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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Magazine report claims Joe Nieh is forced to postpone his wedding date due to death threats from Miffty Zhang

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: Matchbox @
While Joe Nieh held hands with Vivian Chow in high profile and showed that they are happy. Third party Miffty Zhang still didn't give up and sent death threats to him. Today Hong Kong's magazine "Oriental Sunday" published a report that stated in order to avoid any tragedy from happening that Joe and Vivian decided to postpone their wedding date.

"Oriental Sunday" reported that Joe (Nicknamed tumour) and Vivian (Crazy in love V) will still have many arguments because Miffty is having an emotional breakdown. She attempted to commit sucide by cutting her wrist twice and even sent death threats to Joe that stated "Come and see me, talk to me." The shocking sentence was "When I'm gone you can send me lillies." This line gave out a threatening message.

The magazine reported that Miffty had constantly been calling Joe on the phone to find out what was going on, however was only transferred to his mail box. This made her go mad and sent threatening SMS messages in order for him to return her calls. A friend revealed "When Joe saw Miffty's threatening messages of wanting to die due to love, he found it very scary. If anything happens and it causes a loss of life then it will be really hard to deal with in the future."

As well as having to consider delaying the wedding date to avoid Miffty's actions, he also ordered a pair of "Tiffany" silver wedding rings so that he could appease both sides.

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