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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Edison Chen's 'Sniper' will air next year during Easter

source: sina
translated by: Sarah @

Due to the nude photo scandal that was exposed at the beginning of this year, Edison Chen publicly announced that he would exit the Hong Kong industry indefinitely. Now, his film ‘Jump’ has already arranged for another actor to replace his scenes. However, his other film ‘Sniper’ is about to give up the China markets, and will air in Hong Kong next year during Easter.

Both of Edison’s films ‘Jump’ and ‘Sniper’were unable to get the airing permit from China and hence still has not aired yet. Columbia company which invested in ‘Jump’ and producer Stephen Chow had earlier decided to replace Edison, and has chosen Taiwan actor William Li, and filming will commence next month. Sources reported that after Edison found out about this, he was extremely disappointed. But on the other hand, Lin Jian Yue, the boss of Media Asia company, who invested in ‘Sniper’ has decided to give up the China markets and instead, has arranged for the film to be aired in places outside of China next year during Easter. They will also arrange for Edison to do promotions outside of Hong Kong.

Edison, who is currently in America, besides constantly looking for new film opportunities and regularly taking acting classes, has been striving to look for a business partner for his fashion business. Lately, he has successfully drawn Colt and Play Station into a collaboration to launch a PSP clothing line, and to increase the effectiveness of publicity, he has personally modelled many of the promotional photos.

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