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Monday, June 30, 2008

Jimmy Lin, Lee Wei at premiere of My Lucky Star at Anhui TV

Anhui TV paid a hefty sum of 10Mrmb to buy the exclusive rights to broadcast My Lucky Star starting July 1, 2008. The TV station invited the male leads Jimmy Lin and Lee Wei driving expensive sports cars to the premiere. Jimmy, whose wedding news was leaked to the public recently became the media focus. Even though he denies it and says that he’ll share his good news with the public if there’s any, but when asked which piece of jewelry in the show he wants to give to his girlfriend he immediately says the blue diamond necklace “The Queen Mary”. His wedding rumors don’t seem to be groundless.

No pressure starring in an idol series at 34. Jimmy did his own drifting stunts without any doubles.
My Lucky Star is about the second young master of a jewelry empire, Zhong Tian Qi and the swindler Xia Zhi Xing, who met by chance because of a piece of jewelry and developed a complex love story. This Taiwan idol series is different from other 16 ep series. Because of its high ratings when it was aired in Taiwan production extended it to 20 eps and gave the male and female leads a happy ending according to the wishes of the viewers. Anhui TV paid a hefty sum to import this series and will air it during the summer. Jimmy has always portrayed ancient characters in tv series. The reason he could star in this series is because of his racing background and the outstanding script. Viewers will see Jimmy wear expensive jewelries and drive expensive sports cars showing off his drifting skills. We have to mention that these dangerous drifting acts were all performed by Jimmy himself. When a reporter asked him whether he feels any pressure from starring in idol series at the age of 34 he said, “I don’t mind my friends describing me as an idol. Like my predecessor 木村拓哉 who still acts in idol series, I hope I can be like him.

Jimmy is tired of gossips about his love life and wants to give a diamond ring to his girlfriend.
The media focus is still on whether he’ll marry his model girlfriend. He doesn’t evade the question like before. He obviously came prepared. He thanks everyone for their support but hopes that the media will give him some private space. “I received more than 60 messages after I got off the plane. There are still more coming. All are from friends who congratulate me after they read the news. Even my dad asked me if I am really getting married. If I really have good news I’ll share it with everyone immediately. There have been many bad news recently that trouble me. The relationship between artists and the media is weird. I hope that the media will give us some space and a chance to speak our minds when it is convenient.” When asked which piece of jewelry he will give to her girlfriend he says “The Queen Mary” (The blue diamond necklace in the series.) Then he seems to have realized that it’s not appropriate and changes to “Zhong Xia Ye Zhi Xing” (the love bracelet in the series). No matter which piece we are able to see the importance of his model girlfriend in his heart.

The idols present flags to the Fang Yang fans
The press conference has the traditional magic, champagne and flowers and also arranges to have Fang Yang fans from all over the country to receive a flag from their idols. The Fang Yang fanclub has grown sizably after the show first aired. Each district sent a representative to the press conference. Beside a goodluck wish for high ratings each fan get a flag from Jimmy and Lee Wei. Lee Wei’s birthday is on July 9. Fans prepared a cake for him. During the 5 months that My Lucky Star aired in Taiwan it received spectatcular ratings. The fans said that even though they have seen it already they will get their friends together to watch the show again and hope the ratings will be good.

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