; and they will uncontrollably imagining themselves as Lin Yi Chen’s “Yuan Xiang Qin”. Of course, this is only a series, having to play a character that is popular and smart but in reality when his love just started to blooms, he also did some silly things too; when thinking back about it, they are still really sweet.

“About 11 or 12 years old, I think! Once I followed a girl, who I had a crush, home. When the school has just ended, I will pretend to walk home with some friends, walking while chatting. By the time we arrived at her door, we will walk very slow, just like that! She didn’t notice me, after she goes into her house then I won’t be able to see anything at all!”

Plain can be crazy too
[It Started With A Kiss]’s “Yuan Xiang Qin”, because she can’t wait to share the lovely video between her and “Jiang Zhi Shu, she even requests the air hostess to change video, she wants to let all the passenger to “witness” their love, with this type of craziness behavior, it is almost same as hijacking the plane; but to Zheng Yuan Chang, his life is just plain and normal, by one simple gesture, will be enough to go crazy with it.

“Life is very plain; if it is just a slightly difference then it is enough to make people going crazy with it! I think that changing your daily habits because of someone, like changing your eating habits, your sleeping hours or even becoming sleepless because of the opposition; all these are already very crazy and of course I’ve done all of those things already!”

Didn’t dare to confess his love
Jiang Zhi Shu, a genius student, IQ200, wealthy family, handsome but living a life without having happy, angry, sad, joy and other feelings. Zheng Yuan Chang, Taiwanese’s popular male artist, body of a model, living his life in filming, promoting, filming…… Zheng Yuan Chang has make Jiang Zhi Shu alive but Zheng Yuan Chang is definitely not Jiang Zhi Shu.

“I am very different from Jiang Zhi Shu! Jiang Zhi Shu is a person who is cold on the outside and hot on the inside. I am the total opposite of him; I am hot on the outside and cold on the inside. The way we handle our communication skills are very different. Zhi Shu will speak one sentence, making the atmosphere to become very tense and left without leaving another word. He doesn’t care because he knows everything! I’m not; I don’t know about anything, my sense of knowing is very strong, so it is totally different from Zhi Shu’s coldness. If I want to point it out, then that will be the way he handles his feelings. We don’t really dare to express our feeling to the people we like, ah ah! Other than that, both of our personalities are a total opposite of each other.”

Developing feelings throughout the time
There’s an old saying about finding a wife who is virtuous, this phrase seems to apply unchanged for thousand of years. When asked Zheng Yuan Chang about whether he will marry a silly girl like Xiang Qin in real life? He said yes! But, she must at least have some good points.

“Actually in my real life, it will be hard to have the opportunity to meet someone like Xiang Qin. Very rare to come upon someone who don’t know how to cook a meal, ah ah! She has a lot of good points, if it will be like the series, a chance to live together, allows me to find out her good points slowly, I might fall in love with her, I believe in developing feelings throughout the time. Because Xiang Qin’s weakness is more noticeable than her good points, like she lost her way all the time! Forever unable to prepare a good meal! Forever having egg shells in her fried eggs! Her IQ is low, but her good point will be she is very persistent. Under this situation it will need time in order to develop feelings for her.

For sure Zhi Shu’s love for Xiang Qin is full of tolerance, the way Zhi Shu expressed his love for her will be finished eating the lunchbox that she has made for him. This is the inner self of him that nobody will be able to see.”

Imagining together forever
Idol series has actually fulfilled all the dreams that nobody could archived in real life. It has greatly fulfilled all the desire fantasy of the females’ hearts. So idol series must have a happy ending, it doesn’t allow to have any small disappointment. Jiang Zhi Shu and Yuan Xiang Qin was already a pair made in heaven since from the start, the series ends with “together forever”, “living happily ever after” these type of old fashion phrases but for sure they could be reused forever. But, the intellectual Zheng Yuan Chang said, together forever is not something that is inevitable.

“Together forever…… needs 2 people to work together, especially after getting married, if a problem appears, it must be solved by the 2 of them together. Actually together forever is a target that is very high to reach and totally full of fantasy. It will depend how the 2 of them will work hard to reach that goal. If today 1 person decided to stop moving forward or the progress of 1 person is not in pace with the other, then that road will be very difficult to move on. Together forever will need 2 people to support each other, holding hands and walked until the end.”

