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Monday, December 8, 2008

Jay Chou sings 'Chyrsanthemum Flower Bed' with Wyclef Jean & Park Jung-Hyun

source: Liberty Times
translated by: Sarah @

On the night before yesterday, Jay Chou attended an event organised by wine merchants in Shanghai, and he specially sung at the event. The organisers also arranged for Black singer Wyclef Jean and South Korean singer Park Jung-Hyun to sing alongside him, and Jay happily said, “Very diao!”

Fugees lead singer Wyclef, who is undoubtedly up for a Grammy award, sung ‘Chrysanthemum Flower Bed’ with Jay, under the accompaniment of the exclusive orchestra, and even Park Jung-Hyun joined in. Although Wyclef and Park’s Chinese is not too good, the performance from the 3 singers from different countries, touched the guests in the audience.

Jay says that his English is not good, but he believes that music can break through the communication barrier; that performance was the best proof for this. This month, Jay will head to Toronto, Canada and Conneticut, America to hold concerts, and he hopes that he can attract more foreigners to learn Chinese songs.

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