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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rainie Yang joined the entertainment circle when she was 16 to pay her family's 10 Million Dollar debt

Rainie Yang joined the entertainment circle when she was 16 to pay her family's 10 Million Dollar debt
Source: The Sun
Translated by: Firesheepy @

The day before yesterday, Rainie Yang was interviewed by the magazine about kinship, love and also her declaration of happiness. Rainie joined the entertainment circle when she was 16 to help pay the 10 Million dollars debt her family owed, but she didn’t feel that it was tough, but rather she was grateful for her mother to work a few jobs to feed the family in order not to let her sister and her suffer, last year after she finally cleared the debt, Rainie bought a big house for her mother to enjoy.

As for love, Rainie’s dream relationship is to be sweet and have sparks occasionally; she also wants her boyfriend to respect her job. As for her dream lover, Rainie disclosed that she really cares about look, thus her boyfriend must be handsome, and if possible, he must love himself, be mature, humorous, filial and intimate, just like a perfect man. As for her Rainie, she felt that ‘contented and happy’ is her declaration of happiness, Rainie is not a greedy girl, she is very contented with what she has, and if she sees that the person she loved is happy, she would feel very happy.

Show Luo french Kisses with Alice Ceng, Wife fans accuse him of having an affair.

Show Luo french Kisses with Alice Ceng, Wife fans accuse him of having an affair.
source: chinatimes
translated: JPOO @

羅志祥 Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) and 曾愷玹 Alice Ceng's kissing scene in show's new MV (搞笑) "Joking around" was way too over, the overly sentimental "french kiss" scene made the fans very angry and jealous, because in the past Xiao Zhu would call his fans his "wives" and he would call himself the "husband" never thought that these intimate names would give himself trouble, his fans called the kissing scene an affair, and last weekend when he had a concert in GuangZhou there was even a fan who wrote a big poster protesting, demanding show to not kiss Alice Ceng again!

In the middle of this year, Xiao Zhu and Alice Ceng collaborated in a shampoo advertisment, and now he asked her to starr in his MV and even gave his first MV kiss to her and their interactions were also very intimate.
From what we know, the day of kising scene, the sounds of them kissing were so loud even the staff surrounding them were embarrased just by listening, and in the MV you can also see how wild their spark is together.

Xiao Zhu's been in the industry for 10+ years but he's only had a kissing scene with 葉安婷Ye An Ting in 蘋果咬一口"Expect A Miracle" which was cut out and in "corner with love" with Da S but it was an innocent kiss which didn't make his fans have too big of a negative response. Xiao Zhu who has always acted disgusting as in the way of amusing was always in harmony with his "wife fans".

But this time, his fans made big posters protesting, and were also criticizing on the web, they keep on saying Xiao Zhu and Alice Ceng's french kiss was over the top! and he didn't even care one bit about his Luo wives' feelings, someone even suggested to pretend to be blind, and pretend that it never happened, now obviously after Xiao Zhu's one kiss it has made his "husband" status very unstable, towards this Xiao Zhu softly appeased and said that him and Alice Ceng are both professional actors, fans please don't think too much.

Joe Nieh's lover apologizes to Vivian Chow

Source: Yahoo Singapore, Channel News Asia

Miffty Zhang, girl involved in scandal with Hong Kong writer Joe Nieh, sent out a press release through her lawyer in Hong Kong on Monday, expressing her deepest apologies to everyone affected.

The scandal was exposed on tabloids when they were caught in passionate kisses at a nightspot and created a drama for Nieh's relationship with girlfriend Vivian Chow. Both Chow and Nieh announced their break up on Dec 11; four days after the photos were published. On Dec 18, Nieh surprise the public by announcing that he has successfully proposed to Chow and is currently amidst their wedding preparations.

In Zhang's press release, she said:

"The incident at Lam Kwai Fong happened about a fortnight ago. I am just a 22-year-old student who is in Hong Kong to pursue my studies. I am not a public figure and I cannot handle the fictitious reports and criticisms on various media. I chose to return home, reflected on my behavior and sought my family's opinion on the matter.

It seems that the matter lost control. Media fabricated stories and various blogs passed off my identity, conjuring untrue reports and messages, affecting my family, friends and school. I am deeply regretful for my actions or behavior which has brought pressure and trouble. On accepting my family and friends' advices, I am now facing up with responsibilities and hereby, I would like to express my sincere apologies and clarify the misunderstandings the public have of me. This will be my one and only response regarding the matter."

However, a Hong Kong weekly magazine reported that Zhang has been bombarding Nieh with SMS and phone calls after knowing that he has chosen to marry Chow. She also threatened to end her life if he continues with the wedding. To avoid staging a tragedy, Nieh has persuaded Chow to postpone their wedding.

Ayu confirms Kohaku appearance

The rehearsal for NHK's 59th Kohaku Uta Gassen took place on Monday. Ayumi Hamasaki was absent due to her injured right hand, but her agency announced that the injury won't be stopping her from appearing at Kohaku on Wednesday. Avex also confirmed that Hamasaki will still be doing her two countdown concerts at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hamasaki was reportedly determined to go through with her performances, and her doctor agreed to let her as long as she doesn't put too much strain on her hand.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jay Chou: want to put my songs forward to Jackie Chan, Jolin Tsai very Western flavour

Source: Sina

The "Music - Love" 2008 M. Music was held on the night of the 28th with many stars from all 3 regions participating. Backstage Jay Chou expressed that the ringtone he uses is the theme song to "Huo Yuan Jia", he's been using it for a while, because he has always liked the Chinese style.

When asked about whether he would write songs for Jackie Chan because Jackie said he admired Jay, Jay Chou said: "If I was to write a song for him I would write Dragon Fist. Because I like Chinese style, plus he's the leader in terms of martial arts in China, for my song to combine with his martial arts, if we get together we can attract foreigners to listen to Chinese music, because he's been abroad all this time. I would also consider writing movie songs for Jackie Chan, actually I've written many theme songs before, the theme song to "Beggar So 2" is written by me. I really want to get a chance to put myself forward to him, I might say to Jaycee Chan: Hey, make you father listen to my songs, it's Chinese style, very diao.
This article is translated by
Jay Chou expressed that this time he talked to Leehom Wang a lot of questions in terms of music "I think everyone should learn from each other's strengths, I'm very honoured at the high praise Jackie Chan has given me, if he wants to work with me I'm very happy to agree. But I'm just not very confident with my martial arts movies. But after filming "Beggar So 2" it's improved a lot, I've got confidence to go and try it out.

Leehom Wang worked on a song with Jane Zhang in his new album, has Jay Chou thought about working with a Mainland China artist, for example Chris Lee? Jay Chou said: "Before I've only worked with Fei Yu Qing. Because I'm very eccentric when it comes to making music, I'm used to doing my own thing, when I work with someone else I always like to meddle with them, so I'm scared of getting into arguments with others, so I rarely want to work with other artists. If it's someone I'm very familiar with such as Nan Quan Mama then we work well together. If it's acting in a film, I like playing the knight or hero in a martial arts or sci-fi movie."

Before Jolin Tsai has said she also likes to act in martial arts or sci-fi movies, would you work with her? "If it's Chinese style, of course I'm willing to work with her. I think Jolin Tsai has a lot of Western flavour, she's even more suitable for that old Shanghai style. For instance wearing Qipao or a Tang dress will be even more suitable." When asked if he wanted to work with Zhou Xun, Jay Chou said that originally they had a chance to collaborate in "Beggar So 2", but it's a pity they don't have any scenes together, he hopes that if they get a chance in the future they can work together, and try out the "double Chou group".

'Double J' unable to reconcile; Jolin Tsai collaborates with Leehom Wang

source: chinatimes
translated by: Sarah @

‘Double J’ has again become a hot topic; on the 28th, the 2008 Wireless Music Awards were held and Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai has once again sat on the throne for highest annual sales for the second consecutive year. The funny thing is, when Jackie Chan won ‘Best Loving Song’ for his song ‘Death Can’t Keep Us Apart’, he joked that even a person like him who can’t sing can get an award, Jay Chou and Leehom Wang should watch out!

Intially, Jay wanted to express his wish to work with Jackie through his son Jaycee Chan, but unexpectedly, the 2 met backstage at the awards, hence Jay expressed his wish to write songs for him, wanting to combine his Chinese style with Jackie’s martial arts, so to attract more foreigners to listen. When Jackie heard this, he was extremely surprised but happy and afterwards, he especially phoned Jay to ask him to be the vice chairman for his ‘Volunteer Foundation’, having equal status with Andy Lau.

Jay’s JVR company yesterday expressed: “Jay did receive Jackie’s phone call. Actually, he has long been sustaining various public welfare activities, so of course he has accepted Jackie’s invitation. In the future, Jay will focus on getting uneducated children back to school, and use his work status to offer love to children all over the world.”

On the night of the awards, Jay also met up with Leehom Wang backstage. Leehom joked: “We haven’t taken a photo together in 10 years!” forgetting that they had taken a photo together during ‘Secret’ s premiere last year.