After the interview, taking the presents from the fans
While interviewing Zheng Yuan Chang, from the original 20minutes turning into 15minutes plus the “group interview” with Danson Tang, the average time for each of them will be 7minutes to answer my questions, having the duration like this, it was not even enough for people to do warm-up exercises. Maybe they have too much promotion events previously or maybe the appointment time was set too early, when Zheng Yuan Chang doesn’t have to answer questions, his eyes will be vacant, and tends to use his hands to support his chin, having his own thoughts. But when it was his turn to answer the question, he was able to give out a proper answer; this gesture is very similar to the cold Jiang Zhi Shu who knows everything.

Right when I stepped out from the hotel, I happen to come across the crewmember that were holding cupboard boxes in their hands, they laughed and said, these cupboard boxes will be used by the 2 idols to store their presents given by the fans, so that they could bring back to Taiwan. So right here, we could give out “don’t worry” news to the fans, all of your presents will follow them back to Taiwan or maybe placed in their home already.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng and Figaro Zheng talks about love

In a successful drama, idol + love triangle will forever = killer equation. (Translated literally, I think they mean the drama will always have killer ratings) Taiwanese idol drama They Kissed Again follows this equation hence the ratings were super high. But if this equation was used in the actor/actress’ real lives then that would cause a lot of trouble because of all the reporters out there. So what is Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin and Figaro Zheng’s love equation really like?

Ariel: I would pursue bravely for love because if you don’t do some things you might regret it later on. I remember when I was in high school I told a boy I liked him but we didn’t go out straight away because we made a deal, we’d officially date when we’re at university. Unfortunately we weren’t together for long and broke up. Maybe it’s because our lives and backgrounds were different to the high schooling times.

Figaro: I feel the same as Ariel, I’ll initiate when it comes to love. It’s like my character in the drama, if I see someone I like, even if she’s already taken or even married, I will strive for what I want unless they have a really good relationship. This is my opinion on the world of love.

A lot of pressure when revealing relationships
Joe: Even though I have a lot of different girls around me and a lot of them are my ideal partner because they are all outstanding but unfortunately most of them have boyfriends and I don’t want to be the third party. Right until now, I have not initiated yet and taken the first move. My love life is very relaxed, I sit there calmly and watch. But I’m actually waiting for the right time, once I know the one I like has broken up with their partner, I’ll take this chance to take action. I have not experienced love at first sight yet, I’m very greedy, my conditions consist of beauty as well as a good personality. When a girl confesses to me and I don’t like her I will sometimes be thinking “You’re so ugly, how can I go out with you” but I will only say to her “We’re not suitable for each other” to reject her, I’ll try my best to make them not feel bad. If I’m in a relationship I will definitely not reveal it, too much pressure, unless someone finds out, then I’ll openly admit. I will also admit if we plan to get married.

Figaro: I don’t mind being the third party, I because I enjoy the process of falling in love more than the result. Sometimes I really like the feeling of difficult love (淒美), I want to try it because I’ve never experienced it before, I’m always curious about it.

Not a normal relationship
Figaro: In the drama my character is a third party. At first I was worried my fans wouldn’t accept it. In the end I’ve thought it through, every drama has its main leads and supporting characters, can’t worry about how much I will get.

Ariel: The difference between They Kissed Again and the first part is that Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu get married. They are no longer in a typical relationship but XQ’s weak and easygoing personality is still present. In real life, my personality is not weak like XQ’s, it is actually like ZS’s a bit more, sentimental and not use to sharing their problems with others. But XQ and I do have similarities, we are both stubborn, once something is decided we won’t change our minds easily.

Joe: I also think Ariel is a very cool person, you could say she’s the female version of ZS, so when I was acting as ZS I would look at Ariel’s personality and act from that.

Figaro: No way! Ariel is very cute and attractive. When we were acting in the drama I was worried I would fall for her because we were always together. There was a moment where I really did feel like I fell in love with XQ but I understand we are only working together and she is also my female elder (師姐).

