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Monday, December 29, 2008

S.H.E Recalled Experience of Fooled by Ringtone Listed Mainland Artist They Most Wanted to Work With

On December 28th, top singers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China gathered at the Workers’ Sports Center in Beijing for the 2008 Wireless Music Award. Backstage, Sina interviewed S.H.E.

All three members of S.H.E indicated that they liked using ringtones. Most of their ringtones were their own songs and they would request their families and staff members to use ringtones to promote their songs. Ella said: [The ringtone my father uses is the song I wrote “Wifey”. I feel so happy each time I call and hear this song. My own ringtones are “Face to Face” by Sandy Lam, and our own “Say you Love Me”.] Hebe’s ringtone was a song by Norah Jones because she liked the feeling of jazz music. Selina’s ringtone was “Still Would Be Lonely”.

Ella even described an interesting experience on the spot: [I have a good friend who uses a very funny ringtone that says “Hello, I am Jay Chou” and it really was Jay Chou’s voice. It made me wonder every time why it would be Jay’s voice. Actually it was from a recording my friend had made and even though I knew that, but I still was fooled each time.]

When asked if they would like to collaborate with artists from mainland China, S.H.E expressed that there were many mainland Chinese artists that they liked. Selina said she had paid special attention to Chen Chu-sheng, really admired his vocals and all aspects of his talent and felt that his singing sounded very nice. Hebe said that she liked Jane Zhang Liang-ying’s voice and kept praising that [Drawing Heart] was a really good song. Hebe revealed that she most wanted to be able to collaborate with Faye Wong, however, she did not know whether such a chance would still be possible. Ella said that she most wished to collaborate with Han Hong: [Her vocal range is very high and mine is very low, so the effect would be very interesting. Selina had previously collaborated with Leehom Wang. If in mainland China, we most wanted to work with Anson Hu Yan Bin, because we are very good friends with Anson Hu, know him very well, so well that we call him “Little Bin Bin”.]

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and
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