Although ‘Double J’ were unable to get together as Jolin did not attend, she earlier collaborated with Leehom in a new shampoo ad. In the ad, the 2 play pool together, under the guidance of Hong Kong champion Ye Yun Han. Jolin laughed saying: “I give 100 points for Leehom’s handsome posture, but his accuracy does not differ too much from mine!” This ad tells of Jolin being an expert pool player, but she gets Leehom to teach her, so to create an opportunity for close interactions. Jolin expressed that sometimes, pretending to be a little girl that doesn’t know anything will give guys a feeling of wanting to be protected, and girls using this method will often be successful.

Magazine report claims Joe Nieh is forced to postpone his wedding date due to death threats from Miffty Zhang

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: Matchbox @
While Joe Nieh held hands with Vivian Chow in high profile and showed that they are happy. Third party Miffty Zhang still didn't give up and sent death threats to him. Today Hong Kong's magazine "Oriental Sunday" published a report that stated in order to avoid any tragedy from happening that Joe and Vivian decided to postpone their wedding date.

"Oriental Sunday" reported that Joe (Nicknamed tumour) and Vivian (Crazy in love V) will still have many arguments because Miffty is having an emotional breakdown. She attempted to commit sucide by cutting her wrist twice and even sent death threats to Joe that stated "Come and see me, talk to me." The shocking sentence was "When I'm gone you can send me lillies." This line gave out a threatening message.

The magazine reported that Miffty had constantly been calling Joe on the phone to find out what was going on, however was only transferred to his mail box. This made her go mad and sent threatening SMS messages in order for him to return her calls. A friend revealed "When Joe saw Miffty's threatening messages of wanting to die due to love, he found it very scary. If anything happens and it causes a loss of life then it will be really hard to deal with in the future."

As well as having to consider delaying the wedding date to avoid Miffty's actions, he also ordered a pair of "Tiffany" silver wedding rings so that he could appease both sides.

Jackie Chan: No matter who sings, he/she would still be awarded; Appreciates Jay Chou & Wang Leehom the most

Jackie Chan: No matter who sings, he/she would still be awarded; Appreciates Jay Chou & Wang Leehom the most
Source: Sina
Date: Sunday December 28, 2008
Translated by Initial E @
On the 28th, the '2008 Wireless Music Awards' was held in the Beijing Workers Stadium, with top singers from all parts of China attending it. Big Brother Jackie Chan's (成龙) presence was the highlight of the night. Backstage, he accepted interviews from the media.

Jackie expressed: "To tell you the truth, when I got the invitation to come, I was very surprised. This is the first time in 15 or 16 years that I've been to a music event. Right now my ringtone is 'Believe Yourself' (相信自己), before this I've used 'Legend' (神话) and 'Chain of Life and Death' (生死不离), all my songs (laughs). I am not a singer, many of the invitations I've received are all foreign, and I've never been to them. One of my more popular songs last time was 'Understand My Heart', but that was a long time ago." He humbly expressed that no matter who it was that sang 'Chain of Life and Death', it would still get recognition, because anyone would get touched by it during the time of the disaster.

Asked about his appointment as Vice-Chairman of the Film Society and his views on the future of movies, Jackie said: "I only got to know the news yesterday when I stepped off the airplane. I have very big confidence in China's movies. These few years, China's movies have been growing more than 30-40%. However, if we could alter the price for those in farms and second-rate cities, it would be even better as more people would be able to watch them. It will also be more suitable to release the DVD of the movie a few months after it premieres. But right now more and more people are visiting the cinemas, so there is a rather bright future ahead."

Who are the singers that Jackie appreciates the most? "The male singers I appreciate most are Wang Leehom (王力宏) and Jay Chou (周杰伦), and I really want to work together with them, because they have so much talent - they can play the piano so well, write songs, sing... all-rounded. They are the outstanding ones in the new generation of singers, hence I want to work with them. If I want to film a new movie, I would also want to work with the two of them."

Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Wireless Music Awards; Jackie Chan & Jay Chou praise each other

source: QQ
translated by: Sarah @

Yesterday, the ‘Music-Love’ 2008 Wireless Music Awards were held in Beijing and Jay Chou won 3 big awards – ‘Best-Selling Film Song’, ‘Best Singer-Songwriter’ and ‘Best-Selling Male Singer’. And his previous rumoured girlfriend won ‘Best-Selling Female Singer’ with 16163451 downlaods. However, she did not attend the awards ceremony, and this ‘golden couple’ missed out on the chance to be nostage together.

Busy: Jackie Chan & Leehom Wang rushing to attend events

On the night of the awards, many stars were gathered together, such as Jackie Chan, Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, Karen Mok, Li Yu Chun, Jane Zhang, S.H.E, Wilber Pan and other artists. Good things come in bunches, big-time stars rarely have the opportunity to come to Beijing, naturally their schedule is very full.

When Jackie Chan arrived in Beijing yesterday morning, he immediately rushed to attend ‘Volunteers – True Yao Zhong Hua’ charity event and he personally donated $1,000,000. At night, he attended the awards ceremony and competed for awards against the younger generation. When he accepted his ‘Most Loving Song’, Jackie laughed saying: “Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, watch out!” On the other side, Leehom Wang lost count of the number of events he attended that day. In the afternoon, he held a fan-meet event to promote for his new album, however even when he accepted an interview, he appeared to be very weak and tired. At night, he then had to attend the awards ceremony, but he accepted his awards in high spirts; evidently his professionalism can be seen.

Praise: Stars flatter each other

At night, during interviews with various artists, when talking about the singers they most admire, the names Jay Chou, Leehom Wang and Jane Zhang seemed to be a common answer, even big brother Jackie Chan was not an exception: “The male singers I most admire is Leehom Wang and Jay Chou. I really wish I can have the chance to work with them, because they have a lot of talent, can play piano, compose, sing, very all-rounded. Even for films, I will want to work with them.”

Coming from the new generation of Chinese singers, Jane Zhang was the artist, which people most wish to work with from mainland China. Leehom Wang and Wilber Pan also both expressed their admiration for Jane, and they hope to have the chance to work with her. When asked about his impression of Jane, Leehom replied: “Because I really like her songs, the first time I heard her song was in ‘Impression West Lake’. And Wilber said that Jane is a very good singer, and he hopes to have the opportunity to work with her.

Diao: Jay Chou wants to write song for Jackie Chan

Jay Chou says: “If I write a song for Jackie, then I will write ‘Dragon Fist’.”

Jay expressed that he himself really likes Chinese style, and since Jackie is the leader of martial arts in China, “my song and his martial arts can combine together, and we can attract a lot of foreigners to listen to Chinese music, since he’s always overseas.” I would also consider writing a film song for Jackie, actually I’ve written many film songs in the past, like the theme song in‘Beggar So 2’is written by me. I really wish to find the opportunity to recommend myself to him. Maybe I should say to his son Jaycee: “Hey, tell your father to listen to my songs, it’s Chinese style, very diao.”

Mike He and Joe Cheng both appear like strangers

Mike He and Joe Cheng both appear like strangers
Source: hoonews
Translated by: indescribable @
The 28th is Mike He (Xiao Mei)'s 25th birthday, yet he still has to spend it at work, filming a commercial with good friend Joe Cheng (Xiao Zhong) and Chen Qiao En at Taipei's Yehliu coast. This is Xiao Mei and Xiao Zhong’s first collaboration after their past 'Brokeback' situation. They and Chen Qiao En went very early in the morning to Yehliu; the story is that Xiao Zhong drives a convertible sports car first, carrying Chen Qiao En, and Xiao Mei rides a motorcycle, then the three play together in the sand on the beach.

Hong Kong's [Sing Tao Daily] reported that from what was seen on the scene, Chen Qiao En deliberately gave Xiao Zhong the cold shoulder, but chatted and could not stop laughing with Xiao Mei, leaving Xiao Zhong no other choice but to play on his own at the side, looking depressed. There are rumours that Xiao Mei's pay for filming the commercial is up to $8,700,000NT, higher than Xiao Zhong's $5,800,000NT, but the duo denied that they were not getting along well because of this, and also emphasized that they do not know each other's salaries. When the topic of the two's thinning friendship was brought up, Xiao Zhong's manager He An Li explained that because the filming schedule is very packed, during break times everyone would return to their own cars to rest, so there is no opportunity to chat. The manager of Xiao Mei also indicated that they also took the advantage of the opportunities to chat; there is no discord at all.

S.H.E Recalled Experience of Fooled by Ringtone Listed Mainland Artist They Most Wanted to Work With

On December 28th, top singers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China gathered at the Workers’ Sports Center in Beijing for the 2008 Wireless Music Award. Backstage, Sina interviewed S.H.E.

All three members of S.H.E indicated that they liked using ringtones. Most of their ringtones were their own songs and they would request their families and staff members to use ringtones to promote their songs. Ella said: [The ringtone my father uses is the song I wrote “Wifey”. I feel so happy each time I call and hear this song. My own ringtones are “Face to Face” by Sandy Lam, and our own “Say you Love Me”.] Hebe’s ringtone was a song by Norah Jones because she liked the feeling of jazz music. Selina’s ringtone was “Still Would Be Lonely”.

Ella even described an interesting experience on the spot: [I have a good friend who uses a very funny ringtone that says “Hello, I am Jay Chou” and it really was Jay Chou’s voice. It made me wonder every time why it would be Jay’s voice. Actually it was from a recording my friend had made and even though I knew that, but I still was fooled each time.]

