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Monday, June 30, 2008

aaron yan having bad luck lately, Aaron yan is having some bad luck this year

short translation description:
more negative news, "aaron angrily scold at gui gui, someone is getting shun.
Aaron is rumored to be gay again, He got into a serious verbal fight w/guigui. His managment co YY was extremely angry that the situation. They decided to stop filming his newest movie "Blossom loves undefeated" and probably will not give him work for a while as a warning

Aaron has been running into bad luck this yr. The release of His movie "??MIT" from first half of hte year has been postponed indefinitly. Now "blossom love undefeated" has stopped filiming. The crew said he's the youngest of hte Ferenheit, but he also is the most rebellious. Everyone is giving him leeway because of his age, but worried that his attitude would cause him trouble at some pt.

He has been rumored to be gay ever since his debut, "ghost" was his only rumored girlfriend by the gossipers. Before the halt of "Blossom...", there r eyewitness saw them got into a verbal confrontation and almost got into a fight. But Aaron denied by saying, "the rumors are overexergerated, I always vebally fight w/ghost". He also said he's not sadden by the film stoppage. He's glad that he has more time to practice for concerts

The halting of "blossom.." would cause a loss of $2M. The produce explained that the reason for the stoppage was because of Ferenheit's concert later this year, Aaron's would be too busy and not enough time to do the film. He strongly denied that Aaron's being replaced because of rumors of being gay.

Jimmy Lin, Lee Wei at premiere of My Lucky Star at Anhui TV

Anhui TV paid a hefty sum of 10Mrmb to buy the exclusive rights to broadcast My Lucky Star starting July 1, 2008. The TV station invited the male leads Jimmy Lin and Lee Wei driving expensive sports cars to the premiere. Jimmy, whose wedding news was leaked to the public recently became the media focus. Even though he denies it and says that he’ll share his good news with the public if there’s any, but when asked which piece of jewelry in the show he wants to give to his girlfriend he immediately says the blue diamond necklace “The Queen Mary”. His wedding rumors don’t seem to be groundless.

No pressure starring in an idol series at 34. Jimmy did his own drifting stunts without any doubles.
My Lucky Star is about the second young master of a jewelry empire, Zhong Tian Qi and the swindler Xia Zhi Xing, who met by chance because of a piece of jewelry and developed a complex love story. This Taiwan idol series is different from other 16 ep series. Because of its high ratings when it was aired in Taiwan production extended it to 20 eps and gave the male and female leads a happy ending according to the wishes of the viewers. Anhui TV paid a hefty sum to import this series and will air it during the summer. Jimmy has always portrayed ancient characters in tv series. The reason he could star in this series is because of his racing background and the outstanding script. Viewers will see Jimmy wear expensive jewelries and drive expensive sports cars showing off his drifting skills. We have to mention that these dangerous drifting acts were all performed by Jimmy himself. When a reporter asked him whether he feels any pressure from starring in idol series at the age of 34 he said, “I don’t mind my friends describing me as an idol. Like my predecessor 木村拓哉 who still acts in idol series, I hope I can be like him.

Jimmy is tired of gossips about his love life and wants to give a diamond ring to his girlfriend.
The media focus is still on whether he’ll marry his model girlfriend. He doesn’t evade the question like before. He obviously came prepared. He thanks everyone for their support but hopes that the media will give him some private space. “I received more than 60 messages after I got off the plane. There are still more coming. All are from friends who congratulate me after they read the news. Even my dad asked me if I am really getting married. If I really have good news I’ll share it with everyone immediately. There have been many bad news recently that trouble me. The relationship between artists and the media is weird. I hope that the media will give us some space and a chance to speak our minds when it is convenient.” When asked which piece of jewelry he will give to her girlfriend he says “The Queen Mary” (The blue diamond necklace in the series.) Then he seems to have realized that it’s not appropriate and changes to “Zhong Xia Ye Zhi Xing” (the love bracelet in the series). No matter which piece we are able to see the importance of his model girlfriend in his heart.

The idols present flags to the Fang Yang fans
The press conference has the traditional magic, champagne and flowers and also arranges to have Fang Yang fans from all over the country to receive a flag from their idols. The Fang Yang fanclub has grown sizably after the show first aired. Each district sent a representative to the press conference. Beside a goodluck wish for high ratings each fan get a flag from Jimmy and Lee Wei. Lee Wei’s birthday is on July 9. Fans prepared a cake for him. During the 5 months that My Lucky Star aired in Taiwan it received spectatcular ratings. The fans said that even though they have seen it already they will get their friends together to watch the show again and hope the ratings will be good.

Ekin Cheng Acts for Kingsoft's Online Game

Hong Kong singer and actor Ekin Cheng has recently turned into Erlang Shen, a Chinese god with a third true-seeing eye on his forehead, in a recent Kingsoft's Online Game advertisement in Beijing.

Beijing Daily Messenger reported Monday that since it is Ekin Cheng's first experience acting as an internet game character, he felt strong pressure when acting in The First Myth II, though he has long been an online gamer.

Joe Cheng, Danson Tang Both Disagree about Swimming Naked

Danson Tang and Joe Cheng both have different views on whether they will like a girl like Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin’s character in They Kiss Again for those who don’t know) in real life. Danson expresses that he is not good at swimming and will not swim naked, Joe also expresses that everyone needs to bear responsibilities for their own actions.

This is Danson Tang’s first time playing an amusing and camp character; he has many things to say about his way of acting. “After the experience of this drama, I’ll never be fazed by this type of drama again.”
(Photos from Sin Chew Daily)

Joe Cheng (Xiao Zhong) and Danson Tang have gone to Malaysia to promote They Kiss Again. When asked about the current competition over getting high ratings and asked if they would skinny dip if they broke records, Danson expressed that “Have a target for good ratings is good but we won’t use the tactic of swimming naked to achieve that. Anyways we’re not talented at swimming.”
To which Joe added jokingly, “I am!” Does he want to accept the challenge of swimming naked?

When asked if there will be a third instalment in this series, Joe said, “Unless there is a book to follow and an original cast to return to do it, there will be no chance.”

Joe states that the audience has the freedom to choose what drama they want to watch, but when it gets tactical he still thinks that organising more fan meetings is the most realistic way, it seems he doesn’t approve of good friend Ethan Ruan’s doings. “Of course if you’ve already said it, (talking about Ethan’s promise to swim naked), you have to bear responsibility for your actions.”

Earlier he commented on Vic Zhou’s ‘Wish to See You Again’ having bad ratings, he expresses that it’s the media making up rumours and that he really didn’t cause that much harm! Will he learn to mind his speech more carefully in future then?
“I’ve always been mindful about my speech but if the media wants to make things up, it doesn’t matter what I say, they’ll write what they want.”

In reality will ‘Jiang Zhi Shu’ Joe Cheng, ‘Gan Gan’ Danson Tang like a girl like Xiang Qin though? Joe says, “If we were in the same environment as the drama, living together and having so many experiences together then it could be a possibility.”
Danson says, “Her personality is actually kind of similar to the type of girls that I like a carefree personality and loves to smile. Even though everyone thinks that Xiang Qin is stupid but I don’t dislike stupid people, in fact I admire the determination and hard work they put in to move towards their goal.”

Joe and Ariel (Lin) have over forty kiss scenes in this drama, he says that he was very shy and when you watch it, you can feel the anxiousness at the time as well as the sweetness of the two and he hopes that those kinds of feelings can be transferred to the audience.

“From when I first entered this industry until now, Ariel Lin is the actress who I have worked the longest together with. So there is enough connection and familiarity between us. We both have different personalities, and I have learnt a lot of different ways of thinking about acting and life from her.”

Joe expresses that whilst filming the scene when he is performing heart surgery, the director wanted it to look very real thus he went to find pig’s skin and a pig’s heart along with many other tools to create the impression of blood. The unique smell from this made him want to throw up after filming, and he didn’t dare eat meat for around one or two months afterwards.

Danson states that whilst filming the scene where Gan Gan had to get his stomach pumped, the director tried to persuade him to drop his trousers but to no avail so in the end; they had to get a body double in.
When Joe thought back to that scene, he couldn’t help but laugh, “That body double’s bottom was a lot darker than Danson’s.”

Danson also laughed and said, “They were scared that when they showed that scene, it will affect my image so later, they got the make up artist to put a layer of foundation on him.”

Two good looking guys not competing over looks, but privately talking about work…

This is Joe Cheng’s first time in Malaysia; fans in Malaysia gave many flowers to him to celebrate this. And with Danson Tang’s second time in Malaysia, fans also hung up a poster for him (?).
These two good looking guys with a seemingly good relationship laughingly said, they both do not privately compete over who is the best looking but rather, they meet up to talk about work.

Danson Tang’s plans are to have his second album released before the end of the year, will not accept any new dramas for the time being. And Joe’s song for The Kiss Again: Zhong Yu Yuan Wei has also been successful (?) but he does not have any plans for singing. Saying, “Even if I do sing, it will only be a one off. My heart is with acting.” He will be busy with another drama’s overseas promotion in the upcoming period, only accepting scripts for new dramas in August.
“I hope to have the chance to act in theatre or in a film, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Wu Xia film or a horror movie… seeing as I haven’t acted in either. I want to experience it.”

Joe Chen Strong As Ariel ~ Netizens Battling #1 Sis

TTV, SETTV idol drama "Fated To Love You" is so popular, male lead Ethan Ruan became famous, female lead Joe Chen Qiao En is also not mentioning, lately online appeared "Who is Taiwan's idol drama's Big Sis" discussion battling, Qiao En's drama , there is the most discussions, taking over Ariel Lin!

