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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eddie Peng beats Ethan Ruan. Kenting's view beats Hawaii's.

Eddie Peng beats Ethan Ruan. Kenting's view beats Hawaii's.
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Eddie releases a book telling us about Kenting's view, the sales volume has risen to the top of Ethan Ruan's holiday guide.

The reason of the book selling so well might not be because of popularity! [Xiao Tian] Ethan Ruan's Hawaii holiday guide [ALOHA! In Hawaii] has been losing in selling rate to his best buddy Eddie Peng's [Kenting] for 214 thousand dollars.

According to what we know, Ethan Ruan spent $50000 taking a trip to Hawaii to produce this book. But Eddie took a trip to Kenting and spent only $2000. Who says being cheap can't sell the best?

Eddie's book was about the view of Kenting. From the info, we can see that the book isn't even in the book shops yet, 3000 books have already been pre-ordered, powerfully winning Ethan's 500 pre-ordered books causing a difference of $74000 between them.

Eddie's [Kenting] book is on it's first season, it has only been out for one month and it has directly went into the "Jin Shi Tang" charts as third. Ethan's [ALOHA! In Hawaii] has still not been able to break into the top 10.

When Eddie found out he was a topseller author, he mocked Xiao Tian.
From the information from the press, Eddie was acting in [Honey&Clover] and the ratings weren't very high, and the book [Kenting] was looked to be quite bad too. But Ethan was acting in [Fated To Love you] where he became very popular. And holiday books are far more preferred, but Ethan's book's selling results weren't as good as expected, losing to Peng Yu Yan who has sold 5000 books in one month.

A few days ago when Ethan was being interviewed, he laughed and spoke about the amount of how many books he has sold. [Very scared that he would lose to Eddie]. Didn't think that it would come true, Eddie teased Ethan saying [Being a top-seller isn't easy, and you have a lot of room for improvement!]. And he also stressed that both books are good books; And the chief editor of the publisher Yu Feng Ze expressed [Ethan's book promotions are still running,maybe when the time comes, he might not lose to Eddie!]

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