When asked if they would like to collaborate with artists from mainland China, S.H.E expressed that there were many mainland Chinese artists that they liked. Selina said she had paid special attention to Chen Chu-sheng, really admired his vocals and all aspects of his talent and felt that his singing sounded very nice. Hebe said that she liked Jane Zhang Liang-ying’s voice and kept praising that [Drawing Heart] was a really good song. Hebe revealed that she most wanted to be able to collaborate with Faye Wong, however, she did not know whether such a chance would still be possible. Ella said that she most wished to collaborate with Han Hong: [Her vocal range is very high and mine is very low, so the effect would be very interesting. Selina had previously collaborated with Leehom Wang. If in mainland China, we most wanted to work with Anson Hu Yan Bin, because we are very good friends with Anson Hu, know him very well, so well that we call him “Little Bin Bin”.]

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and
original source :

Wang LeeHom Takes Advantage of Father's Free Time; Asks Him To Help Him Lyricize

Wang LeeHom Takes Advantage of Father's Free Time; Asks Him To Help Him Lyricize
Date: December 28, 2008
News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, ChinaTimes,
Translation Credit: tammiest @
Wang LeeHom just finished a 12-hour trip, flying from Taipei to Shanghai, and then to Hong Kong, holding album release press conferences in all three places. On the 27th, he returned to Taipei and held an autograph concert at Xi Men Ding. He's certainly been traveling non-stop!

At the autograph concert, LeeHom performed his new song, 春雨洗過的太陽 [Chun Yu Xi Guo De Tai Yang] [The Sun, Cleansed by The Spring Rain]. He explained that this song, following 搖滾怎麼了!! [Yao Gun Zen Me Le!!] [Rock 'n' Roll What's Wrong With Me!?] is the second time he has collaborated with his own father. In his opinion, his father's Chinese is extremely good-- it's just that, in the past, his father was too busy. Now that LeeHom's younger brother has graduated from college, his father has much more free time. Thus, he was able to persuade his father to help him lyricize. When asked whether or not he would revise or alter his father's work,LeeHom laughed and said, "If necessary, I'll still revise it a little."

2008 Wireless Music Award Recipients

Awards for the Songs Category:

Best Selling Film Music:
Jay Chou's 周杰伦 [Rainbow 彩虹], downloaded 2739206 times

Best Selling Duet:
Wang Leehom 王力宏 & Selina's [You're the Song of my Heart 你是我心里的一首歌]
2008 Wireless Music Award Recipients
Source: Jay CN
Date: Sunday December 28, 2008
Translated by Initial E @
Best Selling Hip-Hop Song:
Wilber Pan's 潘玮柏 [Playing Cool 玩酷], downloaded 656088 times

Best Selling Rock Song:
Wang Leehom's [Change Myself 改变自己], downloaded 1296800 times

Best Selling Sentimental Song:
Chen Chu Sheng's 陈楚生 [Has Anyone Told You 有没有人告诉你], downloaded 16564460 times

Best Selling Title Track:
Guang Liang's 光良 [Left Side 右手边], downloaded 3762369 times

Best Selling Debut Album:
Li Yu Chun's 李宇春 [China Youth 少年中国], downloaded 2028549 times

Song with Most Love:
Jackie Chan's 成龙 [Chain of Life and Death 生死不离], downloaded (for free) 174691 times

Best Selling Single:
Liu Huan 刘欢 & Sarah Brightman's [Me and You 我和你], downloaded 11455314 times

Most Influential Olympics Theme Songs:
Xiao Ke & Lin Xiang's 小柯、林夕 [Bejing Welcomes You 北京欢迎你]
Huang Xiao Mao & Chris Babida's 黄小茂、鲍比达 [Ignite Passion 点燃激情]
Peter Kim & Chen Shaoqi's 金培达、陈少琪 [We Are Ready]
Chen Qigang's 陈其钢 [Me And You 我和你]
Lin Xiang's 林夕 [I Am A Star 我是明星]

Awards for the Singers Category:

Male Newcomer with Best Potential:
Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾, downloaded 1708498 times

Female Newcomer with Best Potential:
Joanna Wang 王若琳, downloaded 561784 times

Most Popular Cross-Border Singer:
Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明, downloaded 137001 times

Most Popular Male Singer:
Wilber Pan 潘玮柏, downloaded 684565 times

Most Popular Female Singer:
Jane Zhang 张靓颖, downloaded 548839 times

Most Popular Singing Group:
S.H.E, downloaded 290574 times

Singer with Most Downloads:
Wang Leehom 王力宏, downloaded 563181 times

Best Singer-Songwriter:
Jay Chou 周杰伦, downloaded 35719873 times

Best Selling Male Singer:
Jay Chou 周杰伦, downloaded 35719873 times

Best Selling Female Singer:
Jolin Tsai 蔡依林, downloaded 16163451 times

Best Selling Group:
S.H.E, downloaded 14000665 times

Outstanding Singers for Olympics Promotion:
Jackie Chan (成龙), Andy Lau (刘德华), Liu Huan (刘欢), Karen Mok (莫文蔚), Sun Nan (孙楠), Tan Jing (谭晶), Wang Feng (汪峰), Emil Chau (周华健), Jay Chou (周杰伦)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mike He is concern about his wardrobe; doesn’t want to lose to Joe Cheng

Source: Appledaily
Translated by:
Mike He (Xiao Me), Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zhong) and Chen Qiao En were filming a commercial for Mainland China’s Kang Shi Fu’s product yesterday; but in the set, rumor has it that because Xiao Mei thinks that Xiao Zhong’s wardrobe looked much better then his and has immediately [started to become difficult] by saying the wardrobe that the production team has prepared for him is not good enough and he has to get his own stylist to make another image for him. Delaying the progression of the work, the crews were grumbling because of it.

Yesterday Xiao Mei’s manager Wu Zi Yi immediately explains: [This rumor is too exaggerating, the size for the wardrobe is too big, the stylist for the production team said they only have one size so they were unable to change it for him, that’s why we have to go and look for a stylist that we know to help us out.]

Stating they are busy with work; still in good terms
About rumor has it that Xiao Mei and Xiao Zhong are not in good terms and didn’t interact in the set? Wu Zi Yi said they were playing around during the cover shoot of the advertisement and they are still in good terms. While Xiao Zhong’s manager An Li said: [Today everyone is busy with their work, there’s no time to fool around from the start.]

Fans Poked Fun at Idols’ Romantic Rumors S.H.E Did Not Mind: As Long As Everyone is Happy

Recently, Taiwanese girl group S.H.E came to Hong Kong to perform in a Christmas show. Yesterday, they attended the [SHE Universal Party] and spent Boxing Day with 1500 fans. The event held a contest for imitating S.H.E. Some fans poked fun at their idols’ romantic rumors. There was even a male fan that cross-dressed and ruined their idol image but S.H.E did not mind any of these and watched the whole thing happily.

S.H.E continued to stay in Hong Kong after attending the countdown party on Canton Road. Yesterday, the trio also took time out to meet with their Hong Kong fans. They would not be leaving Hong Kong for Beijing until tonight. During the fan meeting yesterday, other than watching the fans’ imitation contest and acting as judges, S.H.E also performed three songs and brought the atmosphere to high excitement. The fans of S.H.E came up with all sorts of ideas in imitating their idols, not only on clothing and styles but also paid attention to their idols’ news and daily life details.

Grimacing at One Point

One team of fans imitated Show Luo, Jay Chou and Wu Chun who were romantically linked with S.H.E respectively. However when S.H.E saw the way they were presented, they could not resist a grimace. Later there were another three male fans who cross-dressed by wearing stockings to imitate S.H.E. The effect was startling. There were even some fans that were very bold, singing and stripping at the same time. However, what made S.H.E most happy was one team of fans that presented them with mandarin oranges and oranges. They sat on stage, eating and watching at the same time. The way Ella ate was quite candid, fearless of having the fans seeing her spitting pits. Afterwards, S.H.E chose the team whose performance was most “despicable” as winner.

Male Fans Cross-Dressing

Afterwards, S.H.E was asked how felt about the fans imitating them. They laughed and said that they had lots of fun watching and felt that the fans were well prepared. Although they did not really understand Cantonese but they still knew that the fans put a lot of effort into it. However, would they mind that the fans poked fun at their romantic rumors? S.H.E felt that as long as the fans were happy would be fine and perhaps they also forgot that there were reporters at the scene. Ella also laughingly said that normally they would even poke fun at each other’s romantic rumors. With regards to male fans cross-dressing to imitate them, Hebe expressed with a laugh that it was pretty scary. The fan who imitated her even had a big belly. They laughed: [They only wore stockings but not dresses or pants to hide that big pack of theirs. (Would you be afraid to look?) No, we were seriously looking at them. They dare to do it, we dare to watch.] However, S.H.E believed that the male fans who were willing to come out dressing like this must liked them very much. In Taiwan, there had been male fans cross-dressing to imitate them as well but this time was the most exaggerated.