Joe Chen Qiao En with one battle becomes famous, earnings increase, at the moment there's SETTV's "Treasure Hunter" hosting work, fucntions, commerical ads, all accepting with no vacation, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China with about 4, 5 dramas in discussion, it is estimated 1 episode $100,000 and up, but China has 1 episode $80,000 Chinese Yuan($350,000 Taiwanese Yuan), making her the Taiwan drama star #1 sis class.

Joe Chen Qiao En Comes Out Accepts High Ratings Queen

Ariel Lin has filmed idol dramas for 6 years, after filming "They Kiss Again", had a tired feeling, not wanting to film idol dramas, near the end of "TKA", "FTLY" aired, Joe Chen Qiao En played a nerdy girl attracting the eyes of the audience, Ariel originally was going to play "Paper Rose", postponed until next year, without any new dramas, ratings queen suddenly has been given to Joe Chen Qiao En to take over!

Ariel Lin Challenges Drama Fights Back in October

Naturally Chen/Lin battles are not at rest, lately on the net appeared "Who is Taiwan drama's #1 Sis" discussions, Joe Chen Qiao En "Fated to Love You" is positive, and it even broke her role in "Prince Turns into Frog's" highest 8 rating, since Ariel was nominated in the Golden Horse Awards, her acting has been accepted, both ends of the supporting netizens are not stopping in the battles online.

Taking Ariel comparing with Joe Chen, J-Star management Sun De Rong expressed: "Its not comparable." He points out, Joe Chen Qiao En's acting career was planned, from "7 Flowers" as a group making records, acting, hosting were all under control. As for Ariel, her manager Xiao Yu says, Ariel likes to pick dramas, even though currently there's no dramas, but in October she's be accepting a role "Extravagant Challenge", the role is about a girl that is really good at acting.

Elva Siao celebrates album´s big sale

Elva Siao is celebrating the success of her new album "Eve with three faces". The CD sold over 670-thousand copies within a week of its release. It's a major success for Siao, cooperating again with her former company, EMI.

Friends in Entertainment sent good wishes on video. Siao is a popular Taiwan singer who's been around for ten years. Lately she'd slipped below the horizon of public attention - until the release of the album.

Ayumi Hamasaki finishes 10th anniversary tour

TOKYO —Singer Ayumi Hamasaki, 29, on Sunday night finished her nationwide tour marking the 10th anniversary of her debut in Tokyo. She held 17 concerts in 10 cities since April, attracting 230,000 fans.

Hamasaki, who revealed in January that she had lost the hearing ability in her left ear, said she also had been suffering stress since the death of a close friend last autumn. Wiping away tears, she told fans, “I appreciate all of you who came to my concerts nationwide. Thank you for a great time.”

Prior to Sunday’s concert, she wrote on her official blog: “I’m a happy person. I’ve never lost anything because my fans support me. They are my left ear.”

Hamasaki will tour Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan from September. She said, “With the energy you gave me, I can manage the Asian tour.”

DaXiao S Plays Double J ~ Plays Love Back Stage

For the Golden Melodies Award, the host have released themselves; Matilda Tao Zi prepared with extra heavy gold necklaces impersonating Machi, Patty Hou played Amei requesting a fan blowing at her, Barbie Hsu Big S played Jolin using fake legs stretching yoga, Dee Hsu Little S played Jay Chou and because she impersonated too well, it caused many screams, the 4 filmed a backstage clip with NG, making the live audience laugh nonstop.

The 4 host acted a short drama, the personal script compared to the stage one is even more interesting, Big S purposely added more in the drama, she acted as Jolin wanting to play love with Little S that played Jay, the two with wide eyes looking into each other deeply, at the end Big S says: "This won't work, I can't do it, I want to pewk!" At the end Little S playing Jay helping Big S playing Jolin to help stretch the fake legs, in the next scene it should be Amei played by Patty, she called everyone to get ready for stage, never thought Jay played by Little S suddenly said towards Patty: "Ai Yo~Patty you're also here la." Making Patty embarassed saying: "I'm Amei la." The 4's characters were all a mess, and did leave Jolin, Jay, and Patty a valuable stage performance scene.

The 19th Golden Melodies Awards Popular Awards ceremony this Saturday is held at Taipei Little Big Egg, since usually audience are able to see the artists at the moment situation, this time Azio specially invited a host to film clipls, letting the 4 hosts to get live backstage scenes, Matilda playing Machi, making the big lip, and personally prepared an extra thick gold necklace, while filming the backstage watching tv, she watched while Rapping, and time to time added some swear words.

Chou Yu-Min does not forget Da S' crystal necklace

[仔]2008/06/29 周渝民難忘大S水晶頸 news from cc

Zai Zai attended Unicef charity event in H.K. yesterday. His fans donated more than four hundred thirteen thousands dollars to the charity entities. As to the rumor of him reconciling with his ex-girlfriend Da S, Zai Zai said " doesn't look like it is true" Asked why he put on the crystal necklace that Da S once wore, he explained that he likes this necklace very much as the reason and, in fact, this neckalce is just an accessary and not the couple necklace that the media described.

2008/06/30 仔仔鍊鍊大S 詭笑談情復合是祕密
仔仔鍊鍊大S 詭笑談情復合是祕密 msn

"Da Zai Lian reconciliation" rumoring around, in this sensible period, Zai Zai put on crystal necklace attending Unicef event in HK. The odd thing is that when the media asked Zai Zai if he really reconciled with Da S, he revealed a wicked smile and said " seems like not true. I don't know. this is a secret."

Busy with his work and no contact with Da S, ZZ showed upbeat mood despite he looked tried at the UNicef event. While chatting with him related to Da S, he actually used an uncertain term "seems like" as an answer. He explained " That is because we have no contact in recent time. We both are very busy. There is not much we could do about it. Besides, Da S can have other choices. We find what we want. If one feel like falling in love again, one will naturally choose."

After Da Zai Lian ended, this is not the first time ZZ put on crystal necklace in public. The two has been voted as a couple audience most want to see and both do not reject pairing up together on the screen. These making rumors spread. For this ZZ expressed "This necklace is mine. There is only one. I took it back because I like it very much. It is a misunderstanding of the press thinking that it was a couple necklace." As to the future, ZZ said "Next time if I enter a relationship, the marriage will be in my mind. I will love her and fully focus on the relationship and give the other half the best care and concern."

仔 仔 取 回 大 S 定 情 鏈 other newspapers

Asked why he still put on necklace Da S once wore, he explained " This neckalce is mine. I gave it to her. I took it back after break-up."
Rumor of reconcilation? ZZ smiley said " seems like not true. We have no contact and both are very busy. It is good that Da S can have other choices. She will choose when she wants to fall in love again." Asked if Da S is still his choice, ZZ smilely said " I don't know either. It is a Secret."

Highlights from MinBao:

No time to think about reconciliation:

ZZ explained that crystal necklace was just a necklace. He said " I just like this necklace very much and I took it back." Rumors of reconciliation? ZZ replied with reservation " Seems like not true !" " Why use the term "seems like" ? asked by reporter. ZZ explained "Because we have no contact and are busy with our work. No time to think about the question of reconciliation or ...maybe she will have better choices. We choose what we need. ...will naturally make a choice while considering fall in love again." And asked if Da S is his choice? ZZ happily said " Now? I don't know. It is a secret."

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Following Up Ethan Ruan's Role - Nicholas Teo Has No Pressure

(Kuala Lumpur) A drama starring together Nicholas Teo and Amber Guo, "Invincible Shan Bao Mei" 《無敵珊寶妹》will be replacing the show "Fated to Love You" which has the current extreme high rating in Taiwan starting the end of July. Being the main male lead for the second time, Nicholas frankly remarked that he has no rating pressure but only worrying that he lacked the ability to successfully portray the drama's narcissistic and haughty character.

《Fated to Love You》has been gaining high level of popularity ever since it was aired with rating breaking ten. "Invincible Shan Bao Mei" 《無敵珊寶妹》which cast includes Nicholas Teo, Amber Guo, Roy Chiu and others will be taking over. It has been winning everyone's attention before shooting even commences.

Nicholas expressed through his manager, Li Sook-Teng that drama rating has never been his pressure. “According to his views, a show's achievement or loss is not only one of the cast's problem. He thinks that rating is not something he can have control over so his sole pressure rests on the worry whether he is able to act out his character well."

《無敵珊 寶妹》's cast has just undergo costume ordering last Friday. For the time being, the drama team has decided for shooting to formally begin in early July. Sook-Teng disclosed that the overall production crew had their first meeting just last Friday. Nicholas had only then been informed of the personalities relating to the drama's characters.

“In the show, Nicholas will play a business owner as well as a famed host. He is narcissistic and arrogant. That is why his name will right away be known as 'Invincible' (無敵). Such character is a huge difference compared to Nicholas' real attitude. Thus, it's a great challenge for him. He's presently working hard on sorting out his own frame of mind.”

As to whether Nicholas will do the same as Ethan Ruan in making rating promises? “Wait till the rating breaks record and we'll talk again then!”Sook-Teng laughingly said.

[Rumour] Tony & Carina getting married on 21st July in Bali

After 20 years marathon courtship, Tony Leung and Carina Lau decided to get hitched. They want to create another page in their lives. There is rumour that the wedding will be in October and it will be held in Hong Kong. But another rumour from Taiwan says they have planned the wedding day on 21st July in Bali, under the blue sky and white cloud, hoping to get blessings from relatives and friends.

Different wedding rumours

Since the announcement of Tony and Carina's wedding plan, the exact date of the wedding has been the subject of the reporters. Some suggested 42 year old Carina wants to have a baby. Some claimed the venue of the wedding has been booked for October at Four Season Hotel. Others said the wedding is planned in July after the filming of "Red Cliff". They even said invitation cards have been sent for a July wedding, they claimed Carina had confirmed that.

