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Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Wireless Music Awards; Jackie Chan & Jay Chou praise each other

source: QQ
translated by: Sarah @

Yesterday, the ‘Music-Love’ 2008 Wireless Music Awards were held in Beijing and Jay Chou won 3 big awards – ‘Best-Selling Film Song’, ‘Best Singer-Songwriter’ and ‘Best-Selling Male Singer’. And his previous rumoured girlfriend won ‘Best-Selling Female Singer’ with 16163451 downlaods. However, she did not attend the awards ceremony, and this ‘golden couple’ missed out on the chance to be nostage together.

Busy: Jackie Chan & Leehom Wang rushing to attend events

On the night of the awards, many stars were gathered together, such as Jackie Chan, Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, Karen Mok, Li Yu Chun, Jane Zhang, S.H.E, Wilber Pan and other artists. Good things come in bunches, big-time stars rarely have the opportunity to come to Beijing, naturally their schedule is very full.

When Jackie Chan arrived in Beijing yesterday morning, he immediately rushed to attend ‘Volunteers – True Yao Zhong Hua’ charity event and he personally donated $1,000,000. At night, he attended the awards ceremony and competed for awards against the younger generation. When he accepted his ‘Most Loving Song’, Jackie laughed saying: “Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, watch out!” On the other side, Leehom Wang lost count of the number of events he attended that day. In the afternoon, he held a fan-meet event to promote for his new album, however even when he accepted an interview, he appeared to be very weak and tired. At night, he then had to attend the awards ceremony, but he accepted his awards in high spirts; evidently his professionalism can be seen.

Praise: Stars flatter each other

At night, during interviews with various artists, when talking about the singers they most admire, the names Jay Chou, Leehom Wang and Jane Zhang seemed to be a common answer, even big brother Jackie Chan was not an exception: “The male singers I most admire is Leehom Wang and Jay Chou. I really wish I can have the chance to work with them, because they have a lot of talent, can play piano, compose, sing, very all-rounded. Even for films, I will want to work with them.”

Coming from the new generation of Chinese singers, Jane Zhang was the artist, which people most wish to work with from mainland China. Leehom Wang and Wilber Pan also both expressed their admiration for Jane, and they hope to have the chance to work with her. When asked about his impression of Jane, Leehom replied: “Because I really like her songs, the first time I heard her song was in ‘Impression West Lake’. And Wilber said that Jane is a very good singer, and he hopes to have the opportunity to work with her.

Diao: Jay Chou wants to write song for Jackie Chan

Jay Chou says: “If I write a song for Jackie, then I will write ‘Dragon Fist’.”

Jay expressed that he himself really likes Chinese style, and since Jackie is the leader of martial arts in China, “my song and his martial arts can combine together, and we can attract a lot of foreigners to listen to Chinese music, since he’s always overseas.” I would also consider writing a film song for Jackie, actually I’ve written many film songs in the past, like the theme song in‘Beggar So 2’is written by me. I really wish to find the opportunity to recommend myself to him. Maybe I should say to his son Jaycee: “Hey, tell your father to listen to my songs, it’s Chinese style, very diao.”

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