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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jolin Tsai signs contract in Water Cube; Mentor Sam Chen gives paintings

Jolin Tsai signs contract in Water Cube; Mentor Sam Chen gives paintings
Source: Xinhua Net
Date: Wednesday December 17, 2008
Translated by: Initial E @
Yesterday night, at 9.10pm in Beijing’s Water Cube stadium, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) officially announced that she was entering Warner Music. There are rumours that the sum Jolin will be getting for transferring contract is 30,000,000 yuan. However in yesterday’s event, being the first person to hold a press conference in the Water Cube, Jolin repeatedly emphasized that the numbers are not important. The fact that Warner is spending money so recklessly surprised many, because other than the fact that there is an increasing financial turmoil, the album business is not doing well. The biggest winner in all is Jolin’s management company, Mars Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Sam Chen gives painting

For the signing of the contract, her company specially chose the time 9.10 to start the ceremony. The main reason for that is ‘Jiu’ (9) stands for ‘Jolin’, while ‘Yi Lin’ (10) stands for her Chinese name ‘Yi Lin’. Even Jolin laughed saying that this is the first time. It was held at the Water Cube, where the Olympics was held earlier. Because the rent was extremely expensive, for a single day the rent is as high as 700, 000yuan. The workers in charge of setting up the stage came at dawn yesterday for work; they were very scared that if they came a few hours earlier they would have to pay for another whole extra day. When her mother and sister heard that it was going to be held in the Water Cube, they immediately put down their work and flew with Jolin together to Beijing.

Yesterday Jolin was wearing jewelry costing tens of millions, hinting at the 30 million sum she got for transferring to Warner. To that, Jolin expressed that numbers are not important, but rather they cooperate happily. She also said that the main reason why she transferred to Warner was that she saw that their music quality is very high.

Sam Chen (陈泽杉), the current president of Warner’s China district and who worked together with Jolin many times, gave her a painting done by a famous French artist, Edward Degas. The painting shows a ballerina jumping, which symbolises Jolin’s requests for perfection in her singing and dancing. When she saw the painting, she was surprised and delighted: “I know the road before me poses greater challenges, with beautiful responsibility. Thank you all who gave me all this, I can’t wait to get to work again.”

Show Luo will not follow Jolin

During the event, all Warner artistes sent VCRs to congratulate her, hoping that Jolin would go up a whole new different level in Warner. Mainland China’s big sister Natasha Na (那英) specially came to support the event. The words of Stanley Huang (黄立行), who is in the same management company as Jolin, made the audience laugh. He said: “In EMI last time, you went in earlier than me; you were the senior, I was the junior, so you were on top, I was at the bottom. Now I am in Warner, and went in earlier than you. I am the senior, you are the junior, so I am at the top, you at the bottom. Don’t worry, I will treat you well.” Added on to the fact that before, the two had dance intimately together at a concert, the ambiguous feelings went up high.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the outside world is guessing that other than Stanley Huang and Jolin Tsai who left Gold Typhoon, there would be another one joining them – Show Luo (罗志祥), who shares the same management company as Jolin. The relationship between Show and Jolin has always been good, and the last time he followed Jolin to EMI as well. This year his contract with Gold Typhoon will expire, hence there are rumours that he will transfer together with Jolin. However, in yesterday’s press conference, a reporter found out from an insider that Show will be continuing his contract with Gold Typhoon, and the conditions were as good as the time he transferred from AVEX.

The album business is not doing well, added to the increasing economic turmoil; many artistes lower their prices to earn money. However this record company still spent money recklessly at this point. People like Show Luo, Jolin Tsai and Stanley Huang are still firmly in the hands of their management company, Mars Entertainment Co. Ltd, so you can say that no matter which record company these artistes decide to go to, the real winner at the end is still the management company.

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