Yesterday the news from Taiwan stated that the couple is getting married in Bali on 21st July. They have booked the entire hotel and are inviting all their relatives and friends.

Entired Hotel booked for the wedding

Carina had said before she and Tony have been through a lot and they are both very mature about their relationship. Now is the time for their lives to enter into another phase. It was thought that Carina had planned the wedding since January. But the date of the wedding was only decided not long ago. Since they have made the decision, they wanted their relatives and friends to have a good time, not to be disturbed unnecessarily. They have booked the entire hotel, even providing return air tickets for the relatives and friends to celebrate their wedding.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kim Jang Hoon collapses in concert

This should be subtitled, “Korea: The Land of Overworked Pop Stars.”

Kind of a frightening sight, isn’t it?

Singer Kim Jang Hoon collapsed in concert on June 28 and was sent to the emergency room while performing as part of the “West Coast Festival” concert being held for the benefit of revitalizing the local economy after the oil spill devastated the region last year. After singing only two songs, Kim collapsed onstage, in the middle of singing his third, “Champion.” He recovered consciousness in the ambulance, but his condition is described as “requiring absolute rest.”

It seems we get another singer/actor/celebrity collapsing every other week or so, with “overwork” and “exhaustion” cited as the overwhelming culprit. Granted, it used to be that “exhaustion” was the catch-all word for American celebrity hospitalizations too, but we all know that’s just code for less-savory reasons like drug abuse or Britney-esque meltdowns. At least in Korea, exhaustion does actually seem to be the actual reason. It certainly was for Kim Jang Hoon, who’d reportedly overworked himself in preparation for his performance, getting only an hour of sleep a night for the past week.

He wasn’t able to continue the concert, although fellow singers continued after he was sent to the hospital. Members of punk-rock band No Brain and Super Junior (pictured below) headed to the hospital to visit Kim afterward.

Jiro and Danson Relationship

Even though Taiwan Idols Jiro Wang and Danson Tang has been rumored to be in a relationship, and then rivals, but the two of them are actually really good friends. Earlier on in an interview, they both admitted that their personalities really match because they were raised by their single mothers at a very young age.

A HK television station has bought the rights to air Rolling Love in August, and will invite the two biggest idols in Taiwan, Jiro Wang and Danson Tang, to come promote it in Hong Kong next month. Although there were rumors circulating that the two has become in a conflict because of the image size difference on the poster of Rolling Love, but Danson who has a smaller size in the poster says that he doesn't mind, "The poster is probably organized by age and experience, Jiro is the oldest, and he's been in the industry the longest, so I don't have any problems with this whole thing." And Jiro says he's been framed, "This is so
exaggerated, my picture isn't four times bigger than his! It's only two, three times at most, ha! Actually I didn't make the poster, so I don't know how to respond." Regarding the rumors that they are in a conflict, the two of them find it a joke, because they are really good friends. Jiro says, "We would make plans to eat and go shopping whenever we have time, plus our backgrounds are really similar, we both love our mothers the most, so we get along really well." Danson says that whenever he sees that Jiro is unhappy, he would send a five word text message for him, "It is 'Brother I will support you'! I think this phrase is really encouraging."

Don't Mind Dating Fans

The two that says they know each other really well does not mind dating their fans, "If it is the one, their profession and status does not matter, as long as the feel is right!" And the two has been met with some crazy fans, Danson has his hand injured because four, five people roughly grabbed his hand at the same time when he was in Thailand. As for Jiro, his butt was touched. "I don't even know if it's a male or female, I am just shocked!" And then he smiles and says that Hong Kong's fans are really athletic, "There's a lot of security everytime I come out of the airport, but the fans can always get pass them, very amazing!"

As to the leaked photo with Xiao Xun having their faces touching, Jiro says that
they're just good friends.

Danson Tang nearly bared his butt

Danson Tang was nearly tricked into exposing his butt in ; the crew used meat,Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao (a cough mixture) & red coloring as props for the operation scene & Joe Cheng felt so grossed out that he don't dare to touch any meat for 2 months!

storyline is on actor Joe Cheng & actress Ariel Lin's marriage life & both of them had 40 kissing scenes in the show!

Joe said: "I can stil feel the anxiety, shyness & sweetness while Watching the playback after the kiss. I had collaborated with Ariel Lin the most since my debut. We are very familiar with each other. I learnt some acting skills from her. I gained alot from our collaboration."

As for "new member" of the sequel, Danson Tang, had to act as a funny & b*tchy male nurse. He said that in the beginning, he was quite reserved but they (the casts) got familiar with each other, he is able to get into the situation automatically. He hope to have the opportunity to try a more subversive nature role & won't mind if he has to act as an ugly guy.

Danson revealed that he was nearly tricked into exposing his butt in the drama. In the end, they found a double for the scene.

Danson said: "My substitute is a professional wakeboarder & his butt color is kinda dark. I think he'll destroy my image, so the make up artist applied foundation on his butt. All of us surrounded him in a circle, watching him. Fortunately, I was not the one exposing my butt."

He revealed another embarrassing situation. When the crew went to the nursing school for filming, he saw a pile of "retro bags" & praised that they are pretty. When he open the bag, he saw "fake bottoms" that the nurses uses for their practice. THe nurses laughed & make fun of him & he was embarrassed.

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung hand in hand in Thailand

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung hand in hand in Thailand

Cecilia Cheung went to Thailand to be with Nicholas while he was filming "The Storm Warriors". Son Lucas was not with them. There were rumours earlier on about there separation, that Cecilia had moved back to her mother's house. People saw them hand in hand in Thailand, the gossip disappeared by itself. After the Edison scandal, Cecilia had been staying off the lime light. She was seen not to face the camera that much. In the contrary, Nicholas didn't mind too much.

Cecilia Not visiting during filming

Cecilia didn't visit Nicholas while he was filming. Cecilia understood that the weather was hot and Nicolas had to wear a heavy costume. She didn't want to delay the filming progress.
She was accompanied by her assistant to go shopping in the Emporium Suites. Nicholas was the son of 絕無神, played by 任達華. He didn't have a big part of it. When he finished filming at the end of the day, he went back to the hotel to be with Cecilia.

Nicholas and Cecilia were seen hand in hand together with their two assistants in the evening about 7:30 pm. There were quite a lot of Hong Kong people living in that hotel. Nicholas and Cecilia were wearing sun glasses, and dressed quite casually. Cecilia didn't feel very comfortable looking at the camera, keep turning her face away from the camera or look towards Nicholas. But Nicholas didn't hide, he let the reporters take his pictures.

Last month. The two went to Thailand with Lucas. They attracted a lot of reporters who took so many pictures for the 3 of them. There was no sign of Lucas today. When the reporters asked about Lucas, he didn't reply, just smiled and waved.

The filming of "The Storm Warriors" is nearly at the end. Nicholas still need to stay for another 10 days to complete the rest of the film. He will go back to HK to start the new film " The witness".

Four beauties fighting it out at the Golden Melody Awards, Patty Hou cheers on Jay Chou

On the 27th of June Da S, Xiao S, Patty Hou and Tao Zi decided on their dresses for the "Golden Melody Awards" in Taiwan, the four have started a war in beautiful clothes, Xiao S has declared she will be the most beautiful one. Da S exposed that on the day of the awards ceremony you will see Jay Chou's two old loves Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou on the same stage.

Jay Chou, whose nominated for 8 awards, has said he will be holding a concert in Mainland China on the day so he can't attend. But, Da S said: "He actually will be attending, and he will have some interaction with Jolin Tsai and Patty Hou, how this will appear, I can't say now." Xiao S smiled saying: "When we first thought of this plot, Patty Hou was very helpless but it was us 3 against her, all she could do was accept it." When Patty Hou was asked if hoped Jay Chou would win an award? Xiao S deliberately told her to cheer on Jay Chou, Patty Hou could only awkwardly turn to the camera and say: "Come on!"

Jay Chou stuttered when he first met Landy Wen

Landy Wen, who has released a new single on the 13th of June, is sometimes hot and sometimes misty, she's got a lot of different sexy looks, her trendy new dance has gotten extensive praise. In the promotional events recently, Landy Wen expressed that she has a wild outward appearance but her inner self is very traditional, when Jay Chou first met her he stuttered, she's teaching girls who love being beautiful how to produce a pair of beautiful legs and take sexy and pretty pictures.

Landy Wen revealed that even though she has the appearance of a wild cat, but in fact her personality is very traditional, she gets to know guys with the premise of marriage, when she meets someone she likes she'll stutter, when asked if she stuttered when she met Jay Chou, Landy Wen couldn't help but say with an increased tone: "I didn't, it was Jay Chou who stuttered." From these words, Jay Chou was probably the one who liked her back then.

Fahrenheit Calvin & Aaron in Vancouver, Canada

Fairchild Radio is looking for 5 boyz and 5 girlz of Asian heritage between the ages of 16-25 to be contestants in this year’s Sunshine Nation contest. For the last nine years we have been seeking out outstanding talent and offering fascinating opportunities to young people in the local community. We started with the Sunshine Girlz competition in 1999, which gave young women the chance to sing, dance and perform their way into the attention of leading talent scouts. We then decided to give their male counterparts a chance, and transformed the contest into the Sunshine Boyz in 2002, giving young men the same opportunity to pursue their dreams of stardom.

Finally in 2006, we took on a whole new vision, uniting our Boyz and Girlz together in one Sunshine Nation. Some of our Sunshine alumni have taken on exciting careers in the entertainment business in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Most notably, our 2004 Sunshine Boyz Champion, Calvin Chen who is now one of the members of the hottest boy group in Taiwan, Fahrenheit.

