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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Turtle Rainie Yang Want to Drive "Jia Hui" on the Road

Source: China Times - YAM News
Translated by Cmiley @
Rainie Yang's starring role in "Miss No Good" ended stylishly, with the popular role of trendy Jiang Xiao Hua, to match with Jiang Xiao Hua's drama scooter bike "Shu Hui", she duplicated a mini van for promotions, she laughed having to name it as well as "Jia Hui 甲惠", using the Taiwanese sounding word "Jia Hui假會" is planning to be "Jia Hui's" driver, to take fans on a nice drive.

Rainie is quite interested in trying "Jia Hui" on the road, but was immediately stopped by the staff, because even with a license, she has driven in 4 years, 4 years ago she learnt because of an idol drama, after earning the license, and asked the already passed away friend Hsu Wei Lun how to drive, Hsu Wei Lun generously offered her car for her to drive, who would have thought once she got on the road; and seeing the cars coming by she started screaming, thinking the cars are charging at her, causing Hsu Wei Lun to nearly faint, so she's actually "Gui Su 龜速" driver, not even near the speed of 30km, so everyone urges her to just not drive, to avoid distrupting the traffic pattern.

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