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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wilbur Pan and Jessie Chiang held hands while making a love nest.

Wilbur Pan and Jessie Chiang held hands while making a love nest.
Date: Monday 15 December
Translated: JPOO @
Yesterday Jessie Chiang (江語晨) and her senior Wilbur Pan(潘瑋柏) (Handsome Pan 潘帥) both baked a gingerbread house together, 2 hands as one (meaning they worked together just like one pair of hands), eating as they work, they got teased saying the two of them were making a romantic love nest.

Jessie was staring at Wilbur whilst he was putting on the cream for the lid of the gingerbread house, the cream went all over his hands, and Jessie had to say "Senior, i'll help you squeeze it" Wilbur heard and his eyes beamed and said ambiguously "Squeeze where?"
All the staff burst into laughter, and Jessie immediatly turned red and said "Squeezing the cream!"

Jessie who hasn't even been in the music industry for over a month, thanked Wilbur for writing her a song by celebrating christmas with him earlier, and when they were making the gingerbread house, she even fed cream to Wilbur, this made Wilbur smile happily.

Recently a web-user posted in a forum calling wilbur "Pan Shuai has changed to Pan Sai" (潘帥變潘塞)[Handsome Pan has changed to Pan Poo] (sai in Taiwanese dialect means Poo 屎) and questioned him as being fake (Leg not really broken, Just propoganda).

Wilbur who is known to be very sporty, has recently come across many misfortunes, firstly in his performance in BeiJing he fell and broke his left leg's ligament, and had to cancel his New York trip to rest, but yet a web-user is questioning him as "Leg not really broken, Just propoganda" and they also said even though he's injured he can still go shopping with a model, and perform very lively in the V power concert, dancing along.

Wilbur said bitterly "My friend also mocked me and asked if I was lying." When Wilbur fell it actually took him at least 5 minutes to be able to stand up because of the pain, and during the V power concert he was keeping all the pain into himself, after he got of the stage he even had to lay against the staff, he is going for a surgery in one month's time.

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