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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fans Poked Fun at Idols’ Romantic Rumors S.H.E Did Not Mind: As Long As Everyone is Happy

Recently, Taiwanese girl group S.H.E came to Hong Kong to perform in a Christmas show. Yesterday, they attended the [SHE Universal Party] and spent Boxing Day with 1500 fans. The event held a contest for imitating S.H.E. Some fans poked fun at their idols’ romantic rumors. There was even a male fan that cross-dressed and ruined their idol image but S.H.E did not mind any of these and watched the whole thing happily.

S.H.E continued to stay in Hong Kong after attending the countdown party on Canton Road. Yesterday, the trio also took time out to meet with their Hong Kong fans. They would not be leaving Hong Kong for Beijing until tonight. During the fan meeting yesterday, other than watching the fans’ imitation contest and acting as judges, S.H.E also performed three songs and brought the atmosphere to high excitement. The fans of S.H.E came up with all sorts of ideas in imitating their idols, not only on clothing and styles but also paid attention to their idols’ news and daily life details.

Grimacing at One Point

One team of fans imitated Show Luo, Jay Chou and Wu Chun who were romantically linked with S.H.E respectively. However when S.H.E saw the way they were presented, they could not resist a grimace. Later there were another three male fans who cross-dressed by wearing stockings to imitate S.H.E. The effect was startling. There were even some fans that were very bold, singing and stripping at the same time. However, what made S.H.E most happy was one team of fans that presented them with mandarin oranges and oranges. They sat on stage, eating and watching at the same time. The way Ella ate was quite candid, fearless of having the fans seeing her spitting pits. Afterwards, S.H.E chose the team whose performance was most “despicable” as winner.

Male Fans Cross-Dressing

Afterwards, S.H.E was asked how felt about the fans imitating them. They laughed and said that they had lots of fun watching and felt that the fans were well prepared. Although they did not really understand Cantonese but they still knew that the fans put a lot of effort into it. However, would they mind that the fans poked fun at their romantic rumors? S.H.E felt that as long as the fans were happy would be fine and perhaps they also forgot that there were reporters at the scene. Ella also laughingly said that normally they would even poke fun at each other’s romantic rumors. With regards to male fans cross-dressing to imitate them, Hebe expressed with a laugh that it was pretty scary. The fan who imitated her even had a big belly. They laughed: [They only wore stockings but not dresses or pants to hide that big pack of theirs. (Would you be afraid to look?) No, we were seriously looking at them. They dare to do it, we dare to watch.] However, S.H.E believed that the male fans who were willing to come out dressing like this must liked them very much. In Taiwan, there had been male fans cross-dressing to imitate them as well but this time was the most exaggerated.

Mandarin Oranges Are Delicious

S.H.E coming and spending this Christmas with the fans in Hong Kong, would they not fear that the Taiwanese fans be mad? They expressed that they would not because they would be back in Taiwan and celebrate New Year with the fans there. When speaking of them eating the mandarin oranges and oranges non-stop on stage, Ella laughed and said that it was because they were hungry and the mandarin oranges were really delicious. As for spending Christmas in Hong Kong two nights ago, S.H.E went shopping at Causeway Bay. Although there were fans following them and they were recognized by the people passing them but they still enjoyed it very much. They felt that although they were working, they should also enjoy some relaxation so they went shopping and ate a delicious Christmas meal at night. After the performance on Christmas Eve, they had a party with their staff and exchanged presents. Ella drew the high-heeled shaped jewelry box from Hebe that could be used to store rings. Hebe drew a scarf from one of the staff. Selina drew a pair of cell phone strings from Ella that had “Love” and “You” written on them which she hoped to give to her other half in the future. Also, the fans who attended yesterday’s function must purchase tickets. The ticket price for fan club members was HK$290 each and for non-members was HK$320 each.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Takungpao News
original source :

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