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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aaron Kwok holds concert in Taiwan; Taiwanese artists show their support

source: Liberty Times
translated by: Sarah @

Aaron Kwok came to Taiwan to hold his concert yesterday, and Taiwanese artists all showed their support, including Jay Chou, Lin Zhi Ling, Show Luo; they all have a never-ending love for ‘Cheng Cheng!’ (Aaron)

Before the concert started, the organizers held an ‘Open Party’ and almost 30 artists attended. Lin Zhi Ling said: “He is everyone’s idol, of course we have to come.” Reporters had sharp eyes and noticed that the diamond ring on her ring finger was missing, and when they questioned her about this, Lin Zhi Ling pretended to look stupid, and did a ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ expression, and she quickly left without replying. As for Show Luo, Aaron is his forever, biggest idol in his heart, and yesterday, although he had an event, he still rushed to attend Aaron’s concert. Show said that the workers specially arranged for him to be able to finish watching the concert, and Show said he had been looking forward to this for weeks.

Jay Chou appeared at the last minute, just as the concert was about to start. This is the first time he has attended a concert in Taiwan, and he expressed that Aaron’s concert will definitely be original: “Because he is King Guo, of course I have to come see his Guiness World Record.”

Other artists that attended included Ariel Lin, Blue Lan, Sonia Sui, Bianca Bai, Aska Yang, Tsai Chiu Feng, Zhang Xuan, Hong Kong star Idy Chan etc.

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