Heart was beating rapidly during bed scene
Joe: There was a bed scene in the drama where Ariel and I had to kiss from the balcony all the way to the bed. When we were filming that scene the director had to clear the room to avoid awkwardness, the only ones that were left were the director, cameraman and us two. It was very quiet at the time to a point where we could only hear our breathing. The director was always directing us so this bed scene did not feel romantic at all. Looking back at it does make my heart feel like its beating very fast though.

First kiss at 18
Ariel: Xiao Zong (Joe) is very caring, very willing to make girls happy and thinks of others. He is an expert kisser, plus he has big hands so he gives me a secure feeling. Kissing represents trust, it is very important to a girl. My first kiss was when I was 18, at the time I’ve been going out with a boy for a while, we were both well mannered, until I received a job where I had to do a kissing scene. At the time I hinted to my boyfriend that I wanted to give my first kiss to him and I wanted to experience the feeling of kissing. I felt very numb at that moment, it was like I got an electric shock.

Jay Chou Shunned This Year's Golden Melody Awards

In an evening that saw the comeback of big-name stars, Jay Chou (周杰倫) triumphed, picking up the Best Composer and Best Song awards for the single Blue and White Porcelain (青花瓷), which also won his long-term partner Vincent Fang (方文山) the title of Best Lyricist. Even Chou's music work for his directorial debut Secret (不能說的秘密) won big in the usually overlooked instrumental music categories, grabbing top honors in Best Composer and Best Album Producer sections.

The biggest surprise of the night was Karen Mok, who walked home with the Best Mandarin Album award.

The 19th Golden Melody Awards (第十 九屆金曲獎) took place at Taipei Arena (台北巨蛋) last night, with pop music awards handed out in a total of 23 categories chosen from among more than 100 nominees by a 33-member panel of judges after four rounds of jury meetings.

The nominees in this year's pop music categories contained many familiar faces. Jay Chou (周杰倫) garnered the most nominations including Best Song, Best Mandarin Album, Best Composer and Best Lyricist. Tanya Chua (蔡健雅) was another strong contender with seven nominations, followed by folk-rock band Sodagreen (蘇打綠) with six.

The coveted Best Band award went to last year's titleholder Sodagreen (蘇打綠), beating out all-girl rock band Cheery Boom (櫻桃幫) and the more experimental Hakka hip-hop outfit Kou Chou Ching (拷秋勤).

In the hotly contested Best Mandarin Female Singer category, Tanya Chua (蔡健雅) beat out strong contenders A-mei (張惠妹), Stefanie Sun (孫燕姿) and Fish Leong (梁靜茹) to walk away with the trophy. The Best Mandarin Male Singer went to Gary Tsao (曹格) from Malaysia.

Despite the large number of nominations for his album On the Run (我很忙), Chou did not attend the ceremony. The Chairman was busy touring China instead.

Among the best-dressed stars were members of pop-rock band Won Fu (旺福樂團), who might have started a new trend when they showed up decked out in retro disco era-duds. Karen Mok (莫文蔚) was, as always, easy on the eyes with her long legs and tasteful yet revealing dress.

Pop diva A-mei (張惠妹), unfortunately, ditched her tai mei (台妹) look and went for an unflattering all-black evening dress that made her look flat-chested and slightly chubby. Hong Kong's Eason Chan (陳奕迅) grabbed attention with a noticeably receding hairline.

The "Queen of Cute," Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) decided to adorn her wholesome good looks with a dull one-piece dress and black stockings, while Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) looked like she was trying too hard in a dress that resembled a pink-and-white knot.

Hip-hop outfit Da Mouth (大嘴巴) won for Best Singing Group category. When asked backstage how she felt about her group's winning the award for their debut album, Japanese starlet-turned-hip-hop artist Ai Sha (愛紗) said, "we are all in shock."

This year's jury was unusually keen on giving artists two awards. Not surprisingly, visually-impaired musician Hsiao Huang-ch

Karen Mok WenWei's Album Wins At the 19th Golden Melody Awards; Would Like To Get Married, But Hasn't Found a Match

The highly anticipated 19th Golden Melody Awards took place tonight; Karen Mok WenWei took home the award for Best Mandarin Album for her 拉活…/LIVE IS... While on stage accepting her award, Karen expressed that she would like to get married; however, during her interview backstage, she said that, while she certainly wished to be in love, she had not yet found a match.