Few would argue that Fahrenheit is the biggest boy band sensation in Asia since the legendary F4. Each of the four members of Fahrenheit – Calvin Chen, Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang and Jun Wu – has unique talent and charisma in his own right. Yet together, they are the kings of teen idols, attracting fan mobs and swarms of reporters everywhere they go. This year we will welcome back Calvin Chen to the Sunshine family when he performs live with another member of Fahrenheit, Aaron Yan at the Sunshine Nation finale on August 29th at Michael J. Fox Theatre.

This year, contestants in our Sunshine Nation contest will be eligible to win cash scholarships, deluxe tour packages to the Rockies, and have the opportunity to launch an acting career in Asia and star in a music video. The Boyz and Girlz Champions of Sunshine Nation will also be featured on the cover of the nationally distributed Popular Lifestyle and Entertainment Magazine. This contest is organized by Fairchild Radio in cooperation with Comic Productions/Meteor Garden Production, which produces popular dramas in Asia.

Show Lo Becomes A White Guardian Angel For The Blind

Show Lo is the acclaimed "iron man" of the entertainment industry. Just his careers in singing, filming, and hosting have him busy until next February, his work schedule is packed. A while back, he had gotten a high fever and needed to get IV drips due to over-exhaustion. But under the cordial invitation by the Foundation of the Blind, Show, without hesitation, squeezed in some time to be the annual spokesperson for Foundation of the Blind. Unthinkably, they finally penciled in a day for filming, but they were met with a capricious "Wind God" where a typhoon rolled in. At first they were worried that this would then delay their progress, and that Show wouldn't be able to find any more time to do this, but to fight for a speaking ground for the blind, Show insisted to continue working in the wind and rain, they had to finish this mission. Following Andy Lau and Richie Ren, the foundation for the blind invited the healthy, energetic, king of popularity Show Lo to be their annual spokesperson. Besides filming 2 commercials for the Foundation, Show used his creativity and artful talents to personally made a design for the Foundation's charity donations items, putting his love and care for the blind into action ; for 50,000 vision-disabled friends in Taiwan, contributing his love and care.

Show's caring heart is second to no one, he was once filming GTV's "Hot Shot" at Chang Bing Show Chwan Hospital, and learned of a fan that had gotten into a car accident and was admitted into that hospital. He immediate asked his staff to ask for a visit. After Sichuan's big earthquake, he also donated $1 million RMB ($4.4 million NTD) with other fellow artists. Recently he's busy releasing his album, and promoting for his new drama, but still found time to film a charity commercial for the Foundation for the Blind.

In the charity commercial, Show became the guardian angel for the blind, wearing a charming white suit, symbolic of a white cane, always accompanying the blind. helping them walk about freely on their own. For his first encounter with these vision-disabled people, Show had done some studying on his own. He not only took some time to learn about the “Ask, touch, guide, answer” basics of knowledge for the blind at the foundation, but also personally experienced holding a white cane and how inconvenient it was. Show expressed, “Closing your eyes, and not relying on your vision at all. Don’t even mention dancing, even taken a step forward is a little scary, especially when the roads in Taiwan in more complicated. Besides relying on the white cane, vision-disabled friends also need yours and my extended helping hand.”

In the 2008 annual charity commercial, Show is guarding 3 vision-disabled friends, who have all had training in direction-finding, so they could regularly go out, take the bus, go to and from work with a white cane. But even though they’ve had the training, there are still some complications more or less. The commercial director wanted to convey the most realistic life of a blind person, so he especially had the production observe how they move around, and figured that when they didn’t have a white cane with them, it was really too dangerous! For example, there are always construction pits on the roads, and if a blind person doesn’t use a white cane, they could very well fall and hurt themselves. Uneven steps and stairs, bridges, tunnels, and even motorcycles that weave through little alley ways could become a life-threatening obstacle for the blind!

Going this memorable interaction with some vision-disabled friends, Show not only lent his helping hand to the blind, but also hopes that every one be able to become a guardian angel for the blind. When you’re walking on the street, so long as you see someone with a white cane, please don’t hesitate to lend out a helping hand. Only with the help of everyone will these people be able to come out of the darkness, and live an obstacle-free life. The Foundation for the Blind transfer account : 15935356, or call for donations (02) 2361-6663.

Rainie Yang Casts Wu Zun Aside and Pretends CPR Scene with Da Dong is a Kissing Scene

Rainie Yang Casts Wu Zun Aside and Pretends CPR Scene with Da Dong is a Kissing Scene

Reporters have disclosed that Rainie Yang has accepted 八大’s idol drama 《愛就宅一起》(Superstar Express). It turns out that the person she wanted to work with is Wu Zun, not Da Dong. On the 27th Rainie, Da Dong, and George Hu were filming an outdoors scene. While in a hurry to clarify that she and Da Dong are truly friends, Rainie revealed that the night before the last, the two of them were singing together to further their friendship (唱歌搏感情). Yesterday, they filmed a CPR scene at a poolside and Da Dong frequently stuck out his tongue and humorously made suggestive gestures. Afterwards, Rainie would generously stick out her tongue for him. When their lips separated, they created strings (of saliva), pretending the CPR scene is a kissing scene.

The director originally arranged for Rainie to go into the water, however because of a ‘woman’s monthly’, she luckily didn’t have to. It was Da Dong’s first time with a diving scene. In addition, in that scene, he has several lines of English which added to his nervousness. With some swimming and foreign language skills, George Hu became Da Dong’s diving and English teacher. Da Dong says: “For this diving scene, I especially went to work out at the gym for 3 hours.” The upper part of his body has now formed triangular and muscular angles. Before and after diving, Da Dong kept fussing with his hair, making people tease him that he is girly. Teasingly saying that it does matter that he is exposing his two points, but his hair is the most important.

Rumored to have wanted to work with Wu Zun, Rainie says that Da Dong is also very good. She was asked about her other new drama “Campus Belle”. There are possibilities of have some scenes with ex-boyfriend Roy Chiu. As she was asked about him, Rainie’s expression changed and used her rumor with Show Luo to block the question. “Xiao Zhu is also in “Hot Shot”, we will have scenes together.”

Tao Zi, Patty and DaXiao S joined together for Golden Melody Awards

Tao Zi, Patty and Daxiao S joined together for Golden Melody Awards

Golden Melody Awards is set on July 5th, Tao Zi, Patty Hou, Da S, and Xiao S joined together for today's press conference. Although Jay Chou could not attend the ceremony, but he, Jolin Cai and Patty will be having an "interaction" on the same day, but the event organizer isn't willing to give more details.

For her 10th time in GMA, Tao Zi, rates Patty Hou and DaXiao S, who competed to be the most weird, and hilariously "Beautiful".

Tao Zi wears a short black coat, Patty Hou wears a retro short white dress, which is why she's been cautious with her movements. Da S wears a short dress and a skirt which is decorated with muti colored flowers that was quite alarming but appeared to have a sexy character and style while Xiao S in a long printed dress.

First time in hosting an award ceremony, Da S said that 3 days ago, she was very anxious of what to wear. She and Xiao S said thay they hope for their friend Mavis to win.

The Awarding Ceremony starts at 7:30 PM.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jay Chou helps tourism in Tamshui, 3.6 billion each year

Jay Chou has masses of fans, there are already Chinese fans who are planning to visit the location of the movie "Secret" after flying to Taiwan, they also want to make a "pilgrimage" to the shop Jay Chou has invested in; travel agents have seen this cookie and are releasing the "Jay Journey" set travel route, they expect it will bring in at least 3.6 billion to Taiwan in 1 year.

Tamshui middle school was chosen as the place to film Jay Chou's movie "Secret", the scenery at the school and the beautiful backdrop of the little city of Tamshui left loyal fans with a deep impression; the dumplings he likes to eat on the Tamshui streets, it is a store he has opened in Taipei, travel agents think they can package it like the set travel routes for Korean dramas "Autumn's Tale" or "Winter Sonata".

Seeing the astonishing consumerism of the young fans from China, SkyTravel have been secretly preparing the "Jay Journey", according to reporters, the two big travel agencies in Taiwan, Lion Travel and SetTour are in the middle of planning.

The manager of SkyTravel Ye Jun De gave the analysis "There are 15000 seats available on the direct flights every month, as long as 1/10 are Jay Chou fans, with the travel route package of 20,000 yuan for 7 days, every month it will bring in at least 30 million" He expressed that as long as the other people confirm the number of people, the "Jay Journey" can begin as soon as the end of July.

A lot of fans from abroad leave messages at JVR Music's website, they hope to go to JVR Music to see where Jay makes his music; there are also fans who have heard about Jay's restaurant "Mr J. Store 2", the waiters wear the uniforms in the movie, they want to see them. JVR Music expressed "The company is a busy business, it's not suitable for visits at any times, but we don't rule out opening up to a set quota", as for the event "Become Good Friends" being held on the official website, they will be allow the top 3 groups with the most people (about 200) to visit the company, by then fans will be able to take a peek at the "secret" of Jay Chou's music recording.

Joe Cheng and Eddie Peng desire to have Zhi Ling’s sweet kiss

The main cast [Honey and Clover] Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zhong), Peng Yu Yan (Eddie) and Chiaki Ito were on a TV show to promo their series. Even though they are suffering from the rating pressure, they still didn’t change their humor personality because of it. When asked after acting in so many idol series, who do they want to share the kissing scene during the filming? Zheng Yuan Chang pointed out [The first super model] Lin Zhi Ling, he said: [Until now, she is the first goddess and most beautiful girl that I’ve ever seen in Taiwan. Her inner and physical appearance will give us a very kindhearted, elegant and understading feeling.] While Eddie Peng who was standing beside him said: [Then I want to pick Lin Zhi Ling too, the way Xiao Zhong described her as if she is a goddess, and I haven’t even met her in person yet so of course (I) would’ve unlimited imagination about her.]

