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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Edison Chen and his nude shots are Yahoo’s most searched for

Edison Chen and his nude shots are Yahoo’s most searched for
Source: Yahoo News
On the 8th this month, Yahoo search announced its ‘2008 Most Popular Keyword List. Edison Chen (陳冠希), with the ‘nude photos wave’ was the champion, Ethan Ruan (阮經天), the ‘ Prince of Skinny Dipping’, was third, second only to ‘the King of Business’ Wang Yung Ching’s (王永慶) passing away. This shows that the term ‘going nude’ is this year’s most popular.

No matter what country or place they are from, celebrities are always the main focus of netizens’ online searches; those on the list are almost all controversial people. In Taiwan, Edison Chen was the most searched after term. In Korea, it was the tragic story of star Choi Jin-sil. For America, Britney Spears was the most searched after term, and was the champion of both the hot search list and the celebrities list.

Other than Edison Chen and Ethan Ruan, who both ‘went nude’, relationship rumours are also a main priority. The 5th place went to ‘J-Girl’ Alice Tseng (曾愷玹), 6th place is Ken Zhang’s (張兆志) former girlfriend Liu Shao Yi (劉曉憶). In 10th place is Liu Zhi Han’s (劉至翰) new bride Lin Zhi Xuan (林子萱). ‘Super Idol’s first season’s champion Zhang Yun Jing (張芸京), because of her unique personality, raised the curiosity of netizens, hence getting 8th place.

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