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Monday, December 29, 2008

Mike He and Joe Cheng both appear like strangers

Mike He and Joe Cheng both appear like strangers
Source: hoonews
Translated by: indescribable @
The 28th is Mike He (Xiao Mei)'s 25th birthday, yet he still has to spend it at work, filming a commercial with good friend Joe Cheng (Xiao Zhong) and Chen Qiao En at Taipei's Yehliu coast. This is Xiao Mei and Xiao Zhong’s first collaboration after their past 'Brokeback' situation. They and Chen Qiao En went very early in the morning to Yehliu; the story is that Xiao Zhong drives a convertible sports car first, carrying Chen Qiao En, and Xiao Mei rides a motorcycle, then the three play together in the sand on the beach.

Hong Kong's [Sing Tao Daily] reported that from what was seen on the scene, Chen Qiao En deliberately gave Xiao Zhong the cold shoulder, but chatted and could not stop laughing with Xiao Mei, leaving Xiao Zhong no other choice but to play on his own at the side, looking depressed. There are rumours that Xiao Mei's pay for filming the commercial is up to $8,700,000NT, higher than Xiao Zhong's $5,800,000NT, but the duo denied that they were not getting along well because of this, and also emphasized that they do not know each other's salaries. When the topic of the two's thinning friendship was brought up, Xiao Zhong's manager He An Li explained that because the filming schedule is very packed, during break times everyone would return to their own cars to rest, so there is no opportunity to chat. The manager of Xiao Mei also indicated that they also took the advantage of the opportunities to chat; there is no discord at all.

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