Karen said that there was a certain "magic" to the Golden Melody Awards; after winning one, a person would only wish to win again and again. In discussing her plans for the future, Karen expressed that she would like to hold several concerts because she very much enjoys the feeling and rush that she gets from performing on stage.

Gary Cao Ge, who received the award for Best Male Mandarin Artist (Popular Music) , said that he was very lucky. With the support and help of many behind him, it didn't matter whether or not he won-- he would continue to work very hard and strive to bring Chinese music to the attention and reach of the entire world.

During her interview, Tanya Chua JianYa, who received the awards for Best Female Mandarin Artist (Popular Music) and Best Producer (Popular Music Album - Special Edition) simultaneously, said that her Best Producer Award was very much unexpected, but that she was very proud to "prove" that women could be successful producers as well.

19th Golden Melody Awards Program: Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, and Patty Hou Appear-- In a Different Way-- on the Same Stage

The 19th Golden Melody Awards were held tonight at 台北小巨蛋 Taipei Arena; the entertainment for the evening was both brilliant and abundant. The opening routine of the hosts was hilarious: Tao JingYing (TaoZi) cleverly appeared as Machi's oldest brother, Jeff Huang LiCheng, while Dee Hsu (Xiao S) dressed as Jay Chou JieLun, sister Barbie Hsu (Da S) appeared as Jolin Tsai YiLin, and Patty Hou PeiCen rounded out the group as A-mei Chang HuiMei. The "scandal" singers (Double J) thus appeared on stage together in a "different" way, and, together with the witty, comedic dialogue, raised the excitement and "atmosphere" of the audience.

The Golden Melody Awards ceremony typically garners a lot of attention and interest; this year, in addition to the comedic opening routine, the four hosts also imitated the Beatles, performing a purposely weird and exaggerated version of 歡樂年華 [Huan Le Nian Hua] [Age of Happiness].

The first performer of the evening was pop diva A-mei Chang HuiMei. Heading a band and a group of dancers, she performed 永遠的快樂 [Yong Yuan De Kuai Le] [A Happiness For Forever], 壞女孩 [Huai Nu Hai] [Bad Girl], Kiss, and 薇多利亞的秘密 [Wei Duo Li Ya De Mi Mi] [Victoria's Secret]. Wearing a wig, which was fashioned into a punkish updo, A-mei heat up the venue quickly, even exchanging a "Kiss" with one of her band members and bringing her own unique star quality and charm to the Golden Melody stage.

"City Piano Man" Daniel Powter then captivated the audience by performing several songs, singing soulfully while playing the piano. Johnny's Entertainment's Gokusen Trio presented a true-to-origins Japanese idol performance. The members did not forget to say in Mandarin, "We are very happy to be in Taiwan!" and "We really like Taiwan!," thus bringing them closer to their Taiwanese fans.

Yoga Lin YouJia and Aska Yang ZongWei, both singers of the "new" era, performed 天天想你 [Tian Tian Xiang Ni] [Think of You Every Day], 獨上西樓 [Du Shang Xi Lou] [Going Up to the Western Wing By Myself], 機場 [Ji Chang] [Airport], etc., to pay their respects and tribute to these deceased singers. Senior musicians also brought a few classics to the stage: Emil Chau HuaJian sang 明天我要嫁給你 [Ming Tian Wo Yao Jia Gei Ni] [Tomorrow, I Will Marry You], 羅大佑 Luo DaYou performed his own hit, 戀曲1980 [Lian Qu 1980] [1980 Love Song], and 李宗盛 Li ZongCheng sang 我是一隻小小鳥 [Wo Shi Yi Zhi Xiao Xiao Niao] [I Am a Little Bird].

While on stage, award presenter and Hakka artist 劉劭希 Liu ShaoXi complained, "Why are there no Hakka programs in this year's Golden Melody Award ceremony?" AZIO TV, which organized this year's event, explained that, every year, two out of three of the minority languages in Taiwan (MinNan or Hokkien, Hakka, and Native Taiwanese - Aboriginal) are represented in the evening's programs. The languages are rotated from ceremony to ceremony: last year, Hokkien and Haka were used; this year, an aboriginal language and Hokkien were used; next year, Hakka and an aboriginal language would be used.