All this while, people know about the close friendship between Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Zhi Ling; an after having kissing scenes with so many female artists, in his heart he still hopes to share kissing scene with Lin Zhi Ling. And this is because he has been viewing Lin Zhi Ling as his one and only goddess; but lately there’s rumor about Lin Zhi Ling trying on wedding dress, choosing wedding ring and preparing her wedding, so this has make Xiao Zhong feeling a bit complicated, he said: [If this is true then of course I will be happy for her! But the goddess is getting married, of course will make people feeling hard to accept it.]

The funny thing is, only in May that Lin Zhi Lin has started to become the spoke-person for her [best friend] Qiu Shi Kai’s company. A lot of places can be seen having Lin Zhi Ling saying [I’ve fall in love with him] to the toilet bowl. There’s media who is speculating that Lin Zhi Ling is using another way to express her love, with this Zheng Yuan Chang shouted: [That’s right! I’ve just remember that while I was doing the promotional tours and have to stop and visit the toilets at the gas station, I still saw the previous spoke-person Andy Lau’s sticker on the toilet bowl. If in he future they changed it to Lin Zhi Ling then it will be like her watching me while I was in the toilet. So when I stand in front of the toilet bowl I will have to say: “Hi, Lin Zhi Ling, I’ve come to borrow the toilet”, comes to think about it, it will be quite embarrassing actually.]

And never knew Eddie would say something that is that bold, he said: [I think, if I come across a toilet bowl that has Lin Zhi Ling’s sticker on it, I will quietly greet her in my heart, but there’s actually “2 Eddie” greeting her.] And if Lin Zhi Ling is really going to get married like what the rumor has said, Eddie Peng joked and said: [Then I will wait for her little girl to grow up!]

Jackie Chan Visits East Timor

Chinese kung fu superstar Jackie Chan is on a three-day visit in East Timor as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Website reported that Chan met some children there and was very popular among them.

He also met with local officials, football players and members of a popular martial arts association.

Jackie Chan became a UNICEF goodwill ambassador in 2004.

Fiona Sit voice out for sex education

Fiona Sit voice out for sex education

Yesterday, Fiona Sit attended the press conference for "Sex Education classes for the mentally-disabled teens" sponsered by the Hong Kong End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation. During the event, the organisers broadcasted a cartoon that is voice acted by Fiona, the lead in the cartoon which Fiona voice acted was sexually abused. When the reporters asked if she felt any akward when voice acting that scene, Fiona expressed that she does not feel embarrassed at all as she was doing a meaningful job. Fiona had also praised Francis Ng because his low and petty voice was very realistic when he was doing the voice for the villian.

Fiona sit says that the childrens living in the modern world have contacted with sex at very young age, so it is a must to teach them the values of sex.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jay Chou and Vincent do charity auctions to support Sichuan orphans

In order to help out the disaster in Sichuan, Jay Chou, Vincent Fang and Vivian Hsu are showing off their painting talent, they've put some hand painted shoes online for a charity auction. But after seeing starting price 1943 yuan which was chosen for sound like "lets all save Sichuan", Vincent Fang joked, "You've copied off 'Shanghai 1943'!"

Vivian Hsu took cats as an inspiration because last year she adopted a cat in Sichuan, she also stuck on Swarovski crystals, she hopes to use black to mourn the victims. Vincent Fang even "betrayed" Jay Chou and placed the lyrics script for Jay Chou's new song "Dandelion's Promise" along with the shoes up for auction.

Jay Chou cleanly and simply signed on the transparent shoes and added a picture, completely different from Vincent Fang's style, Xiao Xian also donated the peach red dress she wore on the red carpet.

Other donators included Mayday, Valen Hsu, Lin Xin Ru, Michelle Liao, Janet Li, Jessica Song, Xiao Gui, Zhang Ai Xin, Ben, a total of 22 artists.

The auction lasts from till the 3rd of July, all the proceeds will be donated to Taiwan World Vision.

Taiwan's F4 to hold concert in Japan

It was announced yesterday, 24th June 2008, that the popular Taiwanese group F4 will hold a concert tour in Japan early this October. 35,000 tickets for Tokyo's Budoukan have apparently already been sold out.
Tickets for 3 performances at Yokohama Arena will start sale on 30th of August, and there are about 35,000 of them up for grabs. Jerry Yan (31) stated that "We are preparing to give the best performance and are looking forward to spending an enjoyable hour with our fans." Hana-Yori-Dango fever is still gripping Japan and talks of a HYD-movie staring Matsumoto Jun have been circulating.

Song Hye Kyo Edges into Chinese Entertainment World

South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo landed in Shanghai on Tuesday for a brand promotion and updated the media on details of her latest work, a cooperation with famed Hong Kong director John Woo in the movie "1949."

"I have been learning the Chinese language, as well as Chinese history, since I signed the movie contract," the actress said. Chinese audiences will only accept my performance if I have adequate knowledge about their country.

This is the first move the South Korean actress has made toward her goal of entering the Chinese entertainment world, the Oriental Morning Post reported.

Rumors have abounded that the actress is planning to join the Chinese company that has groomed stars like Michelle Yeoh.

Song Hye Kyo will co-star with Hong Kong actor Chen Chang in "1949".

"He is a charming person, and I look forward to our cooperation," Song Hye Kyo said of her partner-to be. The two stars met at this year's Cannes Film Festival in May.

Carina Lau not wearing her diamond ring

Carina Lau not wearing her diamond ring

Carina Lau attended a promotion event in Shuchou yesterday. fiancee Tony was not there. Rumour has it she hasn't been wearing her engagement ring . It was because she is worried people would ask her when the wedding day is. She appeared for only just 20 minutes . When asked by reporter about her wedding date and whether it will be held in her home town , she replied " Hopefully , I will have a stable home." She didn't exactly answer the question.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guey Lun-mei being herself, says Jay Chou makes people comfortable

Guey Lun-mei, who became an instant star since starring in "Secret", has charmed many males with her pure female student look in the movie. But in reality, Guey Lun-mei admits to being a tomboy, she likes dressing neutrally, she thirsts to act in an ancient film, she likes guys who act like kids, she wants to let everyone know the real Guey Lun-mei.

Hello everyone, I am Guey Lun-mei, I think most of you know me from seeing movies such as "Secret" and "Blue Gate Crossing"! But it's only a part of me in the movies, let me talk a bit about the other parts of me!

Newspapers and magazines like to call me a "pure female student", but to be honest when I hear someone call me this I feel really surprised, I don't hate it or like it, I only think it's not like me, because my personality is a bit more like a tomboy, with a bit of naughtiness.

Before when filming "Secret", unexpectedly there were rumours of Jay Chou going after me, but this is not fact. But, the biggest reward from filming this movie was not getting nominations or anything but it let me know the real Jay Chou, I know how he treats other workers and deals with matters, he's very proactive, a very diligent person he makes people beside him feel comfortable.

Tea Fight news : Zai Zai's acting has greatly improved in his "coolness" on the screen

Zai's acting has greatly improved in his "coolness" on the screen: " A sense of formidableness in the air" praised by the people who have seen this film.

During the filming of Tea Fight, co-star 香川先生, a senior Japanese actor, has shared his experience of how to return himself once he gets of the set. A must-have quality for any actor.
"Not being able to get out of his role off the set is a problem for him" Zai Zai said

Zai Zai said that it is not hard for him to act an explosive emotional scene because it is a way for him to release his pressure.

In the Tea Fight, Zai Zai played a role who only believe in Power and Violence

Tea Fight is sceduled to be in Taiwan Theater on August 1st.

Black & White (Ruffian Hero) and Zaizai news : Nonstop rain cause Black & White millions TW dollars

Nonstop rain pouring down in KaoHsiung not only caused director Cai's B&W millions but also made ZZ experience in filming in the air-raid shelter for the first time. As they filmed in the transit tunnel which is the eight story below the ground level, many staff and cast climbed up to the ground level vomiting. But ZZ had no complaint and received praise from the staff. "This role is very much different from his previous on-screen images. He has a good time filming it and even enjoys rolling up in the landfills." ZZ's agent Chi jokingly expressed.

Many days of rain delayed B&W shooting schedules. The hamburg shop was orginally scheduled to be blown up, but the production company had to repair the shop damaged by the heavy rain. The producer Xiao Whei said that in B&W, the girl ZZ like worked in this shop. The crew put much effort building this shop, but now is damaged by the rain. The staff need to repair the shop first before has it blown up to the rubbles. They even put an extra cover on the rooftop to prevent further damages. Meanwhile, the Martial art team lead by Jimmy from H.K extended their stay becuase of the delay. The production company has to pay them for extra days they stay in Taiwan. All the expenses has exceeded millions.

Nevertheless, director Cai is pleased with the cast and the crew maintaining the high spirits at the set. The atmosphere at the set is good. When the heavy rain began, the crew shoot the raining scenes. When the rain stops, they shoot the tunnel scenes.
The air in the tunnel is not good probably because a long history of this air-raid shelter. One shot on the roof and then the dust fell down on their sets. The entrance of this tunnel looks like a regular house, but once walking into the house, a completely different view make the actors feel very curious.

LIBERTY TIMES Crazy fan staying beside Jiro's house, following closely and taking sneak photos

LIBERTY TIMES Crazy fan staying beside Jiro's house, following closely and taking sneak photos.

