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Monday, July 7, 2008

TV screen’s [smooching] talking about marriage; Ariel Lin will marry when she is 30 years old

Do you need a reason to [kiss]? As long as it happens to a couple, one light kiss will always comes from intuition. It never needs to have a reason. Lin Yi Chen and Zheng Yuan Chang have been kissing more than hundredth times, but still not the same as having cupid shooting love arrows at their hearts, the warm lips no longer refreshing because both of their significant other still hasn’t appeared yet!

To Lin Yi Chen, [Kiss] is something that is very familiar to her, just as the same as the romantic adjective word of [Kiss] pinning to her plum lips, it is just a beautiful reflection. Yi Chen and her old partner Zheng Yuan Chang didn’t share enough kisses in [It Started With A Kiss], so they are coming back again with [They Kiss Again], kissed until their lips were numb, until their lips were cramp! But this romantic situation only happens because they were needed in the series, making [kiss] to become something that needs a lot of reasons.

Cupid hasn’t paid a visit to Yi Chen for quite a while already; all this while she feels that [Kiss doesn’t need a reason], at the moment her lips only remain the warmth coming from Zheng Yuan Chang and other actors. This has make her letting out a sorrow sighed. When talking about the action of [kissing], Yi Chen said: [Kissing is very important; it is a way to express trust, so to me it is very important!]

Falling in love with the feeling of her first kiss
Everyone still remember their first kiss? Did he or she bite your lips due to lack of experience? When talking about first kiss, Yi Chen also has her own story: [That time I was only 18 years old, has been dating my boyfriend for quite a while already, both of us have been treating each other with respect, don’t have much physical interaction, very Puppy Love. One day when I know that I am going to film a kissing scene, I feel that my first kiss shouldn’t be taken by someone that I don’t love so I just give out some unintentional signs to let him know about it, and then…… the feeling of the first kiss was very stun , same like being electrified!]

So [Kissing] to Yi Chen doesn’t need to have a reason, doesn’t have a specific time or location limits because the opposition (Ariel) is already well-prepared, could enjoy this sweet moment anytime, anywhere. Even though now Yi Chen is still single, but she still likes to hold on to those feelings. As people getting older, they tend to hope their love would reach another level. Although she still hasn’t found her (guy) yet, but she would really likes to get married and have children. About marriage, Yi Chen feels that: [Marriage requires a lot of steady criteria to compromise together. Also needs to allow that person to fully enter into your life, he would sure to accompany me and walked with me until the end; that will be very romantic!]

Perfection comes from a hands-on father
Yi Chen also said: [Dating is only a trail stage, marriage is confirmation, and it requires the life of 2 people to overlap together. Actually I really like to get married when I’m 30 years old, but I think this wish will be a bit hard to come true, because I still want to go study abroad.] Both ways are equally important, very hard to chose; but Yi Chen is actually a greedy girl, because she wants to have both: [If he could accompany me to study abroad then that will be the best, even if a child is born, I still could go to school, Lao Gong (Husband) could also take care of the baby; that will be perfect.] But, Yi Chen also said that she doesn’t know how to take care of children and also don’t know who to discipline them. Still having children is a stage when everyone should go through, so she feels that she will become a good mother in the future.

In [They Kiss Again], Yi Chen is still very silly, willing to give out all because of love. Because of [Lao Gong] Zheng Yuan Chang, she has enrol into nursing school. When asked about in her real life, whether she would change herself because of love? She said: [Honestly I am the girl version of Zhi Shu, I won’t changed myself just because my Lao Gong (husband) wants me to do something that I don’t like, and I am a very hard-headed person.]

He is a good kisser
[Xiao Zhong is a good kisser, his hands are very big, have a lot of security, Xiao Zhong is someone who is very good at making girls happy, very considerate. Xiao Zhong is also very fashionable, he has his own unique definition towards fashion plus he is very handsome, that’s why a lot of girls like him!]

Best Partners
Wu Chun is an aristocratic cook

[Wu Chun is someone who is very graceful, really giving out that aristocratic vibe. You might think he is very fit and so on but he actually really loves to eat, his cooking skills are very good, finds it really hard to believe!]

Hu Ge is very pure and generous
[Hu Ge is very good to his friends, he would often treat us meals, his personality is very pure. Won’t have doubts about his passion towards acting; he tends to strive for perfection.]

Jerry Yan is someone who would chose his time to be persistent
[I will be working with him very soon, to me he is a person who has high expectation towards himself, would choose when to be persistent, very looking forward to collaborate with him.]

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