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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Karen Mok WenWei's Album Wins At the 19th Golden Melody Awards; Would Like To Get Married, But Hasn't Found a Match

The highly anticipated 19th Golden Melody Awards took place tonight; Karen Mok WenWei took home the award for Best Mandarin Album for her 拉活…/LIVE IS... While on stage accepting her award, Karen expressed that she would like to get married; however, during her interview backstage, she said that, while she certainly wished to be in love, she had not yet found a match.

Karen said that there was a certain "magic" to the Golden Melody Awards; after winning one, a person would only wish to win again and again. In discussing her plans for the future, Karen expressed that she would like to hold several concerts because she very much enjoys the feeling and rush that she gets from performing on stage.

Gary Cao Ge, who received the award for Best Male Mandarin Artist (Popular Music) , said that he was very lucky. With the support and help of many behind him, it didn't matter whether or not he won-- he would continue to work very hard and strive to bring Chinese music to the attention and reach of the entire world.

During her interview, Tanya Chua JianYa, who received the awards for Best Female Mandarin Artist (Popular Music) and Best Producer (Popular Music Album - Special Edition) simultaneously, said that her Best Producer Award was very much unexpected, but that she was very proud to "prove" that women could be successful producers as well.

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