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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jessie Chiang & A-Lin will guest at Shin's concert; all drink 'Sea Horse Energy Soup'

source: TOM
translated by: Sarah @

On the 12th - 14th of this month, Shin will hold three concerts in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, and he specially invited A-Lin and Jessie Chiang to guest. For the first time, he will also play piano to accompany Jessie singing and when she heard this, Jessie was afraid that she would wreck the concert atmosphere.

This morning, the 3 specially went into the recording studio to practise singing, and to improve their tacit understanding. Shin believes that Jessie has a very good voice, and specially practised with her so to accompany her while singing her title track ‘I’m Too Well-Behaved’ (Wo Tai Guai). Because this is the first time Jessie would be performing with an orchestra, furthermore, with extremely talented Shin, she actually felt quite nervous, and was afraid that if she would wreck the concert atmosphere. But Shin encouraged her, saying, “You won’t la, your voice is so good, what are you afraid of!”

Lately, the weather has been very cold, and A-Lin specially prepared a secret ‘Sea Horse Energy Soup’ for the 3 to drink to nourish themselves. A-Lin said, “This soup will make blood active, and is a special soup that will give energy, I drunk a big mouthful just then, but then after I saw the sea horse, I thought it looked like earthworm, so then I completely lost my appetite.”

And Jessie also expressed, that she had never thought of using sea horse as a type of food, and she felt sorry for those cute sea horses! Shin, who loves food and appears to be quite bold, surprisingly also was quick to turn his back: “Every morning, I will drink Ginseng Tea to nourish myself! Don’t need to eat sea horse, sea horse looks like a gecko, very not OK!”

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