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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ariel's Merry Christmas

Ariel's Merry Christmas
Article from FANS magazine - Dec. 2008
Translated by catalie @

Ariel Lin, who just received the 2008 43rd Golden Bell Best Actress award, was the expected and most deserving winner. Don't be mistaken by how steady and calm she was on stage during her acceptance speech, deep inside she is really a very romantic little girl!

Talking about the very important Christmas in December, there was happiness across her whole face, and when mentioning the Christmas she spent in New York two years ago, she even more frequently let slip an expression of happiness.

Music & Message: Christmas is approaching. Will you use a Christmas carol ringtone on your mobile phone or send Christmas wishes to your friends?

Actually, I don't really care about ringtones but during Christmas, exchanging gifts is a must! I remember in high school, I spent a lot of money on a Christmas tree for our house, put up lots of decorations and also invited many friends over so we could play the game of exchanging gifts. However, many years have passed so I don't remember what gifts I prepared at the time. They probably weren't very special, so I don't really remember, haha. When I was studying abroad in New York, I also bought many decorations and a Christmas tree. I love these little things that give off so much Christmas spirit, I especially can't resist the glittery ones. However because Taiwan doesn't have as much of a Christmas atmosphere, I left the Christmas tree at my aunt's house in America instead of bringing it home. I hope I can return to America soon so I can feel that Christmas spirit again. Usually I'm not the person who actively sends out text messages and also when I receive them, I won't really reply. However I love keeping Christmas cards. Since buying the "affection for the blind" [?] cards in primary school, I fell in love with cards. That's why when I was studying abroad in New York, it was coincidentally Christmas too, so I went out and bought many many Christmas cards, I was very happy! I also love to look around Taiwan's Eslite card exhibition!

E-card: How do you feel about e-cards replacing traditional Christmas cards?

I have never ever sent a Christmas e-card before, and have never received one either. I feel that traditional cards are have more personal and memorable feeling to them. When giving cards to friends and family, I will always write them myself. However, maybe because Taiwan's Christmas spirit isn't as strong, I actually don't write out many cards. Even if I have 1000 cards sitting beside me, most I simply keep and collect. The cards I write most are birthday cards! (Reporter's note: Ariel really loves writing cards, doesn't she! While her brother was studying in France, Ariel as a sister always sent him postcards, so sweet of her!)

Year of 2008: This year, what accomplishment has given you the biggest sense of achievement?

Using my own capability to buy a new house, giving my family and I a cozy home environment.

Rest: If you had the chance to rest in December, what would you like to do or where would you like to go?

(Ariel suddenly felt extremely happy and screamed) I want to go to America to celebrate Christmas! My aunt lives in America so I really want to go to their house again for Christmas! If I celebrated Christmas in America, I would definitely have to go to visit my friends so I can really experience that traditional, happy, warm feeling.

Romance: Are you a romantic person? What is the most romantic thing you have done?

I am a romantic person because when I am dating someone, I will often like to create surprises. I might not tell him at all that I am going to see him, then suddenly go to find him and give him a surprise!

Church: Previously getting married at a church in Guam in "They Kiss Again", will you want to get married in a church in the future?

If it doesn't concern religion, of course I want to! However, I wouldn't want to go to a spendid, majestic, over-luxurious church to get married, just a small church that's warm and has a nice atmosphere, then I would be satisfied.

House: You belong to the class of entertainers who were born in the '80's and already have houses. What did you take into consideration the first time you bought a house? If you bought a house in the future, what criteria would it have to meet? In the future, would you like to be a landlady and rely on rent as income?

When I bought this house, I considered the surroundings because a house will affect one's spending and lifestyle habits. Also, the place must be convenient for work. My current house is very close to where I work and do makeup. It is also close to Sun Yat-sen memorial hall where my mother can release dogs. I've heard people say that you must not sell off the first house you buy as it is considered the base, where your wealth is stored. If I was to buy another house, I would consider the internal layout. I hope it looks like a Japanese house where the centre of the house leads to hallways in all four directions, also separated by walls, so that it feels as though there is another world in the centre; my current house doesn't have a garden or view. Most importantly, the district should be good. If I were to buy a second house, I hope it has plenty of space so my mother can look after dogs and pigs, as well as plant flowers, ha! My mother really wants to keep pigs! In the future, I would like to be a landlady but I can be very extreme and also contradictory. I want to lease to big corporate booses or to poor students because I would lease to them at a low price but also arrange everything very nicely so they get the feeling of home.

Reception: Whose greeting would you most like to receive this Christmas?

(Ariel reveals a very sweet smile and uses a doll-like, teasing voice to say~) The person I like, hehe.

Improvement: This year has almost ended, the new year is fast approaching. In what aspect would you like to improve in?

Probably my quality of work! I hope to have the opportunity to act in an interesting movie, or like Joe, participate in a theatrical drama, I really envy this point about him.

Santa Claus: In your heart, who would be most suited to act the role of Santa Claus?

Colonel Sanders [or in Ariel's words: Grandpa Kentucky]

Time: If you could alter the established 24hour day, how many hours would you hope for?

I don't wish to change this because if a day had 48 hours, but we could only live for 40 years, I wouldn't like that either. It would be better to leave it as it is.

Mother: What sort of mother is your mother? How close are you two?

She isn't afraid of kissing me haha, just joking! It doesn't get to the point of playing tonsil hockey, if it came down to that, it would be quite nauseating! However, if she wants to kiss me, I'll let her kiss me. Previously when I returned from working in China, she hugged me as soon as she saw me and then kissed me, ha. Sometimes when I'm taking the stairs with my mother and I'm walking in front of her, she will sneakily pinch my butt, haha. However, her and my younger brother aren't as close. My mother and younger brother's relationship is like older sister and younger brother. Sometimes they will be so loud as though they were quarrelling, very interesting.

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