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Monday, July 7, 2008

Big winner at Golden Melody Awards, Jay Chou donates 400,000

After being separated for 6 years, Jay Chou has once again enjoyed the honour of winning 5 Golden Melody Awards (plus Vincent Fang's), yesterday he happily decided to donate his 400,000 he got as prize money for winning his 4 awards, he's using it as a prize draw for the workers, this made the 20 odd workers at JVR Music proud to have a boss like him.

Yesterday after Jay Chou returned to Taiwan in the evening, he went directly home to share his joy with his mother and family, after he came back to Taiwan, he will be throwing himself into the work for his new album this year, he's preparing to release it next month. On the night of the Golden Melody Awards, Jay Chou was faraway in Wenzhou, after the concert finished yesterday night, he found out he won 5 awards, he was super high and expressed: "Thank you to the fans, thank you to the judges, this time the judges have good vision!" In the middle of the concert Jay Chou sent over 20 text messages to Vincent Fang and Dantou, he was completely controlling to progress of the Golden Melody Awards in real time.

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