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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

'Double J' unable to reconcile; Jolin Tsai collaborates with Leehom Wang

source: chinatimes
translated by: Sarah @

‘Double J’ has again become a hot topic; on the 28th, the 2008 Wireless Music Awards were held and Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai has once again sat on the throne for highest annual sales for the second consecutive year. The funny thing is, when Jackie Chan won ‘Best Loving Song’ for his song ‘Death Can’t Keep Us Apart’, he joked that even a person like him who can’t sing can get an award, Jay Chou and Leehom Wang should watch out!

Intially, Jay wanted to express his wish to work with Jackie through his son Jaycee Chan, but unexpectedly, the 2 met backstage at the awards, hence Jay expressed his wish to write songs for him, wanting to combine his Chinese style with Jackie’s martial arts, so to attract more foreigners to listen. When Jackie heard this, he was extremely surprised but happy and afterwards, he especially phoned Jay to ask him to be the vice chairman for his ‘Volunteer Foundation’, having equal status with Andy Lau.

Jay’s JVR company yesterday expressed: “Jay did receive Jackie’s phone call. Actually, he has long been sustaining various public welfare activities, so of course he has accepted Jackie’s invitation. In the future, Jay will focus on getting uneducated children back to school, and use his work status to offer love to children all over the world.”

On the night of the awards, Jay also met up with Leehom Wang backstage. Leehom joked: “We haven’t taken a photo together in 10 years!” forgetting that they had taken a photo together during ‘Secret’ s premiere last year.

Although ‘Double J’ were unable to get together as Jolin did not attend, she earlier collaborated with Leehom in a new shampoo ad. In the ad, the 2 play pool together, under the guidance of Hong Kong champion Ye Yun Han. Jolin laughed saying: “I give 100 points for Leehom’s handsome posture, but his accuracy does not differ too much from mine!” This ad tells of Jolin being an expert pool player, but she gets Leehom to teach her, so to create an opportunity for close interactions. Jolin expressed that sometimes, pretending to be a little girl that doesn’t know anything will give guys a feeling of wanting to be protected, and girls using this method will often be successful.

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