Mandarin Oranges Are Delicious

S.H.E coming and spending this Christmas with the fans in Hong Kong, would they not fear that the Taiwanese fans be mad? They expressed that they would not because they would be back in Taiwan and celebrate New Year with the fans there. When speaking of them eating the mandarin oranges and oranges non-stop on stage, Ella laughed and said that it was because they were hungry and the mandarin oranges were really delicious. As for spending Christmas in Hong Kong two nights ago, S.H.E went shopping at Causeway Bay. Although there were fans following them and they were recognized by the people passing them but they still enjoyed it very much. They felt that although they were working, they should also enjoy some relaxation so they went shopping and ate a delicious Christmas meal at night. After the performance on Christmas Eve, they had a party with their staff and exchanged presents. Ella drew the high-heeled shaped jewelry box from Hebe that could be used to store rings. Hebe drew a scarf from one of the staff. Selina drew a pair of cell phone strings from Ella that had “Love” and “You” written on them which she hoped to give to her other half in the future. Also, the fans who attended yesterday’s function must purchase tickets. The ticket price for fan club members was HK$290 each and for non-members was HK$320 each.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Takungpao News
original source :

S.H.E rely on Twins' absence to win awards? Ella gets angry

source: chinatimes
translated by: Sarah @

On the 26th, S.H.E attended the ‘Metro Radio Hits Music Awards’ in Hong Kong and won 4 awards. Initially, they were very happy, but then Ella was asked whether they only got so many awards because Twins did not participate? Hong Kong media reported that Ella got extremely angry by this, and glared her angry eyes at the media, stressing that S.H.E has won awards everywhere, and told the reporters to go back and check their sources.

Afterwards, Ella stressed that she did not get angry; she was just trying to explain things in a serious manner. It’s because previously, the Hong Kong media twisted their words, hence they do not want another misunderstanding, but unexpectedly, another misunderstanding arose.

At the awards, when S.H.E went onstage to sing with the other singers, Ella stood beside Ah Sa, and the 2 were chatting non-stop.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Jolin Tsai joins Warner Music for 1.2 hundred million? Wishes to work with Alan Luo and Jay Chou

Source: Tian Jin Daily

Jolin Tsai said frankly that she is interested in filming movies, due to the fact Jay Chou likes directing movies, she was asked would she be willing to give her first time to him, she said: "If the script's good I cannot rule out this possibility, the role I want to play the most is superwoman and someone who can't get hurt. (What about if Jay Chou directs and Alan Luo is the male lead?) That's OK, when you film movies you want to learn new things, I've done a drama with Alan Luo before, but I haven't done anything with Jay Chou, every person has something amazing!"

Da S surprised at Vivian & Joe's marriage news; 'can't say dead' about her & ZaiZai

source: XiaMen Hotline
translated by: Sarah @

Yesterday, Da S arrived at an arts centre in Beijing. Recently, she has been signed to be the ambassador of COTTON USA, and hence, she specially wrote a poem in support of nature and environmental protection. At the event, the media told Da S about the news of Vivian Chow and Joe Nieh getting married, and when she heard this, she was extremely surprised, but offered her congratulations. At the same time, when she answered a question about her relationship with ex-boyfriend ZaiZai, she said, “Can’t say dead,’ showing that there may still be the possibility of a reconciliation.

The theme of the event was associated to ‘Natural Story’. From the universe – natural world is the beginning. Then comes Earth, soil, sky, rain, wind, sun, water, trees and the beautiful land which we live on. Being the endorser of the cotton brand, Da S wore a pure cotton angel dress, and looked naturally beautiful.

Da S says that in her own life, she loves cotton products: “Natural, comfortable and healthy is a life I pursue.” And as the ambassador for COTTON USA, Da S is rather professional. She, who loves shoes, not only personally designed a pair of pure ‘cotton’ shoes as a souvenir, she also personally wrote a poem to support nature, and environmental protection:

Some people say, Earth is blue, like the colour we see from the depths of the universe
Some people say, Earth is transparent, as if we can see each other in the air
I say, Earth should be colourful
Blue, like the magnificant blue sky
Green, like the grass infront of our house
Deep, like the ocean with no end in sight
Yellow, like the fertile ground
White, like the pure cotton field in our dreams
Earth was indeed colourful when we were a child
But don’t know from when, Earth became bleak
One hundred years later, what kind of Earth will our children see?
Can they still possess the dawn of hope?
Can they still embrace the ocean, praising the magnificant coastline?
Can they still play in the woods, like how we did when we were children?
Can they still guard the precious cotton fields, living a comfortable and natural life?
For the future of our Earth,
And for our future,
From today,
Let us go back to nature, cherish nature
Because only with nature,
Do we have a future

Along with this poem, Da S also took a number of pure and fresh photos. In the photos, so to portray the universe, Earth and sky etc, she went to many places to find the scenary. At the event, Da S shared her extraordinary photoshoot experience with everyone: “Many of the photos look really beautiful, but filming was actually quite dangerous! Like there is one photo of me sleeping on a rock, we shot this photo on Monkey Island. At the time, there were many monkeys playing on my head, and this scared the workers and they rushed to shoo them away. And as for me, I just lay there, too scared to open my eyes, persevering to finish the photoshoot.”

Show Luo films ad; makes girls feel very comfortable

source: Liberty Times
translated by: Sarah @

Show Luo really is a girl’s ‘best friend’, endorsing female supplies, his value is now 5 times more than it was 5 years ago!

In 2004, Show filmed an ad to promote female supplies. Back then, he was paid 800,000NT. 5 years later, he is now paid 4,000,000NT, which is 5 times more than before. During filming, the female lead leans on Show, and this made his heart beat rapidly. He said: “It’s been a long time since I’ve smelled a girl’s hair.” The female lead had big clear eyes, and with her long black shiny hair, she really was Show’s ‘dish’. He immediately made the most of this opportunity: “Next time, we can collaborate again in a MV,’ expressing his good impression of her.

Show really knows how to make a girl happy. Afterwards, the female lead said: “He is very good-looking, very friendly, makes me feel very comfortable.” When Show heard this, he laughed: “Comfortable? This is the first time a girl has praised me like this, it’s quite special, but still I feel very happy. How about you just say I’m a sanitary pad!”

Lee-hom Wang Talks to CNN about Conductorial Debut

Lee-hom Wang Talks to CNN about Conductorial Debut

Singer-songwriter Lee-hom Wang was interviewed recently by CNN about his upcoming conductorial debut of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HKPO), reported.

The American-born Chinese music talent, who has made his mark in the Chinese mando-pop music scene over the past decade, now plans to show off his abilities in classical music. He will conduct the HKPO in Hong Kong Cultural Centre from December 22 to 24.

In his interview with CNN's "Talk Asia" program, also a third such interview in three years by CNN, the singer said that his collaboration with the HKPO is an experience he holds dear, and he will try his best despite the tension he's feeling.

Ahead of his first-ever experience in the role, he says a conductor has to convey to the listeners his own interpretation of the music, just as a producer does for an album or a director for a movie.

He will also introduce to the audience a classical piece "Sui Bu" (or "Tiny Steps")by Huang Ruo, a new-generation mainland classical musician.

The tickets for the three concerts were already sold out in two days, thanks to Lee-hom Wang's unfading popularity.

JJ Lin used Cantonese to coax Charlene Choi

Won’t let Ronald Cheng find bad luck, JJ Lin used Cantonese to coax Charlene Choi
Source: The Sun
Translated by: Firesheepy @

Talented musician, JJ Lin Jun Jie, has been in Hong Kong recently to promote new song 《小酒窩》 [Xiao Jiu Wo; Little Dimples] with Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), and the romance song had been promoted until it could be heard anywhere, even SoSo Jie’s friends had been asking about JJ! Speaking truthfully, JJ is not very good looking, but the crew had praised that he’s Nice and is a good person, it turned out that he loved meeting girls, and even let Charlene off! Did he shock Ronald Cheng?

Speaking of that, one night when JJ and Charlene were having an interview, the director asked JJ to say some Christmas wishes on camera, because the director knew that JJ’s Cantonese wasn’t good, thus he asked JJ to use mandarin to say, but JJ looked at Charlene with love and said in Cantonese “No! I want Charlene to hear my Cantonese!” When Charlene saw that he was sincere, she immediately starting laughing!

But JJ was actually quite embarrassing, when the director told him to repeat; the confident JJ said “Wish (Pig) everyone a Merry Christmas (Voice)!” Everyone started laughing immediately, Charlene corrected JJ’s pronunciation and he could finally get it right in the third round, and Charlene and the crew applauded him for his effort.

Ethan Ruan has many endorsements; the stallion can't endure any longer and shouts 'I'm tired'

Ethan Ruan has many endorsements; the stallion can't endure any longer and shouts 'I'm tired'
Source: Chinatimes
Translated by catalie @
When Ethan Ruan became popular, the endorsement events he had to accept were neverending and he also had to film Sahlih's new idol drama "Defeated Queen" (敗犬女王). Even a stallion-like body that was younger and stronger would not be able to endure this and he couldn't help but to shout tired. However this one shout also made Sanlih very concerned, afraid that they are making him earn too much money and that it may affect the quality of the drama.

Ethan is a drama and fashion favourite; when fashion's busy season arrives, he must attend at least 3 events in a week. These few days he has already requested for a holiday twice; once to attend Beijing's award ceremony and another time was to attend a video game endorsement press conference. Furthermore, Ethan also has school work to deal with and can only rely on breaks between filming to sleep. His agent Ma Sheng Wen said, "He really is so tired that he can go into a deep sleep at anytime. However, Ethan has many scenes so as soon as he isn't there, the filming stops. That's why we are already accepting less events now."