Fans too infatuated with "Da Dong" Jiro Wang, fan moves from
Nan Bu to Taipei, living opposite his house, with every action "all recorded". This causes
other Jiro fans to be furious and scolded online "Is this actually
"obstruction" or "love" !

Dadong's every actions recorded

The exaggerated actions of the girl fan mentioned above, has caused other fans to
be discontented, protesting to Liberty Times and pointing their fingers at this 20-year-old fangirl.
Not only does she cause hassles(by photographing) at the set of "Superstar Express"
,staff members also started to scold, reacting to Jiro, "Control your fans!"
Jiro obviously was being hassled, but had to apologise on behalf of his

Readers revealed, regardless of day or night the fan mentioned above would
be on the lookout and takes sneak shots of Da Dong eating, working,
driving, going home "all recorded" Even while taking photos, this had caused a car
accident to happen. Also, when Da Dong's window blinds were not closed, she would take
photos of him.

Idols advise not to abandon school

Yesterday Fahrenheit made an appearance at an endorsement event, Jiro expressed
that he heard of this issue, though he was unsure of their position or looks. But when he heard that photos were taken when his blinds at home were not closed, Jiro widened
his eyes in shock, "Don't be like that la! That is really scary!" Even though
fans repeatedly hassle him, he said, "She should probably have other things
to do, hopefully it doesn't affect her lifestyle, I hope that fans don't
abandon school or work by chasing celebrities."

4 members of Fahrenheit feel perplexed by fans

Fahrenheit are very popular, Chun has fans watching his house longterm,
and it has caused him to move house twice. Fans can also be seen anytime at
Calvin's house (front door) in Tian Mu. Even though he is always giving his fans "instructive
spiritual speech", but persuasion has no effect! Not only that, everytime Arron goes out of his house, he has to take an underground route. From the carpark, he stealthily
leaves home for work. Every since a cafe opened right opposite his house, fans
inside the cafe can see Arron taking the transparent elevator going out,
coming home Every step of Arron is plainly visible.

Even though fans are crazy, they mean everything to an artist.
The 4 members
of Fahrenheit Chun, Jiro, Calvin, Arron rode bikes with fans under the high temperature of 35 degrees.
And also, ate kiwis together due to the Kiwi endorsement event.
Arron's stomach was not feeling
well yesterday, and his injured leg has not yet recovered. Being thoughtful, his fans even told him not to ride the bikes. On
this hot day the four of them perspired as though it was raining. With 7 digits endorsement reward, the four of them commented that money is
hard to earn!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jay Chou has unique image at his Changsha concert, dancing closely with beautiful women

Yesterday Jay Chou held his concert in Changsha's Helong stadium. Tens of thousands of citizens from Changsha shared the joy of music with Jay Chou, this is the first large scale concert Jay Chou has held in Changsha since he came out 8 years ago.

The grand stage for the concert was dubbed the "morphed diamond", when the concert started, the morphed diamond's system was activated, the lower arms began to gradually rise up and linked at the peak of the stage, add to that the 3D lasers, there were also sparks at the joints of the arms, the big screen matched the "morphed diamond" and made the "machine claw" appear, the atmosphere was amazing.

On the night Jay Chou's image was very unique, no matter if it was the ancient warrior image at the start or the simple white shirt with the black waistcoat when playing the piano, Jay Chou looked like a gentlemen, very handsome. For the entire concert, Jay Chou changed clothes 12 times. Jay Chou also danced intimately with two beautiful girls.

Charlene Denies Dating Wu Chun; Says Give Gillian More Time

It has been widely rumored that due to their recent film collaboration, Ah Sa and Wu Chun have become a real couple. Although Wu Chun is handsome and rich, Charlene denies being more than friends with him. After having filmed "The Butterfly Lovers" with Wu Chun, there have been rumors that the two have secretly been dating for three months.

Yesterday, Charlene, Joey Yung, and Raymond Lam dressed in equestrian clothing to attend a press conference at the Sha Tin Race Course. It was there that Charlene denied that she and Wu Chun are an item, stating: "We're only a couple in the virtual world [speaking about in "The Butterfly Lovers"]. To avoid any confusion, I will be clear in stating that he is just a friend!" She jokingly continued, "However, if these love rumors will help publicize the film, then I won't mind!"

Blushing Over Ronald

When asked about Ronald Cheng and the breakup rumors, Charlene, blushing, quickly said: "I won't say!" and blamed her blushing on the hot weather.

Give Gillian Time

In addition, Charlene talked about her good sister Gillian, stating that this time period has allowed Gillian to grow, and that it is a precious period of time for maturation. Charlene then said that everyone needs to give Gillian some time.

New Twins?
As for the rumors that Stephy Tang and Theresa Fu would form the "new Twins," Ah Sa said that the issue is too complicated and did not comment on it.

Kelly Chen's Wedding Date has not been set

Kelly Chen's Wedding Date has not been set

After Kelly announced her forthcoming wedding in her last concert, ending her 16 years courtship with Alex, she received well wishes and blessings from fans and colleagues.

Rumour has it that she had booked 30 tables at Grand Hyatt Hotel for 8th October. Yesterday, Jane Chung, her manager denied the rumour, saying that it wasn't true. She said Kelly is still fixing a suitable date, it's not certain yet, but she she will tell everybody when the date is set.

Jane also reassured the reporters 8th October is definitely not the wedding date. They are still looking for venue and date. She stressed that Kelly would make the announcement when every detail is organized.

On a different note, it was said that Alex had requested Kelly to do the announcement in her concert . By putting her on the spot, she could not get away with the wedding announcement.

Passing the Baton from I Love Shan Bao Mei Nicholas Teo & Amber Guo shouldering the beam together

TTV & SETTV's idol drama《命中注定我愛你》"Fated to Love You" achieved extreme high ratings. However, follow-up drama 《我愛三寶妹》"I Love Shan Bao Mei" 's female lead was tough to hunt for. The choice candidate changed from Cyndi Wang, Joe Chen to Ariel Lin. Up till now, it was decided to be music circle's newcomer, Amber Guo Cai Jie. She will partner with Nicholas Teo
and they will both team up to make a fresh new pairing.

*Beam in Chinese is pronounced the same as Liang(as in Zhang Dong Liang - referring to Nicholas Teo)

Chen Qiao En road to first sister: from leftovers in the fridge to drama sharks fin

In today’s world where the ratings determine everything, Chen Qiao En who has been in the industry for 8 years use figures to proves that she is the true idol drama queen. Her drama “Fated To Love You” has achieves the best ratings that idol drama has so far --- break 10. The last highest rating drama “Prince Turned To Frog” was starred Chen Qiao En. This girl who is both simple and charming not only excel in both acting and hosting, she also wrote a book “See or Not?” Her energy and charm are equally astonishing. How does she reach the top? Let us go and “see”.

No matter how many people denounce Taiwanese idol dramas’ various malpractices and retarded symptoms; they have to admit that in the entire Chinese region, only Taiwan is carrying the heavy responsibilities of producing idol dramas. “First Sister” and “First Brother” of idol dramas naturally becomes the golden prize of actors of every generation. When we switch on the TV, it’s not hard to find that the female leads of Taiwanese idol dramas are always Chen Qiao En, Raine Yang and Ariel Lin. Recently “Fated To Love You” starring Chen Qiao En broke 10 and became the highest rating idol drama in Taiwanese history. She is also the female lead of the previous record holder “Prince Turned To Frog”.

Working with different partners in two different dramas and can still set new records, the title of idol drama first sister falls on her. If Barbie Hsu can achieve a high status with 2001 “Meteor Garden”, then perhaps Chen Qiao En can declare: welcome to the era of Chen Qiao En. What charms does this lady process? How does this girl who had been frozen by her boss for half a year and viewed as a “difficult” willful actress by her friends manages to climb step by step to the top? Other than Chen Qiao En, who else?

In 2005, Chen Qiao En acted as a gas tank carrying girl Ye Tian Yu. Her natural and comical acting produced great chemistry with Ming Dao in the drama. Not only did the drama achieved high ratings that are unmatched even by “Meteor Garden”, it also became a topic of hot discussion in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This year, Chen Qiao En has a complete change in “Fated To Love You” and acts as “Sticky Note Girl” (referring to unremarkable but indispensible) Chen Xin Yi. Her portrayal of a passerby character like this becomes a character that everybody talks about. Chen Qiao En said frankly: “When I heard about the ratings, I couldn’t believe it. How can we have such a high ratings? Because we never expected this kind of results before filming began. After this I was very happy because my performance has been recognized. The ratings are the most direct reflection that the audience likes my performance and accepts me and they like me. That moment is really very very happy.”

“Prince Turned To Frog” launched her to fame but she wasn’t certain that the audience likes her? Chen Qiao En has her own thoughts: “The feeling is different. Friends who are familiar with me said that I did not really acted in “Prince” because my character is Ye Tian Yu’s character. After “Prince” I did not have any works that stands out and leaves an impression on people. This time when I first received the script I didn’t even know how to act --- she doesn’t has much lines, was pregnant before marriage, miscarriage, which female lead of idol dramas is like this? When the drama starts airing, friends will say to me ‘You can really act. You are so difficult in reality but you can act this type of girl.’ This makes me feel that I not only can act as Ye Tian Yu, I can also act characters that are quiet. Maybe I can also act evil girls or girls who are scheming. “Fated” let me feel that I have successfully challenged myself.”

