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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hearing her father’s last words, Patty Hou’s tears collapse

Hearing her father’s last words, Patty Hou’s tears collapse
Source: UDN
Date: Wednesday December 10, 2008
Translated by Initial E @
Yesterday was the 7th day of Patty Hou’s (侯佩岑) father, Hou Shi Hong’s (侯世宏) death. At 9 in the morning, she rushed to Fukuzuwa Park to pay her respects, wearing all black and chanting. When she talked about how her father wouldn’t let his sons and daughters know that he was in the hospital, she was in tears. After the ceremony, Patty followed what her father told her before: “Don’t neglect your work”, and rushed back to Taipei to film. When she heard about how her father instructed her brother to look after her properly, she immediately started crying: “My brother treats me very well, even if my father didn’t tell him to do so, he will still take care of me. I’m already counted as very fortunate.”

Patty’s mother Lin Yue Yun (林月雲) was not present yesterday. Patty said sensibly: “I am here in place of my mother, and at the first moment she heard about my father’s death, she asked a priest to chant for my father.” The death of her father has also affected her mother’s mood. Patty was determined and said: “I will definitely take good care of my mother.” Hou Shi Hong’s funeral is scheduled to be held on the 24th in Tainan Municipal Funeral Parlor, during which not only people from the entertainment industry will attend, but also people from the police force, political and business circle will come to pay their last respects.

In the ceremony, Patty faced her father’s portrait and read a memorial letter. The letter contained everything she missed about her father. When she was studying in a university, she would usually write letters to her father. When she saw how her father would keep her letters carefully in between books, she immediately started crying again. In the afternoon, she rushed back to Taipei to film her show ‘Azio Entertainment’. In the studio, she hugged reporters and thanked them: “Thank you for everyone’s concern, but this is what everyone has to experience in their lifetime. This has let me understand the importance of filial piety and doing good deeds. I originally told myself not to cry, but now I really cannot help it.” She told of how, when she was young, she fought over a toy with her neighbour, and her father punished her by making her kneel – this is her only memory of her father punishing her.

While Patty was mourning her father, her hosting partner Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) revealed that on Friday he specially got up extremely early in the morning to send her messages of condolences. He said: “Like the four seasons, life goes up and down. You have to let it happen. At this time, what Patty needs a boyfriend.” He also used Patty’s story to encourage children, saying: “This should let them realize how lucky they are.”

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