"Defeated Queen" female lead Cheryl Yang is also a queen of events; the filming group has become very flustered trying to organise the time of these two people. The drama official Chen Yu Shan said, "When filming, Ethan is very suitable and suits the role very well. We worry about him because we hope he won't tire out his body."

New Year countdown concert in Beijing, FLH challenges ‘Shuang Jie Gun’

Fahrenheit will be holding a countdown concert at Beijing Capital Indoor Stadium on 31 December. Yesterday the four members revealed that besides singing their own oldies, they will see a Fahrenheit version of ‘Shuang Jie Gun’ (Nunchaku) and their seniors S.H.E songs on that day.

Fahrenheit is constantly working hard to break the image of being ‘Flower Boys’, hence in the third album ‘Loving More and More’, they added in rock feel for the first time in their song. At the concert this time, Fahrenheit will restructure a rock band, Jiro Wang will play the guitar, Wu Zun will show his drums skills, Aaron Yan plays the piano, and Calvin Chen performs B-BOX.

Fahrenheit revealed that they will sing their new song at the concert, but the concrete new song to be sung is still kept under secret. As for the other songs, Fahrenheit said that most of the songs will be songs which fans like in the previous albums, it can also be counted as a reviewing and combing themselves after debuting for three years. Besides, Fahrenheit also plans to perform a Fahrenheit version of ‘Shuang Jie Gun’ (Nunchaku) and their seniors S.H.E songs at the countdown concert.

Yesterday, the stereoscopic effect chart of the concert stage was officially revealed. The organizer invested a huge amount of money to make a rectangular stage which is 45m long and 15m wide. Besides the four LED colour panels above the stage, the stage floor is also put together by super large LED colour panels.

translated by : jastan87 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and CE Baidu Bar

Fahrenheit arrived in Singapore last night; 300 fans crazily chase

Fahrenheit arrived in Singapore last night; 300 fans crazily chase
Wu Chun felt unwell but still smiled towards fans
Source: zaobao
Translated by catalie @
Illegally entering the departure area, hired cars to chase, staying at their hotel, 300 fans welcome them enthusiastically at the airport! Last night Fahrenheit arrived in Singapore; Wu Chun felt unwell but still smiled towards fans while Jiro was ecstatic and was busytaking photos!

Yesterday "Popular idol group" Fahrenheit took flight SQ877 at night fall from Taipei to the Lion City [i.e. Singapore]. In the morning, at Changi Airport the area for awaiting arrivals no. 2 had been completely empty but as Fahrenheit's arrival in Singapore approached, more and more fans appeared there until 7:15 - the moment when Fahrenheit appeared in public, then there were about 300 fans there. The place was filled with continuous screaming but the fans welcoming them seemed to be less than before. A fan was interviewed and said, "They were meant to arrive on Thursday [today], but suddenly changed their schedule so many fans weren't aware."

Last month Fahrenheit "three less one", came to Singapore to promote their concert. At the time, because Jiro Wang's (Dadong) leg injury had not yet recovered, had to be absent at the event at the last minute. Last night, fangirls from Dadong's Singapore Forum "Dong Cheng Rise Again" rushed to the airport to get a good "Feng Shui position". With flowers and also large banners, they were very thoughtful and as soon as they saw Dadong, they could not cover up their excitement, screaming from all around!

It was evident that the four Fahrenheit boys were in a good mood; even though they were not dressed up [very formally], they allowed videos and photos. When they walked through the departure gate, Jiro was ecstatic, busily taking photos and talking with nearby "pretty girl" fans. Less than a month since the last time he was here, Arron Yan who has recently been filming seemed considerably skinnier. Yesterday he wore a black, sunglasses and boots - a very cool outfit causing many fans to sigh: so handsome! On the other hand, Wu Chun who is usually very enthusiastic, seemed particularly quiet and shy. "Chun is not feeling too well, headache. So his condition isn't too good, but the other three are feeling great."

Also, it was reported that in one breath, Fahrenheit fans over 10 taxis pursuing their idols all the way to the hotel. In particular, a few fans even checked-in at the hotel, in the hopes that they would be able to "interact all day" with the four guys!

Fahrenheit return to hotel and eat lots

Before the concert, they don't go on a special diet; once Fahrenheit returned to the hotel, the workers were busy buying food: chicken rice, laksa, pizza, etc.

Tomorrow night will be their first concert here in Singapore and it is reported that besides attending an exclusive event today, they will start rehearsing for the concert. Usually a singer will "forbid certain foods" and go on a particular diet before a concert, but Fahrenheit has come to the Lion City "fine food heaven" so obviously they can't resist the enticing fine food here. Very early in the morning they already ordered food: chicken rice, laksa, pizza, char kuey teow and so on!

Furthermore, when they arrived in Singapore yesterday, Wu Chun who is known for his love of food, received cake and snacks from many of his caring fans; ever since he cut his hair short, Calvin has been receiving caps the most and last night was no exception. As to Arron's fans, their gifts were all very creative and yesterday a fan gave him a pillowcase with his portrait on it!

10 fans entered the boarding area illegally

Since the lawsuit that took place when Jay Chou fans bought plane tickets to enter the boarding area but did not board the plane, yesterday again about 10 fans did the same thing in order to get closer to Fahrenheit.

More and more crazy actions of fans are emerging following last year when two fans in order to catch a glimpse of their idol Jay Chou's elegance, did not hesitate to challenge the law and purchased a one-way plane ticket to Kuala Lumpur so that they could enter the boarding area but not get on the plane, instead walking in to meet Jay. They were caught and arrested by airport police as well as immigration and customs officials, bringing a lawsuit against them for entering a protected area; in the end they were fines $1000.

Yesterday, again there were Fahrenheit "pretty girl" fans who did the same thing; it is reported that there were about 10 of them who bought plane tickets but did not register, just so that they could be in close proximity of Fahrenheit in the restricted area and give them gifts, etc. The promoter also said, "Fans are very well-mannered; when they see Fahrenheit they'll ask first: 'Can I shake your hand?'" On the way, fans managed to talk with the four guys. Some were holding "Dadong" banners, some were enthusiastically walking beside Fahrenheit and departing with them.

Under the laws of the conservation district, anyone who enters unauthorised, can be fined $1000 or face up to 2 years in prison, or both.

Tomorrow afternoon's poster exchange event; fans plan to line up very early

Tomorrow Fahrenheit's poster exchange event will begin at 3pm and fans plan to start lining up at 7am.

In order to reward Singaporean fans for their support, the music company will be holding an exchange event for limited Fahrenheit posters. As long as fans have their preorder receipts for Fahrenheit's new album "Loving More and More", and their Fahrenheit Fantasy Lion City concert entrance tickets, they will be able to exchange for a large limited edition poster. It is reported that the hosting company has not hesitated to print about 2000 posters.

Yesterday at the airport a fan expressed that even though the exchange event will start tomorrow at 3pm, Dadong's fans plan to get seats at 7am, "This is nothing! Last time that had an event at IMM, we lined up one week before!"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A-Mei reveals her relationship is stable; if she wants to get married she would say so

A-Mei reveals her relationship is stable; if she wants to get married she would say so
Date: Thursday December 18, 2008
Translated by Initial E @
Constellation experts estimate that A-Mei Zhang (张惠妹) is likely to be ‘forced to marry’ next year. Though she denies having such plans, she did reveal that she feels that what Kelly Chen (陈慧琳) did, announcing her marital plans in her concert was ‘very cool’. Hence fans can look forward to a ‘surprise’ in A-Mei’s added concert next year on the 28th of March.

During Christmas last year, A-Mei heated up Taipei’s ‘Little Giant Egg’ stadium with 3 of her concerts. After much urging from her fans, she will add another concert in March next year. Her total of 4 concerts match up to Jacky Cheung (张学友) and Jiang Hui’s (江蕙) records in the stadium. Yesterday she was in high spirits, inviting fans to break records with her by adding more and more concerts.

In the press conference, a constellation expert was invited. She calculated that next year A-Mei’s luck will be prosperous and flourishing. From March to July, her career, purchases, investments and love life will be prolific. After July, it will be suitable for her to get married. This is the first time she had a fortune telling session, and A-Mei laughed saying: “I got scared, this is the first time I’ve felt that I cannot control my own life and luck, but after I heard that I was very happy.” When the host Mickey Huang said the three words ‘He Shou Zhen’ (何守正), A-Mei laughed and stared hard at him. Later on she admitted that the two of them were progressing steadily.

A-Mei also admitted that she is a woman who likes being pampered. “In a relationship, I am the ‘little woman’.” Though the outside world always mistakes her brother’s and sister’s little children as her own, she is still not in a hurry to have her own family and children. “Up till now I haven’t thought of all these. If I want to get married, I will take the initiative and tell the other person.” Would she learn from Kelly Chen, who announced that she was getting married in her concert? She said: “This method is rather cool.”

2008 China Wireless Music Awards: Jay Chou will PK Leehom Wang

source: sina
translated by: Sarah @

Yesterday afternoon, ‘Music-Love’ 2008 China Mobile Wireless Music Awards held its press conference in Beijing. Production team of ‘Beijing Welcomes You’ – Xiao Ke, Yu Ping Han, Chen Shao Qi and young singer Chen Chu Sheng were all invited to attend the launching ceremony. Original singer of 2008 Olympics title track ‘Me and You’ – Chang Shi Lei also sung the title track for this event – ‘Music-Love’

These awards have gathered together the top singers and musicians from around the country. The awards will take place on the 28th of December and artists such as Jay Chou, S.H.E, Jackie Chan, Guang Liang, Wilber Pan, Joanna Wang, Gigi Leung are all among the invitation list.

