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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rumours with Jay Chou as soon as coming out, Jessie Chiang: don't have that dating feeling with Jay

Source: NOWnews

Ever since coming out Jessie Chiang has had Jay Chou's name linked with hers, she released her new album "Teru Teru Bozu" in November, in reality, her personality is one of positive and healthy. She's been rumoured to have become the new "J Girl", besides feeling helpless, she admitted the rumours were good and harmful for her.

Is Jessie Chiang and Jay Chou's relationship more than meets the eye? Jessie Chiang accepted the questions from the presenter Wang Zu Shou on "UFO 1 O'clock" in November, she expressed, when she went out with Jay Chou privately for the first time, it included other friends, they all went to play basketball, she didn't think that after just one day it was all over the news, she said frankly: "At the time both me and my family were shocked! Because it was the first time we went out, I couldn't have thought they were write it like that."

After being labelled "J Girl", Jessie Chiang became the new love of the media, she was constantly chased, even the workers by her side were often photographed at the same time. Even though she felt perplexed by this, but Jessie Chiang has a carefree attitude, she'll politely joke with them: "Would your parents shout out happily: "Wow! My kid is in the news!""

Jessie Chiang's attitude is just like the Teru Teru Bozu, she's lively and open, when she was being interviewed, her bright laughter could be heard in the recording studio. Towards these news that's made up from thin air, even though she feels helpless and tired of them, but she said frankly: "Actually with these rumours, afterwards I found out they are good and bad, the good thing about them is that when I release an album, I get everyone's attention fast! (bright laughter straight after this)" This article is translated by

Jay Chou and her other good friends in the company, including Nan Quan Mama's Devon, her seniour Wilber Pan have helped her make her new album. It reminds people of when Jolin Tsai was doing "Magic", Jay Chou strongly supported her, the rumours came soon after; for the release of Jessie Chiang's album this time, Jay Chou has called on many people to help out, he himself has helped her write two songs, it's no wonder people are suspecting they are doing another "double J relationship".

It's been rumoured that the writer, "Chen Shao Rong", of "My Theme Song" and other songs in the "Teru Teru Bozu" album, is actually just Jay Chou's alias. Jessie Chiang strongly clarified: "There is indeed someone called Chen Shao Rong, no matter if this rumour is good or not, it's actually very unfair to Chen Shao Rong." So what is the relationship between Jessie Chiang and Jay Chou? Is it "more than friends, but not quite lovers"? She said: "Our relationship isn't that close, I think we are "less than friends", and then...there is no "love"."

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