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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Showing off upper body for a commercial, Jay Chou thinks it's humiliating

source: NOWnews
translated by:

Jay Chou is still regretting showing off his upper body when he was young for a mobile phone commercial, even now he thinks it was humiliating.

When asked how far he will go for filming a movie? Jay Chou said that the kiss with Alice Tzeng in "Secret" is the furthest he'll go. Jay Chou also said regretfully, when he was young he filmed a commercial showing off his upper body, when he sees it now he thinks it's humiliating.

Jay Chou thinks that if you're going to film a kiss scene it must be logical, a lot of kissing scenes in foreign movies are very forced, the kiss with Alice Tzeng in "Secret" was very reasonable, if it didn't happen how would Xiao Yu become angry? But Jay Chou also expressed this was the furthest he'll go.

Will he ever want to be like Tony Leung in "Lust, Caution" and do a daring performance? Jay Chou thinks it's not possible, he always has to think of his image, Zhu Yan Ping laughs at his side, maybe when Jay Chou reaches 40 he'll want to film it.

Jay Chou mentioned in the past he took off his shirt to film a mobile commercial, it was put on buses too, he thinks it's really humiliating, Jay Chou said that when he was a newcomer he didn't know much, it's really humiliating for a grown man to show off his chest on a bus.

Actually it wasn't just on a bus, all the major mobile stores had the poster at the entrance, right now this poster is still being auctioned online, it seems Jay Chou will have to be humiliated for a bit longer.

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