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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jay Chou: want to put my songs forward to Jackie Chan, Jolin Tsai very Western flavour

Source: Sina

The "Music - Love" 2008 M. Music was held on the night of the 28th with many stars from all 3 regions participating. Backstage Jay Chou expressed that the ringtone he uses is the theme song to "Huo Yuan Jia", he's been using it for a while, because he has always liked the Chinese style.

When asked about whether he would write songs for Jackie Chan because Jackie said he admired Jay, Jay Chou said: "If I was to write a song for him I would write Dragon Fist. Because I like Chinese style, plus he's the leader in terms of martial arts in China, for my song to combine with his martial arts, if we get together we can attract foreigners to listen to Chinese music, because he's been abroad all this time. I would also consider writing movie songs for Jackie Chan, actually I've written many theme songs before, the theme song to "Beggar So 2" is written by me. I really want to get a chance to put myself forward to him, I might say to Jaycee Chan: Hey, make you father listen to my songs, it's Chinese style, very diao.
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Jay Chou expressed that this time he talked to Leehom Wang a lot of questions in terms of music "I think everyone should learn from each other's strengths, I'm very honoured at the high praise Jackie Chan has given me, if he wants to work with me I'm very happy to agree. But I'm just not very confident with my martial arts movies. But after filming "Beggar So 2" it's improved a lot, I've got confidence to go and try it out.

Leehom Wang worked on a song with Jane Zhang in his new album, has Jay Chou thought about working with a Mainland China artist, for example Chris Lee? Jay Chou said: "Before I've only worked with Fei Yu Qing. Because I'm very eccentric when it comes to making music, I'm used to doing my own thing, when I work with someone else I always like to meddle with them, so I'm scared of getting into arguments with others, so I rarely want to work with other artists. If it's someone I'm very familiar with such as Nan Quan Mama then we work well together. If it's acting in a film, I like playing the knight or hero in a martial arts or sci-fi movie."

Before Jolin Tsai has said she also likes to act in martial arts or sci-fi movies, would you work with her? "If it's Chinese style, of course I'm willing to work with her. I think Jolin Tsai has a lot of Western flavour, she's even more suitable for that old Shanghai style. For instance wearing Qipao or a Tang dress will be even more suitable." When asked if he wanted to work with Zhou Xun, Jay Chou said that originally they had a chance to collaborate in "Beggar So 2", but it's a pity they don't have any scenes together, he hopes that if they get a chance in the future they can work together, and try out the "double Chou group".

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