Yesterday, the awards list was also announced on the big screen. Among them included ‘Best-Selling Film Song’, ‘Best-Selling Duet’ and 10 other song awards. Also included are ‘Best-Selling Male Singer’, ‘Best-Selling Female Singer’, ‘Best-Selling Group’ and 11 other singer awards. There will also be several special awards – ‘Most influential Olympics song’and ‘Most Loving Song' etc.

Among this list, ‘Best-Selling Male Singer’ has the biggest competition. Jay Chou has been nominated under 6 categories, and Leehom Wang is trailing slightly behind with 5 nominations. The 2 have become the most popular to win this award.

Show Luo and S.H.E become super fans at Aaron Kwok's concert

source: sina
translated by: Sarah @

Earlier, Aaron Kwok held 2 concerts in Taipei and his performance onstage was absolutely exuberant. Many Taiwanese artists attended, among them was Show Luo, who is famous for his Aaron imitations. After the concert, Show especially went backstage to visit, and also shared a hug.

Aaron’s 2 concerts in the Taipei Arena have successfully come to an end. Besides the arrival of Jay Chou, which created a big stir, many other popular artists attended including Jolin Tsai, Rainie Yang, Blackie, Lin Zhi Ling, Janine Chang, Faith Yang, Mavis Fan and Wu Zun etc all became honoured guests. Good friend Idy Chan especially flew from Hong Kong to Taiwan to offer her support.

Aaron’s charm onstage was unstoppable, many popular artists became little fans, and would constantly stand up to yell and cheer for him. S.H.E’s Ella and Hebe completely disregarded their idol status, and during the handshake period, they rushed to the front with fans and when Aaron came, Ella excitedly grabbed his leg and wouldn’t leg go. She exclaimed: “Aaron really is super hot! His dancing almost made me faint!”

Other than this, Show Luo, who is famous for his Aaron imitations attended both concerts, and afterwards, he specially went backstage to visit his idol. He expressed: “When thinking of having the chance to take a photo together with my super-idol, I really feel quite shy.”When they met, they even exchanged hugs, and Show praised his concert to be very successful, and Aaron told Show to work hard and jia you!

Afterwards, Aaron invited everyone to go and eat spicy hot pot together, and he made a toast to all the workers and dancers. He revealed that he is about to head to Guang Zhou to rehearse.

Aska Yang is setting off from the "stars", concert soldout and extra shows added

Aska Yang is setting off from the "stars", concert soldout and extra shows added
Source: UDN
Translated by catalie @

Aska Yang is finally holding another concert! Under the warm support from fans, Aska Yang will be holding a small-scale concert at Singapore's Ark Cafe (新加坡民歌餐廳). Due to the dispute with his management company in October, this is the first time it was announced that Aska would be performing overseas so fans from everywhere were considerably excited and hence news [about this concert] was leaked. The tickets were immediately soldout so the hosts immediately announced additional shows.

Holding this concert, the hosting company has admitted that they are a little worried that they will receive a letter of warning from Aska's agent. However, they still remain committed to bring Aska's good voice to everyone.

Furthermore,the host expressed that before holding these two concerts, they had already discussed the matters with Aska's lawyer. His lawyer expressed that there should not be any problems. For the fans, besides fully satisfying his audience, Aska will only be accepting a price of friendship for his singing. Previously he took part in a "business" performance where one hour cost $NT1,000,000 but this time, he is only accepting $1 million yuan for a two-hour performance.

During the concert, besides singing his new songs, Aska will perform "Cun Ai" from his album for the first time, and will also bring many songs by other singers including Jacky Cheung's "Forgot To Cry" (忘了哭), Lin Yi Lian's (林億蓮) "Shadow of a Lover" (影子情人), Chen Xiao Juan's (陳曉娟) "Admiration" (羨慕) as well as Andy Lau's "A Home To Return To" (歸宿), etc. adding up to 13 songs.

David Tao and Anson Hu will perform together in Jiangsu TV's New Year Concert

David Tao and Anson Hu will perform together in Jiangsu TV's New Year Concert
Source: Sina
Date: Wednesday December 17, 2008
Translated by Initial E @
David Tao (陶喆) and Anson Hu (胡彦斌) will perform together in Jiangsu Satellite TV's New Year Concert. Regarding this arrangement, the both of them feel it will be extremely interesting. "I've known Anson for very long, but we haven't got the chance to perform together on the same stage. This time it has finally come true, and I am very happy." David expressed that even though Anson is the 'after 80' new generation, he has already achieved success in the music industry, even David himself admires this.

The both of them are originally artistes under EMI, and the number of times they bump into each other is not small. David had already heard earlier that there is a junior whose music style is very similar to his own. Until a few years later they were at the same performance venue and met each other backstage. David was surprised and said: "Such a young singer, and he can already mix with R&B with such ease, the younger generation can surpass the older!" At that time, when Anson Hu heard that, he couldn't help but feel pleased with himself, giving a feel copies of his album to David and hoping that he would give him some tips and advice. This time they were invited to attend the New Year Concert, and when he got to know that he was to be performing together with Anson, David felt that that was certainly something to remember. "To be able to sing from 2008 to 2009, this honour is not something just any other singer can get. Especially since for me, Nanjing is where I was from, hence I am anticipating this!"

Workers revealed that when Anson knew he was going to perform with David on the same stage, he was delighted for very long. He made use of time to practice furiously, as he is scared that in the concert he would lose to David. "To me, this New Year concert is a very rare opportunity. Actually I don't really care about PK-ing with big brother David, the most important thing is that I must learn from him, as he has always been a role model to me!"

Jolin Tsai signs contract in Water Cube; Mentor Sam Chen gives paintings

Jolin Tsai signs contract in Water Cube; Mentor Sam Chen gives paintings
Source: Xinhua Net
Date: Wednesday December 17, 2008
Translated by: Initial E @
Yesterday night, at 9.10pm in Beijing’s Water Cube stadium, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) officially announced that she was entering Warner Music. There are rumours that the sum Jolin will be getting for transferring contract is 30,000,000 yuan. However in yesterday’s event, being the first person to hold a press conference in the Water Cube, Jolin repeatedly emphasized that the numbers are not important. The fact that Warner is spending money so recklessly surprised many, because other than the fact that there is an increasing financial turmoil, the album business is not doing well. The biggest winner in all is Jolin’s management company, Mars Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Sam Chen gives painting

For the signing of the contract, her company specially chose the time 9.10 to start the ceremony. The main reason for that is ‘Jiu’ (9) stands for ‘Jolin’, while ‘Yi Lin’ (10) stands for her Chinese name ‘Yi Lin’. Even Jolin laughed saying that this is the first time. It was held at the Water Cube, where the Olympics was held earlier. Because the rent was extremely expensive, for a single day the rent is as high as 700, 000yuan. The workers in charge of setting up the stage came at dawn yesterday for work; they were very scared that if they came a few hours earlier they would have to pay for another whole extra day. When her mother and sister heard that it was going to be held in the Water Cube, they immediately put down their work and flew with Jolin together to Beijing.

Yesterday Jolin was wearing jewelry costing tens of millions, hinting at the 30 million sum she got for transferring to Warner. To that, Jolin expressed that numbers are not important, but rather they cooperate happily. She also said that the main reason why she transferred to Warner was that she saw that their music quality is very high.

Sam Chen (陈泽杉), the current president of Warner’s China district and who worked together with Jolin many times, gave her a painting done by a famous French artist, Edward Degas. The painting shows a ballerina jumping, which symbolises Jolin’s requests for perfection in her singing and dancing. When she saw the painting, she was surprised and delighted: “I know the road before me poses greater challenges, with beautiful responsibility. Thank you all who gave me all this, I can’t wait to get to work again.”

Show Luo will not follow Jolin

During the event, all Warner artistes sent VCRs to congratulate her, hoping that Jolin would go up a whole new different level in Warner. Mainland China’s big sister Natasha Na (那英) specially came to support the event. The words of Stanley Huang (黄立行), who is in the same management company as Jolin, made the audience laugh. He said: “In EMI last time, you went in earlier than me; you were the senior, I was the junior, so you were on top, I was at the bottom. Now I am in Warner, and went in earlier than you. I am the senior, you are the junior, so I am at the top, you at the bottom. Don’t worry, I will treat you well.” Added on to the fact that before, the two had dance intimately together at a concert, the ambiguous feelings went up high.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the outside world is guessing that other than Stanley Huang and Jolin Tsai who left Gold Typhoon, there would be another one joining them – Show Luo (罗志祥), who shares the same management company as Jolin. The relationship between Show and Jolin has always been good, and the last time he followed Jolin to EMI as well. This year his contract with Gold Typhoon will expire, hence there are rumours that he will transfer together with Jolin. However, in yesterday’s press conference, a reporter found out from an insider that Show will be continuing his contract with Gold Typhoon, and the conditions were as good as the time he transferred from AVEX.