3 in a row for Chinese Flower Pot, Vincent Fang overjoyed

Due to the fact Jay Chou was holding a concert in Wenzhou and the tickets had already been sold so he was unable to rush back to Taiwan to accept his awards, therefore Vincent Fang went onstage to accept them for him, in total he took home Best Song of the Year, Best Composer, Best Album Producer and Composer for Accompaniment Category, a total of 4 awards. Vincent Fang himself won Best Lyricist with the song "Chinese Flower Pot", it's made up for the work he has to do going on and off the stage accepting Jay's awards.

When Vincent Fang was accepting his award he thanked the organisers, judges, the people who have been by his side all this time, his family, and also Gu Xiao Li. He smiled saying: "This song Chinese Flower Pot got nominated for Best Composer, Best Song of the Year, Best Lyricist and Best Arranger, the other songs on the album didn't get nominated, might as well have released an EP!"

He revealed that one time he was in Singapore, he heard that there were youngsters that were learning Chinese for his lyrics, only then did he know pop music had universal value and penetration.

2008 19th GMAs Jay Chou wins Best Composer, "Chinese Flower Pot" wins Best Song

This year's GMAs officially started at 7 tonight, after the funny opening from the presenters, Rainie Yang and the popular Japanese group "GOKUSEN" went onstage together to present the award for "Best Composer of the Year in the Performance Category" which was won by Jay Chou's "Chinese Flower Pot", the "Best Performance Group in the Performance Category" was won by Big Mouth. Also Xiao An won Best Arrangement with Jolin Tsai's "Agent J".

When Vincent Fang went up to receive the "Best Composer Award" in place of Jay Chou he expressed that Jay Chou was holding a concert in Mainland China Wenzhou, due to the fact the plan for the concert and tickets sales were both made earlier than the date the GMAs got announced thus he couldn't attend, but Jay Chou is very thankful to the organisers and the judges, he stated Jay's words: "Should have just released Chinese Flower Pot as an EP".

The "Best Song of the Year in the Performance Category" was won by the song "Chinese Flower Pot" which was composed by Jay Chou and with lyrics by Vincent Fang.

Jay Chou and Vincent Fang won the following awards:
Performance Category-
Best Song of the Year: Chinese Flower Pot "On The Run" / JVR Music

Best Composer: Jay Chou / Chinese Flower Pot "On The Run" / JVR Music
Best Lyricist: Vincent Fang / Chinese Flower Pot "On The Run" / JVR Music

Accompaniment Category-

Best Album Producer: Jay Chou / Secret / JVR Music
Best Composer: Jay Chou, Terdsak Janpan / Piano Room "Secret" / JVR Music

This year's GMAs officially started at 7 tonight, after the funny opening from the presenters, Rainie Yang and the popular Japanese group "GOKUSEN" went onstage together to present the award for "Best Composer of the Year in the Performance Category" which was won by Jay Chou's "Chinese Flower Pot", the "Best Performance Group in the Performance Category" was won by Big Mouth. Also Xiao An won Best Arrangement with Jolin Tsai's "Agent J".

When Vincent Fang went up to receive the "Best Composer Award" in place of Jay Chou he expressed that Jay Chou was holding a concert in Mainland China Wenzhou, due to the fact the plan for the concert and tickets sales were both made earlier than the date the GMAs got announced thus he couldn't attend, but Jay Chou is very thankful to the organisers and the judges, he stated Jay's words: "Should have just released Chinese Flower Pot as an EP".

The "Best Song of the Year in the Performance Category" was won by the song "Chinese Flower Pot" which was composed by Jay Chou and with lyrics by Vincent Fang.

Jay Chou and Vincent Fang won the following awards:
Performance Category-
Best Song of the Year: Chinese Flower Pot "On The Run" / JVR Music

Best Composer: Jay Chou / Chinese Flower Pot "On The Run" / JVR Music
Best Lyricist: Vincent Fang / Chinese Flower Pot "On The Run" / JVR Music

Accompaniment Category-

Best Album Producer: Jay Chou / Secret / JVR Music
Best Composer: Jay Chou, Terdsak Janpan / Piano Room "Secret" / JVR Music

Gary Cao Is Crowned Best Male Mandarin Artist At 19th Golden Melody Awards; He Shouts, "I am a 'King of Songs!'"

