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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Show Luo french Kisses with Alice Ceng, Wife fans accuse him of having an affair.

Show Luo french Kisses with Alice Ceng, Wife fans accuse him of having an affair.
source: chinatimes
translated: JPOO @

羅志祥 Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) and 曾愷玹 Alice Ceng's kissing scene in show's new MV (搞笑) "Joking around" was way too over, the overly sentimental "french kiss" scene made the fans very angry and jealous, because in the past Xiao Zhu would call his fans his "wives" and he would call himself the "husband" never thought that these intimate names would give himself trouble, his fans called the kissing scene an affair, and last weekend when he had a concert in GuangZhou there was even a fan who wrote a big poster protesting, demanding show to not kiss Alice Ceng again!

In the middle of this year, Xiao Zhu and Alice Ceng collaborated in a shampoo advertisment, and now he asked her to starr in his MV and even gave his first MV kiss to her and their interactions were also very intimate.
From what we know, the day of kising scene, the sounds of them kissing were so loud even the staff surrounding them were embarrased just by listening, and in the MV you can also see how wild their spark is together.

Xiao Zhu's been in the industry for 10+ years but he's only had a kissing scene with 葉安婷Ye An Ting in 蘋果咬一口"Expect A Miracle" which was cut out and in "corner with love" with Da S but it was an innocent kiss which didn't make his fans have too big of a negative response. Xiao Zhu who has always acted disgusting as in the way of amusing was always in harmony with his "wife fans".

But this time, his fans made big posters protesting, and were also criticizing on the web, they keep on saying Xiao Zhu and Alice Ceng's french kiss was over the top! and he didn't even care one bit about his Luo wives' feelings, someone even suggested to pretend to be blind, and pretend that it never happened, now obviously after Xiao Zhu's one kiss it has made his "husband" status very unstable, towards this Xiao Zhu softly appeased and said that him and Alice Ceng are both professional actors, fans please don't think too much.

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