The album business is not doing well, added to the increasing economic turmoil; many artistes lower their prices to earn money. However this record company still spent money recklessly at this point. People like Show Luo, Jolin Tsai and Stanley Huang are still firmly in the hands of their management company, Mars Entertainment Co. Ltd, so you can say that no matter which record company these artistes decide to go to, the real winner at the end is still the management company.

Edison Chen's 'Sniper' will air next year during Easter

source: sina
translated by: Sarah @

Due to the nude photo scandal that was exposed at the beginning of this year, Edison Chen publicly announced that he would exit the Hong Kong industry indefinitely. Now, his film ‘Jump’ has already arranged for another actor to replace his scenes. However, his other film ‘Sniper’ is about to give up the China markets, and will air in Hong Kong next year during Easter.

Both of Edison’s films ‘Jump’ and ‘Sniper’were unable to get the airing permit from China and hence still has not aired yet. Columbia company which invested in ‘Jump’ and producer Stephen Chow had earlier decided to replace Edison, and has chosen Taiwan actor William Li, and filming will commence next month. Sources reported that after Edison found out about this, he was extremely disappointed. But on the other hand, Lin Jian Yue, the boss of Media Asia company, who invested in ‘Sniper’ has decided to give up the China markets and instead, has arranged for the film to be aired in places outside of China next year during Easter. They will also arrange for Edison to do promotions outside of Hong Kong.

Edison, who is currently in America, besides constantly looking for new film opportunities and regularly taking acting classes, has been striving to look for a business partner for his fashion business. Lately, he has successfully drawn Colt and Play Station into a collaboration to launch a PSP clothing line, and to increase the effectiveness of publicity, he has personally modelled many of the promotional photos.

Showing off upper body for a commercial, Jay Chou thinks it's humiliating

source: NOWnews
translated by:

Jay Chou is still regretting showing off his upper body when he was young for a mobile phone commercial, even now he thinks it was humiliating.

When asked how far he will go for filming a movie? Jay Chou said that the kiss with Alice Tzeng in "Secret" is the furthest he'll go. Jay Chou also said regretfully, when he was young he filmed a commercial showing off his upper body, when he sees it now he thinks it's humiliating.

Jay Chou thinks that if you're going to film a kiss scene it must be logical, a lot of kissing scenes in foreign movies are very forced, the kiss with Alice Tzeng in "Secret" was very reasonable, if it didn't happen how would Xiao Yu become angry? But Jay Chou also expressed this was the furthest he'll go.

Will he ever want to be like Tony Leung in "Lust, Caution" and do a daring performance? Jay Chou thinks it's not possible, he always has to think of his image, Zhu Yan Ping laughs at his side, maybe when Jay Chou reaches 40 he'll want to film it.

Jay Chou mentioned in the past he took off his shirt to film a mobile commercial, it was put on buses too, he thinks it's really humiliating, Jay Chou said that when he was a newcomer he didn't know much, it's really humiliating for a grown man to show off his chest on a bus.

Actually it wasn't just on a bus, all the major mobile stores had the poster at the entrance, right now this poster is still being auctioned online, it seems Jay Chou will have to be humiliated for a bit longer.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Alec Su denies comeback of Little Tiger

Alec Su denies comeback of Little Tiger
Yahoo News

Member of boy band 'Little Tiger', Nicky Wu, reveals hopes of their return next year. However, fellow band member, Alec Su's manager says, unless the band is able to re-create a peak, they should not put their fame at risk by making a comeback.

This year is the 20th anniversary of 'Little Tiger' and rumors of their return and concerts are getting the heat. The three "tigers" were seen gathered for hotpot in Beijing on Oct, at the same time secretly planning their comeback. Wu also expressed hopes of the band's return in 2009.

With respect to this rumor, Su's manager says the trio has maintained good friendship all these years and dinner together is absolutely normal; but the meal has nothing to do with the comeback. He also clarifies that media reports on the secretive planning of the comeback are pure fabrications.

Su's manager also says that the trio does not have intentions of getting back together as yet. "The glamorous history which 'Little Tiger' had created is a wonderful piece of memory for everyone. If they flop at creating another classic, that will be too hurtful. They are better off developing their individual careers," she says.

In 2009, Su will be heavily involved in the movie industry, starting off with an art film and three mainstream movies.

George Lam, Sally Yeh living separately

George Lam, Sally Yeh living separately
Yahoo News

Even though Hong Kong singer George Lam has expressed that things are fine between him and wife Sally Yeh, according to reliable sources, the couple is now living in different units on different stories of the same building.

61-year-old Lam and 47-year-old Yeh has been in an 11 years marriage; recent reports reveal their marriage to be on the rock. Lam was caught shopping alone while Yeh was reported to be seeing a young badminton coach. There were also rumors of their uncoordinated lifestyle; Yeh has revealed to the media earlier that she is unable to get used to Lam's early morning golf sessions so they have been sleeping in different rooms.

In recent years, the golden couple, who has created much sensation on stage, has decreased appearances on stage as a couple. Since their last performance on Toronto in December 2007, they have declined to appear on stage together.

When they were in Singapore to attend their friend, also 1977's Miss Hong Kong, Loletta Chu's wedding in end Nov, they were seated at different tables at the banquet and subsequently returned separately to Hong Kong.

In September this year, the couple moved in to a condominium at Happy Valley in Hong Kong; but to different units - one on the fifth floor and another on the sixth. According to sources, they chose such arrangement to avoid meeting each other. Yeh is also said to be maintaining status quo despite differences, so as not to worry her parents, especially her sick father.

Eason Chen out to clinch the Top 10 awards again

Eason Chen out to clinch the Top 10 awards again
Yahoo Taiwan

Ten singers made their appearances on the press conference of the Hong Kong "Jade Solid Gold Top 10 Awards". Among them include Eason Chen, Miriam Yeung and Hacken Lee.

Last year, Chen took down two big awards in the male categories; this year, he hopes to clinch the same awards for the second year running, but the most important thing is to be a good singer who shows consistence performances.

Host Eric Tsang reveals to admire Yeung for her diligence; though she has never received any awards, she attends the ceremony without fail. This time, she even attends the press conference.

Yeung smiles shyly and says, "I'm here to get the most hardworking artiste award!" She also expresses thanks to Tsang for his compliments and acknowledging her spirits.

When asked about a magazine's recent allegation of her spending a six figure sum of Hong Kong dollars on the higher management of TVB, to ensure she clinches the "Best Asia Pacific Female Singer" award, Yeung admits to have yearnings for the award but adds that she needs to release a Mandarin album before being able to openly compete for the award.

Nominee for Best Newcomer Award William Chan faces stiff competition and has low confidence in clinching the award. In his opinion, the person with the best chance is Det Di.

Wu Chun talks continuously, making flowers prettier and food taste more delicious

Wu Chun talks continuously, making flowers prettier and food taste more delicious
Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @

Fahrenheit's Wu Chun has a secret skill which can make flowers look prettier and food taste more delicious, much like bewitching, he talks nonstop to these things!

Fahrenheit's new MV "Loving More and More" reflects their own feelings about love, being a famous celebrity and meeting a girl you love but not being able to say anything. Arron Yan acts as the shy male star and through the encouragement of Wu Chun, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen, he finally gives her flowers and reveals his feelings.

Also, this bouquet of flowers have been given Wu Chun's "added support" because when not filming, he was mumbling continuously to the flowers, causing people to become puzzled, up until they filmed the flower scene. Then he explained, "As long as you keep telling the flowers, 'You're very beautiful' - they will bloom even more beautifully!" As soon as Calvin heard he laughed and continued, "So that's why when you say to your food 'it's delicious', it's because you want the food to become even tastier!"

In the MV, they can't express their love and in reality they also wish love would arrive quickly. Both Calvin and Wu Chun have intentions to get married and to have a stable relationship, while Jiro Wang who is single, wants to find a girl that his mother will also like. Arron also said, "I'm still waiting for the right person to appear!"

Jay Chou's new movie 'Ci Ling'; Wants Zhou Xun as partner, not Bridgette Lin

Jay Chou's new movie 'Ci Ling'; Wants Zhou Xun as partner, not Bridgette Lin
Source: Sohu
Date: Tuesday December 16, 2008
Translated by Initial E @
For his new movie 'Ci Ling' (刺陵), Jay Chou (周杰伦) searched many countries for a 'J-Girl'. He said: "She musn't be taller than me, preferably Chinese, able to communicate with me. She should understand the magic I perform, Zhou Xun (周迅) would be a very good choice, we even have the same surname. The most important thing is that if there were rumours between us, no one would believe them."

Taiwan's Chang Hong Group and Mainland China's China Film Group has invested RMB100 million (about TWD$408.4 hundred million) in Ci Ling. Yesterday Jay organised a large press conference. Chang Hong's boss, Wu Dun (吴敦) looked for a female lead all over Taiwan, including Japan and Korea. He already has some people apparent in mind, but he purposely kept it from Jay. He said: "I'll see which one Jay feels is best, then I will pick her." Director Kevin Chu (朱延平) said: "Who asked Jay to be young, I'm scared later on there would be a older girl-younger boy relationship."

Many people are in favour of Korean actress Kim Tae Hee (金泰希), but Jay has a soft spot for Zhou Xun. He said: "We met before at the Venice Film Festival, and we just collaborated in Yuan He Ping's Beggar So. Her image and acting skills are both very impressive, and I'm good friends with her boyfriend, Li Daqi (李大齐)." Jay expressed that he completely doesn't understand how the term 'J-Girl' came about. He said: "I've only heard of Bond Girls."