Gary Cao Ge, nominated for Best Male Mandarin Artist (Popular Music) for the second time, was selected as the recipient of the prestigious honor for the 19th Golden Melody Awards.

Newly "crowned" Best Male Mandarin Artist (Popular Music) Gary Cao received the award from the hands of Eason Chan YiXun, who had also been nominated for Best Male Mandarin Artist. In his acceptance speech, he thanked all of his supporting fans, his friends, and his family. He especially thanked his girlfriend for clearing up the rumors and speculations that he was, in fact, gay.

Gary then performed his 起床歌 [Qi Chuang Ge] [The Wake-up Song]. Unable to contain his excitement and happiness over winning, he shouted, "I'm a 'King of Songs'!"

The nominees for Best Male Mandarin Artist (Popular Music) were Eason Chan YiXun for 認了吧/Admit It, Tank for 延長比賽/Keep Fighting, Shin for I Am Me, 楊培安 Yang PeiAn for 楊培安 II/Yang PeiAn II, Gary Cao Ge for Super Sunshine, and Khalil Fong DaTong for Wonderland未來/The Coming Wonderland.

19th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards 2008

Song of the Year
Company: 杰威爾音樂有限公司
Performer: Jay Chou

Mandarin Album of the Year
Company: 新力博德曼音樂娛樂股份有限公司
Performer: Karen Mok

Taiwanese Album of the Year
Company: 黑色吉他工作室
Performer: Hsiao Huang Chi

Hakka Album of the Year
Company: 貳樓音樂工作室
Performer: Huang Lian Yu

Aboriginal Album of the Year
Company: 詮釋音樂文化事業有限公司
Performer: IPay Buyci

Individual Awards

Best Composer
Jay Chou - 青花瓷

Best Lyricist
Vincent Fang - 青花瓷

Best Arranger
Xiao An - 特務J

Best Producer for an Album
Tanya Chua - Goodbye & Hello

Best Producer for a Song
Adia - 特務J

Best Mandarin Male Artist
Gary Cao - Super Sunshine

Best Taiwanese Male Artist
Hsiao Huang Chi - 真情歌

Best Mandarin Female Artist
Tanya Chua - Goodbye & Hello

Best Taiwanese Female Artist
Zhan Ya Man - 人生公路 深情海岸 專輯

Best Hakka Artist
Huang Lian Yu - 2007 BANANA

Best Aboriginal Artist
IPay Buyci - 依拜維吉

Best Band Award
Sodagreen - 無與倫比的美麗

Best Group (Vocalist Award)
Da Mouth - 大嘴巴同名專輯

New Artist Potential Award
Debbie Hsiao - 碩一碩的流浪地圖

Tanya Chua Takes Home Golden Melody Award for Best Female Mandarin Artist A Second Time

Tanya Chua JianYa, who received the 17th Golden Melody Award for Best Female Artist has ascended the "queen's throne" a second time, receiving the 19th Golden Melody Award for Best Female Mandarin Artist (Popular Music).

Tanya not only took home top honors for Best Female Mandarin Artist; her album, Good-bye and Hello, which was her first producing effort, received the award for Best Producer (Popular Music Album - Special Edition).

In her "Thank You" speech, Tanya expressed that it had been unimaginable that she could win the Golden Melody Award again. She thanked the judging panel and said that the award was a very, very big encouragement to her. Tanya's mother, who has always supported her behind-the-scenes, also attended this year's ceremony, lending her daughter encouragement and strength and, thus, sharing in her happiness and honor.

The 19th Golden Melody Awards were held tonight at 台北小巨蛋 Taipei Arena. The nominees for Best Female Mandarin Artist (Popular Music) were A-mei Chang HuiMei for STAR, Stefanie Sun YanZi for 逆光/Against the Light, Jasmine (Fish) Leong JingRu for 崇拜/J'Adore, Tanya Chua JianYa for Goodbye and Hello, Karen Mok WenWei for 拉活…/LIVE IS... , and Joi Chua ChunJia for 慶幸擁有/Rejoicing Is Ours.