The saying goes: Rome is not built in one day. After acting for 8 years and participating in 10 idol dramas, among them unknown minor characters and outstanding leading roles, Chen Qiao En’s acting skills slowly matured with each drama. “When I was acting a supporting character I often questioned myself. I would be afraid and worried whether my performance is good or not? The director didn’t ask me to act in this way, but I acted in this way. I was worried that I couldn’t say the lines properly, so I spoke faster. Now I have learned to slow down a little and say my lines with the character’s expressions and feelings. I am more certain of myself and my method and will add in my own thoughts. When I started acting, I didn’t know about the camera. But now I will examine how they place the camera, why does the director film it in this manner, when filming my side profile which expression looks best etc.”

After struggling in the entertainment industry for so many years, Chen Qiao En still feels that she has not develop her own style and still raw at acting. “I feel that I am not a genius type of artiste. A good actor depends 50% on talent, which is our own feelings towards acting. Maybe when we read a script, we can immediately have an image. The scene and the way the characters speak plays in your mind. But this talent is not enough to let you succeed. I belong to the type of artistes that are opportunistic. I am quite lazy and never read my script at home and never practices. I only know roughly what I am acting but I don’t memorize my lines and I can’t memorize them. I often wait until I am at the scene and the director asks me to rehearse with the male lead. Then I will practice where to walk and when to turn back my head etc. I don’t memorize my lines and what is even lazier is that I will say my lines in my own way. Taiwanese directors often don’t require their actors to recite word by word from the script. If I feel that some parts are not right, I will say ‘Director, can I say this in another way?’ Luckily the director gives me a lot of room to act.”

Don’t study the character’s psychology, don’t refer to the story background and able to enter the character with 20 minutes of rehearsal before filming? Chen Qiao En is confident regarding this: “When I put on makeup and wears the costume at the scene, I can easily put myself into the situation and don’t need a lot of time. Normally 10 to 20 minutes will be enough. Characters in idol dramas are more or less the same. They have too many areas that are similar. Even in “Fated”, my character can be acted by anybody. Anyone who spends some time studying the character can play the role. I haven’t meets a character that causes me to feel ‘Wah, it’s so difficult to act.’ I can’t say I have acted out my own style but I will still add in my own thoughts.”

What did Chen Qiao En used to be like? Green? Shy? Cute? People who are familiar with Taiwanese entertainment gossip knows that the best way to describe this newcomer eight years ago was: willful. Longer description is: very willful. When Chen Qiao En first started out, she wasn’t highly regarded. But luckily her first travel show “China Is So Big” was an immediate success. “Little Red En” simple and cute personal won the people’s heart and she was given a chance that causes many to envy, that is to co-host “Variety Flagship” with the big brother of variety show Jacky Wu.

But unfortunately Chen Qiao En ruined everything by drinking. She just fell out of love and used drinking to numb herself. In the end when she went for recording, she smelled of alcohol and her body started to go out of shape. Even in normal recording, she was not used to it and couldn’t adapt. Her performance on screen was distracted. The news angered her manager Sun De Rong. Sun De Rong asked her frankly what did she want? Unexpectedly her reply was “Nothing!” The furious Sun Zong ordered her to be frozen and the company even considered ending her contract. This causes the “J-Stars first sister” to spend an entire year without work and with almost no income.

During this half year, Chen Qiao En experienced the hopeless situation in life and was tortured both physiologically and mentally. She also displays symptoms of “mental anxiety” and “house arrest photophobia” and couldn’t sleep every day. Due to her pride, she refused to shed a single tear and would rather stay at home to wash her latrine every day. “I often couldn’t sleep for 3 to 4 days. Even now when I came home after work, I am very tired but will still go to clean the floor and wash the latrine before I can relax.” She even emphasized, she will clean the latrine until it is sparkling clean before she is satisfied.

Misfortunes never travel alone. After Chen Qiao En was frozen by her company, her bad luck continues. She suffered the painful experience of falling out of love, her family short of money and she had no job all at the same time. Because the company doesn’t have a salary system, having no jobs means having no income. So to save money, other than going to the company for training, she slept at home every day and nearly couldn’t foot her apartment’s rent. “One day I slept too much in the day and woke up in the middle of the night. I went to the balcony which was freezing and looking at Taipei’s night view, said to myself, ‘One day I will thank these people for teaching me to be brave.’ From then on, I don’t complain about life misfortunes any more.

The Chen Qiao En who didn’t know when her bad luck would end finally gained the notice of SET’s vice president Su Li Juan in 2003 and won the role of female lead in idol drama “100% Senorita”. Someone said spitefully to Su Li Juan then: “Take Chen Qiao En out from the freezer, do you go digging for leftovers from the fridge in your spare time?” To this Su Li Juan replied: “She is not leftovers, she is sharks fin. Normally she is put in the freezer but we take her out for sunning occasionally!” This battle is only the beginning of the change in her luck. In 2005 “Prince Turned to Frog”, J-Stars focus their attention on promoting Ming Dao. Her manager Sun De Rong even gave the appraisal that “Chen Qiao En is too old and not suitable for idol dramas”, causing her to go for almost a year with any new drama. Even before this year’s “Fated To Love You” goes on air, people’s merciless criticisms reached her ears: “Will anyone watch this kind of old fashioned love drama?”, “Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan acting together? What good drama can they produce?” Today, she can finally feel proud and become “sharks fin” for once.

For anyone else, when they look back on their young and rebellious days, they are either full of regret or filled with gratitude. But not Chen Qiao En. “The biggest emotion is that I have never changed, I have always been like this. I have my own persistence. The boss wants us to hand in an attainment report after every drama but I feel it is not necessary. I didn’t hand in any in the past and I don’t hand in any now either. Like now “Fated” is very popular and they want me to grab the opportunity to come out with an album on this drama but I don’t want to. I wish to sing because I want to sing, sing when I am in the mood and not because the drama is selling very well. But when you are a newcomer and you use this attitude in your affairs and when you are acting, they will say I am willful. Now I still use the same attitude to do things and they say that I have character. My road is very tough. I met with many setbacks and often asked myself ‘Why is it like this? Must I change myself to suit others and live in others’ opinions?’ But I have persisted and now my life is calm. I don’t worry whether people like me or not.”

Chen Qiao En is already 29 years old. In idol dramas this age is awkward because many viewers feel that age after 30 is no longer suitable for idol dramas. Regarding this she is serene: “I don’t think there is a huge problem when it comes to age. I look younger than 5 years ago. The question is my state of mind. I don’t ask questions like whether or not to act in idol dramas, whether it’s a major production or who my costar is. What I wish is whether or not my role is fun and what my thoughts on this character are. I hope to go to the mainland to film a period drama and act as a swordswoman. Taiwanese period dramas are not as good as those in the mainland and many things can’t be realized. I haven’t act in a period drama before but I want to challenge roles that I have never tried before.”

“First Sister” talks about her opponents: wish to act together with other female leads

Among the male stars that she worked with, Chen Qiao En only have gossips with two of them. One is “100% Senorita” Wallace Huo and the other one is the one whom fans still hope they are “together”, Ming Dao. She still denies these two scandals. It was only after a long time that Wallace Huo finally admitted that they once had a relationship. “She wanted too much but I only wanted a career. On love we could not agree.”

Even though she had starred in many idol dramas, in real life her views on love is completely different from “idol drama female leads” and cold. “Idol dramas give many girls a dream and many wish to be cute, beautiful and have a romantic love like the female leads. Many tell me they like to watch my dramas because they see themselves in me. When I heard this, I am very happy but romances in real life are not like idol dramas. I am a strange, eccentric and self-involved person. I can’t give up the things that I like. Living with other people is very difficult. On my own I can control many things. I can decide how many dogs I want to have. To give in to others, I will feel “how troublesome”. I don’t have big dreams when it comes to love. Many people say that I am not cute enough and not feminine like this. But if you really love me why care about these. If you like sweethearts go look for sweethearts, if you like me then accept me for who I am. I won’t change myself for love, I am who I am.”

After “Fated”, people confer the title of “idol drama first sister” on her. But Chen Qiao En doesn’t seem to attach much importance on this title: “I feel that whether or not I am the first sister is not important. I have acted in so many dramas and have put effort in all of them. It’s just that this drama hits it. Calling me idol drama trumpet flower (little sister) is okay too.” This idol drama “first sister” idea of “first sister” is the China’s Sun Li. “I like actresses Maggie Cheung and Sun Li who acted in the new ‘Shanghai Bund’. When I watched them act, they will really inspire me and touched me. I will read their interviews because I am curious about them and wonder how they act so well. If I can go to the mainland to act, I also wish to cooperate with Sun Li and also Zhang Jing Chu. The way they act in the mainland can’t be found in Taiwan.”

When talking about the fight of idol drama first sister with Taiwan’s Ella and Ariel Lin, Chen Qiao En laughed: “Please, I am a loyal fan of S.H.E. When acting in ‘Fated’, I know that Baron Chen is familiar with them and often harass him ‘bring me to their concerts’, causing him to scold me for being troublesome. When I watched Ariel Lin at home I will laugh loudly too. But in Taiwan, in order not to created unwanted news, we have never appears together on the same stage. But I think that they also work very hard. I kind of hope that all of us can act together in the same drama. That will be great.”

Fahrenheit in tandem-bike race , Fans chase after and crash

On June 21st, as spokesmen for healthy activities, the four big boys from Fahrenheit participated in physical challenges under a hot sun in Harbin Park at Dagui. It made sense that as a former fitness instructor, Wu Chun was not fazed by either the tandem-bike racing with fans or rock-climbing. Jiro Wang and Calvin Chan almost became “iron legs” in riding the bicycle. Arron Yan due to his old cruciate ligament injury in his right leg was not suitable to strenuous exercise. Furthermore, he was also suffering from stomach pains at the scene. In the end, he had to rely on help from the fans to reach the finish.

