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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jiro Wang receives millions for filming CF, dreams of transforming into "Muscly Arnold"

Jiro Wang receives millions for filming CF, dreams of transforming into "Muscly Arnold"

Source: NOWnews
Translated: catalie @
Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang (Da Dong) has filmed two Taipei government CFs for a seven-digit sum. In the CF, Da Dong switches between four identities: tennis player, band member, superstar and wearing a long coat to resemble a gambler. Dadong revealed that being able to act as the lead singer of a band was perfect for him. Only for tennis, Jiro had to practise a lot to get the actions right. "I even learnt how to act as a professional gambler with the long scarf, but I held a matchstick in my mouth rather than a toothpick. To smoke a moist matchstick handsomely is not easy!"

Recently Jiro Wang filmed 2 CFs for the Taipei government to promote High-Definition television and these will eventually be broadcasted on televisions everywhere. In the future, HD digital televisions will provide the viewers with clear images and other functions, allowing every detail to be seen clearly. Jiro laughed and said that he didn't mind his face being zoomed into by the HD television screen. However if HD had virtual capabilities and could "transform" him onscreen, Dadong expresses that he would most like to become "Arnold Schwarzenegger".

Jiro said, "Since I have been interested in physical exercise recently, I'd like to be like the four Hokuto brothers in Fist of the North Star [online game Hokuto No Ken] or Goku from Dragon Ball Z. I most want to have their full body of muscle. If virtual television could immediately give me muscles, I wouldn't have do so much workouts."

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