Da Mouth Takes Home Best Group; Jay Chou Snaps Up Prize for Best Composer

The 19th Golden Melody Awards and Ceremony began officially at 7:00 P.M. tonight. After a comedic opening by the evening's hosts, Rainie Yang ChengLin and Japanese Johnny's Entertainment's Gokusen Trio stepped on stage together to present the award for this year's Best Composer (Vocal Music). Jay Chou JieLun was announced as the winner for his 青花瓷 [Qing Hua Ci] [Blue and White Porcelain]. Best Group (Vocal Music) went to Da Mouth.

The "DJ" and tongue-twisting rap combining style of new group Da Mouth earned top marks with this year's judges, enabling them to take home the prize for Best Group (Vocal Music). As Aisa Senda, the only female member of the group, delivered their "Thank You" speech, she said movingly that, because she was a foreigner, she was extremely grateful that they could win and had to thank everybody for their support.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Jay Chou's concert being held on Saturday, there's going to be traffic control at the city centre in Wenzhou

From 20:08 to 23:00 on the 5th of July, "M-Zone 2008 My Territory Jay Chou World Tour Wenzhou Concert" will be held at the sports centre in Wenzhou. In order to ensure the concert progresses without a hitch, in accordance to the 39th article of the "Chinese citizen traffic safety law", the traffic wardens in the city have decided to control traffic at the sports centre and surround roads in Wenzhou.

Time of traffic control: 17:30 to 23:00 on the 5ht of July 2008

Scope of traffic control:

1. The road facing the bus station by the west, the school road by south, Nam Ha road by the east, Wendy Road by north will be traffic controlled (not including the above mentioned roads);

2. The place by the side of the sports stadium (from the east of the road by the side of the fountain of the sports stadium, as far west to the entrance of the sports stadium), all private cars will be prohibited. A friendly reminder: due to the fact the car park at the sports stadium is very limited, citizens coming to watch should try not drive to the sports stadium; during the traffic control, please change roads early if you are driving on one of the roads by the side of the sports stadium, drivers please pay attention to the Wenzhou traffic radio for road information.

Show Lo Guests on “Kang Xi Lai Le” – Reveals That He Doesn’t Put On Make Up During Filming

Show “Xiao Zhu [Little Pig]” Lo, on the 2nd, made an appearance on CCTV’s Kang Xi Lai Le. His close friends came and revealed some secrets. Hosts Kevin Tsai Kang Yong and Dee “Xiao S” Shiu were interested in the rankings of Show Lo, Chun Wun, and Jerry Yan in “Hot Shot,” and some heated questions were asked, where even Show almost couldn’t handle!

Xiao S wanted Show to talk about the 3’s performance, Show laughed and said that his character is very alive, then Xiao S immediately read it as, “So you’re saying Jerry’s character is dead?” Then Kang Yong asked which of the 3 is the most handsome, Show quoted a staff member, “At first sight, all are eye-catching, but afterwards, you see that I’m cute, Chun is handsome, and Jerry is cool.” Then Xiao S thought of that to be “Chun is more handsome than Jerry.” Show was very helplessly reached out for a helping hand, “Xiao Gui, Help me pull out the knife that stabbed me.”

Show emphasized, that when he’s in idol dramas, he doesn’t go for “handsome” but rather, goes for “realistic.” So when he was filming “Corner with Love” he didn’t have make up on. Kang Yong then asked if Wu/Yan didn’t wear make up either, Show admitted, “They’ll cover up just a little.” Xiao S the mocked him, saying that he implied that Yan/Wu aren’t realistic during filming.

Show doesn’t wear make up when he films, and is renowned for keeping himself nice-looking. His hair is his restricted area, no one is allowed to touch it. Xiao S challenged herself and tried to use her hand to lift the bangs on his forehead, the two started with each other. Show revealed that hair spray/gel, half finger gloves, and light reflecting material are things in his life that he cannot be without. “If I dance without my gloves, the feel isn’t right. And a light reflecting cup can be used as a mirror.” Xiao S laughed and said that when he uses hair spray, he uses it as if it were bug spray and he was the cockroach. His hair is so stiff that when a fly flies into it, it can’t get ever get out again.

