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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ip Man press conference, Wilson Yip thinks Jay Chou should play Bruce Lee

Source: Sina

Raymond Wong expressed at the press conference they are going to film the sequel to Ip Man, concerning this matter, when Wilson Yip accepted interviews from the media he expressed that the boss Mr Wong was very confident in the movie after seeing it, "Anyway for this chapter we've only filmed up to Ip Man going to Hong Kong, we haven't added in Bruce Lee's character yet, that's why we think there's still more to film." When he mentioned adding in Bruce Lee's character, the media immediately perked up, they wondered who Wilson Yip planned on getting to play Bruce Lee? "Bruce Lee is irreplaceable, but I want to get someone with a unique temperament to play this role, I think Jay Chou is very suitable for it." BUt Wilson Yip expressed this is only his own thinking, "I think among the younger generation of stars, Jay Chou is the most suitable, but this is only my own thinking. If we were to get someone else to play the role, perhaps the best thing would be to find someone new globally." This article is translated by

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