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Monday, July 7, 2008

Joe Cheng saving money to get married

Rose to fame because of [It Started With A Kiss], growing up because of [They Kiss Again], Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zhong) said as he continues to play this role, he himself has been growing up together with the character, gaining more and more life experience, he said: [From high school to university, becoming a doctor and getting married in the end, it was as if I have really married!] About his role as a doctor, Xiao Zhong said that even though it is just acting but because of this role, it has allowed him to understand more about the meaning of life. About [wife] Yi Chen, he smiles and said: [During the filming I do love Xiang Qin, is Xiang Qin not Yi Chen ah!]

The [They Kiss Again] started off with the romantic, passionate and long time span bed scene, Xiao Zhong said that during the filming of this scene, it was actually not as romantic as everyone has imagine: [During the filming the director was directly pointing: [Go closer, go close! Brush her hair a bit!] And so on, so it only needs to take 1 take to finished it! And that time was in the early morning, hasn't fully awake yet! So it was not romantic at all!]

Likes sweet kisses
Kissing Lin Yi Chen in the series for hundredth times already, Xiao Zhong’s evaluation marks for her [Kissing Skills] was [Not bad], then what about himself? Xiao Zhong laughing out loud and said: [Quite OK, I think!] About the title for [Best Kisser], he laughed and said he didn’t dare to accept it, he just like the feeling coming from the kissing, because he thinks that this is a very sweet way to express feelings. To the lovers this will be something that cannot be left out!

To our surprise, Xiao Zhong who is being admired by numerous fans was actually very good at having one sided love: [The people that I secretly like or having one sided love are very outstanding, so they already have boyfriends already, I don’t like to become the third party so until now I still don’t have a girlfriend.] Xiao Zhong said this characteristic is very similar to Zhi Shu, both of them don’t know how to express their feelings. So to him, his ideal significant other must be good in both inside and out. When asked which one is more important, physical appearance or the inside? He joked and said: [Both equally important! I am very greedy!] About the person who will hold hands with him for the rest of his life, he believes the main criteria will be [Sharing trust], [Having the feeling of love] and [Will lead him to have possessiveness], he points out that [possessiveness] is very important, because this is his way of showing his concern and love.

Happiness comes from Garden of Eden
Xiao Zhong is still waiting for chances and fate, when he meets the right person and at the right time, he will [make his move in full force]! He said that he won’t reveal his relationship to the public even if he has one, because it will create a lot of pressure. But if it was being found out, he will for sure to admit it willingly; while he will not get married secretly and while chose to announce it to the world.

Xiao Zhong who once described himself as [already has his first marriage], is full of fantasy about marriage. Marriage to him is very important, very sacred and also an action that show great amount of burden. Xiao Zhong said: [Because I am coming from a single parent family, so I have a high expectation toward marriage and it goes the same with family too, [home] must be the safest place, most comfortable and warm place.] He feels that currently he may not be a good husband and father: [Because I don’t have enough time, now I am concentrate fully on my work; but after I get married, I will try to arrange my time, so now I have to work very hard to get ready for the future!] Home to Xiao Zhong will be like the Garden of Eden: [Home is very important to me, my source of happiness comes from my family.]

Zhi Shu’s kissing partner will be Xiang Qin, but Xiao Zhong’s kissing partner is still vacant, are you the one who he has been waiting to bring back [home]?

She is very friendly and simple
[She is an actress who is very serious, professional and has high expectation, when I first approached her, due to her quietness, she will make you feel very distance but as you get to know her, you will realize that she is actually very friendly and simple. She is someone who is very easy to interact.] (Note: Joe must be talking about Ariel)

Best partner
Ever since Xiao Zhong has started off on acting, he has worked with quite a lot of actresses; he feels that every actress who he works with is a very good teacher, all of them able to give him different experience and feelings, allows him to gain all lot too!

Ella is straightforward and natural
[She is the actress of my first series, that time I have just started off, she has become my role model very easily and someone that I should learn from. She is equally straightforward in front and behind the camera, not fake at all. She also very good at caring and giving guidance her fans, I was very touched by this!]

Janine Chang is like a big silly girl
[She has this feeling of being a big silly girl, her physical appearance is like a classic beauty but doesn’t give out the feeling of hard to approach. When we meet each other she and I will have non-stop conversation, having a lot of topics; actually the real her will tend to make people to believe that she’s actually a big silly girl.]

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