Source: NetEase

Show Lo Reveals Having Used Magic To Pick Up Chicks

Though he was said to have steered clear of girls, but when Show Lo guested on CCTV’s “Kang Xi Lai Le” yesterday for promotions, he uncovered himself of having been in an ambiguous relationship with a girl from outside of Showbiz, not only did he use the old strategy of magic tricks, he also continuously called her, the relationship was really sweet, no less than that with “good friend” Jolin Tsai. But then Kevin Tsai Kang Yong refuted and said, “You’re probably just making that up!”

Show straightforwardly said that this person was just a blue-collared worker. They started in a KTV. The girl was so quiet that she barely made conversation with Show, which actually triggered his “pick up” incentive, and made a sly move. After his magic move, the girl very willingly gave up her phone number.

Afterwards, the two started talking on the phone, but Show admitted, that because he was too busy, they just gradually died down. As for Show Lo, who was said to have steered clear of girls, Dee “Xiao S” Shiu and Kevin Tsai completely did not believe him, and said, “This is totally a ghost story, no one has met this girl, can it be that the girl is a ghost!”

Besides his complicated and confusing love life, Show is also very anal about people touching his hair, in other words, that’s his restricted area. And he has to use tons of hair spray so his hair would be stiff in place, to make sure that when he dances his hair won’t get messed up. Basically, Show has 2 things he has to have, a half finger gloves that he has to wear while he dances, and two, hair spray. Whenever or whichever way you see him, he has to be handsome and fashionable, even a girlfriend cannot easily "encroach."

Report from Korea: Tony Leung and Carina Lau to get married in Paris

Report from Korea: Tony Leung and Carina Lau to get married in Paris

Although Tony Leung and Carina Lau have been together for 19 years and had already announced their wedding plan, they are not giving much away. They kept the venue a secret and also asked their relatives to keep their mouths shut too. As a result, there have been numerous rumours regarding wedding dates and venues of the wedding.

Yesterday the media in Korea had joined in the rumours because Tony is now well known by the Koreans following "Red Cliff" and " Lust Caution". A Korean magazine reported " Ending 20 years marathon love story, Tony and Carina to get married soon". It also reported they will have the wedding in Paris.

Ray Lui 呂良偉 : Wedding day set for October

Good friend of Carina, Ray thought the wedding day was set for October. He is surprised now it has moved forward to July. He was going to invite Carina, Rosamund Kwan 關之琳 and Donnie Yen 甄子丹 to visit the Dujiang Dam area in the hope that the school would be rebuilt.

Tony Sun XieZhi Has New Love Rumors; Ding XiaoQin Says Too Busy, Didn't Think About It

Ding XiaoQin's boyfriend, Tony Sun XieZhi (of 5566) has been filming SETTV's 真情滿天下/True Love Is Everywhere recently, and love rumors of him and his co-star, Jade Chou YouTing, have surfaced. Ding XiaoQin, who just came back from a month-long stay in Japan, said, "I don't know what's happened, and... this doesn't have anything to do with me, right?"

The road to love for XieZhi and Ding XiaoQin has been rocky: although in love, the disapproving Sun MaMa stands between them, making their entire relationship and love affair both complicated and confusing. Ding XiaoQin's response to the recent rumors of "new love" for XieZhi was extremely out of character: "We're both really busy... busy to the point where we don't even have time to see each other. I won't waste time thinking about such maybe's and maybe not's." It sounds like they've broken up already, but what exactly is the current state of affairs? Ding XiaoQin refused to comment further.

Eddie Peng: I'm not anyone's rumoured boyfriend

Eddie Peng: I'm not anyone's rumoured boyfriend

"I think she is older than me."

Eddie Peng talked about his rumoured girlfriend Jolin Tsai with a serious face, however later on he added, "Nah... I was just kidding." He went to Shanghai's movie festival to promote Exit No. 6, and visited his mother's restaurant in Shanghai. His mother said, "Everybody who visited the restaurant is a customer, these two days Eddie brought a lot of actors and directors here, there are even fans."

Eddie's dramas include Chinese Paladin and the currently airing Honey and Clover. At the same time, he is also the main lead in Barbie Hsu's Love Audible Practice, and also starred in Xu Ke's new film, plus rumours with Jolin and Barbie, Eddie's career is on the rise.