[Fahrenheit] participated in tandem-bike riding and numerous Chinese and international fans chased behind them. Because there were simply too many people, the speed was sometimes fast and sometimes slow. There was even an accident during which some fans crashed into each other. Wu Chun was assigned to do wall-climbing. He put on a safety harness and a red safety helmet which led to Calvin Chan teasing him: [Red hat is at least better than green hat.] It was easy for Wu Chun to do rock-climbing. He even humorously did a trade-marked Spiderman move. He said that because his fitness center in Brunei has rotation-style rock climbing, he had already climbed three times.

Jay Chou drops into Changsha tonight, his mother finds a path first

Jay Chou's world tour Changsha stop is being held at the Helong stadium in Changsha on the 21st, being the special guest, his mother Ye Hui Mei arrived in Changsha in the morning yesterday, she helped her son scout out the Changsha area.

According to the workers who received his mother, in order to avoid attracting attention, mother Chou transferred flights from Taipei to Changsha at 4 in the morning. Even though the tired mother Chou didn't say much but she was very friendly: "She's only brought along one worker, after she went to the hotel she had a look at the room her and Jay will stay at, and also the route from the hotel to the concert. We arranged lunch for her, she expressed her satisfaction, she's very friendly, she's good at networking."

Jay Chou will be taking a flight tonight and dropping into Changsha, as for the related events that were arranged earlier can only be cancelled or delayed. The guest stars for the concert have also been changed at the last minute, besides Nan Quan Mama coming, Jay Chou's good friend Will Liu has cancelled due to schedule problems.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jimmy Lin won the Tian Si Light Weight Sports Car Challenge Series

On 21 June 2006, at Zhuhai International Circuit, Frestech Pan Delta Super Racing Festival is being held. This is the last major national racing event in China before the Beijing Olympics.

At 12:25, Tian Si Light Weight Sports Car Challenge Series’ race cars began to enter the track. This is also the first race of the weekend. The thousands of fans who have arrived at the track early are ready to enjoy the race.

With the cars on track, the fans gathered as near the grid as possible, because they wanted to get near Taiwanese superstar Jimmy Lin, probably the best driver in the entertainment circle. Jimmy got out of his car before the race and took the microphone, he sent his greetings to the fans and then he pleaded to them to donate for the Sichuan earthquake disaster. He expressed his concern and support for the earthquake victims, he also announced that his team will be donating some of the souvenir sales income to the earthquake relief fund.

5 minutes later the race began. On the warm up lap, all the drivers weaved left and right to get their tyres up to working temperature. Today Zhuhai’s weather is very good and track temperature is very high. The conditions are good for good racing.

The race began, pole sitter Jimmy Lin made a very good start and was some way ahead at turn 1, after 3 more turns, Jimmy was already 2 seconds ahead and he kept his advantage all the way around lap 1.

The race continues, the Radical race cars, modeled after Le Mans prototype racers, are able to do 1:44 seconds laps around ZIC. This lap time is quicker than the touring cars, testament to its purebred racing legacy.

On lap 3, no 2 lost control and went off track. Lots of dust and grass got thrown onto the track. and the driver has to retire from the race. On lap 4, second placed Choi Koon-Ming was getting close to Jimmy Lin, the gap between them was just 0.7 second. Another lap later, at turn 14, no. 9 Stephenson outbraked no.1 Lai Zhi-Cong for third place, but the car zigzagged on the straight, allowing Lai Zhi-Cong to get his place back. Unfortunately Lai’s car then had a problem and he stopped at turn 4’s sand trap.

On lap 6, no. 88, 66 and 44 were running close together, the gap among them was less than 0.5 second. No. 66 Albert Liu then burst past no. 88 Nigel Farmer to lead the group, but the others were able to keep up. On lap 9, Nigel Farmer then spotted a gap and went back ahead of Albert Liu. Behind them, no. 44 Steve Garner also took advantage to get ahead of Albert.

By now, Jimmy Lin was already 6 seconds ahead, Choi Koon-Ming’s challenge has already faded. In the end, Jimmy wins the race, with Choi Koon-Ming second and no. 9 Stephenson in third place.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jay Chou writes his own ringtone to show his love

Jay Chou once said: "I'll only be spokesperson for unique things!" Because he thought the Motorola mobiles were very cool, not only has he taken on the spokesperson work two years in a row, he's also asked the workers by him to use this brand of mobiles, you can't blame the company for loving him, they say he's the most competent spokesperson.

Being a busy superman, plus the fact he has to attend events every now and again, hold concerts or record songs, Jay Chou is very dependant on his mobile's ability to do short texting, even if he's got no time to listen to calls, he can concisely and clearly send messages through text, he also revealed: "In the past when I was dating, I loved sending text messages to the other person the most." But the contents of the message were both unromantic and not corny, he said coolly as usual: "Being corny doesn't suit my personality!"

Besides this, Jay Chou often uses the mobile's ability to store music, play and arrange, the interesting thing is, he helps himself and friends to write ringtones, they are very much different from downloaded music. According to reports, this move is persuasive to getting girls, his ability to write always makes girls exclaim in delight, besides magic this is his best move to attract female attention.

Question: On average how long does it take you to change mobiles?

It's not set, especially after I've become a spokesperson for a mobile, as long as there's new ones I'll be the first to try them out, the frequency of changing mobiles has increased relatively, anyway I don't just have one number, so I carry around 2-3 mobiles.

Question: Do you often lose mobiles?

No, my personality is one that is cautious and careful, this kind of thing doesn't happen easily to me.

Question: You like sending text messages when you're dating, what about when it's the break up? Do you use texts to tell her?

I haven't tried it! It's better to talk for this kind of thing! Otherwise you are really disrespecting the other person. Anyway I think you can still be friends after a break up, being a gentleman is very important.

Being able to touch Nu-Bra , Wu Zun :"So comfortable wor"

"Pretty boy" Wu Zun yesterday was recording TVBS-G's Nu Ren Wo Zui Da programme, on the spot accepted Lan Xin Mei and several female artistes' examination of his bag, which contained his self-named "wife" - his laptop, $1,900 cash, and even all kinds of painkillers, out of curiosity he even searched Liz's bag and after touching Nu Bra, he exclaimed guilelessly, "It's so comfortable wor." Only after that did he say abashedly, "It's the first time touching such things."

Wu Zun participated in the recording, the entrance to the recording tent was packed with fans standing in the sun hoping to catch a glimpse of their idol. His backpack weighed 15kg, to which he said laughingly, this way he could also build up his fitness, Lan Xin Mei wanted to see his laptop, Wu Zun immediately objected saying, "My laptop is my wife, cannot be touched by just about anyone." Lin Li Wen noticed from his previous night's supermarket bill that Wu Zun had bought washing powder and fruits, truth to be seen, in his bag they discovered a banana hidden in a banana-shaped box. Wu Zun joked, "When on a diet, I would use a banana to replace a meal."

On the scene Wu Zun also helped Lan Xin Mei to put on lipstick, only to see him stand in a horse stance, while carefully putting on the lipstick also didn't forget to praise Lan Xin Mei's lips for being soft, causing Lan Xin Mei to say embarrassedly, "This young man, such a sweet-talker!" Only afterwards did Wu Zun reveal, previously he had helped his girlfriend put on lipstick, as to having his bag searched by females, he said, "If it's just to see what my bag contains, I'm ok with it, but if it's to find out whether my phone contains phone numbers of other girls, I would tell her, you must trust me."

The audience asked if he was the unforgettable idol drama co-star and "ex-boyfriend" Ella had been talking about, yesterday Wu Zun expressed, "I don't care how other people say, we are good friends, previously on her birthday I also called her, normally if there's time, would also go out for a meal."

Ella's record company HIM also expressed, "That's right, they are friends, Ella also never said that the other party was Wu Zun, the two are the kind of good friends with chemistry who would send messages to each other."

Jimmy Lin leads all the way in the Tian Si Lightweight Sportscar Challenge Qualifying

In the morning of 20 June 2008, Tian Si Lightweight Sportscar Challenge Series qualifying session was held at the Zhuhai International Circuit. Taiwan superstar Jimmy Lin, driving a Radical SR3 racer, stormed to pole position with a time of 1:44.978 to secure pole position.

Today’s weather was hot and dry, compared with the week before this is a great improvement. Track temperature was very high, allowing the tyres to grip the track and the drivers were able to run as hard as they liked.

The race has attracted 13 entries, among them, 7 are Radical SR3s. Compared with the 5 cars in March, 2 more have joined the race. This shows that the Le Mans endurance type race car is gaining popularity in among racers and fans in China, with the support of Frestech Pan Delta Super Racing Festival. In future, hopefully more and more drivers will commit to this type of race cars.

The top seven qualifiers are all Radical drivers. Second behind Jimmy Lin is Lai Zi-Cong, third is Zhang Shan-Qi. Their times are 1:46.233 and 1:48.137 respectively. They are more than one second behind and it looks like Jimmy will be the hot favourite for tomorrow’s race.

In the open class, the fastest driver is no. 44 Steve William Garner in the Atom. Second and third went to no. 66 Albert Liu and no. 22 Anthony Chan. Both are driving Lotus 2-Eleven.

In the open class, the fastest driver is no. 44 Steve William Garner in the Atom. Second and third went to no. 66 Albert Liu and no. 22 Anthony Chan. Both are driving Lotus 2-Eleven.

Jimmy Lin
Radical SR3

Lai Zi-Cong
Radical SR3

Zhang Shan-Qi
Radical SR3

Chan Fook-Sing
Radical SR3

Chen Wei-Liang
Radical SR3

Graham M Stephenson
Radical SR3

Paul Ip
Radical SR3

Steve William Garner

Albert Liu

Anthony KM Chan

Stephen Fan

Nigel Farmer

Anthony Chan