Ci Ling includes action, adventure, literature and manga, and Jay will be wearing both ancient and modern costumes. The wushu choreographer Cheng Xiao Dong has already come up with extremely difficult actions, even giving him many cool weapons. Kevin Chu said: "When Jay is films action scenes, he doesn't complain at all. The last time when we were filming Kung Fu Dunk, he was hung in the air for the whole afternoon. This time I want to shape him to be more 'man', more tough." Jay feigned coolness and said: "The last time, it was because there were many fans looking at me."

'Secret' and 'Kung Fu Dunk' didn't get recognised in the Golden Horse Awards, Jay said: "Do movies with action immediately get classified into commercial films? Does it mean only films with plain text only is considered art? What type of movies get the recognition of the judges? This deserves some thought. I feel action movies are the hardest. Especially since I am not Bruce Lee (李小龙) or Jet Li (李连杰), who started training very early. So for me to act well mean I have to put in extra effort."

Jay Chou has been receiving endless offers for movies. Next year he will film Ci Ling first, later on he will direct his second movie. But if there is a movie with a good script, director and team asks him to act, Jay said: "I will take it first." He will need time to consider if it requires very intimate scenes. He says: "Because 6,7 years ago, when I first debuted, I filmed a cell phone commercial without my top on, and it was pasted all over the streets. I really regretted doing that. If in the future it is required for a movie, it must make sense, then I will act in it."

Wilbur Pan and Jessie Chiang held hands while making a love nest.

Wilbur Pan and Jessie Chiang held hands while making a love nest.
Date: Monday 15 December
Translated: JPOO @
Yesterday Jessie Chiang (江語晨) and her senior Wilbur Pan(潘瑋柏) (Handsome Pan 潘帥) both baked a gingerbread house together, 2 hands as one (meaning they worked together just like one pair of hands), eating as they work, they got teased saying the two of them were making a romantic love nest.

Jessie was staring at Wilbur whilst he was putting on the cream for the lid of the gingerbread house, the cream went all over his hands, and Jessie had to say "Senior, i'll help you squeeze it" Wilbur heard and his eyes beamed and said ambiguously "Squeeze where?"
All the staff burst into laughter, and Jessie immediatly turned red and said "Squeezing the cream!"

Jessie who hasn't even been in the music industry for over a month, thanked Wilbur for writing her a song by celebrating christmas with him earlier, and when they were making the gingerbread house, she even fed cream to Wilbur, this made Wilbur smile happily.

Recently a web-user posted in a forum calling wilbur "Pan Shuai has changed to Pan Sai" (潘帥變潘塞)[Handsome Pan has changed to Pan Poo] (sai in Taiwanese dialect means Poo 屎) and questioned him as being fake (Leg not really broken, Just propoganda).

Wilbur who is known to be very sporty, has recently come across many misfortunes, firstly in his performance in BeiJing he fell and broke his left leg's ligament, and had to cancel his New York trip to rest, but yet a web-user is questioning him as "Leg not really broken, Just propoganda" and they also said even though he's injured he can still go shopping with a model, and perform very lively in the V power concert, dancing along.

Wilbur said bitterly "My friend also mocked me and asked if I was lying." When Wilbur fell it actually took him at least 5 minutes to be able to stand up because of the pain, and during the V power concert he was keeping all the pain into himself, after he got of the stage he even had to lay against the staff, he is going for a surgery in one month's time.

Rainie Yang pole-dances sexily, got told that she's quite manly off-screen

Rainie Yang pole-dances sexily, got told that she's quite manly off-screen.
source: Eastday
translated: JPOO @
Rainie acted in "Miss No Good" as Jiang Xiao Hua, this was widely accepted by the audience.
On the 14th of december they held a "Jiang Xiao Hua party", Xiao Hua's best friends in the drama Dou Zi (Shi Yuan Jie), and Jo Jo (Xiao Call) also attended to increase the liveliness.

Rainie re-danced her pole dancing scene from the drama, she used Shi Yuan Jie as her human pole, she would stick out her tongue, flick her hair and twist her waist, this made Shi Yuan Jie get really embarassed, and his face turned red he kept on shouting: " I'm going to enter the army soon! i'll be a soldier, I can't take this!"

Even though Rainie was showing off her sexiness and charm, but when Shi Yuan Jie saw her, he actually shouted out: "Chen Ge!"(Chen as in rainie's name and ge as in brother)He said that Rainie acts like a boy off-screen, and he always called her "Chen Ge" this made Rainie really angry.

Zhang Ziyi Takes on 'Horsemen'

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is seen in "The Horsemen", a Hollywood thriller which also stars Golden Globe-nominated actor Dennis Quaid. Zhang plays a serial killer, a very different role from her typical on-screen persona.
[Source :]

About the movie : Starring Dennis Quaid, the film follows a recently widowed detective still grieving over his wife's death until he discovers a shocking connection between himself and the suspects in a serial killing spree linked to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Ziyi Zhang, Clifton Collins Jr. and Patrick Fugit co-star. Lionsgate has picked the film up for distribution and will offer it a limited release on March 13th.
[Source :]

"Ip Man" Grabs 1.4 Million Yuan on First Day

"Ip Man" Grabs 1.4 Million Yuan on First Day

The Hong Kong action movie "Ip Man" took in about 1.4 Million yuan on Friday, the first day of its release, the Tianjin-based Morning Post quotes the movie's production side as saying.

The film also has won acclaim from audiences and critics over the weekend.

A review published in the Beijing Times said the calm and graceful Ip Man played by Donnie Yen, was even more charming than Li Mubai (Chow Yun-fat) in the award-winning film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

"Ip Man," directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Wilson Yip, retells the life story of Ip Man, the grand master of Wing Chun martial arts, who is known internationally as Bruce Lee's teacher.

Red Cliff II Posters Unveiled

Red Cliff II Posters Unveiled

The posters of the second installment of director John Woo's epic movie "Red Cliff" have been published in Taiwan.

Reported to be the most expensive film so far in Asia, the first part of the grand production raked in more than 300 million yuan in its first month of screening in July, making it the highest-earning Chinese film ever.

Based on the Chinese literature classic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", whose characters are household heroic names among Chinese, the flick rallied the shiniest stars on the Chinese silver screen, including award-winning Hong Kong actor Tony Leung, mainland actress Zhao Wei and Taiwan actor Chang Chen.

The sequel, which is said to re-present the best known historical battles in 208 AD in China's Three Kingdoms period, will premiere in cinemas on Jan. 15 during the busiest year-end season.

Shin performs magic to thank Jessie Chiang for guesting at his concert

source: epochtimes
translated by: Sarah @

To thank Jessie Chiang for guesting at his concert, Shin specially showed off a magic performance, and this made Jessie happily laugh!

Is Shin becoming a magician? Earlier, Shin performed some magic to Jessie. He held a thin branch in his hands, and as he walked up to Jessie, he shook his left hand, and suddenly a rose appeared. Because Shin did not know what to give, he ended up making many interesting things appear. He said seriously: “I initially was planning on a big bouquet of flowers, but then I realized my skill is not great enough.”

Jessie was quite shocked at Shin’s magic skills and she said: “I’ve seen other peoples’ magic before la! But Shin’s performance was very good, this will definitely win the hearts of many girls.” She also added: “I’m very happy that Shin invited me to guest at his concert, my first time, and it’s with him, I feel very happy.”

Shin also expressed that he will definitely support Jessie in the future: “I think she has a lot of potential, hopefully not too long after, she will also hold a very big concert, and I will definitely agree to be her guest too. Maybe I can even show off some magic.”

Shin, who is always overseas will not spend Christmas in Taiwan this year. He hopes that through this concert, he can let everyone celebrate an early Christmas, and he wishes everyone to have a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fans forced Yoga Lin and Ashin to sing together

Fans forced Yoga Lin and Ashin to sing together
Source: udn
Translated by catalie @
On the second day of Mayday's concerts, Yoga Lin was invited as a guest. As a diehard fan, he especially chose to sing "A Future With You", admitting that at one time, Mayday was a necessity to him - he couldn't be without them. Having heard this, fans shouted "come together with Ashin"!

Even though Ashin has been in the entertainment industry for 9 years, he still feels very nervous before each performance. He didn't expect his agent to mention that when the concert concluded, some of the audience said, "Mayday have suffered a lot to earn their money." This confirmation moved him and he even said mockingly, "We don't suffer to earn money, we don't earn money! We want to earn the emotions of fans."

Last night Mayday performed the never-before released "Big, golden coloured street". As they had become aquainted with each other in secondary high, they also especially found 50 students from that school's guitar club to sing "Simple-minded Person" (憨人), encouraging fans to make the most of their youth and pursue their dreams with courage. "Perhaps the next Mayday is already here (in the crowd)."

Perceptual Ashin said, "If we are an idol group, perhaps we would have disappeared long ago. I hope that in 8 years time, Mayday can have a concert here again!" then asked fans to hold hands and toss their colourful victory ribbons together. At once, a magnificent ocean of blue was created. The scene was spectacular, the atmosphere was touching.

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credits: 五月幻夏 at